Athena: Goddess of War

Athena ist der Name einer terroristischen Vereinigung, die es darauf angelegt hat, für weltweites Chaos zu sorgen, um selbst die Macht übernehmen zu können. Bisherige Versuche, der Organisation das Handwerk zu legen, sind gescheitert. Nun soll Special Agen...

Jahr: 2010−2011

Genres: Action, Romance, Thriller

Stars: Seung-won Cha, Soo Ae, Woo-sung Jung

IMDb: TT1942171

Bewertung: 6.8/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
E1. Episode #1.1
Dr. Kim Myung Guk has been missing for three years. Ever since a terrorist organization tried to capture him for his development on nuclear weapons. But now, the National Anti-Terr...
13 Dec 2010
Episode #1.2 E2. Episode #1.2
Lee Jung-woo and the NTS try to hunt down a Russian mob boss who has come to Korea to kidnap Dr. Kim Myung Guk.
14 Dec 2010
E3. Episode #1.3
Lee Jung-woo and Kim Ki-Soo are partnered up to track down a terrorist in Europe and who or what his next target is.
20 Dec 2010
E4. Episode #1.4
With the President's daughter kidnapped, the NTS must join forces with Son-Hyuk and his men in order to get her back without giving the terrorist what he wants.
21 Dec 2010
E5. Episode #1.5
Son-Hyuk and the DIS are requested to move their offices into NTS. Hye-In plans to use Jung-Woo's desire for her to gather classified information for the DIS.
27 Dec 2010
Episode #1.6 E6. Episode #1.6
Information about Dr. Kim Myung Guk's safe-house has been leaked, and the NTS must find another hideaway for him. Hye-In tries to investigate.
28 Dec 2010
Episode #1.7 E7. Episode #1.7
Dr. Kim Myung Guk has been kidnapped and the NTS have no leads on his whereabouts. Meanwhile, Jung-Woo and Jae-Hee are sent to Japan to protect Korean pop star, BoA, from a terrori...
03 Jan 2011
Episode #1.8 E8. Episode #1.8
The NTS finds out that Dr. Kim Myung Guk and the stolen SNC are both in Japan. Now they have to locate their exact location. Joon Ho sees this as his chance to rediscover his comba...
04 Jan 2011
Episode #1.9 E9. Episode #1.9
The SNC has been recovered. But now, Athena wants it back. They force Jung-Woo to get it back for them while holding Hye-In hostage. With Ki-Soo's help, Jung-Woo recovers the SNC a...
10 Jan 2011
Episode #1.10 E10. Episode #1.10
Lee Jung-Woo is on temporary leave from NTS. He heads to Japan to solve a missing clue that Dr. Kim Myung Guk left behind before his death. Son-Hyeok orders Hye-In to follow Jung-W...
11 Jan 2011
Episode #1.11 E11. Episode #1.11
Hye-In is starting to betray her trust to Son-Hyeok and her loyalty to Athena. Hye-In sees an opportunity to regain Son-Hyeok faith in her.
17 Jan 2011
Episode #1.12 E12. Episode #1.12
Son-Hyeok has been brought to NTS for interrogation. Jung-Woo, Jae-Hee, and Joon Ho are in charge of it. Some of the evidence they find leads Jung-Woo to believe that Hye-In may be...
18 Jan 2011
Episode #1.13 E13. Episode #1.13
Jung-Woo confronts Hye-In about being part of Athena but, out of love for her, he lets her go on the run. Meanwhile, there is evidence of a spy in the Blue House. NTS finds out the...
24 Jan 2011
Episode #1.14 E14. Episode #1.14
Jung-Woo believes that Hye-In was the sniper that killed Han Jung Pil and he holds himself responsible for how his death has effected Jae-Hee. Meanwhile Athena prepares for an atta...
31 Jan 2011
Episode #1.15 E15. Episode #1.15
Hye-In has been taken to NTS for interrogation. With her help, more Athena agents have been captured. But Andy breaks into NTS on Son-Hyeok's orders and threatens to blow the place...
01 Feb 2011
Episode #1.16 E16. Episode #1.16
Athena holds NTS hostage until Hye-In is returned to them. But NTS still has friends on the outside.
07 Feb 2011
E17. Episode #1.17
Athena has just made a new threat. But the target is unknown. Hye-In joins the NTS in order to track down Athena and locate their next target. Meanwhile, Ki-Soo is sent to New Zeal...
08 Feb 2011
Episode #1.18 E18. Episode #1.18
The NTS has narrowed the Athena target threats down to the nuclear power plant and the Blue House as well as the other government buildings. But they still need more proof. Meanwhi...
14 Feb 2011
Episode #1.19 E19. Episode #1.19
Jung-Woo is certain that the terrorist attack will be at the nuclear plant. But without hard evidence the government can't send backup. NTS puts it's main focus on finding Son-Hyeo...
15 Feb 2011
Episode #1.20 E20. Episode #1.20
The terrorist threat has been stopped! For revenge, Son-Hyeok and his men make one last stand at NTS headquarters.
21 Feb 2011
ATHENA Special: Athena's Secret E21. ATHENA Special: Athena's Secret
Recap of the first 13 episodes. Interviews with the cast about where they think the show will go and the experiences that they've had so far on set.
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