Canal+ en Hollywood

Jahr: 2006

Genres: News

Stars: Ivana Baquero, Guillermo de Mulder, Mariví Bilbao

IMDb: TT0902503

Staffel -1
Season -1
E-1. Stunt Awards 2007/The Unit/Lucky You/Knocked Up/U2 3D
30 May 2007
Staffel 1
Season 1
E1. Episode #1.1
E2. Man of the Year/Desperate Housewives/Stunt Women/Custo Barcelona/The Guardian
E3. The Prestige/South/Prison Break/LA Fashion Week/All the King's Men
E4. Bobby/Stranger Than Fiction/Bebe/OK Go/Bruce Willis
E5. AFI Fest Part I/Babel/Women in Hollywood/Michel Gondry/Hollywood Minute
E6. AFI Fest Part II/For Your Consideration/M.E.L./My Chemical Romance/Superman DVD Release Party
E7. Flags of Our Fathers/Kiefer Sutherland's Band/Eric Clapton/Luca Luca/Happy Feet
E8. Independent Spirit Awards Nominations/Christina Aguilera/Ugly Betty/David Lynch/Ten Items or Less
E9. The Good German/Studio 60/Derek Luke/Apocalypto Featurette/Home of the Brave
E10. Golden Globe Nominations/Video Game Awards '06/Blood Diamond/Brothers and Sisters/Running with Scissors
E11. Dreamgirls/Rocky Balboa/Grey's Anatomy/Sass & Bide/SAG Nominations
10 Jan 2007
E12. Palm Springs Film Festival/Dirt/The Good Shepherd/Best Supporting Actor
17 Jan 2007
E13. Globes Glode/Freedom Writers/The Pursuit of Happyness/Best Director Rumors
24 Jan 2007
E14. Sundance '07/Summer Rain/Oscar Nomination
31 Jan 2007
E15. SAG/The Painted Veil/Smokin' Aces/Oscar Rumors/Ellen Hosting Prep
07 Feb 2007
E16. DGA Awards/Oscar Luncheon/24/Because I Said So/We Are Marshall
14 Feb 2007
E17. Oscar Prep/Music and Lyrics/Starter for 10/Versace Tribute/Borja Cobeaga
21 Feb 2007
E18. 79th Academy Awards Round-up
28 Feb 2007
E19. Ghost Rider/Independent Spirit Awards '07/Betsey Johnson/Amy Smilovec/Norbit/Number 23
07 Mar 2007
E20. Wild Hogs/300/Zodiac/Jason Wu/Martin Scorsese Oscar Tribute
14 Mar 2007
E21. Shooter/Sunshine/Neil Barrett/The Riches/I Think I Love My Wife
28 Mar 2007
E22. Reign Over Me/SXSW/Gen Art/Spaniards
04 Apr 2007
E23. The Reaping/Shark/Blades of Glory/Hugh Cornwell/Premonition
11 Apr 2007
E24. Disturbia/The Shield/Bloc Party/Grindhouse
18 Apr 2007
E25. Fracture/The Simpsons/Halle Berry WOF/Luke Doucet/Custo
25 Apr 2007
E26. Entourage/Forest Whitaker WOF/The TV Set/Kate Havnevik/Jason Brunsdon
02 May 2007
E27. Tribeca 2007/Spiderman 3
09 May 2007
E28. Kickin' It Old Skool/Dexter/Shrek the Third/Tibi/Josh Groban
16 May 2007
E29. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End/My Name Is Earl/The Wendell Baker Story/Star Wars 30th Anniversary/AZN Awards
23 May 2007
E30. The 2007 Stunt Awards/The Unit/Lucky You/Knocked Up/U2 3D
30 May 2007
E31. MTV Movie Awards/Gracie/Saul Williams/John from Cincinnati/Trailer Park of Terror
06 Jun 2007
E32. Ocean's Thirteen/Big Love/Lyn Devon: Temperley London/Surf's Up/Punk's Not Dead
13 Jun 2007
E33. A Mighty Heart/Keeping Up with the Joneses/Evan Almighty/Al Pacino: AFI Award/Hostel II
20 Jun 2007
E34. LA Film Festival - Talk to Me/HBO Preview/1408//David Mamet/License to Wed: Robin Williams
27 Jun 2007
E35. Transformers/Sicko/HBO: Wounded Knee/LA Film Festival Closing
04 Jul 2007
E36. Ratatouille/DRAC Studios/The Myth/The Moog/Live Free or Die Hard
11 Jul 2007
E37. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix/Rescue Dawn/Au revoir Simone/Why Acting?/I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
18 Jul 2007
E38. Hairspray/Pop Levi/E3 2007/OutFest/No Reservations
26 Jul 2007
Staffel 2
Season 2
E1. Rush Hour III/Resurrecting the Champ/Pushing Daisies/Live Free or Die Hard/ComicCon
05 Aug 2007
E2. 3:10 to Yuma/Michael Moore's FF/HFP Luncheon/HBO BTS/Superbad
12 Aug 2007
E3. Toronto Film Festival '07
19 Aug 2007
E4. Rendition/High School Musical 2/Hot Fuzz/Custo/The Brave One
27 Aug 2007
E5. The Kingdom/Chuck/Michelle Pfeiffer's WOF/Fashion/11th Hour
03 Oct 2007
E6. In the Valley of Elah/The Closer/The Heartbreak Kid/Halo 3/December Boys
10 Oct 2007
E7. Good Luck Chuck/Mad Men/Kevin Bacon/Fashion/Elizabeth: The Golden Age
17 Oct 2007
Staffel 3
Season 3
E31. MTV Movie Awards 2007/Gracie/Saul Williams/Trailer Park of Terror/John from Cincinnati
06 Jun 2007
Staffel 4
Season 4
E27. Episode #4.27
12 Mar 2010
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