New in Paradise

Michelle Simms steht am Ende ihrer Karriere als erfolgreiches Showgirl in Las Vegas. Als ihr hartnäckiger Verehrer Hubbell Flowers ihr einen Heiratsantrag macht, nimmt sie spontan an und zieht mit ihm in seine verschlafene Küstenstadt Paradise. Für Michell...

Jahr: 2012−2013

Dauer: 44 min

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Writers: Amy Sherman-Palladino, Lamar Damon

Stars: Sutton Foster, Kaitlyn Jenkins, Julia Goldani Telles

IMDb: TT2006848

Bewertung: 7.6/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Pilot E1. Pilot
Michelle, a Vegas showgirl marries a man on a whim and moves to a small town in California.
7 links 11 Jun 2012
For Fanny E2. For Fanny
Michelle's rocky start with her new mother-in-law finally seems to smooth out, until an unexpected occurrence turns everything on end. Michelle quickly finds herself back at odds w...
7 links 18 Jun 2012
E3. Inherit the Wind
When Fanny's attorney gives her shocking news, she takes it hard and makes the situation more awkward for Michelle. Making matters worse, Michelle has a run-in with the law when sh...
7 links 25 Jun 2012
Better Luck Next Year! E4. Better Luck Next Year!
The girls try out for the infamous Joffrey summer dance program, Michelle gets the rest of her belongings back from Vegas.
7 links 09 Jul 2012
Money for Nothing E5. Money for Nothing
The girls are jealous of Boo's relationship with an older co-worker.
7 links 16 Jul 2012
E6. Movie Truck
Michelle, Truly, and Talia celebrate Michelle's birthday, the girls sneak out to go see a movie.
6 links 24 Jul 2012
E7. What's Your Damage, Heather?
One of the girls steals something from Michelle's house, Truly has a love interest.
7 links 30 Jul 2012
E8. Blank Up, It's Time
Fanny returns to Paradise bringing her long distance boyfriend, Michelle gets romantically involved with a director.
7 links 06 Aug 2012
E9. No One Takes Khaleesi's Dragons
Michelle clashes with a barrista, Boo has a crush on Carl.
7 links 13 Aug 2012
A Nutcracker in Paradise E10. A Nutcracker in Paradise
The girls perform the Nutcracker, Sasha has some competition.
8 links 20 Aug 2012
You Wanna See Something? E11. You Wanna See Something?
Michelle is in Vegas and works for a magician. The Ballet School is closed. Fanny watches videos of Michelle helping the students and realizes Michelle needs to return to Paradise....
8 links 08 Jan 2013
Channing Tatum Is a Fine Actor E12. Channing Tatum Is a Fine Actor
Truly has trouble with her sister/landlord and moves in with Michelle. Sasha continues to see Roman. Boo and Carl meet each other's parents. Boo's mother is pregnant. Two new stude...
6 links 16 Jan 2013
I'll Be Your Meyer Lansky E13. I'll Be Your Meyer Lansky
Fanny and Michelle have serious financial problems so they decide to rent their land for parties. Truly uses the dance studio for her store and Cozette, the new fascinating student...
6 links 23 Jan 2013
The Astronaut and the Ballerina E14. The Astronaut and the Ballerina
Michelle apologizes to Godot and they go to her home, only to find Michelle's brother is there. Scotty is visiting after another failed marriage. Melanie attends roller derby pract...
6 links 02 Feb 2013
Take the Vicuna E15. Take the Vicuna
With Milly backing the ballet studio amphitheater, she tries to take over all aspects of the school. Sasha gets her apartment put together and hosts a housewarming party. Scotty ta...
6 links 05 Feb 2013
There's Nothing Worse Than a Pantsuit E16. There's Nothing Worse Than a Pantsuit
Sasha and Roman officially start dating. With Sasha and Boo in relationships, Ginny feels left out. She tries out for the school play. Michelle & Milly have to work out the permits...
6 links 12 Feb 2013
It's Not a Mint E17. It's Not a Mint
A nearby fire places Paradise in an evacuation situation at the dance studio. Michelle is reluctantly made co-captain by Bash. The evacuees show up in droves. Ginny is fascinated b...
6 links 19 Feb 2013
Next E18. Next
Fanny returns to find Scotty in her living room and Godot sleeping in Michelle's bed. The girls talk about taking the next step with their boyfriends. The girls follow Michelle as ...
6 links 27 Feb 2013
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