Nick Knight - Der Vampircop

Der Polizist Nick Knight (Geraint Wyn Davies) klärt in der Nachtschicht Mordfälle auf. Er hat ein Geheimnis: Eigentlich heißt er Nicholas de Brabant und ist ein 764 Jahre alter Vampir. Daher ist er unsterblich und hat übernatürliche Kräfte. Er würde jedoch...

Jahr: 1992−1996

Dauer: 60 min

Genres: Crime, Drama, Horror

Writers: Barney Cohen, James D. Parriott

Stars: Geraint Wyn Davies, Nigel Bennett, Catherine Disher

IMDb: TT0103417

Bewertung: 7.8/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Dark Knight E1. Dark Knight
While searching for a serial killer, Nick Knight discovers a chance to end his vampire curse. While Schanke tracks down leads in the human world, Nick learns that the murder may be...
7 links 18 Sep 2016
Dark Knight: The Second Chapter E2. Dark Knight: The Second Chapter
Nick comes face to face with the vampire LaCroix and kills him. But the serial murders continue and get personal when it is discovered that one of the victims was a friend of Nick'...
06 May 1992
For I Have Sinned E3. For I Have Sinned
To apprehend a murderer who is supposedly killing in the name of God, Nick must overcome his vampire fear of the cross.
7 links 12 May 1992
Last Act E4. Last Act
A young doctor dies, and all evidence points to suicide, and one of Nick's "old friends" (another vampire) commits suicide. Nick suspects the doctors death to be a murder, while co...
7 links 19 May 1992
Dance by the Light of the Moon E5. Dance by the Light of the Moon
A gorgeous but deadly dancer, who manipulates men easily and kills for kicks, succeeds in drawing Nick into her dangerous web.
7 links 26 May 1992
Dying to Know You E6. Dying to Know You
While investigating the kidnapping of two Toronto socialites, Nick finds himself working with a psychic who he fears will discover his dark secret.
7 links 09 Jun 1992
False Witness E7. False Witness
A known pornographer being investigated by Nick kills Nick's snitch when he finds a wire on him. Will Nick have to commit perjury to convict him?
7 links 04 Aug 1992
Cherry Blossoms E8. Cherry Blossoms
A woman targetted in a mob hit in Chinatown escapes, but in critical condition. Now Nick must find her before the mobsters do,
7 links 11 Aug 1992
I Will Repay E9. I Will Repay
After Natalie's brother is fatally wounded by a gunman, she prevails upon Nick to turn him into a vampire, giving him eternal life.
7 links 15 Sep 1992
Dead Air E10. Dead Air
A pop radio psychiatrist is horrified because one of her call-in listeners commits murder while she is on the air and Nick helps her get her confidence back.
7 links 22 Sep 1992
Hunters E11. Hunters
When Schanke becomes the target of an avenging assassin, Nick races the clock to save his partner.
7 links 29 Sep 1992
Dead Issue E12. Dead Issue
Nick suspects a cover-up in the attempted rape of a police captain's wife and her subsequent shooting of the attacker.
7 links 06 Oct 1992
Father Figure E13. Father Figure
Lisa is a troubled 10-year-old who is put in Nick's custody after she witnesses a mob hit.
7 links 13 Oct 1992
Spin Doctor E14. Spin Doctor
Nick investigates the murder of a sleazy journalist who was in the process of blackmailing a mayoral candidate.
7 links 27 Oct 1992
Dying for Fame E15. Dying for Fame
Nick and Schanke have to protect a rock n' roll star whose life is threatened.
7 links 10 Nov 1992
Only the Lonely E16. Only the Lonely
A murderer who meets his victims through a dating service stalks Natalie, and she learns of Nick's secret past.
7 links 17 Nov 1992
Unreality TV E17. Unreality TV
Nick and Schanke are followed by a crew from a reality television show. When Nick is caught vamping, vampire enforcers try to kill all who saw.
7 links 24 Nov 1992
Feeding the Beast E18. Feeding the Beast
Nick tries to stop drinking blood but falls off the wagon and must fight his urges to go on a murderous spree.
7 links 01 Dec 1992
If Looks Could Kill E19. If Looks Could Kill
Nick and Natalie are puzzled by the rapid aging of a murder victim.
7 links 17 Feb 2016
Fatal Mistake E20. Fatal Mistake
Stonetree is haunted after killing a young robbery suspect as Nick fights off a ghost from his past.
7 links 16 Feb 1993
1966 E21. 1966
A hostage incident takes Nick back to Berlin in 1966.
7 links 23 Feb 1993
Love You to Death E22. Love You to Death
The death of a model recalls for Nick his own infatuation with a beautiful ballerina one hundred years ago.
7 links 02 Mar 1993
Staffel 2
Season 2
Killer Instinct E1. Killer Instinct
While investigating a series of bizarre murders, Nick discovers the villain is a familiar face from his past.
7 links 12 Sep 1994
A Fate Worse Than Death E2. A Fate Worse Than Death
Jannette asks Nick for help in investigating the murder of a friend which leads Nick into the bizarre world of prostitution.
7 links 19 Sep 1994
Stranger Than Fiction E3. Stranger Than Fiction
Nick investigates the attack of a vampire novelist by one of her crazed fans.
7 links 26 Sep 1994
Bad Blood E4. Bad Blood
Nick discovers an ancient, terrifying evil is behind a series of grizzly murders plaguing the city, and he may not be able to stop it.
7 links 07 Nov 1994
Forward Into the Past E5. Forward Into the Past
It has been more than forty years since Nick has seen his close friend, Katherine Barrington, and her secretary Madelyn Pinchot.
7 links 03 Oct 1994
Capital Offence E6. Capital Offence
After approaching a convicted fugitive, Nick is convinced of her innocence, but must prove it before she is put to death.
7 links 26 Nov 1994
Hunted E7. Hunted
A succession of murders lead Nick and Schanke to suspect the villain is hunting the city's most dangerous criminals for sport.
7 links 10 Oct 1994
Faithful Followers E8. Faithful Followers
Nick goes undercover and joins a cult to investigate the death of a city official's son.
7 links 17 Oct 1994
Undue Process E9. Undue Process
When the prime suspect in the murder of Natalie's niece is released because of insufficient evidence, Natalie runs her own lab tests and uncovers another murder.
7 links 31 Oct 1994
Father's Day E10. Father's Day
The next of kin to the city's biggest crime family is determined to leave the family "business" to live a normal life. However, family ties are not easily broken and LaCroix is sou...
7 links 24 Oct 1994
Can't Run, Can't Hide E11. Can't Run, Can't Hide
A parole officer is Nick's prime suspect in a murder investigation until the suspect nearly becomes the next victim.
7 links 14 Nov 1994
Amateur Night E12. Amateur Night
An actress complicates an investigation when she tries to play detective in a real life case.
6 links 21 Jan 1995
Beyond the Law E13. Beyond the Law
When an Ambassador is the prime suspect in a murder investigation, Nick ignores his orders and wrongly accuses the powerful politician.
7 links 28 Jan 1995
The Fix E14. The Fix
Nick secretly investigates a member of Internal Affairs as he searches for the reason behind a fellow officer's suicide.
6 links 01 Jul 2007
Be My Valentine E15. Be My Valentine
Valentine's Day brings love and murder to the precinct, as Nick divulges his feelings for Natalie.
6 links 11 Feb 1995
The Fire Inside E16. The Fire Inside
Nick chases a psychopath who is burning people alive and tries to protect the targets of the killer's rage -- a band of homeless living under the city's streets.
6 links 18 Feb 1995
Blood Money E17. Blood Money
The son of a prestigious financial investor is framed for his father's murder.
6 links 25 Feb 1995
Partners of the Month E18. Partners of the Month
Determined to prevent Nick from taking all the glory for solving another murder case, Schanke captures the killer on his own -- or so he thinks.
6 links 22 Apr 1995
Queen of Harps E19. Queen of Harps
A cursed antique harp becomes the motive for murder and the focus of Nick's investigation.
6 links 29 Apr 1995
A More Permanent Hell E20. A More Permanent Hell
Nick discovers that rumors of a giant meteor heading for Earth were used to manipulate the stock market.
6 links 06 May 1995
The Code E21. The Code
A series of deaths from bad prosthetic devices are blamed on product tampering.
6 links 13 May 1995
Curiouser and Curiouser E22. Curiouser and Curiouser
When Nick blames himself for a murder victim's death, his guilt consumes his entire world distorting all reality.
6 links 20 May 1995
Near Death E23. Near Death
When a doctor experimenting in near death experiences dies, Nick secretly agrees to "go under" in an attempt to reconcile his own past.
6 links 08 Jul 1995
Baby Baby E24. Baby Baby
A figure from Nick's past complicates a murder investigation, forcing him to choose between reconciling his past and preventing yet another murder.
6 links 15 Jul 1995
Close Call E25. Close Call
Schanke questions Nick's abilities and investigates his seemingly superhuman powers.
6 links 22 Jul 1995
Crazy Love E26. Crazy Love
Nick investigates two murders as he searches for an escaped mental patient, only to discover the psychopathic killer he apprehends did not commit the crimes.
6 links 29 Jul 1995
Staffel 3
Season 3
Black Buddha: Part 1 E1. Black Buddha: Part 1
A plane crash brings tragedy to Nick Knight's precinct and a new vampire to town
11 Sep 1995
Black Buddha: Part 2 E2. Black Buddha: Part 2
Nick continues his search for the bomber as explosions plague the city.
18 Sep 1995
Outside the Lines E3. Outside the Lines
When a grisly murder occurs, it complicates an undercover cop's investigation. Detective Bruce Spencer believes he knows who the murderer is, but since he has no proof, Nick is sus...
25 Sep 1995
Black Wing E4. Black Wing
A court battle over Native American land leads to murder on both sides of the case.
07 Oct 1995
Blind Faith E5. Blind Faith
blind woman's guide dog becomes a vampire, mutilating a serial rapist.
14 Oct 1995
My Boyfriend Is a Vampire E6. My Boyfriend Is a Vampire
Murder in exchange for ratings is the agenda for a popular TV talk show.
21 Oct 1995
Hearts of Darkness E7. Hearts of Darkness
A vampire bite on a dead stabbing victim leads to a bizarre investigation of a woman with multiple personalities
28 Oct 1995
Trophy Girl E8. Trophy Girl
Tracy is abducted by a vicious murderer who dismembers his victims.
04 Nov 1995
Let No Man Tear Asunder E9. Let No Man Tear Asunder
A simple surgical procedure places Natalie in danger when she is selected as the next "donor" for a group of doctors dealing in the black market for human organs.
11 Nov 1995
Night in Question E10. Night in Question
Pronounced dead from a gunshot wound, Nick is revived but suffers acute amnesia.
18 Nov 1995
Sons of Belial E11. Sons of Belial
Nick falls victim to an evil so powerful, even Lacroix is helpless against the demon.
25 Nov 1995
Strings E12. Strings
Fever E13. Fever
A virus designed to fight HIV in mortals infects the vampire community, threatening Nick and Lacroix's very survival.
31 Dec 1995
Dead of Night E14. Dead of Night
Games Vampires Play E15. Games Vampires Play
Nick is drawn into the intoxicating world of virtual reality.
18 Jan 1996
Human Factor E16. Human Factor
Janette returns to Toronto suspected of murder
05 Feb 1996
Avenging Angel E17. Avenging Angel
A battered woman is brutally murdered inside a women's shelter.
12 Feb 1996
Fallen Idol E18. Fallen Idol
A wrestler fears losing his nephew's admiration when a rival competitor is found dead.
14 Feb 1996
Jane Doe E19. Jane Doe
Nick helps Reese deal with his obsession over capturing a murderer from the past.
27 Apr 1996
Francesca E20. Francesca
Nick and Tracy track down a murderer who is the reincarnation of a seductress vampire Nick knew long ago.
03 May 1996
Ashes to Ashes E21. Ashes to Ashes
Lacroix's vampire daughter comes to Toronto seeking revenge against her father by killing all those associated with him
11 May 1996
Last Knight E22. Last Knight
In this final episode, Nick makes the agonizing choice between life as he knows it or true love.
27 Jan 2007
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