Revolutionäre der Wissenschaft

Jahr: 2010

Genres: Documentary

Stars: Jim Al-Khalili, Richard Dawkins, James Dyson

IMDb: TT1673443

Bewertung: 8.4/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
The First Five E1. The First Five
A superstar array of modern-day scientists share the history of five polymaths--experts in a wide variety of subjects and fields--who put Britain's brilliance firmly on the map, un...
6 links 30 May 2010
A Roomful of Brilliant Minds E2. A Roomful of Brilliant Minds
A second generation of British scientists includes the son of a boat builder, a charismatic risk-taker, an unsung botanist pioneer, and the visionary who kick-started the Industria...
6 links 31 May 2010
The Lights Come On E3. The Lights Come On
Science came of age by the early 19th century, propelling Britain to the future with communications delivered at the tap of a finger, electrical power and light conjured from trial...
6 links 01 Jun 2010
Out of the Darkness E4. Out of the Darkness
In the face of war, courage can manifest itself in myriad ways. From the invention of radar to fend of Luftwaffe attacks to the sheer genius that drove wartime codebreaking, the Br...
02 Jun 2010
Asking Big Questions E5. Asking Big Questions
Recent advances probing the secrets of DNA, human nature, and nanotechnology are explored, and Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins have a thought-provoking exchange about the futur...
03 Jun 2010
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