Die junge Nikita (Peta Wilson) wurde wegen eines Mord verurteilt, den sie nicht begangen hat. Um nicht ins Gefängnis zu müssen, arbeitet sie fortan als Geheimagentin für die Regierungsorganisation "Sektion Eins". Auflage ist, ohne Nachfragen jeden Auftrag ...

Jahr: 1997−2001

Dauer: 60 min

Genres: Action, Drama, Romance

Writers: Joel Surnow

Stars: Peta Wilson, Don Francks, Eugene Robert Glazer

IMDb: TT0118379

Bewertung: 7.5/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Nikita E1. Nikita
While living in a crime-ridden neighborhood, young, beautiful Nikita is wrongly accused of murdering a police officer and falsely imprisoned.
6 links 18 Jan 1999
Friend E2. Friend
Waiting at a café for an informant who will advise her who the next Section One target will be, Nikita is recognized by her longtime friend Julie, who knew Nikita before she went ...
6 links 18 Jan 1999
Simone E3. Simone
Section One infiltrates a terrorist organization that uses a radar-cloaking device to cause midair collisions between airliners. This is the same organization that supposedly kille...
6 links 25 Jan 1999
Charity E4. Charity
During a routine assignment, Nikita saves an attractive man, Alec Chandler, from being hit by a car. When he asks her on a date, she declines but gives him information about where ...
6 links 25 Jan 1999
Mother E5. Mother
Criminals John Wicke and his wife, Helen, obtain a nuclear trigger, intending to sell it to the highest bidder. During a failed purchase attempt, four Section One operatives die in...
6 links 01 Feb 1999
Love E6. Love
Section One intercepts a husband-and-wife bodyguard team hired to work for terrorist Perry Bauer. To gain information on Bauer's next strike, Section One assigns Michael and Nikita...
6 links 01 Feb 1999
Treason E7. Treason
Nikita'a latest assignment is to take down a man named Suba. When an attempt goes bad Nikita suspects someone on the team might be a traitor.
1 link 08 Feb 1999
Escape E8. Escape
Section One operative Eric Webber offers to help Nikita escape from Section One with him, but Nikita does not know whether she can trust him.
6 links 08 Feb 1999
Gray E9. Gray
After infiltrating Section One's computer system and stealing a directory containing the identity of every operative in Section One, a criminal named Harding arranges a secret auct...
6 links 22 Feb 1999
Choice E10. Choice
After a major drug deal goes awry and results in many deaths, Section One is called in to investigate. One of the dead was an undercover operative in a covert C.I.A. task force ass...
22 Feb 1999
Rescue E11. Rescue
Nikita is desperate to recover a wounded Michael when he's left behind after a mission to destroy a chemical weapons plant.
01 Mar 1999
Innocent E12. Innocent
Nikita realizes that the man Section thinks is the key to a terrorist threat is an innocent victim of bad timing.
6 links 01 Mar 1999
Recruit E13. Recruit
Nikita digs into the past of her violent new recruit Karyn and uncovers shocking facts about the newest Operative.
6 links 08 Mar 1999
Gambit E14. Gambit
Madeline confronts her mysterious past while foiling a terrorist plot to contaminate the water supply with radiation.
6 links 08 Mar 1999
Obsessed E15. Obsessed
Michael seduces a hit man's wife to get access to the man's computer, but Nikita's heart aches for the betraying and betrayed wife, Lisa.
15 Mar 1999
Noise E16. Noise
Nikita helps Birkoff recover from the aftereffects of his first murder as their mission goes wrong.
15 Mar 1999
War E17. War
War breaks out between Section and the terrorist group Red Cell. Michael and Nikita are captured, and tortured for the new location of Section.
22 Mar 1999
Missing E18. Missing
Operations offers Nikita her freedom if she agrees to keep his son, an arms dealer, alive.
22 Mar 1999
Voices E19. Voices
A serial killer picks the wrong victim when he attacks Nikita. But after she sends him on his way, a cop on the case begins searching for her as a vital witness to the man's crimes...
6 links 29 Mar 1999
Brainwash E20. Brainwash
Nikita tests a virtual reality device and finds herself brainwashed into performing a suicide/assassination.
6 links 29 Mar 1999
Verdict E21. Verdict
An assassin kidnaps Jovan Mijovoch along with bodyguard Nikita, who is torn when she hears the killer's story.
6 links 05 Apr 1999
Mercy E22. Mercy
Nikita is sent on a suicide mission and Michael tries desparately to save her.
6 links 05 Apr 1999
Staffel 2
Season 2
Hard Landing E1. Hard Landing
With Michael's help, Nikita survives Section One's assassination attempt on her, but Section One believes that she is dead. While working as a waitress, Nikita is kidnapped by the ...
6 links 27 Jan 2001
Spec Ops E2. Spec Ops
Nikita's deception could be uncovered when she must retrain with Jurgen, a special operations agent ordered to evaluate her physical, psychological and emotional states.
6 links 03 Feb 2001
Third Person E3. Third Person
Nikita continues her retraining sessions with Jurgen, and Michael is not happy about it. Jurgen believes that Michael wants to kill him, and the two men fight. Nikita and Jurgen ha...
6 links 10 Feb 2001
Approaching Zero E4. Approaching Zero
Nikita visits Jurgen at his spacious country house. Nikita and Jurgen are about to make love when both are summoned for an assignment. Jurgen is blackmailing Section One. Jurgen vo...
6 links 24 Mar 2008
New Regime E5. New Regime
A disgruntled operative, Kronen, shoots Operations and nearly kills him. Egran Petrosian, Operations' temporary replacement, wants Nikita as his second-in-command. Nikita accepts t...
6 links 28 Feb 2001
Mandatory Refusal E6. Mandatory Refusal
Michael's mission to kill Dorian Enquist, a fringe member of the terrorist community, goes awry, and Enquist holds Madeline hostage. Nikita realizes that the only way to save Micha...
6 links 03 Mar 2001
Half Life E7. Half Life
Michael helps a college friend, Rene Dion, who heads a terrorist group. Rene took care of Michael's sister after Section One orchestrated Michael's arrest and phony "death," and no...
6 links 07 Mar 2001
Darkness Visible E8. Darkness Visible
Section One must stop Radovan Luca, whose contacts to the international arms community aid a rebel force inside the Balkans. While on a mission to eliminate the Balkan terrorist, N...
6 links 10 Mar 2001
Open Heart E9. Open Heart
A surgeon paid by Red Cell implants a powerful time bomb in the abdomen of a human. Nikita intentionally gets arrested for smuggling hashish to make contact with Jenna Vogler, the ...
6 links 25 Aug 2010
First Mission E10. First Mission
Faced with too many missions and too few team leaders, Operations and Michael appoint Nikita as a team leader. Assigned to capture Phillip Stark, who has been buying spent fuel rod...
21 Mar 2001
Psychic Pilgrim E11. Psychic Pilgrim
Nikita and Michael pose as a happily married couple in order to obtain information about First Flag, an infamous terrorist group, from its leader's attorney, Roland Armel.
6 links 28 Mar 2001
Soul Sacrifice E12. Soul Sacrifice
Terry, a veteran operative who is pregnant, escapes from Section One in order to save her baby, but Nikita and Michael return her to Section One, not reporting the incident to Oper...
6 links 04 Apr 2001
Not Was E13. Not Was
Section One steals secret files belonging to Orlando Perez, a high-level enemy operative from Red Cell, but Red Cell captures Michael and gets interrogated. An intravenous drug adm...
6 links 11 Apr 2001
Double Date E14. Double Date
A psychotic murderer and sadistic wife-beater who was thought to have been killed by Section One, David Fanning comes to work for Section because he knows its next target, Nikolai ...
6 links 21 Oct 2010
Fuzzy Logic E15. Fuzzy Logic
An unknown terrorist group performs small bombings while preparing for a major act of mass destruction. In order to expose the terrorist group, Section One must figure out the comp...
22 Oct 2010
Old Habits E16. Old Habits
After seeing a bus depot filled with people get blown up by the terrorist group Bright Star, Nikita vows to stop its activities. Gregory Formitz, who supplies the group with forged...
6 links 22 Oct 2010
Inside Out E17. Inside Out
Section One uncovers a possible Red Cell munitions outpost in Glasgow, Scotland, and sends a team of operatives to overtake and neutralize the facility. Instead, Mowen returns to S...
6 links 22 Oct 2010
Off Profile E18. Off Profile
Operations assigns sexy but arrogant mission profiler Andrea Karsov to Michael's team in order for her to obtain necessary field experience.
6 links 22 Oct 2010
Last Night E19. Last Night
Nikita searches for Julia, a 9-year-old girl whom Nikita encountered during a mission to capture free-lance demolitions expert Joachin Beeka, who has been hired by a terrorist grou...
6 links 23 May 2001
In Between E20. In Between
With his massive financial resources, Abel Goellner destabilizes Third World countries friendly to the West and places hostile governments in control. Posing as money brokers, Mich...
6 links 30 May 2001
Adrian's Garden E21. Adrian's Garden
Former neighbor Carla and her boyfriend Steven kidnap Nikita and take her to a cottage in the country owned by Adrian, the founder of Section One and the only person to successfull...
6 links 24 Oct 2010
End Game E22. End Game
Under Adrian's direction, Nikita risks her own life to retrieve incriminating files from restricted areas within Section One for Adrian's quest to destroy it. Operations and Madeli...
6 links 13 Jun 2001
Staffel 3
Season 3
Looking for Michael E1. Looking for Michael
Operations and Madeline plot to kill Nikita. Nikita locates the elusive Michael and experiences an emotional jolt when she meets his wife and son.
6 links 20 Jun 2001
Someone Else's Shadow E2. Someone Else's Shadow
Nikita moves in with Michael and his family in order to help Section One locate and kill Elena's father--Salla Vacek. Section One captures and tortures one of Vacek's Cambridge cla...
6 links 27 Jun 2001
Opening Night Jitters E3. Opening Night Jitters
Section One orders Michael to poison Elena in order to trap her father, international terrorist Salla Vacek. From her hospital bed, Elena witnesses the actual death of her father a...
6 links 04 Jul 2001
Gates of Hell E4. Gates of Hell
Unable to see his son ever again, Michael contemplates suicide. On a mission with Michael, Nikita is kidnapped. With total disregard for his personal safety, Michael kills many ene...
6 links 11 Jul 2001
Imitation of Death E5. Imitation of Death
Section One destroys a genetics laboratory designed to create perfect little terrorists. Nikita suspects that Section One has a similar laboratory of its own, but she fails to prov...
6 links 18 Jul 2001
Love and Country E6. Love and Country
Madeline poses as a psychotherapist to convince a South American political candidate's devoted wife--who is also a Section operative once married to Operations--to kill the politic...
6 links 25 Jul 2001
Cat and Mouse E7. Cat and Mouse
Without Section One's knowledge, Nikita is ambushed during a mission and replaced by a Red Cell look-alike. Nikita is forced to assist her double in order to protect Michael. Serie...
6 links 25 Jul 2001
Outside the Box E8. Outside the Box
Section One kidnaps Benjamin Kruger, a man with a photographic memory, to help on a mission. To force Kruger to cooperate, Madeline shows him a manufactured videotape of him killin...
6 links 01 Aug 2001
Slipping Into Darkness E9. Slipping Into Darkness
Michael empties a vial containing a psychotropic agent into Operations' coffee mug. As his judgement disintegrates and paranoid delusions increase, Operations sends operatives on a...
6 links 27 Oct 2010
Under the Influence E10. Under the Influence
Nikita pretends to be married to a vile, sadistic terrorist as Section One endeavors to locate anthrax rockets that her "husband" and his brother stole.
6 links 08 Aug 2001
Walk on By E11. Walk on By
A new recruit--someone from Nikita's past--knows where Nikita can find her mother. Nikita enlists Michael's aid when she realizes that her mother (MARGOT KIDDER) has hired a privat...
6 links 08 Aug 2001
Threshold of Pain E12. Threshold of Pain
On a mission to terminate a terrorist organization called Black March, Nikita and two fellow operatives, are captured. Mark reveals the location of a Section substation to save Ang...
6 links 15 Aug 2001
Beyond the Pale E13. Beyond the Pale
When another operative, Zalman, gets promoted to head strategist instead of Michael, Michael and Nikita flee Section One. Section operatives capture Michael, who refuses to reveal ...
6 links 15 Aug 2001
Hand to Hand E14. Hand to Hand
To capture an industrialist who finances terrorist bombings around the world, Nikita thinks that she is infiltrating a white slavery ring, but she finds her mission at an adult ent...
6 links 22 Aug 2001
Before I Sleep E15. Before I Sleep
When a captured terrorist kills herself, Section One recruits Sarah Gerard, an innocent look-alike with a terminal disease, to learn the location of a terrorist group's headquarter...
6 links 22 Aug 2001
I Remember Paris E16. I Remember Paris
When the terrorist group Glass Curtain discovers Section One's location, Operations evacuates everyone and incinerates the underground facility. Section One operatives kill everyon...
6 links 29 Aug 2001
All Good Things E17. All Good Things
When Operations temporarily leaves Section One, Michael assumes full command. But will Michael's newfound power forever change Nikita's feelings towards him?
6 links 29 Oct 2010
Third Party Ripoff E18. Third Party Ripoff
Believing that Michael and Nikita's relationship compromises Michael's decision-making ability and jeopardizes Section One's missions, Operations and Madeline set in motion another...
6 links 12 Sep 2001
Any Means Necessary E19. Any Means Necessary
Greg Hillinger, a subordinate, sabotages Birkoff's computer terminal to make Birkoff appear incompetent to Operations.
6 links 29 Oct 2010
Three Eyed Turtle E20. Three Eyed Turtle
When a mission fails, Hillinger conceals his negligence. Birkoff does not reveal to Madeline that Hillinger is responsible for the mission's failure, but later he confesses the tru...
6 links 26 Sep 2001
Playing with Fire E21. Playing with Fire
Operations sends Michael's team to steal detonation chips from the base camp of the kamikaze terrorist group Crimson Storm. After the successful mission, Michael and Nikita steal a...
6 links 03 Oct 2001
On Borrowed Time E22. On Borrowed Time
Nikita and Michael infiltrate Genefex, a pharmaceutical lab making biological weapons for Red Cell. At Genefex, Nikita unexpectedly encounters Madeline, who uses a combination of c...
6 links 10 Oct 2001
Staffel 4
Season 4
Getting Out of Reverse E1. Getting Out of Reverse
Michael discovers that Madeline had Nikita "adjusted" in order to eliminate her emotions and keep her under strict control. Fearing this process will be used on everyone in Section...
6 links 19 Apr 2011
There Are No Missions E2. There Are No Missions
Madeline intructs Nikita to carry out Operation's order to kill the missing Michael. Nikita has a physical confrontation with Michael when he infiltrates Section One, and she ends ...
6 links 19 Apr 2011
View of the Garden E3. View of the Garden
Determined to reverse the effects of Gelman's mind-control process on Nikita, Michael enlists Adrian's aid. Operations and Madeline send Nikita to kill Michael, but he kidnaps her ...
6 links 19 Apr 2011
Into the Looking Glass E4. Into the Looking Glass
Nikita continues to suffer the negative effects of Gelman's brain reprogramming, which becomes permanent in five days. With Birkoff and Walter's support, Michael kidnaps Nikita to ...
6 links 19 Apr 2011
Man in the Middle E5. Man in the Middle
Nikita and Michael pose as heroin dealers to get close to a dashing, drug-using playboy and arms supplier with ties to Red Cell. When the weapons dealer proposes marriage to Nikita...
6 links 20 Feb 2000
Love, Honor and Cherish E6. Love, Honor and Cherish
Nikita's new husband, Helmut, reveals that he is an Interpol agent. Kristoff, Helmut's younger brother, hires Red Cell to kill his newlywed sibling, but Section One kills Kristoff....
6 links 27 Feb 2000
Sympathy for the Devil E7. Sympathy for the Devil
Operations sends Nikita and Michael on a personal mission to help Operations' hero-Willie Kane, a fellow Vietnam War veteran. Walter kills Willie to prevent Operations from learnin...
6 links 05 Mar 2000
No One Lives Forever E8. No One Lives Forever
Chosen for a pilot program allowing her to leave Section One but have no contact with either her former or Section lives, Nikita wonders if she's about to be cancelled. George orde...
6 links 12 Mar 2000
Down a Crooked Path E9. Down a Crooked Path
George sends a two-man bio-tech team into Section One when a mysterious gas enters the headquarters, causing symptoms of a viral infection. Rather than contain the virus, the bio-t...
6 links 19 Mar 2000
He Came from Four E10. He Came from Four
Oversight sends a telekinetic 10-year-old boy, who also has the ability to read minds, to help Section One recover a stolen package. But can the boy's powers be controlled?
6 links 02 Apr 2000
Time to Be Heroes E11. Time to Be Heroes
When another Section gets destroyed, Operations sends Nikita and Michael to train a group of hostile, young recruits. Operations uses the team of recruits as bait to destroy a new ...
6 links 17 Jan 2012
Hell Hath No Fury E12. Hell Hath No Fury
Madeline falls in love with Leon, her Red Cell counterpart. Operations orders Madeline to kill Leon, but she shoots Operations instead. A tracking device implanted in Madeline lead...
6 links 23 Apr 2000
Kiss the Past Goodbye E13. Kiss the Past Goodbye
Michael discovers that his wife, Elena, is involved with a Section operative named Corliss. Stefan Vacek, Elena's uncle, heads a terrorist organization that tries to kill Elena and...
6 links 25 Jun 2000
Line in the Sand E14. Line in the Sand
Birkoff uncovers the secret location of Red Cell's base camp, which harbors the leader of Red Cell--for whom Section has been searching for almost 20 years. When the mission to ext...
6 links 02 Jul 2000
Abort, Fail, Retry, Terminate E15. Abort, Fail, Retry, Terminate
On his computer, Birkoff invents a form of artificial intelligence intended to maintain the system during his upcoming two-month vacation. The computer program develops an agenda o...
6 links 16 Jul 2000
Catch a Falling Star E16. Catch a Falling Star
To locate a Section communications satellite that has crashed in the southern United States, Nikita and Michael visit a strange, rural town that turns out to be Black Storm's centr...
6 links 13 May 2008
Sleeping with the Enemy E17. Sleeping with the Enemy
Section and Red Cell form an uneasy alliance to discover who's been destroying their installations. Madeline trades places with Satin Tate, a key Red Cell operative. Nikita worries...
6 links 30 Jul 2000
Toys in the Basement E18. Toys in the Basement
Injured during a mission, Nikita is taken prisoner by a demented junk collector and declared dead by Section One. Michael is ordered not to use Section One resources to find her.
6 links 06 Aug 2000
Time Out of Mind E19. Time Out of Mind
In order to stop the sale of an anthrax-based weapon, Nikita infiltrates a mental institution, where the son of the weapon's creator is a patient.
6 links 13 Aug 2000
Face in the Mirror E20. Face in the Mirror
A new Red Cell regime surfaces, and Operations sends Michael and his team to assassinate Maurice Grenet, the Cardinal's replacement. Nikita escapes Section One, and Michael discove...
6 links 20 Aug 2000
Up the Rabbit Hole E21. Up the Rabbit Hole
Facial prosthetics makes Nikita look like Kate Quinn. Michael and Nikita/Quinn escape from Section One, killing Davenport in the process. Operations orders Madeline to capture them...
6 links 27 Aug 2000
Four Light Years Farther E22. Four Light Years Farther
Section One captures Nikita and Michael and brings them back to headquarters. Operations and Madeline decide to kill Nikita. Mr. Jones wants Madeline cancelled, but she commits sui...
6 links 14 Apr 2008
Staffel 5
Season 5
Deja Vu All Over Again E1. Deja Vu All Over Again
Still reeling from the tragedies resulting from the disclosure of her role as a Section One internal investigator, Nikita is paired with a new partner by the head of Center and put...
6 links 07 Jan 2001
A Girl Who Wasn't There E2. A Girl Who Wasn't There
Quinn creates a holographic version of Madeline. Operation's obsession to work with Madeline again threatens to destroy Section One. Nikita discovers clues involving her original r...
6 links 14 Jan 2001
In Through the Out Door E3. In Through the Out Door
Although he no longer works for Section One, Michael remains Nikita's only hope for finding a cure to the deadly aftereffects from a mind-control process.
6 links 21 Jan 2001
All the World's a Stage E4. All the World's a Stage
Mr. Jones must leave Center's protection to thwart the sale of deadly biological weapons. Nikita seizes the opportunity to force him to tell her the truth about her recruitment int...
6 links 04 Feb 2001
The Man Behind the Curtain E5. The Man Behind the Curtain
With the head of Section One, Nikita attempts to track down the mole who has been passing data to the Collective. She narrows the suspects down to two high-level colleagues, but on...
6 links 11 Feb 2001
The Evil That Men Do E6. The Evil That Men Do
Nikita's relationship with Mr. Jones leads Operations to attempt to kill Nikita. Nikita threatens to report Operations' betrayal, but he has evidence that she helped Michael escape...
6 links 18 Feb 2001
Let No Man Put Asunder E7. Let No Man Put Asunder
Michael asks Nikita to bring him back into Section One, but Mr. Jones doubts Michael's motives. Michael's son, Adam, whom Operations has kept hidden from Michael, is kidnapped by T...
6 links 25 Feb 2001
A Time for Every Purpose E8. A Time for Every Purpose
Mr. Jones agrees to surrender to The Collective in return for the release of Michael's son and Nikita's promise to take control of Section One. The Collective kills Jones and frees...
6 links 17 Aug 2011
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