Office Girl

Claude Casey arbeitet seit zwei Jahren als Aushilfe in der Postabteilung des New Yorker TV-Senders GBN. Doch dann scheint sie das große Los gezogen zu haben – sie wird überraschend zur Assistentin des charmanten News-Anchormans Will Butler befördert. Aber ...

Jahr: 2002−2006

Dauer: 30 min

Genres: Comedy

Writers: Terri Minsky

Stars: Zachary Levi, Andrea Parker, Sara Rue

IMDb: TT0320052

Bewertung: 7.1/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Pilot E1. Pilot
GNB temp Claude Casey is offered a permanent job as assistant to news anchor Will Butler. The promotion irks Claude's friends, as well as her new coworkers, Lydia and Kipp.
6 links 15 Nov 2003
Ice Cream with Lydia E2. Ice Cream with Lydia
6 links
Claude the Liar E3. Claude the Liar
Claude reluctantly lies for Will and discovers she's good at it. Meanwhile 'floor buddies' Owen and Lydia and Kip and Ramona bond.
6 links 29 Nov 2003
Queen of England E4. Queen of England
Claude worries that Will dislikes her friends; Lydia tries to save an expensive purse from being Bedazzled by Ramona; there's an office pool on when a coworker will finally change ...
6 links 06 Dec 2003
The Vacation E5. The Vacation
Claude is forced to take a vacation, but instead of skipping off to Niagra Falls, she lurks around the office, fearing her temp replacement may be trying to take her job.
6 links 29 Oct 2002
The Pole E6. The Pole
When Claude finds herself competing with Lydia, Ramona drags her to a stripper class to boost her self confidence. Meanwhile Kip enlists Owen to take the photo for his company i.d....
6 links 05 Nov 2002
Future Shock E7. Future Shock
After butting heads with a grouchy office worker, Claude fears that she'll eventually become like her. Meanwhile, Kip gives Owen an Armani suit as collateral for a loan; and Lydia ...
6 links 12 Nov 2002
Meet the Folks E8. Meet the Folks
Will unwittingly causes friction between Claude and her parents. Meanwhile, an intern swoons over Kipp.
6 links 19 Nov 2002
Claude the Heartbreaker E9. Claude the Heartbreaker
While awaiting a second date with Charlie, Claude reluctantly agrees to go out with Will's godson, Oliver. Meanwhile, Kipp schemes to get a promotion by sucking up to the prepubesc...
6 links 26 Nov 2002
One Office Party Too Many E10. One Office Party Too Many
Everyone arrives at the Christmas party with an agenda... that none of them are able to fulfill.
6 links 10 Dec 2002
A Claude Casey Production E11. A Claude Casey Production
Claude produces an embarrassing anchorman demo reel for Kip. Meanwhile, it's the anniversary of Lydia's fling with Will and she tries to determine if he remembers it. Owen gets hoo...
6 links 17 Dec 2002
Claude's Got a Secret E12. Claude's Got a Secret
Claude tries to keep her relationship with Charlie a secret -- but her friends are determined to find out what she's hiding. Meanwhile, neither Kipp nor Lydia get what they bargain...
6 links 07 Jan 2003
Telephone E13. Telephone
When Claude's asked to watch Will's apartment for the weekend, all of her coworkers invite themselves over. Meanwhile, Kipp and Claude's rivalry is put on the back-burner when he d...
6 links 21 Jan 2003
High Maintenance E14. High Maintenance
Will's new girlfriend rubs Claude the wrong way, so she meddles in their relationship. Meanwhile, Kipp and Lydia find themselves sucking up to Owen and Ramona, in hopes of scoring ...
6 links 04 Feb 2003
Valentine's Day E15. Valentine's Day
Claude has phone sex with her boyfriend on Will's phone; Lydia discovers she has a secret admirer; Owen's latest crush is only looking for a man to sire a child.
6 links 11 Feb 2003
Breaking Up E16. Breaking Up
After Claude breaks up with Charlie, Ramona throws a slumber party to cheer her up. Meanwhile, Kipp offers to ghostwrite Will's autobiography.
6 links 18 Feb 2003
Picture Perfect Party E17. Picture Perfect Party
Nothing goes as planned when Claude decides to throw a formal party.
6 links 11 Mar 2003
The New Guy E18. The New Guy
When it appears Will's contract won't be renewed, his coworkers concoct a scheme to save his job.
6 links 18 Mar 2003
Oh Papa E19. Oh Papa
Claude orchestrates a reunion between Owen and the father he never knew. Meanwhile, Kipp tries to find a gimmick to get noticed and Lydia gives Will a makeover.
6 links 29 Apr 2003
A Little Love for Lydia E20. A Little Love for Lydia
Lydia goes out with Claude's brother; Owen incites the wrath of Will.
6 links 06 May 2003
Save the Squirrel, But Bet the Over/Under E21. Save the Squirrel, But Bet the Over/Under
Will throws a gala for a squirrel clinic. Meanwhile Carl gets Owen interested in gambling, and Kipp and Lydia discover the benefits of using Will's name.
6 links 13 May 2003
The Umbrella E22. The Umbrella
Claude is forced to decide whether to continue working for Will or to take a job as the assistant to the show's new executive producer.
6 links 20 May 2003
Staffel 2
Season 2
Choices E1. Choices
When Claude takes another job, Kipp moves in as her replacement.
6 links 23 Sep 2003
From the Office of Will Butler E2. From the Office of Will Butler
Claude unwittingly gets Carl a job in the cafeteria. Meanwhile, Kipp is faced with a moral dilemma when a wealthy elderly lady propositions him for sex.
6 links 30 Sep 2003
It Takes a Pillage E3. It Takes a Pillage
6 links 07 Oct 2003
New York Evening E4. New York Evening
6 links 14 Oct 2003
Shampoo E5. Shampoo
6 links 21 Oct 2003
Rules E6. Rules
6 links 28 Oct 2003
All About Claude E7. All About Claude
6 links 04 Nov 2003
Roomies E8. Roomies
6 links 18 Nov 2003
Claude's Alternative Thanksgiving E9. Claude's Alternative Thanksgiving
Claude is throwing her first Thanksgiving for all her friends. Owen's two lesbian moms (Valerie Harper and Joanna Kerns) come to visit and share the holiday. The only problem is th...
6 links 25 Nov 2003
The Girl Next Door E10. The Girl Next Door
6 links 02 Dec 2003
Claude the Terminator E11. Claude the Terminator
6 links 09 Dec 2003
Santa Claude E12. Santa Claude
6 links 16 Dec 2003
What About That! E13. What About That!
6 links 06 Jan 2004
Two Camps E14. Two Camps
6 links 27 Jan 2004
Love Stinks (Sometimes) E15. Love Stinks (Sometimes)
6 links 10 Feb 2004
The Crush E16. The Crush
6 links 17 Feb 2004
Claude's Apartment E17. Claude's Apartment
6 links 24 Feb 2004
22 Minus 1 Equals 4 E18. 22 Minus 1 Equals 4
6 links 02 Mar 2004
Riding in Cars with Falafel E19. Riding in Cars with Falafel
6 links 09 Mar 2004
Dating Protocol at GNB E20. Dating Protocol at GNB
6 links 16 Mar 2004
Arctic Nights E21. Arctic Nights
6 links 27 Apr 2004
Claude's Roxanne E22. Claude's Roxanne
6 links 04 May 2004
The Pimp Hat E23. The Pimp Hat
6 links 11 May 2004
Claude on One Knee E24. Claude on One Knee
18 May 2004
Staffel 3
Season 3
Supply Man Down E1. Supply Man Down
6 links 24 Sep 2004
Claude Wants to Know E2. Claude Wants to Know
6 links 01 Oct 2004
Ain't It a Shame, Claude E3. Ain't It a Shame, Claude
6 links 15 Oct 2004
Ignoring Lydia E4. Ignoring Lydia
6 links 22 Oct 2004
Knock, Knock, Who's Dead? E5. Knock, Knock, Who's Dead?
6 links 29 Oct 2004
From the Chair to the Couch E6. From the Chair to the Couch
Will, upset about an on-air blunder during his news broadcast, blames his mistake on his faulty anchor chair. Claude has the chair checked out, learns there's nothing wrong with it...
6 links 05 Nov 2004
Shoo-In E7. Shoo-In
6 links 12 Nov 2004
We're Bad People E8. We're Bad People
When Claude and Ramona suspect Kipp is bankrolling his Lasik surgery with ill-gotten company money, they go undercover to learn the truth. Meanwhile, Lydia is shocked to learn Jeb ...
6 links 19 Nov 2004
Mom's the Word E9. Mom's the Word
It's the day after Thanksgiving and Owen's two moms visit GNB to meet his coworkers. Judy (Joanna Kerns) helps Will with his girlfriend problems and Judith (Valerie Harper) lives ....
6 links 26 Nov 2004
Claude's Romantic Hideaway E10. Claude's Romantic Hideaway
6 links 03 Dec 2004
Claude's 15 Minutes of Christmas E11. Claude's 15 Minutes of Christmas
Claude is put in charge of organizing the GNB on-air holiday greeting, but is alarmed to learn that there are strict criteria to determine who can represent the company - putting h...
6 links 17 Dec 2004
Emotions Eleven E12. Emotions Eleven
6 links 07 Jan 2005
You Can Leave the Lights On E13. You Can Leave the Lights On
Claude's ex-boyfriend, Charlie, returns to GNB and they decide to give their relationship a second try. Ramona convinces Claude to buy some sexy lingerie to reignite their passion,...
6 links 14 Jan 2005
I Just Don't Like Her E14. I Just Don't Like Her
6 links 21 Jan 2005
Playhouse E15. Playhouse
Charlie is evicted and moves temporarily to Claude's place. Meanwhile, Owen tries to teach Jeb how to dance at the upcoming wedding, but it proves to be a difficult task.
6 links 28 Jan 2005
Distractions E16. Distractions
Claude and Charlie get into management training, but to her dismay, Kipp gets accepted as well and befriends Charlie. Owen wishes to be the photographer at Jeb and Lydia's wedding,...
6 links 04 Feb 2005
Get Away E17. Get Away
Ramona tries to impress a very eccentric software technician "Morpheus", who likes the short story she is writing. Carl and Kipp try to hit on the new news producer Laura. Will is ...
6 links 11 Feb 2005
Pre-Wedded Bliss E18. Pre-Wedded Bliss
6 links 04 Mar 2005
Claude's Extreme Makeover E19. Claude's Extreme Makeover
Claude wins an apartment makeover from a reality TV show. Unfortunately, she has to sleep at the office for the duration of the makeover. Carl bonds with Jeb who still hasn't made ...
6 links 25 Mar 2005
Amicably Yours E20. Amicably Yours
It's three weeks since Jeb and Lydia broke up. Lydia tries to make Jeb jealous by flirting with Kipp, so Jeb tries the same by flirting with Claude. Carl goes to see a doctor.
6 links 01 Apr 2005
Casey V. Kronsky E21. Casey V. Kronsky
6 links 08 Apr 2005
Claude the Expert E22. Claude the Expert
Will wins Kipp from Jeb in a card game and assigns him as Claude's assistant. Carl's friends decide to arrange a surprise birthday party for him. Claude tries to cheer up Lydia, wh...
6 links 15 Apr 2005
Staffel 4
Season 4
The Devil Wears Burberry: Part 1 E1. The Devil Wears Burberry: Part 1
In part one of the two-part fourth season premiere, Claude returns from vacation to find her boss's resignation has relegated her back to temp status.
6 links 18 Apr 2006
The Devil Wears Burberry: Part 2 E2. The Devil Wears Burberry: Part 2
Claude second-guesses her decision to refuse Lydia's promotion offer. Little does she know, Lydia desperately wants her to reconsider.
6 links 25 Apr 2006
A Crush Grows in Brooklyn E3. A Crush Grows in Brooklyn
Claude and Carl put their friendship in jeopardy when things get intimate after a night of drinking.
6 links 02 May 2006
Why Are You Hurting Claude? E4. Why Are You Hurting Claude?
Claude reveals to Ramona that she and Carl are having sex with each other. Unfortunatley, Owen also finds out about this on his own.
6 links 30 May 2006
Flirting with De-feet E5. Flirting with De-feet
Claude is concerned when Carl doesn't seem to be affected by her flirting with Ethan (Joey McIntyre), the copy repairman. Meanwhile, Ramona finds out that Kipp is making money on t...
6 links 06 Jun 2006
The Owl Specialist E6. The Owl Specialist
6 links
Red Carpet Claude E7. Red Carpet Claude
6 links 27 Jun 2006
Kip Steadman's Guide to Dating E8. Kip Steadman's Guide to Dating
6 links
Reinventing the Wheel E9. Reinventing the Wheel
6 links
And the Award Goes To E10. And the Award Goes To
6 links
I Have an Ear E11. I Have an Ear
6 links
Banished and Famished E12. Banished and Famished
6 links
Sex, Lies and Office Supplies E13. Sex, Lies and Office Supplies
6 links 07 Jun 2007
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