Schwermetall Chronicles

Die Serie "Schwermetall" von Guillaume Lubrano wird nun bald auf dem Sender Animax ausgestrahlt. Die Serie wird ab dem 28. November 2012 jeden Mittwoch um 20:15 Uhr laufen. "Schwermetall" basiert auf einem französischen Comic mit dem Namen "Métal Hurlant"(...

Jahr: 2012

Dauer: 22 min

Genres: Action, Sci-Fi

Stars: Karl E. Landler, Dominique Pinon, Scott Adkins

IMDb: TT1629348

Bewertung: 5.8/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
King's Crown E1. King's Crown
Warriors fight to become the next king in a society run by robots.
2 links 03 Jan 2015
Shelter Me E2. Shelter Me
A young woman wakes up to find she's in a bunker with a man who has told her it's the end of the world.
1 link 27 Oct 2012
Red Light/Cold Hard Facts E3. Red Light/Cold Hard Facts
A man seeks to escape his red confines; an older gentleman from the past must face his future.
2 links 27 Oct 2012
Three on a Match E4. Three on a Match
Three men fight for the remaining oxygen on a spaceship.
1 link 03 Nov 2012
Master of Destiny E5. Master of Destiny
A hero travels to the end of the galaxy in search of a secret race.
2 links 03 Nov 2012
Pledge of Anya E6. Pledge of Anya
A warrior must kill a dragon for his people.
1 link 03 Nov 2012
Staffel 2
Season 2
Whiskey in the Jar E1. Whiskey in the Jar
A small-town sheriff receives a visit from a doctor with a talent for saving lives. But there may be more to the "talent" than meets the eye.
04 Jan 2014
The Endomorphe E2. The Endomorphe
The chosen one has been designated, in this world devastated by the war between humanity and Mecamorphes, he will carry in him the endormorphe, he will be our saviour. Only the pur...
4 links 03 Jan 2015
E3. Loyal Khondor
A loyal warrior, Khondor, seeks an elixir to cure his beloved princess from the dreaded "cold disease".
3 links 17 Jul 2015
Second Chance E4. Second Chance
Joe, a notorious gambler, is chased by the galaxy's most notorious creditor. How will he escape - or will he get a second chance? Starring Scott Adkins.
4 links 28 Apr 2014
Second Son E5. Second Son
Two brothers battle for control of a kingdom with unique values about life and death.
4 links 05 May 2014
Back to Reality E6. Back to Reality
A dream fixer allows the wealthy to dream themselves into new realities and worlds. But is he ultimately manipulating his clients?
2 links 12 May 2014
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