RIN - Daughters of Mnemosyne

Rin Asogi sieht vielleicht wie eine gewöhnliche Büroangestellte aus, in Wirklichkeit ist sie aber eine Privat-Detektivin, die jede mögliche Jobs annimmt. Ausserdem scheint sie unverwüstlich zu sein und über übernatürliche Heilungskräfte zu verfügen. Zusamm...

Jahr: 2008

Genres: Action, Adventure, Animation

Stars: Jamie Marchi, Mamiko Noto, Chris Cason

IMDb: TT1196027

Bewertung: 7.3/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Neko wa warawanai E1. Neko wa warawanai
Rin is an immortal private eye with a taste for vodka and knack for attracting things that go bump in the night. On her latest case, she finds herself in the middle of a cloning co...
2 links 03 Feb 2008
Tenshi wa nakanai E2. Tenshi wa nakanai
When a man seeking a rare stamp enlists Asogi Consulting, the dead bodies start to pile up. As she struggles to make sense of the madness, Rin encounters a deadly angel roaming the...
2 links 02 Mar 2008
Hana wa namida wo nagasanai E3. Hana wa namida wo nagasanai
Decades ago, the army used Death Island as a testing ground for biological weapons. Rin is shocked to discover that her sadistic rival Sayara has returned to complete the heinous e...
2 links 06 Apr 2008
Yuurei wa Sakebanai E4. Yuurei wa Sakebanai
The son of an old friend puts his life at risk for a real-world hook up with a virtual sex doll. Rin is ready to help, but this case may be too dangerous even for her.
2 links 04 May 2008
Seiya wa kagayakanai E5. Seiya wa kagayakanai
Rin narrowly survived being mulched to death by a jet engine, but while her body slowly regenerated, her memories disappeared. Now, she must discover her past before Apos and his a...
2 links 01 Jun 2008
Soshite tengoku no tobira e to... E6. Soshite tengoku no tobira e to...
Apos has something painful in mind for Rin, but he gets off on prolonging the agony. Unless Mimi wants to be alone forever, she'd better find her friend - and fast.
2 links 06 Jul 2008
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