Mireille Bouquet ist eine Profikillerin, eine Assasine. Sie erhält von Kirika Yuumura eine Anfrage, mit ihr eine Pilgerreise in die Vergangenheit zu machen. Nach anfänglichem Zögern reist Mireille zu Kirika nach Japan, wo Kirika ihr zeigt, das sie ebenfall...

Jahr: 2001

Dauer: 25 min

Genres: Action, Animation, Crime

Stars: Shelley Calene-Black, Kotono Mitsuishi, Houko Kuwashima

IMDb: TT0294154

Bewertung: 7.4/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Maidens with Black Hands E1. Maidens with Black Hands
Mirielle teams up with a female assassin named Kirika who has lost her memory, and after agreeing to work together, Mireille warns Kirika that she will eventually kill her.
6 links 06 Apr 2001
Daily Bread E2. Daily Bread
A policeman of an anti-terror unit dies in an explosion. As he is the third of his unit to be killed, his superiors fear that they may have a leak. A rival faction of the terrorist...
6 links 13 Apr 2001
The Assassination Play E3. The Assassination Play
Mireille and Kirika accept a contract to kill a man suspected in the death of a young C.E.O. After making plans and entering a huge abandon hotel to make the hit, Mireille and Kiri...
6 links 20 Apr 2001
The Sound of Waves E4. The Sound of Waves
A leader of a country destabilizing unit is the target of Kirika and Mireille, but they have to contend with an armed military unit that has surrounded their house first.
11 links 27 Apr 2001
Les soldats E5. Les soldats
Still bothered by the events which transpired during the Albert Dux incident, Mireille asks a trusted friend to look in to who was pulling the strings behind the surprise attack. A...
12 links 04 May 2001
Lost Kitten E6. Lost Kitten
On their current contract, Mireille and Kirika are thinking twice about whether to kill a ex-genocidal mass murderer when he is now using his dying breaths to help the poor and hun...
12 links 11 May 2001
The Black Thread of Fate E7. The Black Thread of Fate
Kirika kills a revolutionary leader, but not before he wounds her badly, and Mireille considers killing her to make her escape easier.
12 links 18 May 2001
Intoccabile (Acte I) E8. Intoccabile (Acte I)
Mireille is terrified when she finds out the evil Mafia princess assassin she might have to kill, is the same person she was horrified of when they were little girls together.
6 links 25 May 2001
Intoccabile (Acte II) E9. Intoccabile (Acte II)
Noir and the Intoccabile still have unfinished business with each other after their last face off, and each side knows that matters can only be resolved with a final showdown. To t...
12 links 01 Jun 2001
The True Noir E10. The True Noir
When Mireille and Kirika take a contract to assassinate a crooked cop who was released on a technicality, they're shocked to discover that someone has taken down the guards...and t...
12 links 09 Sep 2010
Moonlit Tea Party E11. Moonlit Tea Party
Mireille and Kirika are contacted by a man within the Soldats who is willing to give them a book containing valuable information. As the two women follow up this intriguing lead, t...
12 links 15 Jun 2001
Assassination Mission E12. Assassination Mission
The mysterious Chloe has one last mission to carry out before she goes home to Altena and the manor - she has been ordered to kill an old NATO intelligence officer. As she journeys...
12 links 20 Jun 2001
Season of Hell E13. Season of Hell
Kirika learns things the hard way, when she fails to heed warnings by Mireille to stop seeing the man she is attracted to, because they are currently targets of a madman who is obs...
12 links 29 Jun 2001
A Bouquet of Flowers for Mireille E14. A Bouquet of Flowers for Mireille
Mireille's assassin Uncle shocks her when he tells her he has been ordered to kill her female partner, Kirika, and wants her help in doing it.
12 links 05 Jul 2001
The Cold-Blooded Killer (Acte I) E15. The Cold-Blooded Killer (Acte I)
Mireille and Kirika are offered a job in Taiwan- and their employer is none other than the Soldats. Despite the danger, Noir decide to accept, hoping that working for the Soldats w...
12 links 12 Jul 2001
The Cold-Blooded Killer (Acte II) E16. The Cold-Blooded Killer (Acte II)
Kirika and Mireille's mission to destroy the Hang Yiban triad went awry when the Hang Yiban sent their own assassin- the ruthless Shaoli, to destroy Noir. Now, Mireille has been ca...
12 links 19 Jul 2001
Return to Corsica E17. Return to Corsica
Mireille Bouquet decides to return home to the lovely town of Corsica to visit the old graves of her deceased family members. But while Mireille's visit is partly based on sentimen...
12 links 26 Jul 2001
The Darkness Within Me E18. The Darkness Within Me
Still upset over the truths she learned in Corsica, Mireille, confused and traumatized, forces Kirika to get out of her sight, calling her a disturbing enigma. Kirika leaves, obvio...
6 links 02 Aug 2001
Two Hands of the Soldats E19. Two Hands of the Soldats
Mireille and Kirika fly to Austria on a hunt for the ancient manuscript that could solve the mystery of the Soldats, but they run into a familiar face - someone who suddenly has he...
11 links 09 Aug 2001
The Sin Within the Sin E20. The Sin Within the Sin
Danger lurks around every corner as Mireille and Kirika draw closer to learning the truth behind the Soldats. A rooftop showdown ensues when masked gunmen ambush their apartment.
12 links 16 Aug 2001
Morning Without Dawn E21. Morning Without Dawn
Kirika's final guidance - in the form of a bullet - brings a rush of painful memories. Mireille finally learns the connection to their past, but fails to follow through with her or...
12 links 23 Aug 2001
Journey's End E22. Journey's End
Kirika collapses at the edge of a village and is taken in by an old couple who have been expecting her. There she learns about an ancient ritual, the Grand Retour, of which she is ...
12 links 30 Aug 2001
Sentiments for the Remaining Flower E23. Sentiments for the Remaining Flower
After Kirika departs from her care, following the truth about the deaths of the Bouquet family, Mireille tries to continue on with her daily-routine before she met Kirika but finds...
12 links 06 Sep 2001
Dark Return E24. Dark Return
Priestesses from the Soldats arrive at the manor to praise Altena for orchestrating the Grand Retour. Chloe savors her time with Kirika as they don their ritual garb and practice f...
12 links 13 Sep 2001
The Depths of Hell's Fire E25. The Depths of Hell's Fire
After word of Mireille's arrival at the manor has reached her, Althena is ready to commence with the Grand Retour and begins the final stage of her plans that will determine the 'T...
12 links 20 Sep 2001
Birth E26. Birth
One last battle remains to put an end to the ritual - and Altena - for good. While there is no escape from the Soldats, a new Noir is born to seek the light in a world of darkness.
12 links 28 Sep 2001
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