Die Comedy-Serie „NTSF:SD:SUV::“ dreht sich um das geheime Team National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sports Utility Vehicle::. Dabei handelt es sich um Regierungsagenten, die die Stadt San Diego vor mannigfaltigen terroristischen Bedrohungen aus sol...

Jahr: 2011−2013

Dauer: 11 min

Genres: Comedy

Writers: Paul Scheer

Stars: June Diane Raphael, Paul Scheer, Brandon Johnson

IMDb: TT1783495

Bewertung: 7.4/10

Staffel -1
Season -1
Swords, Knives, Very Sharp Objects and Cutlery E-1. Swords, Knives, Very Sharp Objects and Cutlery
Staffel 1
Season 1
One Cabeza, Two Cabeza, Three Cabeza... Dead! E1. One Cabeza, Two Cabeza, Three Cabeza... Dead!
National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sport Utility Vehicle is San Diego's ultimate protector. Their latest case is tough. Someone is selling a deadly energy drink that makes...
13 links 04 Oct 2012
The Birthday Party That Was Neither E2. The Birthday Party That Was Neither
A blackmailer orders agents Hauser, Piper, Alphonse and human Sam to give him a million dollars each. As a cover, they all tell their boss Kove they're going to a birthday party. S...
13 links 05 Oct 2012
Exes and Oh-No's! E3. Exes and Oh-No's!
Agent Hauser catches a thief during a sting in a museum. Shockingly, it's his ex wife, now a man. The ex is working for someone. Hauser must convince his ex to cooperate, while kee...
13 links 05 Aug 2011
The Risky Business of Being Alone in Your Home E4. The Risky Business of Being Alone in Your Home
Agent Hauser is suspended after killing a civilian due to bad intel. He is replaced by a famous wheelchair-bound expert agent. At home, angry Hauser, convinced he was set up, is go...
13 links 12 Aug 2011
Dolphinnegan's Wake E5. Dolphinnegan's Wake
A series of deadly attacks on people at the beach is linked to a serial killing dolphin. The only one who can help the NTSF:SD:SUV team stop the crazed mammal is Lundgren, a monstr...
13 links 19 Aug 2011
Tijuana, We've Got a Problem E6. Tijuana, We've Got a Problem
After a stripper steals NASA plans and sells them to Mexico, agent Hauser must go south of the border to get the plans back even if it means taking on the Mexican government itself...
13 links 26 Aug 2011
Full Hauser E7. Full Hauser
Gunnar is the only criminal agent Hauser never caught. He's always on boats in international waters and NTSF:SD:SUV has no jurisdiction there. However, Hauser has a tip that Gunnar...
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Up Periscope. Down with San Diego E8. Up Periscope. Down with San Diego
NTSF:SD:SUV technicians Sam and Jessie are on a boat. Jessie thinks it's a date. A long lost Japanese WW2 sub shows up and captures them as enemy combatants. Who will save them and...
13 links 09 Sep 2011
Cause for ConCERN E9. Cause for ConCERN
The NTSF:SD:SUV team is securing a particle accelerator. Agent Hauser enters it and is transported to a mirror universe where NTSF:SD:SUV and the government are the terrorists and ...
12 links 16 Sep 2011
Piper Doesn't Live Here Anymore E10. Piper Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Piper receives a strange greeting card that activates her alter ego programmed as a terrorist spy. She locks NTSF:SD:SUV down and tries to seduce her boss Kove to get secret codes....
12 links 23 Sep 2011
Twistin' the Night Away E11. Twistin' the Night Away
Agent Hauser is dead. One day earlier, a creepy weird new technician showed up at the same time as the new AI in the NTSF:SD:SUV jeeps turned homicidal. A clue? Robert Picardo (Doc...
12 links 30 Sep 2011
I Left My Heart in Someone's Cooler E12. I Left My Heart in Someone's Cooler
A sexy female master terrorist seduces the President of the Navy and replaces his heart with a time bomb. Agent Hauser must find a replacement heart for him, even if it means going...
12 links 07 Oct 2011
Staffel 2
Season 2
16 Hop Street E1. 16 Hop Street
After a series of mysterious kidnappings of rich people's kids from their high school, NTSF:SD:SUV boss Kove sends agents Hauser and Piper to pose as high-schoolers. A burned out u...
10 Aug 2012
The Real Bicycle Thief E2. The Real Bicycle Thief
When a gang of Swedes starts hitting famous restaurants and stealing all the food from guests' plates to send it to the starving in Sweden, Kove sends agents Hauser, Piper and Alph...
17 Aug 2012
Sabbath-tage E3. Sabbath-tage
On a lazy Saturday a terrorist suddenly threatens the city. He starts playing a game with NTSF:SD:SUV and, more specifically, their newly single technician Sam. Technologically ill...
24 Aug 2012
Lights, Camera, Assassination E4. Lights, Camera, Assassination
The latest victim in a series of murdered directors was filming a teen romantic horror about Frankenstein. The NTSF:SD:SUV team arrives on the set to investigate. Alphonse befriend...
31 Aug 2012
Time Angels E5. Time Angels
The NTSF:SD:SUV team helps Time Angels, a team of three hot anti-terrorist time-traveling female agents, to stop the villainous time-jumping Leonardo Da Vinci from changing history...
07 Sep 2012
Whack-a-Mole E6. Whack-a-Mole
After someone assassinates a killer whale that was under NTSF:SD:SUV protection, Internal Affairs send a very nice female agent to determine if it was an inside job. The NTSF:SD:SU...
14 Sep 2012
Robot Town E7. Robot Town
After the NTSF:SD:SUV's robot S.A.M. assassinates the leading San Diego scientist in robotics who made him, he is to be dismantled. The team is in disbelief. A robot tips agent Hau...
21 Sep 2012
Comic-Con-Flict E8. Comic-Con-Flict
After a famous comic book author who sold out big time is assassinated by a brain bomb, a legendary comic book author who hates sellouts is arrested. However, he's not talking and ...
28 Sep 2012
The Return of Dragon Shumway E9. The Return of Dragon Shumway
Piper's slob of a boyfriend agrees to merry her. To celebrate, Kove takes her and Jessie on a wild girl night out that gets out of hand fast. Also, Piper's long forgotten ex, a swo...
05 Oct 2012
Family Dies E10. Family Dies
Agent Hauser kills the President of the Navy in order to infiltrate the top secret prison and assassinate his own dad, a dangerous convicted terrorist. Meanwhile, President of the ...
19 Oct 2012
Prairie Dog Companion E11. Prairie Dog Companion
A Luddite group creates an EMP that shuts down all technology in San Diego. NTSF:SD:SUV technicians Sam and Jessie infiltrate them, while Kove teaches Piper and Alphonse about life...
26 Oct 2012
Wasilla Hills Cop E12. Wasilla Hills Cop
Agent Alphonse's ex Alaskan partner, a dog, is murdered just as it was about to tell him about its latest case. Alphonse goes back home to Alaska with the team to investigate, but ...
02 Nov 2012
The NTSF: SD: SUV: HISS Infomercial E13. The NTSF: SD: SUV: HISS Infomercial
In this special infomercial, the NTSF:SD:SUV team presents the latest and best NTSF:SD:SUV personal protection system for you, your family and your home at low low prices (collater...
09 Nov 2012
Christmas Activity E14. Christmas Activity
During the Christmas party at NTSF:SD:SUV boss Kove's house, someone or something starts killing off the NTSF:SD:SUV team one by one. Good thing they have hand-held cameras and in-...
06 Dec 2012
Inertia E15. Inertia
A new eco-friendly bus is about to have its first run. The NTSF:SD:SUV team is there to secure the event. Suddenly, a bomb is activated. If the bus moves, they all go up.
13 Jun 2013
Staffel 3
Season 3
Comic Con-Air E1. Comic Con-Air
Agents Hauser and Piper are transferring the most dangerous nerd criminals by plane. The nerds free themselves and attack. Since Kove wants the plane taken out, a sexy stewardess a...
26 Jul 2013
Hawaii Die-0 E2. Hawaii Die-0
The President of the Navy is to hold a commencement speech at a university, but he can't stop swearing. Also, someone wants to assassinate him. Meanwhile, agents Hauser and Alphons...
02 Aug 2013
Extra Terrorist-rial E3. Extra Terrorist-rial
Agent Hauser must babysit his divorced sister's kid. He discovers that the kid is hiding a friendly alien. Hauser naturally presumes the alien is a terrorist and goes after it. Mea...
09 Aug 2013
Burn After Killing E4. Burn After Killing
When NTSF:SD:SUV boss Kove's little top-secret black book goes missing, the suspected thief is shot dead along with agent Hauser. However, someone still has the book and wants Kove...
16 Aug 2013
TGI Murder E5. TGI Murder
When The President of the Navy is attacked and threatened in his restaurant by a dangerous restaurant competitor, the NTSF:SD:SUV team arrives to help and temporarily run the joint...
23 Aug 2013
The Great Train Stoppery E6. The Great Train Stoppery
Agent Hauser narrates how the three Time Angels, a special all-female anti-terrorist time-traveling unit, once went back in time to a small western town to stop a villain and help ...
30 Aug 2013
A Hard Drive to Swallow E7. A Hard Drive to Swallow
When robot S.A.M.'s cover is blown while infiltrating a southern anti-robot hate group he is captured. The NTSF:SD:SUV team plans to pose as a viral video film crew, find the group...
06 Sep 2013
Unfrozen Agent Man E8. Unfrozen Agent Man
A dangerous hippie terrorist caught and frozen in the NTSF:SD cryo-prison in the 60's is unfrozen by accident in 2013 and escapes. The only one who can stop him is a misogynistic r...
13 Sep 2013
Trading Faces E9. Trading Faces
Agent Hauser and human Sam trade faces to stop a terrorist. Human Sam grows found of his new cool face so much, he refuses to give it back, and goes on the run. Also, Piper "trades...
20 Sep 2013
U-KO'ed E10. U-KO'ed
The NTSF:SD:SUV must prevent the assassination of the Prime Minister of the Royal Navy of a small, very stereotypically British, enclave near San Diego which is about to become a p...
26 Sep 2013
How Piper Got Her Groove Initially E11. How Piper Got Her Groove Initially
How Piper and some of the others joined the NTSF:SD:SUV.
04 Oct 2013
Wreck the Malls E12. Wreck the Malls
It's an NTSF:SD:SUV:: Christmas which means murderous Santas, the gift of corpses, and verbal slights to all other religions. This year, Trent's children learn the true meaning of ...
19 Dec 2013
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