Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Basierend auf Lewis Carrolls „Alice im Wunderland“, stellt „Once Upon a Time in Wonderland“ die berühmte Geschichte aus einer anderen Perspektive dar.

Jahr: 2013−2014

Dauer: 42 min

Genres: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

Writers: Jane Espenson, Adam Horowitz, Zack Estrin

Stars: Sophie Lowe, Michael Socha, Peter Gadiot

IMDb: TT2802008

Bewertung: 7.1/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Down the Rabbit Hole E1. Down the Rabbit Hole
Alice's stories about Wonderland get her admitted to an asylum.
8 links 17 Oct 2013
Trust Me E2. Trust Me
A flashback reveals how Alice and Cyrus fell in love.
8 links 17 Oct 2013
Forget Me Not E3. Forget Me Not
Will Scarlet convinces Robin Hood's Merry Men to steal from Maleficent.
8 links 24 Oct 2013
The Serpent E4. The Serpent
With the Knave's life in danger, Alice must decide on whether to use one of her wishes; Alice learns more of the Knave's backstory through her friendship with Lizard; Jafar's plan ...
8 links 07 Nov 2013
Heart of Stone E5. Heart of Stone
Will Scarlet and Anastasia pass into Wonderland only to discover it isn't what they imagined; the Red Queen gains her royal status.
8 links 14 Nov 2013
Who's Alice? E6. Who's Alice?
The Knave is awakened by magic with the help of an unlikely ally and he goes in search of Alice only to find her in terrible danger, and Cyrus does his best to evade the Red Queen.
8 links 21 Nov 2013
Bad Blood E7. Bad Blood
Alice learns her father is in Wonderland and they start healing their relationship; young Jafar is distressed by his mother's death.
8 links 05 Dec 2013
Home E8. Home
In flashback, we learn about Cyrus' origin story while Alice seeks out the White Rabbit for answers involving his actions in Wonderland
8 links 12 Dec 2013
Nothing to Fear E9. Nothing to Fear
Cyrus and Alice reluctantly work with the Red Queen to find Will but must also be prepared to defend themselves from Jafar. Will has troubles of his own when Lizard finds the bottl...
9 links 06 Mar 2014
Dirty Little Secrets E10. Dirty Little Secrets
Cyrus remembers the events that led to the binding price he and his brothers have to pay; the Red Queen and the Knave are faced with the Jabberwocky.
9 links 13 Mar 2014
Heart of the Matter E11. Heart of the Matter
Knave must choose between his friends and the Red Queen when Jafar threatens her life. Alice and Cyrus launch an attempt to rescue Jafar's prisoners. In the past, Anastasia makes a...
9 links 20 Mar 2014
To Catch a Thief E12. To Catch a Thief
In a flashback, the Knave hunts for Alice, while in the present, the Knave does Jafar's bidding; the Jabberwocky tries to get free.
9 links 27 Mar 2014
And They Lived... E13. And They Lived...
After a successful plan, Jafar imprisons the Jabberwocky; Alice and the White Rabbit form an army to fight Jafar.
8 links 03 Apr 2014
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