Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit) wird seit seiner Kindheit von Dämonen begleitet, die bereits von verschiedenen Personen in seinem Leben Besitz ergriffen haben. Mit der Hilfe von Reverend Anderson (Philip Glenister) versucht Kyle als junger Erwachsener schließl...

Jahr: 2016

Dauer: 60 min

Genres: Drama, Horror

Writers: Robert Kirkman

Stars: Patrick Fugit, Wrenn Schmidt, Philip Glenister

IMDb: TT4229954

Bewertung: 7.7/10

Staffel -1
Season -1
To the Sea E-1. To the Sea
05 Jun 2017
Staffel 1
Season 1
E1. A Darkness Surrounds Him
Kyle, a troubled and depressed man, is intrigued by the case of a local boy who is terrorizing his family, much like Kyle's mother did to him as a child.
13 links 20 May 2016
E2. (I Remember) When She Loved Me
Kyle begins to question his family history.
13 links 13 Jun 2016
E3. All Alone Now
Kyle and Reverend Anderson come up against an unusual possession.
13 links 20 Jun 2016
E4. A Wrath Unseen
The intrigue in Rome intensifies; Reverend Anderson uncovers shocking information about someone close to him; Megan conceals a secret.
13 links 27 Jun 2016
E5. The Road Before Us
Anderson tries to assure Kyle his exorcisms work. Chief Giles is discovering more and more about his pal Ogden in connection with the eerie camper in the woods. Meanwhile, Kyle wor...
14 links 04 Jul 2016
E6. From the Shadows It Watches
Rev. Anderson finds his powers sorely tested; Patricia reaches out to Kyle; Sidney delivers a warning.
13 links 18 Jul 2016
E7. The Damage Done
Kyle and Allison revisit their past; Rev. Anderson gets carried away during Remembrance Day.
12 links 25 Jul 2016
E8. What Lurks Within
Rev. Anderson finds himself increasingly alienated; Kyle has a stunning revelation from Sidney.
12 links 01 Aug 2016
E9. Close to Home
Kyle searches for Allison. Megan is rocked by surprising news. Anderson makes a bad situation worse.
12 links 08 Aug 2016
E10. This Little Light
Kyle and Anderson scour Rome in search of an unexpected perpetrator. Sidney explains his intentions.
12 links 15 Aug 2016
Staffel 2
Season 2
Bad Penny E1. Bad Penny
Kyle returns to Rome with Amber to look for Sydney and check up on Megan.
04 Apr 2017
The Day After That E2. The Day After That
10 Apr 2017
Not My Job to Judge E3. Not My Job to Judge
17 Apr 2017
The One I'd Be Waiting For E4. The One I'd Be Waiting For
24 Apr 2017
The Common Good E5. The Common Good
01 May 2017
Fireflies E6. Fireflies
08 May 2017
Alone When It Comes E7. Alone When It Comes
15 May 2017
Mercy E8. Mercy
22 May 2017
This Is How It Starts E9. This Is How It Starts
29 May 2017
To the Sea E10. To the Sea
05 Jun 2017
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