Pacific Blue - Die Strandpolizei

Baywatch auf Rädern: Ein Team von Fahrradpolizisten sorgt für Ordnung am Strand: Lieutenant Anthony Palermo (Rick Rossovich), T. C. Callaway (Jim Davidson), Chris Kelly (Darlene Vogel), Cory McNamara (Paula Trickey) und anfangs Victor Del Torro (Marcos A. ...

Jahr: 1996−2000

Dauer: 60 min

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama

Writers: Bill Nuss

Stars: Jim Davidson, Paula Trickey, Darlene Vogel

IMDb: TT0112112

Bewertung: 5.6/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Pilot E1. Pilot
Ex-Navy cadet Chris (Darlene Vogel) joins the force and gets training from Palermo as the squad heads up a search for a ring of carjackers.
7 links 02 Mar 1996
First Shoot E2. First Shoot
Cory (Paula Trickey) doubts herself when she's accused of using excessive force in a shooting incident. Meanwhile, Chris and Victor play bodyguard to a spoiled actor.
7 links 09 Mar 1996
No Man's Land E3. No Man's Land
T.C. crosses paths with a guy who is openly racist. The guy has a bar and forces all vendors of ethnicity to leave. When T.C. learns they can't do anything about what the guy's doi...
7 links 16 Mar 1996
Over the Edge E4. Over the Edge
T.C. (Jim Davidson) infiltrates a team of thrill-seeking bicyclists who may have been responsible for the death of his friend. Meanwhile, Cory and Victor search for a purse-snatchi...
7 links 23 Mar 1996
Out of the Past E5. Out of the Past
Palermo (Rick Rossovich) decides to circumvent the law when a serial killer resumes his reign of terror, years after the two men met during a tragic standoff.
7 links 30 Mar 1996
Takedown E6. Takedown
The search for a team of robbers begins after one of them brandishes a gun at T.C. (Jim Davidson), then flees. Meanwhile, Chris thinks she has found love.
7 links 06 Apr 1996
Heatwave E7. Heatwave
T.C. and Chris are called in when a stalker begins killing to attract a radio sex therapist's attention. Meanwhile, Cory and Vincent track a thief who hires strippers to distract h...
7 links 13 Apr 1996
Burnout E8. Burnout
A body builder/ waitress at Sheila's restaurant is hooked on steroids and in debt to a viscous, body building steroid dealer and user. An old Naval buddy of Chris Kelly's comes to ...
7 links 20 Apr 1996
Moving Target E9. Moving Target
Things heat up for T.C. (Jim Davidson) when a woman from his past witnesses a crime and he's assigned to be her bodyguard. Meanwhile, Victor faces down his demons in the boxing rin...
7 links 27 Apr 1996
Captive Audience E10. Captive Audience
T.C. and Cory go to the bank to do something. That's when 3 men come in whom Cory makes as bank robbers, and tries to let them go but the security guard jumps the gun and they're t...
7 links 04 May 1996
The Phoenix E11. The Phoenix
A series of fires has T.C., Chris (Darlene Vogel) and Palermo hunting down an arsonist long thought to be dead. Meanwhile, Cory calls in the experts to catch a mouse running loose ...
7 links 11 May 1996
The Big Spin E12. The Big Spin
T.C. and Palermo fear for Chris (Darlene Vogel) when she falls for a new recruit---an edgy cop with a death wish. Meanwhile, the squad wants in on Elvis's lotto-winning scheme.
7 links 18 May 1996
All Jammed Up E13. All Jammed Up
Palermo finds himself working 2 cases at the same time. The first working with T.C. and they're looking for a guy who robs motorists while they're stuck in traffic. And with the gi...
7 links 25 May 1996
Staffel 2
Season 2
Lights Out E1. Lights Out
A man is setting off bombs. He makes his demands. An FBI agent arrives and tells them he thinks he knows what the man is up to. But Palermo doesn't think he's right.
6 links 17 Aug 1996
Daystalker E2. Daystalker
T.C.'s girlfriend Sandy is attacked by a serial rapist, and the Bike Patrol must catch him before he crosses over from serial rapist to serial killer. Meanwhile, Elvis is "hexed" b...
6 links 24 Aug 1996
Rapscallions E3. Rapscallions
T.C. and Cory are assigned to keep an eye on a Boardwalk apartment manager who's making life hell for the tenants, but can't make any arrests when one tenant refuses to press charg...
6 links 07 Sep 1996
Bangers E4. Bangers
Victor struggles to save a young teenager from a life of gangbanging, but finds himself falling for the boy's older sister. While her apartment is being painted, Chris moves in wit...
6 links 14 Sep 1996
Point Blank E5. Point Blank
T.C.'s gun is stolen during pursuit of an armed robber, and the Bike Patrol tries to keep one step ahead as the gun passes from person to person. Victor and Chris investigate a rin...
6 links 21 Sep 1996
The Enemy Within E6. The Enemy Within
When someone is targeting wealthy Vietnamese residents. The unit calls in a psychic who senses that one of the robbers harbors resentment towards the Vietnamese. Which makes them t...
6 links 28 Sep 1996
Line in the Sand E7. Line in the Sand
T.C., Chris and Palermo try to protect a kayaker and his girlfriend from two violent surfers protecting their turf. Victor's career and relationship with his girlfriend are on the ...
6 links 06 Oct 1996
Undercover E8. Undercover
Chris goes undercover to catch a money launderer, but has trouble maintaining her professional distance. Cory is stalked by her ex-boyfriend, and T.C. and Victor chase down rollerb...
6 links 13 Oct 1996
Genuine Heroes E9. Genuine Heroes
A Texas bank robber migrates to Santa Monica with his aspiring actress girlfriend, and continues his crime spree. The Bike Patrol sets out to catch him, but their efforts are thwar...
6 links 20 Oct 1996
Cranked Up E10. Cranked Up
While competing in an "Eco Relay" bicycle race through mountain terrain, the Bike Patrol must save Chris after she's kidnapped by a group of crystal methamphetamine ("crank") deale...
6 links 03 Nov 1996
Deja Vu E11. Deja Vu
Seven years ago, Palermo's supervisor, Gene Savage, was convicted of several felonies -- and it was Palermo's testimony that helped put him in jail. Now, Savage is back on the Boar...
6 links 10 Nov 1996
Wheels of Fire E12. Wheels of Fire
A paraplegic shop owner agrees to testify against a Boardwalk extortion ring, but T.C.'s disdainful attitude toward him almost blows the Bike Patrol's investigation. Chris suspects...
6 links 17 Nov 1996
Outlaw Extreme E13. Outlaw Extreme
A pair of daredevils enlist Palermo's daughter, Jessie, to help pull dangerous and extreme stunts around the Boardwalk. Chris is the victim of an unscrupulous Middle-Eastern Boardw...
6 links 08 Dec 1996
One Kiss Goodbye E14. One Kiss Goodbye
Cory falls for an amnesia victim who's the target of an assassination attempt. T.C.'s girlfriend Sandy must choose between staying with T.C. or going to school on the East Coast.
6 links 15 Dec 1996
Black Pearl E15. Black Pearl
T.C. falls under the seductive spell of an undercover DEA agent who's in over her head. Meanwhile, Victor has to requalify on the bicycle, and butts heads with his instructor -- tr...
6 links 05 Jan 1997
Soft Targets E16. Soft Targets
When a gunman holds the beach hostage -- including Victor, Cory and several schoolchildren -- the Bike Patrol's negotiations are hindered by a CIA operative with his own agenda.
6 links 12 Jan 1997
Runaway E17. Runaway
A woman comes to the station. She runs a shelter for runaways. She's looking for a girl who came and left. T.C. offers to help. He asks her out but she tells him what her title is....
6 links 19 Jan 1997
Full Moon E18. Full Moon
Investigating a string of armed ATM robberies brings T.C. and Chris together on the case -- and closer together in their personal lives. Palermo's name appears in a Hollywood madam...
6 links 23 Feb 1997
Lost and Found E19. Lost and Found
Chris discovers that a girl she knows is a runaway and that the man whom she is with is not her father but her teacher whom she's involved with. She learns that her father was beat...
6 links 02 Mar 1997
Bad Company E20. Bad Company
A gun runner tries to increase his profits by interfering with an uneasy truce between rival Santa Monica gangs. When Elvis accidentally witnesses a fight and gun exchange that get...
6 links 06 Apr 1997
The Last Ride E21. The Last Ride
Victor doesn't suspect that his best friend from childhood, recently released from jail, is running a car theft ring. Mahmood tries to sell the Santa Monica pier.
6 links 13 Apr 1997
Rumplestiltskin E22. Rumplestiltskin
FBI agent Tim Stone returns looking for a counterfeiter whom they call Rumplestilskin. He asks if Cory and Chris can work with him. They agree especially Chris who likes him. But i...
6 links 20 Apr 1997
Staffel 3
Season 3
Inside Straight E1. Inside Straight
T.C. kills a man in self-defense, but discovers he was an undercover cop with a perfect record. T.C.'s brother, Teddy, is accused of masterminding a robbery. When her building goes...
6 links 03 Aug 1997
Ties That Bind E2. Ties That Bind
A reformed killer returns to Santa Monica, but his victims refuse to let him live in peace. Chris' supposedly deceased birth father makes a surprise appearance. T.C. and Victor pur...
6 links 10 Aug 1997
Rave On E3. Rave On
Pacific Blue goes undercover to break up a series of raves where drugs and alcohol are plentiful. Palermo believes these kids are the product of irresponsible parents - unaware tha...
6 links 17 Aug 1997
Blood for Blood E4. Blood for Blood
Victor might lose Linda to the witness protection program when she witnesses a murder. T.C. and Chris search for a serial killer who guns down a popular Gangster rapper.
6 links 24 Aug 1997
Excessive Force E5. Excessive Force
Palermo takes his ex-wife into his home when she's abused by her current husband. Victor is shot during a bank heist, and Chris is targeted for death by one of the bank robbers.
6 links 07 Sep 1997
Sandman E6. Sandman
T.C. is arrested for pursuing a hitman against orders. Cory's lover, F.B.I. Agent Tim Stone, returns to Los Angeles with a confession. The men of Pacific Blue compete in the AVP Mi...
6 links 21 Sep 1997
Repeat Offenders E7. Repeat Offenders
The truth about Chris' Navy discharge is revealed when she's asked to testify against her former commanding officer. T.C. and Victor investigate a boardwalk robbery ring targeting ...
6 links 28 Sep 1997
Matters of the Heart E8. Matters of the Heart
Cory goes undercover as a pregnant woman to catch a black market baby seller. T.C. goes undercover to find out who's dealing a powerful drug to local bike racers.
6 links 05 Oct 1997
Cop in a Box E9. Cop in a Box
T.C. is kidnapped by a man he arrested. He places T.C. in a cell buried under ground. He then sends a ransom demand to his family. They then inform the team who tries to find him. ...
6 links 02 Nov 1997
Only in America E10. Only in America
When a young man was behaving wildly is arrested, he asserts that he has immunity. Palermo wonders how he got it. And when he's arrested again, this time someone from the governmen...
6 links 09 Nov 1997
Soul Mate E11. Soul Mate
Chris and Cory go after a murderer who finds victims through the personal ads. T.C. investigates wheelchair thefts by becoming a potential target.
6 links 30 Nov 1997
Sisters E12. Sisters
Cory goes undercover as a call girl to investigate a murder. T.C. and Chris consummate their romance.
6 links 07 Dec 1997
Avenging Angel E13. Avenging Angel
Cory considers leaving the force after she is injured in an accident. Pacific Blue tries to catch Korean twins roughing up criminals on the Boardwalk.
6 links 14 Dec 1997
Heartbeat E14. Heartbeat
Paramedics join the Pacific Blue bike patrol; T.C. and Chris investigate a radical environmental group.
6 links 28 Dec 1997
Armed and Dangerous E15. Armed and Dangerous
Palermo's daughter's been shot. So he goes mad trying to find who shot her. He also goes to a gun dealer who holds responsible because he is not responsible in making sure that jus...
6 links 11 Jan 1998
Double Lives E16. Double Lives
A teenage gang mugs closeted gay men; a man from Chris' past returns, threatening her professional credibility and her relationship with T.C.
6 links 18 Jan 1998
House Party E17. House Party
Convicted murderers barricade themselves inside the Firehouse with hostages.
6 links 01 Feb 1998
Caretakers E18. Caretakers
Pacific Blue investigates a drug company distributing black market pharmaceuticals. Victor's mother hides a life-threatening illness.
6 links 08 Mar 1998
Heat of the Moment E19. Heat of the Moment
Chris doubts her skills as a police officer when her decision to assist T.C. results in the escape of deadly jewelry store thieves.
6 links 22 Mar 1998
With This Ring E20. With This Ring
Cory and Victor go undercover as a married couple to investigate a private detective service. T.C.'s parents separate.
6 links 05 Apr 1998
Till Death Do Us Part E21. Till Death Do Us Part
When his fiancee is murdered during a robbery, Victor defies orders and pursues the killers on his own.
6 links 12 Apr 1998
Best Laid Plans E22. Best Laid Plans
Victor is waiting to see how the department decides about his recent actions--going after the ones who killed his girlfriend. He considers resigning. And Tony who is going through ...
19 Apr 1998
Staffel 4
Season 4
Glass Houses E1. Glass Houses
T.C. Callaway marries Chris Kelly and takes over command of the bike patrol. He hires four young new recruits, and their first case takes them undercover to a college campus where ...
6 links 26 Jul 1998
Treasure Hunt E2. Treasure Hunt
Jamie is slipped some G.H.B. and thinks she may have been date-raped. Two shockjock radio talk hosts take an interest in Bobby Cruz' 15 year-old sister, Theresa. After Cory finds o...
6 links 02 Aug 1998
Seduced E3. Seduced
Russ Granger saves his best friend's little sister from a life of underage porn, while Monica is offered money to pose for Playpen Magazine. Cory informs Doug of her impending preg...
6 links 09 Aug 1998
Users E4. Users
Jamie goes undercover and befriends a fifteen-year-old after he witnesses a murder. Monica Harper's sexual involvement with Commander McKinnon escalates. As their on-again, off-aga...
6 links 16 Aug 1998
Overkill E5. Overkill
Jamie is attracted to a 20-year old martial artist who saves her from a gang attack. After a series of homicides that Chris is working on point to the martial artist as a suspect, ...
6 links 23 Aug 1998
Silver Dollar E6. Silver Dollar
After a series of college kids are hurt for not paying a bookmaker, Russ goes undercover at Pacific University. His own gambling problems are brought to the front as he gets involv...
6 links 30 Aug 1998
Damaged Goods E7. Damaged Goods
Pacific Blue backs into a college call girl ring after the roommate of the girl Bobby is dating is found dead below a 6th story window. Cory McNamara miscarries as a result of stre...
6 links 04 Oct 1998
Heat in the Hole E8. Heat in the Hole
After a series of murders in a female prison, Chris goes in undercover in chains while Bobby is placed inside as a prison guard. Monica uses the opportunity to tempt T.C., her next...
6 links 11 Oct 1998
Cutting Edge E9. Cutting Edge
T.C. Callaway befriends Kenny Slaughter, an up and coming champion surfer who is being pressured by Rip Cutter, a ruthless manufacturer of surfboards. Monica, being undercover with...
6 links 18 Oct 1998
Thrill Week E10. Thrill Week
Like every year, the police is keeping an eye on college students as the hazing tradition dictates 'Greek' fraternity pledges to do all kind of dares, legal or not. When two boys f...
6 links 29 Nov 1998
Broken Dreams E11. Broken Dreams
After hitting a deaf person on the boardwalk, Cory is forced into working with Monica, tracking down an illicit ring of deaf beggars, controlled by a ruthless 'King.' Bobby Cruz is...
6 links 06 Dec 1998
Cruz Control E12. Cruz Control
The woman who is responsible for the deaths of Bobby's parents has returned to Venice Beach and Bobby is convinced she's involved in an illegal smuggling trade. I.A. pressures Jami...
6 links 13 Dec 1998
Save Serenity E13. Save Serenity
Victor Del Toro, the Pacific Blue member who following the death of his fiancé, turned in his badge and is drowning his sorrows with alcohol. When he foils a robbery, he takes the ...
6 links 10 Jan 1999
Infierno E14. Infierno
While Bobby Cruz is undercover working the door of a trendy nightclub, a rock musician dies on the front steps. Monica Harper joins him undercover, but grows concerned when Bobby d...
6 links 17 Jan 1999
Stargazer E15. Stargazer
Former "Partridge Family" cast member Danny Bonaduce stars as fallen teen idol Johnny Osiris, star of a 70's television series, who's now down on his luck and taken to robbing stor...
6 links 24 Jan 1999
Juvies E16. Juvies
The return of corrupt SMPD detective Perry Marcus, who is again using a band of teenagers to set up high-level drug dealers. Among the group of runaways is Jamie Strickland's estra...
6 links 28 Feb 1999
Scarlet Rose E17. Scarlet Rose
The opening of the Scarlet Rose ballroom, scene of Santa Monica's most notorious murder of the late 40's, piques Bobby's interest when he runs across a young woman at the club who ...
6 links 07 Mar 1999
Thicker Than Water E18. Thicker Than Water
After a young Mafia lawyer and his wife are murdered in their home, Cory catches up with the unharmed six year old boy who's on the run with his real mother, a stripper with whom t...
6 links 21 Mar 1999
Near Death E19. Near Death
A near death experience changes T.C.'s perspective on life after he comes face to face with ruthless home invaders.
6 links 04 Apr 1999
Trust E20. Trust
After an old high school girl friend of Cory's is murdered upon her return to Santa Monica, Cory and the Pacific Blue unit are on the trail of her stalker boyfriend, with the aid o...
6 links 11 Apr 1999
Lucky 13 E21. Lucky 13
The worlds of black and white magic collide after a young girl disappears from the boardwalk. Russ and Jamie enter the world of the occult and have sex after falling under the spel...
6 links 18 Apr 1999
The Right Thing E22. The Right Thing
When a man who is believed to be some kind of humanitarian is killed the team investigates. Eventually the weapon is found and traced back to a man named Bruce Best and while he do...
25 Apr 1999
Staffel 5
Season 5
Reckoning E1. Reckoning
Pacific Blue's season opener picks up from the cliffhanger season-ender, 'The Right Thing,' in which Bobby Cruz and the three other rookie cops were arrested for withholding eviden...
7 links 18 Jul 1999
The Naked Truth E2. The Naked Truth
After a sorority girl turns up dead, Monica and Chris go undercover at a very select sorority at Pacific University. Harper discovers that freshman pledges are being forced to stri...
25 Jul 1999
Blue Hawaii: Part 1 E3. Blue Hawaii: Part 1
The team goes to Hawaii to train some bike cops. And they get mixed up in Hawaii PD op to get some drug dealers. Eventually they're asked to help and they agree. And Cruz finds him...
7 links 01 Aug 1999
Blue Hawaii: Part 2 E4. Blue Hawaii: Part 2
While in Waikiki to train the Honolulu bike patrol, Bobby Cruz and Russ Granger back into an undercover case when they are mistaken for buyers in a large scale drug smuggling opera...
7 links 08 Aug 1999
Silicone Valley of the Dolls E5. Silicone Valley of the Dolls
A doctor running an underground clinic for plastic surgery causes the death of a young co-ed. The world of high school girls obsessed with plastic surgery is explored when Russ Gra...
7 links 04 Apr 2010
Hostile Witness E6. Hostile Witness
Granger and Cruz are sent to Ventura County on a seemingly simple case to return a witness to a murder trial in Santa Monica. The wild young woman makes their life miserable, escap...
7 links 22 Aug 1999
Dead Ringers E7. Dead Ringers
A pair of homicidal twins draws Chris into a web of homicide and mystery which threatens both her marriage to T.C. and her career with Pacific Blue.
7 links 29 Aug 1999
Just a Gigolo E8. Just a Gigolo
After a near suicide of a wealthy woman on the Santa Monica Pier, Cruz and Granger go undercover as gigolos to bust a high-end male escort service operating out of a repair shop fo...
6 links 03 Oct 1999
Big Girls Don't Cry E9. Big Girls Don't Cry
When a popular female boxer dies in the ring, it's quickly discovered that the poison which killed her was actually intended for her opponent, real-life boxing superstar, Mia St. J...
7 links 10 Oct 1999
Gaslight E10. Gaslight
While investigating a drug smuggling case at a Jamaican nightclub, Bobby Cruz is convinced he's being stalked by Emanuel Mendoza, a killer that he sent to prison two years earlier....
6 links 17 Oct 1999
Ghost Town E11. Ghost Town
While headed off for vacation, Jamie Strickland discovers a burned-out, 25-year old soul singer who had a hot career five years before, drunk and stoned on the boardwalk. She tries...
7 links 31 Oct 1999
God's Gift E12. God's Gift
Cory McNamara and Jamie Strickland go undercover in a sex cult operating in Venice Beach under the tutelage of a seductive master who has convinced women to prostitute themselves i...
7 links 05 Dec 1999
Swimming in the Dead Pool E13. Swimming in the Dead Pool
When a (black) attorney is suing the city over the death of a young black man at the hands of two cops. He is raising all sorts of hell even saying to the press that he has a witne...
6 links 19 Dec 1999
Double Vision E14. Double Vision
On her way home one night, a female radio talk show host witnesses a woman being murdered by an arms dealer. As the killers are about to shoot her too, T.C. saves her and fires bac...
6 links 06 Feb 2000
Kangaroo Court E15. Kangaroo Court
Jamie Strickland's sister, Jennie, a witness in a previous homicide case, returns from hiding. Detective Marcus, the dirty Narc, is on the warpath, and the juvenile shooter that Je...
13 Feb 2000
A Thousand Words E16. A Thousand Words
Russ and Cory enter the ugly, violent world of white supremacy to catch the racist killer of several local Mexican and African-American young men. Simultaneously, Jamie tries to pr...
6 links 20 Feb 2000
Fifty-Nine Minutes E17. Fifty-Nine Minutes
After a seventeen-year-old girl is kidnapped at a shopping mall, the Pacific Blue team races against the clock during the most critical time in a kidnapping - the first sixty minut...
6 links 27 Feb 2000
Disrobed E18. Disrobed
After Russ and Bobby arrest a murder suspect, the trial lands before hanging Judge J. Gunnar Halloran. After tossing the weapon because of an illegal search, the heat is turned up ...
6 links 05 Mar 2000
Betrayal E19. Betrayal
Bobby Cruz' sister, Teresa, witnesses the suicide of a high school classmate and begins to fall under the spell of the girl's manipulative boyfriend. An ambitious rookie cop, recen...
7 links 12 Mar 2000
Kidnapped E20. Kidnapped
Cory learns she is pregnant, but is unsure whether the father is T.C. Callaway, a one night stand, or Will Blake, her District Attorney boyfriend. Before she can tell either one, s...
6 links 19 Mar 2000
Blind Eye E21. Blind Eye
T.C., now hooked on painkillers from being shot in the leg, leads Pacific Blue on the trail of a potential serial killer who preys on young runaways that he locates via the Interne...
02 Apr 2000
Snafu E22. Snafu
While Russ, Bobby, Monica and Jamie are out tracking pot growers in the Santa Monica mountains, Chris Kelly returns to visit a wounded T.C. Callaway, who's fighting addiction to pa...
6 links 09 Apr 2000
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