Parker Lewis - Der Coole von der Schule

Mit seinen Streichen bringt der beliebte Schüler Parker Lewis (Corin Nemec) die Direktorin Grace Musso (Melanie Chartoff) zur Verzweiflung. Parkers Freunde Mikey Randall (William Jayne) und Jerry Steiner (Troy Slaten) helfen ihm bei seinen Taten. Streber F...

Jahr: 1990−1993

Dauer: 30 min

Genres: Comedy

Writers: Lon Diamond, Clyde Phillips

Stars: Corin Nemec, Billy Jayne, Troy W. Slaten

IMDb: TT0098888

Bewertung: 8/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Pilot E1. Pilot
Mikey finds love with a new girl in school. At the same time Parker finds love in a new girl (who turns out to be the same girl). Being a true bud Parker steps aside and helps Mike...
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Operation Kubiak E2. Operation Kubiak
Parker takes on a new role as Larry Kubiac's agent. While Larry is a force to be reckoned with on the football field his communication skills are lacking. When college football sco...
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Power Play E3. Power Play
There's a disturbance in the force as their can't be two Parker Lewis's. A new student at Santo Domingo threatens to steal Parker's glory as he's able to outdo Parker at every turn...
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Parker Lewis Must Lose E4. Parker Lewis Must Lose
Parker Lewis is a force to be reckoned with in whatever he does. When it comes to the office of the class president Parker and gang decide to try their hand. When the girl that rea...
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Close But No Guitar E5. Close But No Guitar
After the day from Hell, Mikey finally has had enough. Without plans after high school, he finally figures that he might as well drop out. Now trying to make it as a musician, Park...
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G.A.G. Dance E6. G.A.G. Dance
With the upcoming "G.A.G. Dance" looming the guys at Santo Domingo are all a bit worried. G.A.G. means "Girls Ask Guys" therefore worry of the wrong girl asking guys out is very re...
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Love's a Beast E7. Love's a Beast
A secret admirer has it out for Mikey and the gang seeks out to find out who. Parker's attention meanwhile is focused on Grace Musso more than ever as she is bent on having Parker ...
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Saving Grace E8. Saving Grace
Sometimes, a bunch of little events occur at just the right time, which culminate into one big disaster. This day is one of those days, as Grace Musso's review is done surprisingly...
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Musso & Frank E9. Musso & Frank
Parker constantly takes advantage of situations where he (or his buddies) can benefit. When Frank Lemmer finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place he turns to Parker. As ...
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Deja Dudes E10. Deja Dudes
With the upcoming class of 1970 High School reunion coming up some surprising characters show up. Not only did Grace Musso graduate then, but Larry's dad, Parker's dad and his 2 be...
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Radio Free Flamingo E11. Radio Free Flamingo
Deep in the bowels of Santo Domingo lies a secret that lay dormant since the 1960's... Santo Domingo's own pirate radio station. As Parker, Jerry, and Mikey stumble across the hidd...
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Science Fair E12. Science Fair
It's that time of the year where the geeks rejoice. With the science fair approaching the rivalry between Grace Musso and Dr. Pankow heats up. Both sides are confident that their s...
28 Jun 2007
Teacher, Teacher E13. Teacher, Teacher
Ms. Donnely is the definition of coolness as she not only makes class interesting, but she lets her student have fun. When pranks backfire Ms. Donnely is usually there to cover for...
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Rent-A-Kube E14. Rent-A-Kube
With the rising rate of theft from Mondo Video Mr. and Mrs. Lewis are helpless to it. Parker takes notice that Kubiac could help solve the problem in the form of a rent-a-cop. All'...
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Heather the Class E15. Heather the Class
In this installment of "Shelley finding herself" she strives to be a 'vogue'. The trend-setting snob girls take Shelley in and help her see the light. Shelley is blinded to the fac...
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Jerry: Portrait of a Video Junkie E16. Jerry: Portrait of a Video Junkie
Jerry's constantly submersing himself into computers, school, and various other forms of geekery. Now Jerry's been immersing himself into video games and finds himself addicted. Wh...
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Splendor in the Class E17. Splendor in the Class
Parker finds a girl he goes head over heels for. The buds find their leader has fallen under her spell and their powerless to stop her. Parker grows brainwashed enough that Mikey a...
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The Human Grace E18. The Human Grace
Musso and Dr. Pankow are at it again. Each are trying to get something from the school board and naturally are willing on going to extremes to get their way. Pankow tries to win th...
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Citizen Kube E19. Citizen Kube
Kubiac's lack of funds impact his ability to buy what he craves most... Food. This forces him to stealthily seek out other people's food. A true menace Kubiac can't be stopped and ...
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Randall Without a Cause E20. Randall Without a Cause
Mikey is the wild one of the gang and temptation to leave them is always present. When some older guys offer Mikey a spot in their crew he can't refuse. Good intentions and logic g...
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Jerry's First Date E21. Jerry's First Date
Jerry's not acting normal and as his buds, Parker and Mikey get to the bottom of the problem. Suprisingly the motive is Jerry's love of a girl. To help Jerry past his worries throu...
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Against the Norm E22. Against the Norm
After the last confrontation between Grace Musso and Dr. Pankow, Pankow was left in shambles. Now Pankow is back begging Grace for a job at Santo Domingo. Parker knows better than ...
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King Kube E23. King Kube
The announcement of the Queen and King of the Junior Prom is surprising and scandalous at the same time. On his own Jerry is responsible for the outcome of Larry Kubiac winning. No...
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Teens from a Mall E24. Teens from a Mall
When not in school Parker and the guys do the same things that a lot of High Schoolers do, they hang out at the mall. In this outing Jerry finds himself feeling like the odd man ou...
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My Fair Shelly E25. My Fair Shelly
Getting invited to one of Melinda's parties is a big deal, and when Shelly gets invited, she strives to get a date. When Shelley grows desperate, she seeks the help of her brother ...
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Parker Lewis Can't Win E26. Parker Lewis Can't Win
Parker has a lot of good days, some mediocre days, but only one worst day. Everything imaginable that could go wrong does. Even Shelley one-ups Parker when she plays an embarrassin...
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Staffel 2
Season 2
Father Knows Less E1. Father Knows Less
What starts off innocently enough (A parent/student project) unravels many of the students at Santo Domingo's relationships with their parents. Parker deals with his over-thinking ...
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A Walk on the Dark Side E2. A Walk on the Dark Side
Constantly finding herself in the shadow of her brother, Shelley finds a new identity. The 'Dark Siders' were a group of kids that didn't fit the regular high-schooler mold as they...
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Full Mental Jacket E3. Full Mental Jacket
Parker is the leader, Mikey is the flirt and wild one, and Jerry is the brains. While Jerry's jacket has become a part of him and constantly saves the group's hides the jacket seri...
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Future Shock E4. Future Shock
Parker is the a living god when he walks the halls of Santo Domingo. High School to Parker is just the backdrop of his life and the future isn't of interest; until now. It seems th...
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The Undergraduate E5. The Undergraduate
If High School were powered by something that something would be gossip. The rumor-mill has been working overtime in regards to Ms. Mason (The school's resident hot teacher) throug...
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Stormy Mikey E6. Stormy Mikey
On Mikey's priority list High School isn't exactly high up there. In typically Mikey fashion a girl steals his interest and offers him something too good to be true. The girl's fat...
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Fat Boy and Little Man E7. Fat Boy and Little Man
Santo Domingo's football team is a physical force with such players as Larry Kubiac. Even with the Kube and other excellent players Santo Domingo's football team lacks brain power....
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Aging Gracefully E8. Aging Gracefully
Grace Musso and Dr. Pankow are long time rivals as the each of them fight for control from the school board. Now an aging Grace and Pankow seem to be meeting not on the battle fiel...
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The Parker Chronicles E9. The Parker Chronicles
Parker leads a hectic life and to help him keep track of things he keeps an audio diary in the form of a miniature tape recorder. Suddenly Parker finds his beloved diary is missing...
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Rock 'n' Roles E10. Rock 'n' Roles
Once again Shelley's found a new identity that she'll call her own to the dismay of Parker. The newest music sensation 'Jezebel' has captured the attention of the girls at Santo Do...
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Love Handles E11. Love Handles
Parker learns the lesson that love really isn't blind. A girl he's connected with through the Santo Domingo on-line community seems to be the Yin to his Yang. When he asks the girl...
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Boy Meets Girl E12. Boy Meets Girl
This episode kicks off the Parker and Annie Sloan saga. While volunteering to help setup a dance for the school Parker meets the love of his life Annie Sloan. As with teen-aged lov...
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Raging Kube E13. Raging Kube
With a child-like mentality the almighty Kube doesn't back down from anything. Anything except his do-gooder girlfriend's request for Kubiac not to fight anymore. Seeing a chance t...
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Tower of Power E14. Tower of Power
In High School Parker Lewis can overcome anything it would seem. That is before the wraith of the teacher from hell, "Mr. Tower". Mercilous Mr. Tower doesn't tolerate insubordinati...
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Obscene and Not Heard E15. Obscene and Not Heard
On one of his evil missions, Dr. Pankow decides to target Santo Domingo one CD at a time. With the advent of 'explicit lyric' labels Pankow sends one of his evil henchmen into Mond...
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Goodbye Mr. Rips E16. Goodbye Mr. Rips
Once in a while a teacher comes around that not only keeps the class interested and entertained, but is able to get through to the students. Mr. Rips is such a teacher as he is abl...
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Civil Wars E17. Civil Wars
In this spoof of Family Ties, Parker's mother decides to go back to school and continue her education. Parker's dad is dumbfounded by this and their marriage is at stake. At the sa...
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Glory Daze E18. Glory Daze
In High School often times there are legends from years past to which tales transcend through the generations. Ronnie Ray is probably the biggest legend in Santo Domingo's history ...
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Boy Meets Girl II E19. Boy Meets Girl II
The second rocky episode in the story of Parker Lewis and Annie Sloan. As with the first part this episode focuses on Parker and Annie's relationship growing more serious. The two ...
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Dance of Romance E20. Dance of Romance
Principal Musso's sneaky sidekick is put in the spotlight as he finds a girl interesting. An interesting change-up in the Parker Lewis world Lemmer takes up a job working with Nick...
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When Jerry Met Shelly E21. When Jerry Met Shelly
Sometimes fate isn't disguised as an angel with a bow and arrow, but as a diner manager. Nick Comstock notices a lonely Jerry is going to sit it out another Friday night as Parker ...
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Geek Tragedy E22. Geek Tragedy
PLCL has focused on many of the 'communities' found in every High School, but until now hasn't focused much on the geek community from which Jerry was spawned. Parker and Mikey lea...
8 links 18 Jun 2007
Money Talks E23. Money Talks
Mikey's always lived without routine and responsibility until Nick decided to lend him a hand. To help Mikey get the girl this time Nick hires Mikey to work in the diner. Mikey has...
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Home Alone with Annie E24. Home Alone with Annie
Parker just can't get a break as he finds out when he plans a quiet night alone with Annie (As his parents are out of town). As word gets out that Parker has the house to himself e...
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Diner '75 E25. Diner '75
Much of the main characters of Santo Domingo are trapped in the Atlas Diner and chaos ensues. Various panic attacks follow as the trapped people face certain doom one way or anothe...
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Staffel 3
Season 3
Flamingo Graffiti E1. Flamingo Graffiti
Summer has arrived and Parker is ready for it. With a new hair style he checks off step one of his 3-step plan towards maximum coolness... That is until his prank (step 2) winds up...
8 links 16 Jun 2007
Cape Flamingo E2. Cape Flamingo
In a strange turn of events Brad Penny starts to treat Parker as a friend. Knowing there should be something lingering below the surface Parker falls back to his friends for suppor...
8 links 16 Jun 2007
The Kiss E3. The Kiss
Whenever Shelley can exploit weakness in Parker she does. Being an older, buff and bad boy, Brad Penny is also the sworn enemy of Parker Lewis. Consequently Shelley makes a goal of...
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Summer of '92 E4. Summer of '92
Annie is out of town, so Parker must resist Mikey's idea to be with a pretty college girl until she's back. Michael Dorn (Worf on Star Trek) cameos as a skeptic who questions wheth...
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Love Is Hell E5. Love Is Hell
Love is definitely in the air and everyone wants a piece. Musso's found a suave piano player, Mikey's found a good looker but has yet to talk to, and Kubiac thinks he found a match...
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Jerry's Journey E6. Jerry's Journey
Whenever girls are involved with the buds it's either with Parker or with Mikey. Now when both guys are going on a double date Jerry is completely left behind. Wanting to break out...
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Beauty and the Kube E7. Beauty and the Kube
Annie sees something in Kube that no one else has seen before. She notices that the gentle giant is really good with kids and even goes so far as to have him help her with watching...
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Hungry Heart E8. Hungry Heart
In the diner things start slipping a little bit when Kohler finds love and Kohler has his uptight friend managing the diner. Now Mikey is on edge with the no-holds manager who runs...
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Lewis and Son E9. Lewis and Son
The very real threat to small business owners is whenever a mega-corporation takes up shop and shuts their competition down. Mondo Video's existence is potentially in ruin as "Powd...
8 links 30 Jun 2007
Kohler Buys the Diner E10. Kohler Buys the Diner
The back-story of Coach Kohler has until now been somewhat of a mystery. Out of the blue Hank's dad appears and gives Hank his share of inheritance from his mother's death. Kohler ...
8 links 30 Jun 2007
Parker's Got a Brand New Car E11. Parker's Got a Brand New Car
Parker's at the age when he deals with the responsibility of purchasing his first car. Against his dad's wishes for a safe and reliable Volvo, Parker decides on a convertible sport...
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An Unmarried Musso E12. An Unmarried Musso
The constant search Grace Musso has been on to find her significant other might have come to an end. Parker's Uncle Bill is single and has come across Ms. Musso and has found love....
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Educating Brad E13. Educating Brad
Brad Penny joins the same class that Parker's in to impress a girl he likes. Soon, Brad draws all of the attention away from Parker, who becomes jealous. Kohler hires Jerry to work...
7 links 04 Apr 1993
The Love Bug E14. The Love Bug
Annie starts avoiding Parker. Fearing this is a lead up to her breaking up with him, he asks his mom for relationship advice.
8 links 11 Apr 1993
Write or Die E15. Write or Die
Mikey's about to flunk Creative Writing, so his friends pitch in with story ideas for his assignment including plot outlines from season 1 and 2 episodes of this show, a Beverly Hi...
8 links 18 Apr 1993
The Bitch Is Back E16. The Bitch Is Back
Mikey has a new girlfriend. It turns out it's the same girl who once broke Parker's heart. Jerry helps Kohler make a commercial for the diner, but Kohler hates all of Jerry's ideas...
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Musso: A Wedding E17. Musso: A Wedding
Grace meets her old rich flame, who's been through a divorce. They hook up again and soon get married. Then he suddenly dies.
8 links 02 May 1993
A Night to Remember E18. A Night to Remember
In this spoof of Carrie set on the junior prom night, Parker must keep an eye on his little sister during the prom, but he fails.
8 links 09 May 1993
Boys Night In E19. Boys Night In
Parker and Mikey want to help Jerry become a man, so they take him to a strip club. The two are taken away in a police raid and Jerry is left there alone. Grace is afraid of spider...
8 links 23 May 1993
Senior Jerry E20. Senior Jerry
Jerry was always at the top of his class receiving A+ on each and every test, so he gets to skip a year and join a senior class. However, he then gets a B+ and has a nervous breakd...
8 links 30 May 1993
The Rocky Kohler Picture Show E21. The Rocky Kohler Picture Show
Kube and Kohler's friendship becomes rocky, when a movie night goes wrong and Kohler realizes that Kube is having trouble with his own peers because of him. Meanwhile, Jerry tries ...
8 links 06 Jun 1993
The Last Supper E22. The Last Supper
A bottle episode and clip show. The Atlas Diner is closing down, so all of the show's regulars are there to mark this end of an era. Each of them play their favorite (stock) tune o...
8 links 16 Jun 2007
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