Pensacola - Flügel aus Stahl

In Pensacola werden die besten Piloten der Welt zu einer Elite-Kampfeinheit ausgebildet, die den Terrorismus bekämpfen soll. Der Marineleutnant Bill Kelly (James Brolin) leitet die Truppe, zu seinen Auszubildenden gehören Bobby Griffin (Rod Rowland), Annal...

Jahr: 1997−2000

Dauer: 60 min

Genres: Action, Drama

Writers: Jacqueline Zambrano, William Blinn

Stars: Michael Trucco, James Brolin, Bobby Hosea

IMDb: TT0128889

Bewertung: 6.1/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Yesterday, Upon the Stair...: Part 1 E1. Yesterday, Upon the Stair...: Part 1
The tough and fearless Marine Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kelly who has made his career as a top gun fighter pilot and war hero unwillingly faces a new mission: to take a band of talen...
7 links 03 Jan 1999
Yesterday, Upon the Stair...: Part 2 E2. Yesterday, Upon the Stair...: Part 2
The Sea Dragons' mission to rescue DEA agents taken by a Central American drug cartel becomes extremely dangerous, when they're forced to also free a family held hostage at the sam...
7 links 10 Jan 1999
Freebird E3. Freebird
When an unstable Marine steals a four million dollar piece of top secret equipment, the Sea Dragons are called in to get it back at any cost. Meanwhile, Kelly has no choice but to ...
7 links 17 Jan 1999
It's the Real Thing, Baby E4. It's the Real Thing, Baby
A routine exercise gets real and dangerous when the Sea Dragons find themselves racing against time and a bomb in order to capture killers stealing government secrets while rescuin...
7 links 24 Jan 1999
Fallout E5. Fallout
Kelly puts the Sea Dragons' teamwork abilities to the ultimate test when they face an insane African Ambassador with enough stolen plutonium to create a nuclear weapon.
7 links 31 Jan 1999
Birds of Prey E6. Birds of Prey
A routine helicopter run turns into a death trip for Annalisa and A.J. when a botched hijacking makes one of them crash land into the ocean and the other crash land onto a deserted...
7 links 07 Feb 1999
Road Warriors E7. Road Warriors
After a failed assassination attempt, the Sea Dragons are assigned to protect two rival dignitaries on their way to a very important peace talk summit.
7 links 21 Feb 1999
Grey Ghost E8. Grey Ghost
The Sea Dragons are assigned to shut down a high-tech drug lab that is producing a deadly virus that can be used as a chemical weapon. The stakes get even higher when one of their ...
7 links 28 Feb 1999
Past Sins E9. Past Sins
Someone is killing men Kelly served with in Vietnam with napalm. He later learns that it might have something to do with a mission that he didn't take part in because he got ill. A...
7 links 07 Mar 1999
Bogey Man E10. Bogey Man
The Sea Dragons are given a deadly peace-keeping mission in North Korea and Lt. Col. Kelly helps a distressed American father look for his rebellious daughter who has vanished into...
7 links 15 Mar 1999
Acceptable Casualties E11. Acceptable Casualties
A Sheriff goes to talk to Kelly about a former member of the team, cause it seems that he's behaving erratically. But he doesn't know anything because he took over the team after t...
7 links 21 Mar 1999
Company Town E12. Company Town
When a new drone is being tested, they suddenly lose control of it. So the team is sent to a town where the man who designed the computer system lives and works. It seems who took ...
7 links 21 Mar 1999
Trials and Tribulations E13. Trials and Tribulations
When one of the Sea Dragons goes to trial for allegedly killing an American P.O.W. by accident during a rescue mission, the team unites to solve the long-buried crime and find the ...
7 links 28 Mar 1999
Soldiers of Misfortune E14. Soldiers of Misfortune
When there's a coup in a country who is a friend of the U.S. and the President and some people are being held captive. Kelly and his team are sent to see what they can do. And they...
7 links 28 Mar 1999
Power Play E15. Power Play
The Sea Dragons are tasked to uncover whether an unknown issue with a state-of-the-art missile launch system has already cost one life and might cause another: that of Bobby Griffi...
7 links 11 Apr 1999
Game, Set and Match E16. Game, Set and Match
One of the Sea Dragons has fallen in love but he has also fallen into a mysterious series of events that inexplicably point to him as a spy.
7 links 11 Apr 1999
Lost Shipment E17. Lost Shipment
A mission to stop an illegal arms deal hits home when an important participant has unexpected family ties to one of the Sea Dragons.
7 links 18 Apr 1999
We Are Not Alone E18. We Are Not Alone
When the military loses a top-secret weapon, the Sea Dragons are assigned to get it back before it drops into unfriendly hands.
7 links 18 Apr 1999
Stranger, Lover, Friend E19. Stranger, Lover, Friend
After a fatal training accident, Bobby Griffin copes with the brutal reality that he may never fly again.
7 links 25 Apr 1999
Great Expectations E20. Great Expectations
The Sea Dragons must stop a madman fixated on revenge before he can unleash total chaos with a stolen laser at a military convention in San Diego.
7 links 25 Apr 1999
Broken Wings E21. Broken Wings
After ejecting out of their F-18 over Iraq, Bobby Griffin and Bill Kelly have no choice but to confront the enemy and the elements while they wait for a rescue that might never com...
7 links 02 May 1999
Not in My Backyard E22. Not in My Backyard
While the Sea Dragons look for a missing vial of deadly nerve gas and its mysterious keeper, they have to face an equally-threatening mission..saving their team from military cutba...
7 links 02 May 1999
Staffel 2
Season 2
Nuggets E1. Nuggets
Kelly is assigned to train neophyte jet pilots (Nuggets). Hammer, his second in command; Kate, a bar owner; and three nuggets, Burner, Ice and Spoon are introduced.
7 links 09 May 1999
Burn Out E2. Burn Out
7 links 16 May 1999
Solo Flight E3. Solo Flight
7 links 30 May 1999
S.O.D. E4. S.O.D.
7 links 06 Jun 1999
Stand Down E5. Stand Down
7 links 13 Jun 1999
Raid on Osirak E6. Raid on Osirak
7 links 20 Jun 1999
Boom E7. Boom
7 links 27 Jun 1999
The Red Baron E8. The Red Baron
7 links 25 Jul 1999
Vertigo E9. Vertigo
7 links 04 Jul 1999
Wild, Wild West E10. Wild, Wild West
7 links 11 Jul 1999
Class Strike E11. Class Strike
7 links 18 Jul 1999
Blue Angel E12. Blue Angel
7 links 01 Aug 1999
Lost E13. Lost
7 links 08 Aug 1999
Mishap E14. Mishap
7 links 15 Aug 1999
Fox Two E15. Fox Two
7 links 22 Aug 1999
Blue on Blue E16. Blue on Blue
7 links 29 Aug 1999
Cuba Libre E17. Cuba Libre
7 links 12 Apr 1999
Sortie E18. Sortie
7 links 19 Apr 1999
Touch and Go E19. Touch and Go
7 links 26 Sep 1999
C.Q. E20. C.Q.
7 links 10 Oct 1999
Night Traps E21. Night Traps
6 links 17 Oct 1999
Rules of Engagement E22. Rules of Engagement
7 links 24 Oct 1999
Staffel 3
Season 3
Tip of the Spear E1. Tip of the Spear
7 links 03 Jan 2002
Gypsy Tumble E2. Gypsy Tumble
One of Kelly's marines is about compete in a boxing competition. And he appears to be distracted by the girl he's seeing--Kelly's daughter. And Spoon's car is stolen and they find ...
7 links 10 Jan 2002
A Wing and a Prayer E3. A Wing and a Prayer
7 links 17 Jan 2002
Call to Glory E4. Call to Glory
7 links 24 Jan 2002
Officers and Gentleman E5. Officers and Gentleman
7 links 31 Jan 2002
Tattoo E6. Tattoo
7 links 07 Feb 2002
Burke's Breach E7. Burke's Breach
7 links 14 Feb 2002
Behind Enemy Lines E8. Behind Enemy Lines
Spoon and Ice go into a convenience store that's when a couple enter and try to rob the place. Spoon manages to get out but Ice is one of the hostages. The police arrive and there'...
7 links 21 Feb 2002
True Stories E9. True Stories
Capone's brother comes for a visit and Capone thinks there's more to his visit. Later the FBI shows up looking for him. They tell Capone that his brother went into business with a ...
7 links 28 Feb 2002
Don't Ask, Don't Tell E10. Don't Ask, Don't Tell
7 links 07 Mar 2002
On the Tee E11. On the Tee
Spoon, Capone and Mad Dog decide to play golf. But it's while they're playing that Mad Dog is recalled to do some work. The guys offer to go back with her to give her a hand. Now a...
7 links 14 Mar 2002
Aces E12. Aces
Kelly, Ice and Hammer go to an aircraft carrier for a mission. Kelly and ice go out on patrol while Hammer works with someone from the CIA. Kate learns that her husband was keeping...
7 links 21 Mar 2002
Article 32 E13. Article 32
7 links 28 Mar 2002
At Poverty Level E14. At Poverty Level
When Kelly learns that one of his men is struggling to get by that his wife is shoplifting. He decides to go to Washington and to try and get Congress to increase his men's wages. ...
7 links 04 Apr 2002
Busted E15. Busted
When Spoon's mother is in trouble, financially, so Teri offers to help. And she thinks that an old associate of his father can help. He offers Teri and Spoon a job with him. While ...
7 links 11 Apr 2002
Crash Test E16. Crash Test
7 links 18 Apr 2002
Pensacola Shootout E17. Pensacola Shootout
There's an aerial combat competition going on and Kelly wants to win this one. And Ice finds herself face to face with the defending champion from the Air Force who's coming on to ...
7 links 25 Apr 2002
Answered Prayers E18. Answered Prayers
Megan as part of her probation has to do community service and works at Make a wish foundation. And the boy whose wish she's trying to grant only wants to fly in a fighter plane. S...
7 links 02 May 2002
Return to Glory E19. Return to Glory
Kelly is informed that the unit has a mission and their liaison officer is Burner. Burner hooks up with Megan. And when a friend of Capone's dies in an accident, he behaves erratic...
7 links 16 May 2002
Casualties of War E20. Casualties of War
Kelly's unit is on a mission which they execute perfectly. But Burner gets left behind. Kelly is ready to do what he has to to find him. But the man in charge, tells him, they have...
6 links 23 May 2002
Brothers E21. Brothers
7 links 30 May 2002
SOCEX: Final Exams E22. SOCEX: Final Exams
7 links 06 Jun 2002
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