Pfarrer Braun

Immer wieder muss Pfarrer Braun Mordfälle klären. Was dem bibelfesten Hobbydetektiv ganz gelegen kommt, ist Bischof Hemmelrath und Monsignore Mühlich ein Dorn im Auge. Aber egal, wohin die beiden Pfarrer Braun auch versetzen, der nächste Mord lässt nicht l...

Jahr: 2003

Dauer: 90 min

Genres: Comedy, Crime

Stars: Ottfried Fischer, Peter Heinrich Brix, Hans-Michael Rehberg

IMDb: TT0891405

Bewertung: 5.6/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Der siebte Tempel E1. Der siebte Tempel
Guido Braun, a hedonistic reverend from Bavaraia, is once more transferred by his irate bishop for repeated venturing in 'criminalizing' (sleuthing), in this case worsened by toyin...
7 links 17 May 2003
Das Skelett in den Dünen E2. Das Skelett in den Dünen
7 links 25 Apr 2003
Staffel 2
Season 2
Ein verhexter Fall E1. Ein verhexter Fall
7 links 15 Apr 2004
Der Fluch der Pröpstin E2. Der Fluch der Pröpstin
Grudgingly, father Braun's gang takes up his now post, a parish in the predominantly Protestant Harz region. He's fascinated by the archaeological dig in the Bangeroder Stiftskirch...
7 links 22 Apr 2004
Staffel 3
Season 3
Bruder Mord E1. Bruder Mord
7 links 31 Mar 2005
Adel vernichtet E2. Adel vernichtet
Grateful bishop Hemmelrath posts father Braun in an idyllic rose-growing Rhine town. His maid and her son seem to find love there. Braun smells murder when the local Baron Falkenbe...
7 links 14 Apr 2005
Staffel 4
Season 4
Der unsichtbare Beweis E1. Der unsichtbare Beweis
Shortly after father Braun arrives in his new parish Pfaffenberg, a Catholic stronghold in the former Saxon GDR part, the grand rectory, alas object of several tours a day, becomes...
7 links 14 Sep 2006
Drei Särge und ein Baby E2. Drei Särge und ein Baby
7 links 21 Sep 2006
Kein Sterbenswörtchen E3. Kein Sterbenswörtchen
To cash a huge legacy from a late millionaire whoa admired Braun as a detective, the bishop grudgingly posts him in the ailing Catholic parish of her Saxon birth town in the former...
7 links 28 Sep 2006
Staffel 5
Season 5
Ein Zeichen Gottes E1. Ein Zeichen Gottes
Bishop Hemmelrath transfers Pfarrer Braun to Franken, for a 'real Bavarian' like him a renegade region as it left the 'free state'. The parish town, Kurdorf, boast a miraculous ble...
7 links 29 Mar 2007
Das Erbe von Junkersdorf E2. Das Erbe von Junkersdorf
Father Braun must rush to the death bed of countess Marietta of Junkersdorf in Frankenland, diverted from his housekeeper Margot's modest farmer inheritance, shared with a country ...
7 links 05 Apr 2007
Braun unter Verdacht E3. Braun unter Verdacht
7 links 12 Apr 2007
Staffel 6
Season 6
Die Gärten des Rabbiners E1. Die Gärten des Rabbiners
Father Braun is transferred as curate in Potsdam's St. Cassian parish. Local rabbi Chaijm Seelig is absurdly the prime suspect of the blunt murder of a gentile gardener whose corps...
7 links 03 Apr 2008
Heiliger Birnbaum E2. Heiliger Birnbaum
Curate Braun to a protestant stronghold in Havelland. In The his Lutheran counterpart, pastor Lehmkuhl, dies from eating a poisoned pear past-out to the faithful in traditional hon...
7 links 10 Apr 2008
Staffel 7
Season 7
Im Namen von Rose E1. Im Namen von Rose
Braun is transferred to Saarland wine village St. Florian, which is dominated since long by semi-secret society of seven hereditary winery 'queens'. Fishing, he discovers the corps...
7 links 09 Apr 2009
Glück auf! Der Mörder kommt! E2. Glück auf! Der Mörder kommt!
Bishop Hemmelrath transfers father Braun to St. Florian, a poor parish in the Saarland's derelict mining region. The local 'Palomas' men choir is linked with the keeping of pigeons...
7 links 16 Apr 2009
Staffel 8
Season 8
Schwein gehabt! E1. Schwein gehabt!
Bishop Hemmelrath hopes to pose as a missionary to the Protestant north by having a late curate on an Ostee island canonized. He sends Braun there as new parish priest. Alas, he so...
01 Apr 2010
Kur mit Schatten E2. Kur mit Schatten
Luxurious bishop Hemmelrath urgently needs more income, but the new electronic donation system isn't yielding serious money. The only exception is a female donor in father Braun's ...
08 Apr 2010
Grimms Mördchen E3. Grimms Mördchen
Bishop Hemmelrath's sycophantic deputy Mühlich's seminary friend died of a cardiac arrest in his parish, a castle outside Passau. It's only the first of several, each corresponding...
6 links 21 Oct 2010
Staffel 9
Season 9
Altes Geld, junges Blut E1. Altes Geld, junges Blut
Bishop Hemmelrath lost a fortune, like many private persons, in bad investments trough Bernie Blumenfeld, alas donations of the faithful. So he and monsignor Mühlich send delighted...
7 links 17 Feb 2011
Ausgegeigt! E2. Ausgegeigt!
Bishop Hemmelrath hastily sends father Braun to the Bavarian home village of concert violinist Bridget Murrag after the Stradivarius, part of the cathedral treasure, she has on loa...
10 May 2012
Staffel 10
Season 10
Brauns Heimkehr E1. Brauns Heimkehr
2 links 20 Mar 2014
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