Picket Fences - Tatort Gartenzaun

An aging sheriff tries to keep the peace in a small town plagued by bizarre and violent crimes.

Jahr: 1992−1996

Dauer: 120 min

Genres: Crime, Drama, Family

Writers: David E. Kelley

Stars: Tom Skerritt, Kathy Baker, Lauren Holly

IMDb: TT0103512

Bewertung: 7.8/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Pilot E1. Pilot
In the small town of Rome, Wisconsin, the daily life of the quiet townspeople is disrupted when the Tin Man drops dead during a local production the "The Wizard of Oz" due to nicot...
05 Jan 1995
The Green Bay Chopper E2. The Green Bay Chopper
At a school show-and-tell exhibit, a student brings in a detached human hand, which alerts Sheriff Brock and his department that a serial killer, called the Green Bay Chopper, has ...
09 Jan 1995
Mr. Dreeb Comes to Town E3. Mr. Dreeb Comes to Town
Maxine gets very involved with a diminutive circus dwarf who has arrived in Rome with a stolen elephant he claims was being abused in the circus. Meanwhile, Jill and Kimberly are i...
8 links 02 Oct 1992
The Autumn of Rome E4. The Autumn of Rome
The Mayor investigates a crooked citizen and crashes with his car just before elections start. Wambaugh runs for mayor with brass band and drums and is shot at.
8 links 16 Oct 1992
Frank the Potato Man E5. Frank the Potato Man
The 'Serial Bather' strikes again, leaving a plastic duck in the bathtub. Suspicion falls on Frank the Potato Man who is homeless.
8 links 23 Oct 1992
Remembering Rosemary E6. Remembering Rosemary
On Halloween, the only witness to a 10-year-old suicide case breaks her silence to announce "murder" which sends Maxine off to dig into a local history of the victim's life. Meanwh...
8 links 26 Oct 1992
The Contenders E7. The Contenders
Jill declares herself a candidate for mayor when Pugen ignores the Rome Woman's Coalition, but her candidacy reveals something in her past life which she has kept hidden. Meanwhile...
8 links 30 Oct 1992
Sacred Hearts E8. Sacred Hearts
A woman who is terminally ill dies at the nursing home with an orange in her mouth. 'The singing Nun' is suspected as a serial mercy killer. Judge Bone declares that assisted suici...
8 links 06 Nov 1992
Thanksgiving E9. Thanksgiving
As Sheriff Brock and his family plan a big thanksgiving dinner, Jill has to deal with the much younger woman that her father brings along for the dinner party. Douglas Wambaugh lat...
8 links 26 Nov 2006
The Snake Lady E10. The Snake Lady
A woman is found dead after an apparent suicide, and suspicion falls on both her husband and her sister, the 'Snake Lady'.
8 links 04 Dec 1992
Pageantry E11. Pageantry
When a local rabbi takes the entire public school to court for presenting a Christmas pageant to the town (because the town of Rome happens to happens to be 50% Jewish), the reperc...
8 links 11 Dec 1992
High Tidings E12. High Tidings
The Christmas chaos of the year only begins when the family returns unexpectedly from a Christmas Eve outing and finds Kimberly in bed with her boyfriend, and Brock arrests him for...
8 links 18 Dec 1992
Frog Man E13. Frog Man
The Frogman strikes again with a fake bomb, and apparently shoots at Kenny in a jewelery store.
8 links 08 Jan 1993
Bad Moons Rising E14. Bad Moons Rising
Sheriff Brock and the rest of the town is in a uproar after a middle-aged woman kills her husband by running over him with a steam roller, and Wambaugh attempts to build a ... ...
8 links 15 Jan 1993
Nuclear Meltdowns E15. Nuclear Meltdowns
Kimberly tells her parents that she believes that her girlfriend, Jody, has been made pregnant by her father. Meanwhile, Maxine pursues a killer of ducks at a pond. Elsewhere, Kenn...
8 links 22 Jan 1993
The Body Politic E16. The Body Politic
Jill and Sheriff Brock find themselves on opposite sides when it's revealed that a local dentist is HIV-positive. Meanwhile, Maxine investigates neighbors reports that a new man in...
8 links 05 Feb 1993
Be My Valentine E17. Be My Valentine
Sheriff Brock is shot with an arrow in his buttock. Maxine suspects the serial killer called Cupid and places a personal ad to meet him.
8 links 12 Feb 1993
Fetal Attraction E18. Fetal Attraction
A citizen gets worse from Parkinson's decease, and the whole town gets engaged in discussions about transplants from aborted fetus organs.
8 links 01 Apr 1993
Sightings E19. Sightings
The local doctor/corner, Carter Pike, finds himself the center of controversy when he makes an official note that a dead vagrant may have been exposed to radiation from a UFO and r...
8 links 08 Apr 1993
Rights of Passage E20. Rights of Passage
Sheriff Brock and Mayor Pugen find themselves facing a group of angry Native Americans barricaded in the courthouse as a protest against the municipal golf course planned on an anc...
8 links 15 Apr 1993
Sugar and Spice E21. Sugar and Spice
Kimberly develops serious questions about her sexuality after she and another girlfriend of hers, Julie, have shared a romantic kiss, and Matthew reveals the news to his parents wh...
8 links 29 Apr 1993
The Lullaby League E22. The Lullaby League
Jill finds herself in conflict with an aging blues singer with liver cirrhosis who collapses during a concert in Rome, and is deeply offended when she orders a pig's liver transpla...
10 links 31 May 1995
Staffel 2
Season 2
Turpitude E1. Turpitude
Sheriff Brock is forced to arrest Mayor Pugen after he shoots and kills a carjacker that tries to steal his car, and the town's new District Attorney, John Littleton, a former lawy...
07 Jun 1995
Duty Free Rome E2. Duty Free Rome
Douglas Wambaugh finds a loophole that might grant Mayor Pugan a new trial after he is convicted of the shooting of the carjacker. Meanwhile, a very religious Catholic couple, who ...
28 Oct 1993
Unlawful Entries E3. Unlawful Entries
Kenny and Maxine arrest a young high school math teacher who reluctantly admits that he was raped by a female colleague of his. Meanwhile, Sheriff Brock finds it difficult to get a...
29 Oct 1993
Under the Influence E4. Under the Influence
Littleton explodes in court over Wambaugh's questionable defense of a woman accused of driving under the influence. Meanwhile, the crafty Dr. Sherve uses Maxine's confusion over al...
05 Nov 1993
The Dancing Bandit E5. The Dancing Bandit
A deaf-mute, quixotic bank robber, named Laurie Bey, and her tough, equally quixotic boyfriend, Cole, arrive in Rome and hold a group of people, including Sheriff Brock, Jill, thei...
12 Nov 1993
Dairy Queen E6. Dairy Queen
A sexy young centerfold model becomes the controversial symbol for a dairy campaign. She turns out to have an abusive husband. Kimberly wants a breast implant.
26 Nov 1993
Cross Examination E7. Cross Examination
At Christmas time, a comatose young woman is found pregnant although she is a virgin. Zach is told that Santa Claus is not real.
03 Dec 1993
Strangers E8. Strangers
Jill becomes a central witness when a man suffering from a rare visual disorder is arrested and tried for the alleged accidental shooting of his own brother after mistaking him for...
10 Dec 1993
Blue Christmas E9. Blue Christmas
A locker search for drugs at the local high school leads to the arrest of Kimberly's best friend, Lisa Fenn. Meanwhile, a protected Federal witness turns up in Rome which leaves Sh...
17 Dec 1993
Paging Doctor God E10. Paging Doctor God
Jill's determination to uphold her Hippocratic oath collides with the religious beliefs of Christian Science couple who try to resist her assistance in a childbirth that has drasti...
07 Jan 1994
Guns 'R' Us E11. Guns 'R' Us
Matthew's attempts to get revenge for a humiliation by some sociopath, high-school bullies by threatening them with a gun takes an unexpected turn, which lands one of them in the h...
14 Jan 1994
Remote Control E12. Remote Control
Littleton and Wambaugh go head to head again in the courtroom as Wambaugh argues that his latest client, Timmy Hendricks, was predisposed to violence because of his exposure to tel...
21 Jan 1994
Abominable Snowman E13. Abominable Snowman
Depressed over a recent incident with a cannon, Howard decides to end his own life by donating his healthy heart to his ailing son. Meanwhile, the transient known as Frank the Pota...
28 Jan 1994
Supreme Courting E14. Supreme Courting
On Valentine's Day, the long day brings love and controversy to all age groups in Rome when Carter enlists Maxine's help to impress Stacey Halford, the Mourning Widow, so he can ro...
04 Feb 1994
Divine Recall E15. Divine Recall
Mayor Harris reads Father Barrett and Sheriff Brock the new riot act over a pre-game prayer session at the public high school, and in turn, Barrett and Reverend Novotny bring up he...
11 Feb 1994
Terms of Estrangement E16. Terms of Estrangement
Kimberly is kidnapped and held captive by unstable Rick Jennings, a man from sheriff Brock's past who wants revenge for what Jimmy did to him. A psychological game between the two ...
04 Mar 1994
Squatter's Rights E17. Squatter's Rights
Maxine questions the motives of a 500-pound obese woman who confesses to killing her allegedly abusive husband by sitting on him. Meanwhile, Wambaugh demands a Beth Din when Rabbi ...
11 Mar 1994
System Down E18. System Down
The trial against an African-American drug dealer is set in Rome because the town has Littleton as their district attorney. Sheriff Brock is chosen to serve on the jury.
01 Apr 1994
Buried Alive E19. Buried Alive
Jill Brock's father comes on an unexpected visit and stirs up the whole family.
08 Apr 1994
My Left Shoe E20. My Left Shoe
A fire in the rectory reveals Father Barrett's extensive collection of women's shoes, prompting questions about his fitness to serve and a blistering condemnation by acting Mayor B...
29 Apr 1994
Frosted Flakes E21. Frosted Flakes
A boy is dying from leukemia. The matter for Judge Bone is whether he will allow the request of the boy and his parents to cryogenically freeze him before the illness destroys his ...
06 May 1994
Howard's End E22. Howard's End
A violent, humiliating incident with Howard leads to his son, Kevin, to shoot him, as Wambaugh claims, in self-defense. Meanwhile, Jill makes a decision in the operating room to op...
15 Nov 1995
Staffel 3
Season 3
Survival of the Fittest E1. Survival of the Fittest
Sheriff Brock and the rest of the town fears the worst when a local teenaged girl disappears and they arrest her boyfriend, Brian Latham, as a murder suspect. Meanwhile, Jill and m...
22 Nov 1995
Systematic Abuse E2. Systematic Abuse
Brian Latham is put on trial for the murder of his girlfriend. Littleton and Douglas clash in court. Jimmy's men try to intimidate Latham but he still claims he's innocent.
30 Sep 1994
The Bus Stops Here E3. The Bus Stops Here
A Wisconson Federal judge orders that 400 black students from the Green Bay ghetto be bused to Rome's schools, prompting panic among Sheriff Brock and the parents, knowing that a g...
07 Oct 1994
Enemy Lines E4. Enemy Lines
Judge Nance puts Jill in jail to make a point. Littleton asks Maxine out on a date which causes her to reexamine her views on interracial dating. Kimberly's attempt at starting an ...
14 Oct 1994
Cold Spell E5. Cold Spell
Judge Bone has a troubling case when a social worker takes a young girl from her mother, who practices witchcraft. Meanwhile, Maxine and Kenny seek out Ginny for advice on the occu...
28 Oct 1994
Elective Conduct E6. Elective Conduct
After the innocent Zach gives a school history report which is filled with racist comments, it hurts Jill's mayoral campaign just before a crucial debate and the election. It turns...
04 Nov 1994
Rebels with Causes E7. Rebels with Causes
An ailing Wambaugh travels with Jill to Chicago for some specialized medical treatment for his liver, where she becomes angered by Dr. Jeffrey Geiger's arrogant attitude. Back in R...
11 Nov 1994
May It Please the Court E8. May It Please the Court
Carter has submitted a blood test and is thrilled when the result reveals pregnancy. Wambaugh finally gets his life's greatest moment at the Supreme Court in Washington.
18 Nov 1994
For Whom the Wind Blows E9. For Whom the Wind Blows
Brian Latham continues to plead his innocence, and everybody starts to doubt his guilt. The real murderer has confessed to Father Barrett, and Judge Bone tricks him into admitting ...
02 Dec 1994
Away in the Manger E10. Away in the Manger
In this cross-over from an episode on 'The X-Files', the week before Christmas has Sheriff Brock, Kenny, Maxine and other deputies searching a farm when Carter suspects that strang...
16 Dec 1994
Freezer Burn E11. Freezer Burn
Again, a person is found dead in the home freezer, this time a male masseur, and people fear that a serial killing is in progress. As it turns out, the victim was giving more than ...
06 Jan 1995
Frogman Returns E12. Frogman Returns
The Frogman's 13 year old son demands emancipation from his eccentric father. Matthew tries to move the car and runs over Zach who is hospitalized.
13 Jan 1995
Mr. Seed Goes to Town E13. Mr. Seed Goes to Town
Sheriff Brock's former wife Lydia has kept his sperm and wants to have a new child.
20 Jan 1995
Close Encounters E14. Close Encounters
An African-American woman chokes on the microphone and is pronounced dead. She unexpectedly wakes up in Carter's morgue and recognizes him as her soulmate. Kenny and Maxine continu...
07 Jan 1997
When in Rome E15. When in Rome
A convicted child molester with a surprising ancestry moves into Rome and has to tell all the neighbors about his past. Everyone openly despises him and shuns him and the whole tow...
31 May 2015
Heroes and Villains E16. Heroes and Villains
The hearing impaired Dancing Bandit is arrested when she visits Zach on his birthday. Federal authorities want her trial to be set in Rome, where the jury reaches a surprising verd...
03 Mar 1995
Changing of the Guard E17. Changing of the Guard
Sheriff Brock asks Laurie Bey to help him, Maxine, and Kenny look for Mayor Ed Lawson who's missing and wanted in connection to a murder, while Jill and the rest of the town begin ...
10 Mar 1995
Without Mercy E18. Without Mercy
Jill Brock performs a doctor-assisted suicide with morphine on a dying patient, and the authorities want to force the people of Rome to respect the law.
31 Mar 1995
Final Judgement E19. Final Judgement
In the aftermath of Jill's criminal trial verdict, Judge Bone is asked to run on the validity of a law prohibiting physician-assisted suicide. Meanwhile, Kenny and Carter investiga...
11 Feb 1997
Saint Zach E20. Saint Zach
Zach is tormented by guilt over the swan episode. He prays in a church, and blood starts to pour from the palms of his hands. His schoolmates want to make him a saint, and the Cath...
01 Jul 1997
Upbringings E21. Upbringings
Sheriff Brock's attorney father arrives for an unexpected visit and creates tension the Brock household when he makes a seemingly generous offer that angers Jimmy. Meanwhile, Kenny...
05 May 1995
The Song of Rome E22. The Song of Rome
After a lowlife teen shoots Father Barrett during an attempted robbery at the church, Mayor Laurie Bey's decision to continue with a planned spring pageant draws fire from Sheriff ...
03 Jul 1997
Staffel 4
Season 4
A Change of Season E1. A Change of Season
Kimberly throws Sheriff Brock and Jill for a loop with her college plans of leaving Wisconsin for law school. Meanwhile, Brock frets over Mayor Laurie Bey's new police uniform regu...
04 Jul 1997
Reap the Whirlwind E2. Reap the Whirlwind
As a tornado threat hangs over Rome, Wambaugh and his wife quarrel over his remarks at their 50th anniversary party. Meanwhile, the Brocks worry over Kimberly who's away at college...
29 Sep 1995
Pal Joey E3. Pal Joey
A uptight doctor from Milwaukee, named Dr. Joanna "Joey" Diamond, who's also a TV personality, joins Jill in her practice. Meanwhile, Kenny looks into a video-dating service. An As...
06 Oct 1995
Bloodbrothers E4. Bloodbrothers
Littleton faces a troubled figure from his past when two escaped prisoners make their way into Rome, one of them is his brother seeking revenge against him for sending him to priso...
13 Oct 1995
Dog Eat Dog E5. Dog Eat Dog
Max gets into serious trouble when she shoots a man dressed in a bratwurst costume. Jill thinks Kimberly is pregnant because she goes to Dr. Joey and tries to cover it up.
20 Oct 1995
Heart of Saturday Night E6. Heart of Saturday Night
Saturday night in Rome. Matthew goes cruising with his pals. Jill and Jimmy's attempt at romance leaves him in an extremely painful position. Meanwhile, Judge Bone and Wambaugh's p...
27 Oct 1995
Down the Tubes E7. Down the Tubes
Cryptic dreams after his brother's death lead Littleton to make some drastic changes, including leaving Rome. To satisfy a charity request, Sheriff Brock prepares to do polka with ...
03 Nov 1995
Witness for the Prosecution E8. Witness for the Prosecution
The pope comes to Rome, Wisconsin and witnesses a murder. The court case that follows tests Judge Bone and Douglas Wambaugh's friendship.
08 Dec 1995
This Little Piggy E9. This Little Piggy
Kimberly is arrested for freeing the pigs set for pig-wrestling at the town fair. Meanwhile an elderly man's medical treatment is inhibited by his daughter's religious beliefs.
15 Dec 1995
Dem Bones E10. Dem Bones
When the bones of a Nazi sympathizer killed in 1943 are found, suspicion falls on Jacob Levine, the son of a Jewish butcher persecuted by the dead man and his friends. Wambaugh spr...
05 Jan 1996
Bloodlines E11. Bloodlines
Sheriff Brock tries to help Matthew deal with the suicide of one of his school friends by taking him on a hunting trip for an elusive bear roaming the countryside. Meanwhile, Wamba...
12 Jan 1996
Snow Exit E12. Snow Exit
A huge blizzard strikes Rome, and strands Jill and Kimberly at the high school with others during Lydia's singing debut. Meanwhile, Sheriff Brock and Skeeter are snowed in at the p...
19 Jan 1996
My Romance E13. My Romance
Carter has a near death experience and sees his late grandfather, which shakes his skepticism. Zach falls for a slightly older cellist who likes Matthew. Judge Bone meets an old fl...
26 Jan 1996
The Z Files E14. The Z Files
When Zack's friend sends him a picture of his attractive teacher over the Internet, Zack creates a computerized pornographic picture of her and shares it with him but he puts it up...
09 Feb 1996
Bottled E15. Bottled
Zack is allowed to invite 4 people to his birthday party. He invites Judge Bone, Henry Wambaugh, Maxine Stewart and Kenny Lacos. Jill's bottled up feelings come out at Zack's birth...
16 Feb 1996
Dante's Inferno E16. Dante's Inferno
Maxine becomes the acting mayor. When she supports a business decision half of the town opposes, she becomes the target of local sexist shock jock Chuck Dante, who constantly humil...
22 Apr 1996
Bye-Bye, Bey-Bey E17. Bye-Bye, Bey-Bey
At the christening of Mayor Laurie Bey's baby, Michael, the Rome residents are flabbergasted when Laurie announces that she had the baby for her brother Jerry and his gay lover Gor...
24 Apr 1996
Three Weddings and a Meltdown E18. Three Weddings and a Meltdown
In the series final, Carter inadvertently proposes to Sue after she gets her wires crossed. Nevertheless, he's a man of his word and they announce their engagement to the people of...
04 Aug 1997
Winner Takes All E19. Winner Takes All
The coach of the kids' basketball team collapses at a game and the parents group appoints Jill as interim coach. At first she is determined to play fair and give all the boys a cha...
05 Jun 1996
Forget Selma E20. Forget Selma
Wambaugh hopes to win Miriam over again but her new charming boyfriend Hal stands in his way. Wambaugh gets suspicious of him when Hal suggests Miriam to let him invest her, Selma'...
21 Jul 2013
To Forgive Is Divine E21. To Forgive Is Divine
A young Amish girl, Hannah Beiler, is attacked in the streets of Rome and raped, but the Amish community decide not to press charges against the rapist because of their religious b...
31 Jul 1997
Liver Let Die E22. Liver Let Die
Sheriff Brock is called out when a homeless man is found murdered behind Reverend Novotny's church but is suddenly stricken with terrible pains at the scene. Dr Joey discovers he h...
01 Aug 1997
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