Pippi Langstrumpf

Diese Fernsehserie ist eine Zeichentrickversion um Pippi Langstrumpf und ihre Freunde Tommy und Annika. Basierend auf den Geschichten von Astrid Lindgren erleben die Kinder viele spannende und lustige Abenteuer.

Jahr: 1969

Dauer: 27 min

Genres: Adventure, Family, Fantasy

Stars: Inger Nilsson, Maria Persson, Pär Sundberg

IMDb: TT0062598

Bewertung: 7.3/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Pippi flyttar in i Villa Villekulla E1. Pippi flyttar in i Villa Villekulla
Tommy and Annika live with their parents in a small town. Beside their house is an uninhabited house called Villa Villekulla. One day a girl moves into Villa Villekulla with a hors...
7 links 31 Oct 1971
Pippi är sakletare och går på kalas E2. Pippi är sakletare och går på kalas
Pippi leads Tommy and Annika on a hunt for things thrown away. Pippi finds a rusty can and a wooden spool, but Tommy and Annika find nothing until Pippi gives them some hint of whe...
7 links 15 Feb 1969
Pippi går i affärer E3. Pippi går i affärer
Pippi takes a handful of gold-coins from her old suitcase and brings Tommy and Annika on a shopping-spree. In a sweet-shop Pippi buys almost all the sweets they have for sale. Outs...
7 links 22 Feb 1969
Pippi ordnar en utflykt E4. Pippi ordnar en utflykt
Pippi takes Tommy and Annika on a ride to a desolate landscape by the sea. She has made dragons on strings for all of them. On her own dragon she places her monkey, Mr. Nilsson, so...
7 links 01 Mar 1969
Pippi letar spöken och får besök av tjuvar E5. Pippi letar spöken och får besök av tjuvar
Two thieves on the run visit Pippi to steal her gold-coins, but when she tells them that Mr. Nilsson is sleeping in the other room, they get frightened and run away, not knowing th...
6 links 08 Mar 1969
Pippi går på tivoli E6. Pippi går på tivoli
A traveling funfair visits the town. Pippi tries many of the amusements. She makes the highest score at the shooting-booth and the trial-of-strength. When no one succeeds to overpo...
6 links 15 Mar 1969
Pippi i den första snön E7. Pippi i den första snön
It's two days before the Christmas holidays begin, but Pippi cannot have any holiday because she isn't a pupil. To set this right she decides to go to school for the first time in ...
6 links 22 Mar 1969
Pippis jul E8. Pippis jul
Pippi prepares for Christmas. She bakes a huge number of gingerbread biscuits. In the big tree outside her house she has hung lots of Christmas presents. At Christmas Eve she sits ...
6 links 29 Mar 1969
Pippi hittar en spunk E9. Pippi hittar en spunk
Pippi has invented a new word - spunk - but she doesn't know what it is. Together with Tommy and Annika she tries to figure out what a spunk could be. They build a trap at Villa Vi...
6 links 05 Apr 1969
Pippis ballongfärd E10. Pippis ballongfärd
Pippi repairs the old hot air balloon her father has left at the attic in Villa Villakulla. Meanwhile the two thieves Dunder-Karlsson and Blom steal her bag with gold coins. Miss P...
6 links 12 Apr 1969
Pippi är skeppsbruten E11. Pippi är skeppsbruten
Miss Prysselius shall take care of Tommy and Annika for some days, while their parents are away. They find this unbearable and ask Pippi what to do. Pippi suggests that they run aw...
6 links 19 Apr 1969
Pippi håller avskedskalas E12. Pippi håller avskedskalas
Pippi introduces Tommy and Annika to her father and the sailors on his sailing-ship Hoppetossa. She will go away with him and the ship the next morning and invites all children in ...
6 links 26 Apr 1969
Pippi går ombord E13. Pippi går ombord
Pippi is embarking on her father's sailing-ship Hoppetossa. On the quay all children in the town, the policemen Kling and Klang, Miss Prysselius and a brass-band are gathered for a...
6 links 03 May 1969
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