Popeye der Seemann

In immer neuen Abenteuern kämpft der Seemann Popeye um seine Geliebte Olivia. Insbesondere vor dem bulligen Riesen Bonzo muss er seine Olivia beschützen. Popeye selbst ist ein schmächtiger kleiner Kerl, jedoch mit enormen keulenförmigen Unterarmen, der ste...

Jahr: 1960−1962

Dauer: 30 min

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Family

Stars: Jack Mercer, Mae Questel, Jackson Beck

IMDb: TT0145628

Bewertung: 7.2/10

Staffel -1
Season -1
E-1. I Never Changes My Altitude
Popeye is sitting outside Olive's lunchroom at the airport, distraught. She's closed the business to fly away with an aviator (Bluto, of course). But it's hardly what she expected;...
23 Feb 2007
Staffel 1
Season 1
Hits and Missiles E1. Hits and Missiles
Popeye, Olive and Wimpy take an unintended trip to the moon, which is inhabited by cheese-people and tyrannized by the Big Cheese.
6 links 30 Mar 2007
Barbecue for Two E2. Barbecue for Two
Popeye wants to have a barbecue for two -- namely him and Olive. But Brutus, Wimpy and Swee' Pea all try to muscle in.
6 links 01 May 2008
Muskels Schmuskels E3. Muskels Schmuskels
Popeye and Olive watch Brutus the strongman performing at the carnival. The two men quickly become rivals for Olive. But she makes Popeye promise not to fight.
6 links 05 May 2008
Hoppy Jalopy E4. Hoppy Jalopy
Popeye in his junk-pile jalopy competes with Brutus in his slick race car to win a cross-country race. Brutus employs a series of dirty tricks to keep ahead, while keeping Olive Oy...
6 links 03 Jan 2009
Dead-Eye Popeye E5. Dead-Eye Popeye
6 links
Mueller's Mad Monster E6. Mueller's Mad Monster
Popeye and Olive take shelter from a thunderstorm in Mad Mueller's castle. But Mueller's monster, Irving, takes a shine to Olive.
6 links 01 Apr 2007
Caveman Capers E7. Caveman Capers
6 links
Bullfighter Bully E8. Bullfighter Bully
6 links
Ace of Space E9. Ace of Space
6 links
College of Hard Knocks E10. College of Hard Knocks
Olive the college student is infatuated with Professor Brutus and contemptuous of Popeye's lack of education, leading Popeye to enroll in college himself.
6 links 29 Jun 2007
Abdominal Snowman E11. Abdominal Snowman
6 links
Ski-Jump Chump E12. Ski-Jump Chump
It's an ice cold winter, Popeye upsets a large hibernating bear while trying to impress Olive with his moves on the ski-jumps.
6 links 11 Apr 2007
Irate Pirate E13. Irate Pirate
6 links
Foola-Foola Bird E14. Foola-Foola Bird
6 links
Uranium on the Cranium E15. Uranium on the Cranium
6 links
Two-Faced Paleface E16. Two-Faced Paleface
Brutus dresses as a native Indian and claims the land as an Indian Reservation after Popeye strikes it lucky searching for gold in the old west. Popeye tries to beat him at his own...
6 links 29 Jun 2007
Childhood Daze E17. Childhood Daze
Brutus forces Popeye into the professors aging machine, turning him into a 2 year old.
6 links 04 May 2007
Sheepish Sheep-Herder E18. Sheepish Sheep-Herder
6 links
Track Meet Cheat E19. Track Meet Cheat
Olive sees Brutus showing his athletic prowess at a track meet, Popeye gets jealous, runs on to the field and starts competing himself.
6 links 23 Jun 2007
Crystal Ball Brawl E20. Crystal Ball Brawl
Wimpy has acquired the SeaHags crystal ball, he is using it to bet on sporting events. Brutus realizes this and steal the crystal ball. Popeye gets suspicious, so sets a trap to ge...
6 links 23 Jun 2007
Interrupted Lullaby E21. Interrupted Lullaby
6 links
Sea No Evil E22. Sea No Evil
As Popeye and Olive relax on their new boat "The Miss Olive" someone swims beneath stealing items from right under their nose. Luckily Brutus's boating store has a seemingly endles...
6 links 05 May 2007
From Way Out E23. From Way Out
6 links
Seeing Double E24. Seeing Double
6 links
Swee'pea Soup E25. Swee'pea Soup
The citizens are revolting, they want a new king, someone sweet like Swee'pea! Professor Wotasnozzle suggests making a soup out of Swee'pea is the best way to become just like him.
6 links 23 Jun 2007
Hag Way Robbery E26. Hag Way Robbery
6 links
The Lost City of Bubble-Lon E27. The Lost City of Bubble-Lon
6 links
There's No Space Like Home E28. There's No Space Like Home
6 links
Potent Lotion E29. Potent Lotion
6 links
Astro-Nut E30. Astro-Nut
6 links
Where There's a Will E31. Where There's a Will
6 links
Take It Easel E32. Take It Easel
6 links
I Bin Sculped E33. I Bin Sculped
6 links
Fleas a Crowd E34. Fleas a Crowd
6 links
Popeye's Junior Headache E35. Popeye's Junior Headache
Olive insists that Popeye babysit her Niece while she goes out, Popeye hasn't slept for 6 days and begins to fall asleep on the job, he gets put in a dress and Olive takes offence ...
6 links 31 Oct 2008
Egypt Us E36. Egypt Us
Popeye, Olive and Wimpy accidentally walk to Egypt, Olive is Kidnapped by Egyptians and taken to the temple below a Sphinx, Popeye goes to rescue her and Wimpy does what he does be...
6 links 02 Jul 2007
The Big Sneeze E37. The Big Sneeze
Popeye, Olive and Swee'Pea are on a skiing trip in the French Alps. But the vacation goes sour when someone steals Olive's raccoon coat.
6 links 10 May 2008
The Last Resort E38. The Last Resort
6 links
Jeopardy Sheriff E39. Jeopardy Sheriff
Poopdeck Pappy entertains Swee' Pea by telling him about his adventures in the old west. Popeye thinks he's lying and Pappy tries to prove it's true, which leads to Popeye rescuing...
6 links 05 Oct 2008
Baby Phase E40. Baby Phase
6 links
Goon with the Wind E41. Goon with the Wind
6 links
Insultin' the Sultan E42. Insultin' the Sultan
Popeye and Olive break up after a bitter argument. In a rage, Popeye joins the Foreign Legion. Meanwhile, a sultan decides Olive will be his 75th wife.
7 links 21 Jul 2007
Dog-Gone Dog-Catcher E43. Dog-Gone Dog-Catcher
6 links
Voice from the Deep or See Here, Sea Hag E44. Voice from the Deep or See Here, Sea Hag
6 links
Matinee Idol Popeye E45. Matinee Idol Popeye
Brutus is an egotistical French director making a film about Antony and Cleopatra, starring Popeye and Olive Oyl. But Popeye may not survive the production.
6 links 05 May 2008
Beaver or Not E46. Beaver or Not
6 links
Battery Up E47. Battery Up
6 links
Deserted Desert E48. Deserted Desert
6 links
Skinned Divers E49. Skinned Divers
6 links
Popeye's Service Station E50. Popeye's Service Station
6 links
Coffee House E51. Coffee House
Brutus gets the upper hand on Popeye in their rivalry for Olive by catering to her sudden decision to become a beatnik.
6 links 01 Apr 2007
Popeye's Pep-Up Emporium E52. Popeye's Pep-Up Emporium
Come to Popeye's gym, everyone from Brutus to Wimpy welcome. As the commercial says, he Builds the flat and reduces the fat.
6 links 31 Mar 2007
Bird Watcher Popeye E53. Bird Watcher Popeye
6 links
Time Marches Backwards E54. Time Marches Backwards
6 links
Popeye's Pet Store E55. Popeye's Pet Store
6 links
Ballet de Spinach E56. Ballet de Spinach
6 links
Sea Hagracy E57. Sea Hagracy
6 links
Spinach Shortage E58. Spinach Shortage
6 links
Popeye and the Dragon E59. Popeye and the Dragon
6 links
Popeye the Fireman E60. Popeye the Fireman
6 links
Popeye's Pizza Palace E61. Popeye's Pizza Palace
6 links
Down the Hatch E62. Down the Hatch
6 links
Lighthouse Keeping E63. Lighthouse Keeping
6 links
Popeye and the Phantom E64. Popeye and the Phantom
6 links
Popeye's Picnic E65. Popeye's Picnic
6 links
Out of This World E66. Out of This World
6 links
Madam Salami E67. Madam Salami
6 links
Timber Toppers E68. Timber Toppers
6 links
Skyscraper Capers E69. Skyscraper Capers
6 links
Private Eye Popeye E70. Private Eye Popeye
6 links
Little Olive Riding Hood E71. Little Olive Riding Hood
6 links
Popeye's Hypnotic Glance E72. Popeye's Hypnotic Glance
Brutus hypnotizes Olive into falling in love with him. Then he hypnotizes Alice the Goon into falling in love with Popeye.
6 links 27 Jul 2007
Popeye's Trojan Horse E73. Popeye's Trojan Horse
6 links
Frozen Feuds E74. Frozen Feuds
6 links
Popeye's Corn-Certo E75. Popeye's Corn-Certo
6 links
Westward Ho-Ho E76. Westward Ho-Ho
6 links
Popeye's Cool Pool E77. Popeye's Cool Pool
6 links
Jeep Jeep E78. Jeep Jeep
6 links
Popeye's Museum Piece E79. Popeye's Museum Piece
6 links
Golf Brawl E80. Golf Brawl
6 links
Wimpy's Lunch Wagon E81. Wimpy's Lunch Wagon
6 links 03 Jul 2007
Weather Watchers E82. Weather Watchers
6 links
Popeye and the Giant E83. Popeye and the Giant
Brutus uses garden growth pills to turn Wimpy into a giant.
6 links 04 Jan 2009
Hill Billy Dilly E84. Hill Billy Dilly
6 links
Popeye and the Magic Hat E85. Popeye and the Magic Hat
6 links 11 May 2009
Pest of the Pecos E86. Pest of the Pecos
6 links
The Blubbering Whaler E87. The Blubbering Whaler
6 links
Popeye and the Spinach Stalk E88. Popeye and the Spinach Stalk
Popeye climbs a giant spinach stalk and finds that Brutus the giant has kidnapped Olive and Eugene the Jeep in this skewed retelling of "Jack and the Beanstalk."
6 links 02 Apr 2007
Shoot the Chutes E89. Shoot the Chutes
6 links
Tiger Burger E90. Tiger Burger
6 links
Bottom Gun E91. Bottom Gun
6 links
Olive Drab and the Seven Sweapeas E92. Olive Drab and the Seven Sweapeas
The king sends his daughter, Olive Drab, on a quest to find Prince Popeye and the Seven Swee'Peas.
6 links 27 Jul 2007
Blinkin Beacon E93. Blinkin Beacon
6 links
Azteck Wreck E94. Azteck Wreck
6 links
The Green Dancin' Shoes E95. The Green Dancin' Shoes
6 links
Spare Dat Tree E96. Spare Dat Tree
6 links
The Glad Gladiator E97. The Glad Gladiator
6 links
The Golden Touch E98. The Golden Touch
6 links 27 Jul 2007
Hamburger Fishing E99. Hamburger Fishing
Wimpy catches a cow, who is really an enchanted princess. She grants him three wishes for letting her go, but the Sea Hag demands he use the wishes to make gold.
6 links 07 May 2008
Popeye the Popular Mechanic E100. Popeye the Popular Mechanic
Popeye's Folly E101. Popeye's Folly
Popeye's Used Car E102. Popeye's Used Car
Spinachonara E103. Spinachonara
Popeye and the Polite Dragon E104. Popeye and the Polite Dragon
Popeye the Ugly Ducklin E105. Popeye the Ugly Ducklin
Popeye's Tea Party E106. Popeye's Tea Party
The Troll Wot Got Gruff E107. The Troll Wot Got Gruff
Popeye the Lifeguard E108. Popeye the Lifeguard
Popeye in the Woods E109. Popeye in the Woods
After the Ball Went Over E110. After the Ball Went Over
Popeye and Brutus play ping pong, and the prize is a kiss from Olive.
04 May 2008
Popeye and Buddy Brutus E111. Popeye and Buddy Brutus
Popeye's Car Wash E112. Popeye's Car Wash
03 Apr 2007
Camel Aires E113. Camel Aires
Plumbers Pipe Dream E114. Plumbers Pipe Dream
Popeye's bungling attempts to fix Olive's faucet lead to an escalating series of disasters that culminate in flooding all of New York City.
30 Mar 2007
Popeye and the Herring Snatcher E115. Popeye and the Herring Snatcher
Invisible Popeye E116. Invisible Popeye
The Square Egg E117. The Square Egg
Old Salt Tale E118. Old Salt Tale
Jeep Tale E119. Jeep Tale
31 Mar 2007
The Super Duper Market E120. The Super Duper Market
21 Jul 2007
Golden-Type Fleece E121. Golden-Type Fleece
01 Apr 2007
Popeye the White Collar Man E122. Popeye the White Collar Man
Sweapea Thru the Looking Glass E123. Sweapea Thru the Looking Glass
The Black Knight E124. The Black Knight
Jingle Jangle Jungle E125. Jingle Jangle Jungle
In the jungle, Popeye and Brutus compete to get Olive a tiger skin.
04 May 2007
The Day Silky Went Blozo E126. The Day Silky Went Blozo
Rip Van Popeye E127. Rip Van Popeye
Mississippi Sissy E128. Mississippi Sissy
On a Mississippi riverboat, the villainous Jean Baptiste le Brute chases Olive, demanding a mysterious letter. Olive gives it to Popeye so that the brutish le Brute can't get it.
29 May 2007
Double Cross Country Feet Race E129. Double Cross Country Feet Race
Fashion Fotography E130. Fashion Fotography
05 May 2007
I Yam Wot I Yamnesia E131. I Yam Wot I Yamnesia
Paper Pasting Pandemonium E132. Paper Pasting Pandemonium
Coach Popeye E133. Coach Popeye
Popeyed Columbus E134. Popeyed Columbus
Popeye Revere E135. Popeye Revere
Popeye in Haweye E136. Popeye in Haweye
Forever Ambergris E137. Forever Ambergris
Popeye De Leon E138. Popeye De Leon
Popeyed Fisherman E139. Popeyed Fisherman
Popeye in the Grand Steeple Chase E140. Popeye in the Grand Steeple Chase
Uncivil War E141. Uncivil War
Popeye the Piano Mover E142. Popeye the Piano Mover
Popeye's Testimonial Dinner E143. Popeye's Testimonial Dinner
Around the World in Eighty Ways E144. Around the World in Eighty Ways
Popeye's Fixit Shop E145. Popeye's Fixit Shop
Bell Hop Popeye E146. Bell Hop Popeye
The Ghost Host E147. The Ghost Host
Strikes, Spares, an' Spinach E148. Strikes, Spares, an' Spinach
Jeep Is Jeep E149. Jeep Is Jeep
The Spinach Scholar E150. The Spinach Scholar
Psychiatricks E151. Psychiatricks
Rags to Riches to Rags E152. Rags to Riches to Rags
25 Jul 2007
Hair Cut-Ups E153. Hair Cut-Ups
Poppa Popeye E154. Poppa Popeye
Quick Change Olie E155. Quick Change Olie
The Valley of the Goons E156. The Valley of the Goons
Me Quest for Poopdeck Pappy E157. Me Quest for Poopdeck Pappy
Popeye discovers he's not an orphan after all. An old man who looks just like him lives on a faraway island, and now Popeye is on a quest to find him.
27 Jul 2007
Moby Hick E158. Moby Hick
Mirror Magic E159. Mirror Magic
It Only Hurts When They Laugh E160. It Only Hurts When They Laugh
Wimpy the Moocher E161. Wimpy the Moocher
Rough House is prepared to resist any and all of Wimpy's attempts to cheat him out of hamburgers. Wimpy's con job begins with buying a single raw oyster.
21 Jul 2007
Voo-Doo to You Too E162. Voo-Doo to You Too
The Sea Hag makes Olive Oyl her zombie slave and puts a voodoo spell on Popeye that keeps his arms stuck to his sides. Only Eugene the Jeep can help him now.
28 May 2007
Popeye Goes Sale-ing E163. Popeye Goes Sale-ing
03 Oct 2008
Popeye's Travels E164. Popeye's Travels
Incident at Missile City E165. Incident at Missile City
04 May 2007
Dog Catcher Popeye E166. Dog Catcher Popeye
What's News E167. What's News
Popeye and Olive travel to the small town Puddleburg where Popeye bought a newspaper company 'Puddleburg Splash'. Olive plans to teach the townspeople how to read but bullies tear ...
28 May 2007
Spinach Greetings E168. Spinach Greetings
The Baby Contest E169. The Baby Contest
Staffel 2
Season 2
Oil's Well That Ends Well E1. Oil's Well That Ends Well
Motor Knocks E2. Motor Knocks
Popeye and Olive stop by Brutus's Garage after running out of gas. But Brutus sabotages Popeye's car and steals away Olive.
29 Jun 2007
Amusement Park E3. Amusement Park
Duel to the Finish E4. Duel to the Finish
Olive entices Wimpy to her kitchen with the smell of hamburgers in order to make Popeye jealous. The male rivalry leads to an eating contest.
01 Jul 2007
Gem Jam E5. Gem Jam
In India, the Sea Hag hypnotizes Olive into stealing the sacred emerald from the crown of a jade idol, which puts a curse on the unwitting thief.
27 Jul 2007
The Bathing Beasts E6. The Bathing Beasts
The Rain Breaker E7. The Rain Breaker
Messin' Up the Mississippi E8. Messin' Up the Mississippi
Love Birds E9. Love Birds
Popeye buys Olive's lovebird a boyfriend. The two lovebirds, named Romeo and Juliet, quarrel and Romeo flies away. Olive demands that Popeye bring him back.
31 Mar 2007
Sea Serpent E10. Sea Serpent
Olive is a reporter who's so busy that she doesn't have time to be with Popeye. Her boss then tells her that there are rumored reports of a sea serpent at lochness so he sends her ...
29 May 2007
Boardering on Trouble E11. Boardering on Trouble
Aladdin's Lamp E12. Aladdin's Lamp
Popeye chases down the Sea Hag in order to take back the magic lamp she stole from Olive.
20 Jun 2007
Butler Up E13. Butler Up
The Leprechaun E14. The Leprechaun
County Fair E15. County Fair
Hamburgers Aweigh E16. Hamburgers Aweigh
Popeye's Double Trouble E17. Popeye's Double Trouble
When the Sea Hag overhears Popeye wishes he was lucky she asks her vulture to get out of her pouch a coin which gives whoever has it bad luck and throws it at Popeye hoping he will...
21 Jul 2007
Kiddie Kapers E18. Kiddie Kapers
Brutus goes to see the Sea Hag in the hopes that she will make him a youth potion to impress Olive. The potion changes his whole appearance and everything goes to plan until Olive ...
11 May 2009
The Mark of Zero E19. The Mark of Zero
Popeye tells Olive's niece the story of the Mark of Zero, starring himself as the good guy and Brutus as the villain.
21 Jul 2007
Myskery Melody E20. Myskery Melody
Scairdy Cat E21. Scairdy Cat
Operation Ice-Tickle E22. Operation Ice-Tickle
Olive tells Popeye and Brutus she'll go out with the first one who brings her back the North Pole -- which turns out to be an actual pole with red and white stripes.
03 Jul 2007
The Cure E23. The Cure
William Won't Tell E24. William Won't Tell
Pop Goes the Whistle E25. Pop Goes the Whistle
Autographically Yours E26. Autographically Yours
A Poil for Olive Oyl E27. A Poil for Olive Oyl
My Fair Olive E28. My Fair Olive
Giddy Gold E29. Giddy Gold
Strange Things Are Happening E30. Strange Things Are Happening
The Medicine Man E31. The Medicine Man
Olive begs Dr. Quack, aka Brutus, to cure Popeye's hiccups. But Dr. Quack wants Popeye's Spinach Health Juice off the market and Olive in his clutches.
02 Jul 2007
A Mite of Trouble E32. A Mite of Trouble
Who's Kidding Zoo E33. Who's Kidding Zoo
Robot Popeye E34. Robot Popeye
Sneaking Peeking E35. Sneaking Peeking
Seer-ring Is Believer-ring E36. Seer-ring Is Believer-ring
The Wiffle Bird's Revenge E37. The Wiffle Bird's Revenge
Going Going Gone E38. Going Going Gone
Popeye Thumb E39. Popeye Thumb
The Billionaire E40. The Billionaire
Model Muddle E41. Model Muddle
Which Is Witch E42. Which Is Witch
Disguise the Limit E43. Disguise the Limit
Spoil Sport E44. Spoil Sport
Have Time Will Travel E45. Have Time Will Travel
Intellectual Interlude E46. Intellectual Interlude
Partial Post E47. Partial Post
Weight for Me E48. Weight for Me
Popeye and Brutus return from six months at sea to find that Olive has gotten fat. Brutus indulges Olive's lust for food, while Popeye tries to force her to exercise.
29 Jun 2007
Canine Caprice E49. Canine Caprice
Roger E50. Roger
Tooth Be or Not Tooth Be E51. Tooth Be or Not Tooth Be
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