Power Rangers Turbo

Divatox has begun her invasion on Earth and the Power Rangers trade in their Zeo crystal powers for Turbo technology powers to combat this new threat.

Jahr: 1997−1998

Dauer: 30 min

Genres: Action, Adventure, Family

Stars: Blake Foster, Gregg Bullock, Carol Hoyt

IMDb: TT0118436

Bewertung: 5.9/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Shift Into Turbo: Part 1 E1. Shift Into Turbo: Part 1
Divatox returns to Earth seeking vengeance against the Power Rangers Turbo.
6 links 19 Apr 1997
Shift Into Turbo: Part 2 E2. Shift Into Turbo: Part 2
The Turbo Rangers race to stop Divatox from destroying the Angel Grove power plant during their graduation ceremony.
6 links 26 Apr 1997
Shift Into Turbo: Part 3 E3. Shift Into Turbo: Part 3
Zordon and Alpha 5 bid farewell to the planet Earth as Divatox escalates her assault on Angel Grove.
6 links 30 Apr 1997
Shadow Rangers E4. Shadow Rangers
Divatox's Chromite steals the Turbo Rangers' morphing energy to create evil shadow Rangers.
6 links 01 May 1997
Transmission Impossible E5. Transmission Impossible
Arriving from the Planet Inquiris to deliver a message of great importance to Dimitria, the alien Visceron is brought down by Divatox, and when he refuses to talk, she meddles with...
6 links 02 May 1997
Rally Ranger E6. Rally Ranger
Participating in a soapbox-car derby, Justin contends with a brutal pre-teen bully, named Warren, who's prepared to win at any cost. Meanwhile, with his detonator-making prowess .....
6 links 05 May 1997
Built for Speed E7. Built for Speed
Adam battles the lightning-quick Demon Racer as he tries to stop his peers from a dangerous drag race.
6 links 06 May 1997
Bicycle Built for the Blues E8. Bicycle Built for the Blues
Justin is trapped on a speeding bicycle in an explosive countdown to zero.
6 links 07 May 1997
The Whole Lie E9. The Whole Lie
Divatox's Mouth Piece Monster makes Justin lie constantly with a Piranhatron appearing for every lie.
6 links 08 May 1997
Glyph Hanger E10. Glyph Hanger
Divatox summons her ancient Egyptian ex-fiance Pharaoh to battle the Turbo Rangers.
6 links 10 May 1997
Weight and See E11. Weight and See
Divatox sends Numbor to cause Angel Grove to sink into the ocean while Kat worries about her weight.
6 links 12 May 1997
Alarmed and Dangerous E12. Alarmed and Dangerous
Divatox's forces set off false fire alarms all over Angel Grove as Justin deals with school bullies.
6 links 13 May 1997
The Millennium Message E13. The Millennium Message
The Blue Senturion time travels to present-day Angel Grove with a message from the future for Dimitria.
6 links 17 May 1997
A Drive to Win E14. A Drive to Win
Divatox sends Electrovolt to Angel Grove to ruin Adam's soccer team.
6 links 19 May 1997
Cars Attacks E15. Cars Attacks
Wolfgang Amadeus Griller comes to Angel Grove in order to transform automobiles to life.
6 links 20 May 1997
Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers: Part 1 E16. Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers: Part 1
The Power Rangers are shrunk to the size of insects.
6 links 21 May 1997
Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers: Part 2 E17. Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers: Part 2
The micronized Turbo Rangers go on an action-packed trip trying to escape from Divatox's Subcraft.
6 links 09 Sep 1997
Passing the Torch: Part 1 E18. Passing the Torch: Part 1
Visited by her mother Mama D, Divatox is inspired to take down the Turbo Rangers by removing their leader. While heading to the outskirts of Angel Grove to go camping with Adam, Ju...
6 links 10 Sep 1997
Passing the Torch: Part 2 E19. Passing the Torch: Part 2
Tommy, Kat, Adam, and Tanya pass their powers on to a new generation of Power Rangers.
6 links 11 Sep 1997
Stitch Witchery E20. Stitch Witchery
Ashley is excited when she gets a job working with an extravagant fashion designer. She's unaware, though, that the designer, Delisha Enevil, is actually a monster of Divatox's. As...
6 links 12 Sep 1997
The Wheel of Fate E21. The Wheel of Fate
Two intelligent cars from outer space called Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster travel to Earth.
6 links 15 Sep 1997
Trouble by the Slice E22. Trouble by the Slice
Divatox is struck by amnesia while the Power Rangers battle evil pizzas.
6 links 16 Sep 1997
The Phantom Phenomenon E23. The Phantom Phenomenon
The mysterious Phantom Ranger appears on Earth to assist the Power Rangers.
6 links 17 Sep 1997
Vanishing Act E24. Vanishing Act
The Rangers try to uncover why everything around them is disappearing including the Power Chamber.
6 links 18 Sep 1997
When Time Freezes Over E25. When Time Freezes Over
Divatox attempts to control time in order to freeze the planet Earth.
6 links 19 Sep 1997
The Darkest Day E26. The Darkest Day
General Havoc reinforces Divatox helping her capture the Turbo Megazord.
6 links 22 Sep 1997
One Last Hope E27. One Last Hope
With no way to defend Angel Grove, the Rangers turn to the Phantom Ranger for assistance.
6 links 23 Sep 1997
The Fall of the Phantom E28. The Fall of the Phantom
General Havoc and Divatox set a trap for the Phantom Ranger in order to capture his powerful Phantom Ruby.
6 links 25 Sep 1997
Clash of the Megazords E29. Clash of the Megazords
The Turbo Rangers race to stop the Turbo Megazord and save the Phantom Ranger as his life force ebbs away.
6 links 26 Sep 1997
The Robot Ranger E30. The Robot Ranger
Justin suspects that his fellow Rangers have been replaced by robots.
6 links 03 Oct 1997
Beware the Third Wish E31. Beware the Third Wish
The Wicked Wisher grants Divatox three wishes. One of which she uses to turn the Blue Senturion evil.
6 links 17 Oct 1997
Gardner of Evil E32. Gardner of Evil
The Power Rangers hurry to find the third wishing coin and restore the Blue Senturion.
6 links 10 Oct 1997
Fire in Your Tank E33. Fire in Your Tank
The Torch Tiger steals the Turbo Rangers' super fuel turning him into an arsonist nightmare.
6 links 30 Oct 1997
The Turn of the Wretched Wrench E34. The Turn of the Wretched Wrench
Ashley finds her auto mechanics class more difficult than she anticipated which is further complicated by her fellow student, the Maniac Mechanic.
6 links 31 Oct 1997
Spirit of the Woods E35. Spirit of the Woods
T.J. meets a mysterious young boy in the forest named Erutan.
6 links 03 Nov 1997
The Song of Confusion E36. The Song of Confusion
Cassie's new rock band turns out to be more than she bargained for.
6 links 07 Nov 1997
The Accident E37. The Accident
When Carlos injures a rival, even he isn't sure if it was really by accident.
6 links 10 Nov 1997
Cassie's Best Friend E38. Cassie's Best Friend
Cassie's uncannily smart dog Jetson is transformed into a human following a misfire by Divatox's latest monster, Mr. Goorific. Bulk & Skull are hired to help find the missing dog. ...
6 links 11 Nov 1997
The Curve Ball E39. The Curve Ball
T.J. needs to learn how to hit a curve ball if he's going to save his baseball team's chances of victory as well as the world.
6 links 12 Nov 1997
Carlos and the Count E40. Carlos and the Count
An encounter with a mutated lunar bat leaves Carlos with an aversion to sunlight, and a powerful thirst - for blood!
6 links 13 Nov 1997
Little Strong Man E41. Little Strong Man
Justin has trouble trying out for sports, as he's too small and young to compete with the other teens. When an ant, mutated by Bulk & Skull's strange exterminator spray, bites him,...
6 links 14 Nov 1997
The Rival Rangers E42. The Rival Rangers
Ashley wants go to school dance with a new guy, Bobby. Cassie, though, wants the same, and saw him first. The two gals get rather down and dirty in competing for him. Meanwhile, th...
6 links 17 Nov 1997
Parts and Parcel E43. Parts and Parcel
Bulk and Skull are blamed for the thefts of several mechanical parts from the "Super Duper Fast Delivery" service they've begun working for. TJ attempts to help prove their innocen...
6 links 18 Nov 1997
Chase Into Space: Part 1 E44. Chase Into Space: Part 1
Justin faces the possibility of having to move away as against overwhelming odds, the Turbo Rangers charge into their final battle.
6 links 21 Nov 1997
Chase Into Space: Part 2 E45. Chase Into Space: Part 2
The remaining Power Rangers blast off into outer space to try and save Zordon.
6 links 24 Nov 1997
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