Megan Smith (JoAnna Garcia) ist eine frustrierte, junge New Yorkerin. Sie hat vor noch nicht all zu langer Zeit ihr Studium in Yale absolviert, kann aber in ihrem Traumberuf als seriöse Journalistin nicht wirklich Fuß fassen. Statt über wichtige Persönlich...

Jahr: 2008−2009

Dauer: 45 min

Genres: Comedy

Stars: Lucy Hale, JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Ashley Newbrough

IMDb: TT1197567

Bewertung: 7/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Pilot E1. Pilot
Megan Smith is an ambitious, determined, but neurotic and klutzy, 23-year-old Yale graduate who plans to become a famous journalist only to lose her job and have her New York City ...
4 links 09 Sep 2008
All About Honesty E2. All About Honesty
Megan is ecstatic to be attending a gala event of the rich and famous where Laurel introduces her to several influential individuals whom Megan hopes will lead her to further caree...
4 links 16 Sep 2008
All About What You Really, Really Want E3. All About What You Really, Really Want
On the first day back at Rose and Sage's prep high school, the school headmaster, Jacob Cassidy, tells Rose that she will have to repeat her freshman year because of her bad grades...
4 links 23 Sep 2008
All About the Power Position E4. All About the Power Position
Megan becomes disturbed when she finds an adult DVD in Rose's book bag in which she plans to use as practice for sex with her boyfriend Max, and Megan is further unnerved when she ...
4 links 30 Sep 2008
All About Friends and Family E5. All About Friends and Family
When Laurel goes out of town, she asks Megan to chaperon a pool-party that the girls are hosting. Rose convinces Megan to invite her sister, Lily, to the party. Charlie confesses h...
4 links 07 Oct 2008
All About Appearances E6. All About Appearances
In an effort to bond Laurel with her granddaughters, Megan suggests that Laurel use the twins in a new advertising campaign for her cosmetics company. The plan backfires when Laure...
4 links 21 Oct 2008
All About the Haves and the Have-Nots E7. All About the Haves and the Have-Nots
Megan has a run-in with her estranged father whom she decides to make an effort to reconcile by inviting him over at the mansion for dinner. But Arthur Smith inadvertently brings a...
4 links 28 Oct 2008
All About Defining Yourself E8. All About Defining Yourself
Megan tells Laurel she wants to write a biography about her, but Laurel wants to hire a ghost writer to write the book which makes Megan feel left out. But later, Megan investigate...
4 links 04 Nov 2008
All About Insecurities E9. All About Insecurities
Megan is ecstatic when her former college roommate, Caryn, arrives for a visit, and to update her on her present career which prompts Megan to think about her own life as to where ...
4 links 11 Nov 2008
All About Overcompensating E10. All About Overcompensating
Megan becomes more uncertain about where she stands in her growing romance with Will when he claims to have dated a lot more that she has, So, Megan asks Charlie's latest girlfrien...
4 links 18 Nov 2008
All About Love, Actually E11. All About Love, Actually
Megan decides to punish Rose after learning that she tried to cheat on her history exam by grounding her, which is not an easy thing to carry out when Rose takes her punishment a l...
4 links 01 Dec 2008
All About the Ripple Effect E12. All About the Ripple Effect
Megan becomes more neurotic and uncomfortable when her eccentric and estranged mother Shelby, whom she hasn't seen in 16 years, suddenly shows up to visit Arthur. Megan instead con...
4 links 08 Dec 2008
All About What Lies Beneath E13. All About What Lies Beneath
Hoping to spend more time with Luis, Sage and Rose plan a charity dinner for Cuban refugees. Megan comes clean to her mother about her feelings of abandonment. Charlie returns to s...
4 links 06 Jan 2009
All About Tough Love E14. All About Tough Love
Megan seeks to aid her sister, and in so doing learns why Lily is in jail. Will offers to bail Lily out, but both Arthur and Megan refuse saying that Lily should learn a lesson by ...
3 links 13 Jan 2009
All About the Big Picture E15. All About the Big Picture
Will introduces Megan to his parents. Rose's new boyfriend, Zachary, discovers a picture of her partying with Pete Wentz.
4 links 20 Jan 2009
All About Confessions E16. All About Confessions
When Charlie announces that he will be leaving down to go back to college in San Diego, Megan's natural neurotic reaction is that she fears she will never see her best friend again...
4 links 03 Feb 2009
All About Betrayal E17. All About Betrayal
Rose tells Sage the truth about who their grandfather is, causing a confrontation between Laurel and the twins. Laurel gets more bad luck when Elyse Valencour, Miles Franklin's dau...
4 links 10 Feb 2009
All About a Brand New You! E18. All About a Brand New You!
While Marco and Keith plan for their upcoming commitment wedding, Rose and Sage's sisterly relationship takes a bad turn when Rose decides to ditch their annual plans for spring br...
4 links 24 Feb 2009
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