Profiling Paris

Chloé Saint-Laurent (Odile Vuillemin) ist eine junge Kriminologin, die in der Lage ist, sich bei Mordfällen in die Rollen der jeweiligen Opfer und Täter so sehr hineinzuversetzen, dass sie den Tathergang erstaunlich lebensecht nachempfinden kann. Der Paris...

Jahr: 2009

Dauer: 52 min

Genres: Crime, Thriller

Writers: Fanny Robert, Sophie Lebarbier

Stars: Odile Vuillemin, Jean-Michel Martial, Raphaël Ferret

IMDb: TT1418572

Bewertung: 7.7/10

Staffel -1
Season -1
Episode dated 18 September 2016 E-1. Episode dated 18 September 2016
18 Sep 2016
Staffel 1
Season 1
Moins que rien E1. Moins que rien
Parisian criminal police commissioner Matthieu Pérac is not amused when his captain adds to his team on six months 'trial' criminology teacher Chloé Saint-Laurent, who ignores all ...
6 links 12 Feb 2015
Sans rémission E2. Sans rémission
Rising physician Thomas Cavellian is poisoned at the hospital where his impossible to please bully father Robert is chief of staff. Similar poisoned chocolates are intercepted befo...
12 links 19 Feb 2015
Le fils prodigue E3. Le fils prodigue
A brilliant Parisian bachelor lawyer is murdered. He was fired weeks earlier for atypically deserting his job after failing to save a young client. The team works out the case turn...
12 links 26 Feb 2015
Paradis perdu E4. Paradis perdu
Selfmade Paris art dealer Vincent's second wife Juliette is fatally stabbed by their lush villa's pool. He left his first wife and their adolescent son Anthony for Juliette, who ap...
12 links 30 Apr 2009
Quelqu'un de bien E5. Quelqu'un de bien
12 links 07 May 2009
Derrière le masque E6. Derrière le masque
Parisian Vautier mobilizes Matthieu Pérac's team to look for his teenage daughter Laura, which he reported missing months ago. When interviewed the right way, sole school friend Am...
12 links 07 May 2009
Staffel 2
Season 2
Passé composé E1. Passé composé
Popular Aurelia Valencourt's skull was smashed after a neighborhood party. She has started a crazy life of street crime after receiving a terminal diagnosis, which she hid for her ...
12 links 27 May 2010
Les fils de l'homme E2. Les fils de l'homme
Single teacher Natalie was knocked death and dragged into the girls boarding school afterward. She was just denied the right to adopt, but also pregnant, both of which she kept sec...
14 links 27 May 2010
Comme sa mère E3. Comme sa mère
In a container on the Paris docks, worked by the very crew where Matthieu once worked as summer long, is found the facially defiled corpse of Raphaël Mirmont, who resigned there a ...
12 links 03 Jun 2010
Une vie pour une autre E4. Une vie pour une autre
In a Paris crematorium, a woman's corpse is discovered 'smuggled' in another coffin while already being incinerated, but dental records still allow identification. She had neglecte...
12 links 03 Jun 2010
De l'autre côté du miroir E5. De l'autre côté du miroir
12 links 10 Jun 2010
Réussir ou mourir E6. Réussir ou mourir
12 links 10 Jun 2010
Renaissance E7. Renaissance
After a major domestic row, Matthieu wakes up naked in colleague Fred's bed, brought over by Chloe. Captain Lamarck witnesses a child being victim of a hut and run. The culprit dri...
12 links 18 Nov 2010
Lame de fond E8. Lame de fond
Thailand tsunami surviver Stephanie Lavaudant was killed. Her complicate delusions focus on her surviving husband Christophe. Matthieu makes a first move to reconciliation with his...
12 links 18 Nov 2010
L'âge sombre E9. L'âge sombre
The team is reinforced with a detective from another district after it turns out their victim is the latest of a serial killer has been chasing in vain for years. Profiling and amp...
12 links 25 Nov 2010
Retour à la terre E10. Retour à la terre
Environmental extremist movement veteran Alban's corpse is found in the forest, skull smashed, teeth and fingers mutilated, yet buried with respect. Matthieu's team works out he pr...
8 links 25 Nov 2010
Tu m'aimeras E11. Tu m'aimeras
Marie Saurier is found by the roadside, no trace of sex, with an overdose of alcohol, by tube. She left the speed-dates her brother Jonathan arranged for her, mistrusting her boyfr...
12 links 02 Dec 2010
Addiction E12. Addiction
12 links 02 Dec 2010
Staffel 3
Season 3
Un seul être vous manque E1. Un seul être vous manque
After the death of Matthew Perac, Chloe Saint-Laurent has taken some time off, and has vanished from the scene. Meanwhile, Perac's position has been filled by Rocher. Just as he an...
12 links 24 Feb 2012
À votre service E2. À votre service
Camille, a young and modest woman, is found dead. A former law student with a brilliant future in store, she had thrown it all away to become a housemaid for the wealthy Marchand f...
12 links 02 Mar 2012
Le plus beau jour de sa vie E3. Le plus beau jour de sa vie
A woman is stabbed on her wedding day. She falls into a coma and is rushed to the hospital. The method reminds Chloe of something - with reason. It turns out the victim is engaged ...
12 links 22 Mar 2012
Sans relâche E4. Sans relâche
Dimitri Saillan, a young man with no known priors, is found shot to death at the edge of a cemetery in Paris. Chloe and Rocher soon discover that he had been traumatized by the ass...
12 links 22 Mar 2012
Grande soeur E5. Grande soeur
The bodies of two women are found on the banks of the Seine. One is a readily recognizable journalist, the other is impossible to identify. What links the two victims? The subject ...
12 links 29 Mar 2012
Ma vie sans toi E6. Ma vie sans toi
Chloe and Rocher discover the corpse of Francois Renier, a man declared dead 10 years ago. The team finds out that this family man, suffering from huge debts, had staged his own de...
12 links 29 Mar 2012
D'entre les morts E7. D'entre les morts
Adrien Keller, a respected reporter who survived two years of captivity in a FARC camp in Columbia, is assassinated just before he was slated to give a press conference to launch h...
12 links 05 Apr 2012
Le prix de la liberté E8. Le prix de la liberté
Contemporary art photographer Jeanne Krakowski is found murdered in her loft. Her dazzling success had apparently led her to turn her back on her husband and little seven-year old ...
12 links 05 Apr 2012
Fantômes E9. Fantômes
Fred and Hyppolite break down as they are coming home from a party in the middle of the night, during a violent storm. In a large, isolated house, they find the lifeless body of a ...
12 links 12 Apr 2012
Captive E10. Captive
12 links 12 Apr 2012
Insoupçonnable: 1ère partie E11. Insoupçonnable: 1ère partie
The lifeless body of Laure Brevin, hard-hitting commissioner of the Banditry Repression Brigade, is found in her decimated apartment. Brevin and her team had been working for two y...
12 links 19 Apr 2012
Insoupçonnable: 2ème partie E12. Insoupçonnable: 2ème partie
In the wake of a horrible car accident caused by the number one suspect of their investigation, Chloe falls into a coma. From that moment on, Rocher has only one obsession : to cat...
12 links 19 Apr 2012
Staffel 4
Season 4
L'étoile filante E1. L'étoile filante
A beautiful woman in her forties is found dead at the back of a jazz club, where she had been singing for the last few weeks. The club manager only knows her stage name: Julie Garl...
13 links 15 Feb 2013
Panique E2. Panique
A crazy sniper terrorizes all of Paris by opening fire on crowds. The city is on red alert. After two murderous gunnings, Chloe and Rocher succeed in identifying the killer: Adrien...
13 links 22 Feb 2013
Destins croisés E3. Destins croisés
The lifeless body of Antoine Garrel is found on display in a shop window in the neighborhood, hands and feet bound, with a gagged mouth. A psychologist specialized in couple therap...
13 links 01 Mar 2013
Silence radio E4. Silence radio
Chloe makes a guest appearance on a series of late-night radio shows about psychology in daily life. Among the callers, on a range between eccentric and totally nuts, is one woman ...
13 links 08 Mar 2013
Disparus E5. Disparus
Tension is at an all-time high on Skela and Chloe's team. Two kids named Quentin (10 years) and Manon (5 years) have disappeared from their parents' hotel room. Claire and Bastien ...
13 links 19 Sep 2013
Réminiscences E6. Réminiscences
At the end of a conference held out on an open square for members of the police force, Chloe is approached by Marianne Garnier, who begs her to investigate into the circumstances o...
9 links 19 Sep 2013
Juste avant l'oubli E7. Juste avant l'oubli
The episode opens in 1945, with the discovery of the dead body of Armand Jonquet, a veteran of the French Resistance. The agent leading the investigation, Pierre Barreau (a look-al...
13 links 26 Sep 2013
De père en fils E8. De père en fils
pregnant woman just about to give birth has been brutally attacked in a park. While she and the baby are on the brink of death, Rocher and Chloe find out that she had been in Paris...
13 links 20 Sep 2013
Possession E9. Possession
Marie, a 25-year old young woman, is found stabbed to death on the altar of a church. Gabriel Mangin, a young repeat offender, comes forth and admits to having murdered her. When q...
14 links 27 Sep 2013
La poudre aux yeux E10. La poudre aux yeux
Tension is at an all-time high for Chloe and Rocher's team, under the gun of the Police Inspector General. The police of the police looks into the Julie Lafayette case, a seemingly...
10 links 03 Oct 2013
Dans la lumière E11. Dans la lumière
Just as the Chief of Police brings in three young criminologists selected to participate in a hands-on internship led by Chloe Saint-Laurent, the criminal brigade receives a shocki...
13 links 10 Oct 2013
Sortir de l'ombre E12. Sortir de l'ombre
When Chloe attends a party held by the Chief of Police, she sees a woman among the guests and passes out on the spot. And with good reason: as she reveals to Rocher upon awakening,...
14 links 10 Oct 2013
Staffel 5
Season 5
Un pour tous E1. Un pour tous
The body of a young woman is found dismembered. Her murderer took care to send all of her body parts out to addresses all over France. The victim, 22-year old Violette Grimal, was ...
15 links 30 Aug 2014
Poupée russe E2. Poupée russe
Seventy-year old Georges Vitalis abducts and attempts to kill Alice, the daughter of his future son in law, but is arrested just in the nick of time by Rocher and his team. Soon af...
15 links 16 Oct 2014
Face caméra E3. Face caméra
A team of journalists has been given authorization to film Rocher and his team at work on a case. When they discover the dead body of Jessica Serrano, a waitress who was hiding sev...
14 links 06 Sep 2014
Sur la liste E4. Sur la liste
A student opens fire for more than an hour on his fellow college students, and films the massacre on his cell phone. Rocher worries about not being able to find the crime weapon, b...
14 links 23 Oct 2014
Tempêtes: 1ère partie E5. Tempêtes: 1ère partie
While Chloe meets her former professor and mentor at a criminology conference in Belle-Ile-en-Mer, Rocher is dealing with the murder of a young babysitter who was beaten to death. ...
14 links 13 Sep 2014
Tempêtes: 2ème partie E6. Tempêtes: 2ème partie
Adele joins the team to help clear charges against Chloe, who has been charged with murdering all the criminologists at the conference in Belle-Ile-en-Mer. The situation, which is ...
15 links 30 Oct 2014
Les prédateurs E7. Les prédateurs
An extremely troubled young woman comes in to file rape charges with absolutely no memory of what happened the night before. She seems to have been drugged, then woke up naked in h...
14 links 20 Sep 2014
Entre deux E8. Entre deux
Chloe and Rocher rush onto the scene of a crime: an apartment where EMTs have found the corpse of a young athletics teacher who has been castrated. Chloe is questioning the psychol...
14 links 20 Sep 2014
Au nom de mon fils E9. Au nom de mon fils
Chloe and Rocher get an urgent call to a freeway rest stop, where witnesses saw a woman try to get out of a car trunk, only to be beaten and forced back into the trunk by the drive...
14 links 27 Sep 2014
Jusqu'au bout de la nuit E10. Jusqu'au bout de la nuit
A young woman is hit in the middle of the night by the utility van of a forest ranger. She was running breathlessly in the middle of the forest, half-naked and covered in blood. Bl...
13 links 27 Sep 2014
Pour toujours E11. Pour toujours
Hyppolite is about to get married in a country church.The priest and guests are there, everyone is ready.Except for his bride Jessica, who keeps everyone waiting. Finally, she call...
14 links 04 Dec 2014
À jamais E12. À jamais
Chloe and Rocher have managed to identify the man responsible for the disappearance of five women considered dead at the hospital, as well as the brutal attack on Fred: Doctor Tobi...
14 links 04 Dec 2014
Staffel 6
Season 6
Impardonnable E1. Impardonnable
After months in a psychiatric institution, Chloe returns to find the criminal investigation division still in shock from Fred's death. She can't do field investigating, but Lamarck...
05 Nov 2015
Viscéral E2. Viscéral
Rocher and the new lieutenant Emma witness the death of a female student in prep school found suffering in the basement of her high school. The first witness accounts point the inv...
05 Nov 2015
Maîtresse E3. Maîtresse
While still relegated to the archive department, Chloe is called in by Rocher to investigate the disappearance of Arthur, eight years old. And with good reason: the boy, who disapp...
8 links 12 Nov 2015
La chasse E4. La chasse
A young man is found dead on the road, but he looks like he was hunted. Hypolite's abduction is not what it looks like. Thomas' old friend from the military days is in town, but Th...
9 links 12 Nov 2015
Sacrifiées E5. Sacrifiées
A young girl is missing, and Chloé and the others are on the case. A PI investigating the same case is someone from the past.
19 Nov 2015
Démoniaque E6. Démoniaque
A woman and her six month old baby are missing. The husband is a prime suspect. However, there is a twist that has to do with witchcraft. Meanwhile, Chloé makes plans for reunion w...
9 links 19 Nov 2015
Résiliences E7. Résiliences
9 links 26 Nov 2015
9 links 26 Nov 2015
Les poupées E9. Les poupées
9 links 03 Dec 2015
Alice E10. Alice
10 Dec 2015
Staffel 7
Season 7
Les Adieux - 1 E1. Les Adieux - 1
20 Oct 2016
Les Adieux - 2 E2. Les Adieux - 2
27 Oct 2016
En eaux troubles E3. En eaux troubles
03 Nov 2016
Halloween E4. Halloween
03 Nov 2016
Le retour E5. Le retour
17 Nov 2016
Le corbeau E6. Le corbeau
17 Nov 2016
De tout mon coeur E7. De tout mon coeur
01 Dec 2016
Momie E8. Momie
01 Dec 2016
Les Élus, première partie E9. Les Élus, première partie
08 Dec 2016
Les Élus, deuxième partie E10. Les Élus, deuxième partie
08 Dec 2016
Staffel 8
Season 8
Le prisonnier E1. Le prisonnier
07 Sep 2017
Le prisonnier: 2ème partie E2. Le prisonnier: 2ème partie
07 Sep 2017
Les héritiers: 1ère partie E3. Les héritiers: 1ère partie
14 Sep 2017
Les héritiers: 2ème partie E4. Les héritiers: 2ème partie
14 Sep 2017
Mère patrie E5. Mère patrie
21 Sep 2017
De chair et d'os E6. De chair et d'os
21 Sep 2017
Intime conviction: 1ère partie E7. Intime conviction: 1ère partie
28 Sep 2017
Intime conviction: 2ème partie E8. Intime conviction: 2ème partie
28 Sep 2017
Burn Out E9. Burn Out
05 Oct 2017
Vertiges E10. Vertiges
05 Oct 2017
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