Durch den technischen Fortschritt ist es nun möglich das Gewaltpotential eines Menschen durch Analyse seiner Psyche festzustellen, weshalb man dazu übergegangen ist die Bevölkerung laufend zu überwachen und ihre Daten im Psycho-Pass festzuhalten. All dieje...

Jahr: 2012

Dauer: 25 min

Genres: Action, Animation, Crime

Writers: Tow Ubukata

Stars: Kana Hanazawa, Robert McCollum, Kate Oxley

IMDb: TT2379308

Bewertung: 8.3/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Hanzai Keisuu E1. Hanzai Keisuu
In a world where minds can be analyzed for potential threats of crime and mental instability, Inspector Tsunemori Akane is sent to deal with her first case along with fellow inspec...
11 links 11 Oct 2012
Nashi Uru Mono E2. Nashi Uru Mono
While Kogami is recuperating from Akane's Paralyzer shot, she begins to worry about whether she is suited to be an Inspector after the fallout from her first case. On her second da...
9 links 19 Oct 2012
Shiiku no sahou E3. Shiiku no sahou
Ginoza and Akane, along with the Enforcers, are brought in to investigate a death caused by a Drone at a Drone manufacturing plant. When the Psycho-Pass of the entire staff checks ...
9 links 26 Oct 2012
Dare mo Shiranai Anata no Kamen E4. Dare mo Shiranai Anata no Kamen
When the CID is brought in to investigate a disappearance of Kimihiko Hayama, they discover that not only has he been killed, but someone has taken over his net avatar, Talisman. T...
9 links 02 Nov 2012
Dare mo Shiranai Anata no Kao E5. Dare mo Shiranai Anata no Kao
The CID's hunt for Kimihiko Hayama's killer leads them to another murder with the same modus operandi. Now it's up to the CID to figure out how to track down the killer's real iden...
9 links 09 Nov 2012
Kyououji no kikan E6. Kyououji no kikan
After reading Kogami's personnel file, Akane attempts to learn more about Kogami's past and why he ended up as an Enforcer. Meanwhile, the CID detectives attempt to figure out who ...
9 links 16 Nov 2012
Shiran no Hanakotoba E7. Shiran no Hanakotoba
After realizing that the recent murders and the Specimen Case are indeed connected, Ginoza takes Kogami off the case and requests Tsunemori to watch over him. Tsunemori discusses S...
9 links 23 Nov 2012
Ato wa, Chinmoku E8. Ato wa, Chinmoku
With his profiling skills, Kogami determines that the girls' school killer isn't the same murderer from the unsolved case years ago; he explains that the recent murders lack "origi...
9 links 30 Nov 2012
Rakuen no Kajitsu E9. Rakuen no Kajitsu
Kogami, attempting to track down Makishima, takes Tsunemori to visit his former teacher, Jouji Saiga, who agrees to give her a crash course on criminal profiling; however, Ginoza r...
9 links 07 Dec 2012
Metosura no Yuugi E10. Metosura no Yuugi
Kogami, attempting to track down Makishima, takes Tsunemori to visit his former teacher, Jouji Saiga, who agrees to give her a crash course on criminal profiling; however, Ginoza r...
9 links 14 Dec 2012
The Saint's Supper E11. The Saint's Supper
With a drone delivering him a Dominator, Kogami manages to outwit Senguji and kill him, although he also takes some shots in the process. Just then, Yuki is captured by Makishima, ...
10 links 21 Dec 2012
Devil's Crossroad E12. Devil's Crossroad
Taking place three years prior to the series, the episode focuses on Yayoi, who was a guitarist in a band before being imprisoned in a rehabilitation facility for being a latent cr...
9 links 28 Dec 2012
Invitation from the Abyss E13. Invitation from the Abyss
Ginoza meets up with the head of the Public Security Bureau about Makishima, who confidentially reveals to him about the real culprit of the Specimen Case, Touma Kouzoburou, three ...
13 links 15 Jan 2013
Sweet Poison E14. Sweet Poison
A man in a helmet breaks into a pharmacy, kills the staff, and departs with drugs. When the MWSPB arrives on the scene, they find his coefficient wasn't high enough to raise an ala...
13 links 22 Jan 2013
The Town Where Sulfur Falls E15. The Town Where Sulfur Falls
As footage of the helmet killings appear on the Internet, the helmets are distributed to more criminals who begin committing more horrendous crimes out in the open, prompting blood...
13 links 29 Jan 2013
The Gates of Judgment E16. The Gates of Judgment
As Akane, Kogami, and Shuusei enter the Nona Tower, Makishima intends to act as a diversion at the top of the tower while Guseong reaches the core of the Sibyl System in the hidden...
6 links 05 Feb 2013
Iron Guts E17. Iron Guts
After Makishima is taken in and the riots are brought under control, Kogami remains curious about how Makishima will be judged, as well as the whereabouts of Shuusei. Later that da...
6 links 12 Feb 2013
Promises Written in Water E18. Promises Written in Water
As Ginoza discovers that he is unauthorized to investigate the crash site of Makishima's carrier, Kasei reassigns him on recapturing Makishima and requests that Kogami should be ta...
9 links 19 Feb 2013
Transparent Shadows E19. Transparent Shadows
Ginoza, whose Hue is now problematic, eschews intensive therapy in order to work on retrieving Kogami and Makishima. He argues with Masaoka over his "softness", and declares his in...
13 links 26 Feb 2013
Where Justice Is Found E20. Where Justice Is Found
The Sibyl System reveals itself to Akane and notes that she understands the necessity of the system, if not its justifiability. Makishima finds the professor who is responsible for...
13 links 05 Mar 2013
Blood-Stained Reward E21. Blood-Stained Reward
Following Makishima and Kogami, the CID Division 1 detectives arrive at the facility where the Uka-no-Mitama virus is managed. Now it's a race between Kogami and the CID to see who...
13 links 12 Mar 2013
A Perfect World E22. A Perfect World
The series heads to a conclusion as Kogami and Makishima are locked in mortal combat, while Akane tries to stop Kogami from killing Makishima in order to save Kogami's life and uph...
6 links 19 Mar 2013
Staffel 2
Season 2
The Scales of Justice (299/300) E1. The Scales of Justice (299/300)
Some time after the events of Season 1, inspector Tsunemori, now the senior inspector in her old team, commands several new inspectors and enforcers. A disturbing series of bombing...
6 links 09 Oct 2014
The Creeping Unknown E2. The Creeping Unknown
The bomber is captured, but his high crime coefficient becomes normal again, which should be impossible. Inspector Tsunemori discovers letters "WC" scratched on her window. Inspect...
6 links 17 Oct 2014
The Devil's Proof E3. The Devil's Proof
Inspector Tsunemori starts to believe that the missing inspector has been kidnapped by a person who can't be read by the psycho-scanners. Since this should be impossible, she asks ...
6 links 24 Oct 2014
The Salvation of Job E4. The Salvation of Job
An agile murderous psychotic elderly man has trapped Inspector Aoyanagi and several patients. His Crime Coefficient somehow remains clear no matter how brutal he becomes, so she ca...
6 links 31 Oct 2014
Unforbidden Games E5. Unforbidden Games
A man known as Kamui brainwashes Inspector Shisui and is able to wield her Dominator. The other inspectors close in on his suspected position, but it's just another deadly trap. Ha...
6 links 06 Nov 2014
Those Who Cast Stones E6. Those Who Cast Stones
The hack made the mechs controllable by unsuspecting citizens who think they're playing their favorite handheld game. If the inspectors shut down the system, mass hysteria and rise...
6 links 13 Nov 2014
Untraceable Children E7. Untraceable Children
Inspector Tsunemori and her team finally piece together who Kamui actually is. However, several important questions remain. For instance, why Sybil won't deactivate the stolen Domi...
6 links 20 Nov 2014
Conception of the Oracle E8. Conception of the Oracle
The team apprehends the doctor who operated on Kamui as a child and learn more information about Kamui's motivations. Meanwhile, Inspector Mika, who hates Inspector Tsunemori, find...
6 links 27 Nov 2014
Omnipotence Paradox E9. Omnipotence Paradox
Sinister chief Kasei and sadistic enforcer Togane tell nosy Inspector Mika all about Sybil and make her their pawn. Meanwhile, Inspector Tsunemori's team tracks down a person who m...
6 links 04 Dec 2014
Gauging the Soul E10. Gauging the Soul
Kamui makes his final move, so chief Kasei orders Inspector Tsunemori to kill him and sends enforcer Togane to force her to do it by any means necessary. Inspector Tsunemori is abo...
6 links 11 Dec 2014
What Color? E11. What Color?
Inspector Tsunemori makes her choice. Now it's Sybil's turn to make a choice.
6 links 18 Dec 2014
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