Pushing Daisies

Es war einmal ein wohlerzogener Junge namens Ned, der eines Tages merkte, dass er tote Dinge anfassen und zurück ins Leben holen konnte. Der erwachsene Ned nutzt seine Gabe zum guten Zweck, nicht nur dass er verfaulte Früchte mit ewig währendem Wohlgeschma...

Jahr: 2007−2009

Dauer: 44 min

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Writers: Bryan Fuller

Stars: Chi McBride, Anna Friel, Lee Pace

IMDb: TT0925266

Bewertung: 8.4/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Pie-lette E1. Pie-lette
Ned uses his unique powers to bring his childhood crush, Chuck, back to life and solve her murder. But he is also forced to keep his distance from her, because if he touches her, s...
6 links 04 Dec 2008
Dummy E2. Dummy
The team investigates an unusual car manufacturer after a murder victim claims that he was killed by a crash test dummy.
6 links 17 Dec 2008
The Fun in Funeral E3. The Fun in Funeral
Emerson asks Ned to bring the funeral director he killed back to life, knowing that it will expose the secret about why Chuck is still alive. Olive also learns about Ned and Chuck'...
6 links 25 May 2011
Pigeon E4. Pigeon
Emerson, Ned and Chuck are on a case of stolen jewelry goods, and solving a murder/suicide case, as well as finding out about a missing prisoner.
6 links 29 Oct 2007
Girth E5. Girth
In this Halloween episode, Emerson and Olive track down a "ghost" who's been killing the jockeys at the old race arena where Olive used to race as a former jockey herself. With hel...
6 links 25 May 2011
Bitches E6. Bitches
When a dog breeder is poisoned to death, suspicion falls upon his four wives as well as a businessman who was planning to market his new breed of dog.
6 links 18 Feb 2012
Smell of Success E7. Smell of Success
A woman dies in a scratch-and-sniff book explosion. Was the scientist who wrote the book the target of the explosion, or was this part of an intentional publicity stunt gone horrib...
6 links 19 Feb 2012
Bitter Sweets E8. Bitter Sweets
The owners of a new candy store hope to put The Pie Hole out of business. And when one of the store's owners turns up dead, Ned is wrongfully charged with murder.
6 links 20 Feb 2012
Corpsicle E9. Corpsicle
Ned tries to make amends with Chuck after his confession, and Emerson finds a corpse in ice.
6 links 13 Dec 2007
Staffel 2
Season 2
Bzzzzzzzzz! E1. Bzzzzzzzzz!
The gang tries to solve a murder of a woman who works for a company that makes beauty products from honey.
6 links 24 Feb 2012
Circus, Circus E2. Circus, Circus
The Pie Maker and his friends solve a mystery in the most unlikeliest of places: the circus.
6 links 26 May 2011
Bad Habits E3. Bad Habits
Ned, Chuck, and Emerson go to Olive's nunnery to solve a murder. However, Olive is nervous that she will reveal to Chuck the secret identity of her real mother.
6 links 26 Feb 2012
Frescorts E4. Frescorts
Emerson's mom comes to town just in time to help the team investigate the murder of an employee at a professional friendship service business. Chuck and Olive move in together afte...
6 links 26 May 2011
Dim Sum Lose Some E5. Dim Sum Lose Some
While the gang investigates a murder at the Dim Sum restaurant below Emerson's office, a woman from Emerson's past reenters his life. Meanwhile, Olive and Chuck discover that Ned h...
6 links 28 Feb 2012
Oh Oh Oh... It's Magic E6. Oh Oh Oh... It's Magic
The team investigates the disappearance of the magician who took Ned's two half-brothers under his wing. Dwight Dixon comes to Lily and Vivian searching for a pocketwatch, and Chuc...
6 links 27 May 2011
Robbing Hood E7. Robbing Hood
The detectives connect the death of a millionaire to a modern day Robin Hood, while also trying to figure out what Dwight is really up to.
6 links 01 Mar 2012
Comfort Food E8. Comfort Food
Chuck doesn't tell Ned that she kept her father alive after Ned brought him back, and Dwight Dixon dies because of it. Meanwhile, Ned and Olive are left to solve the murder of one ...
6 links 02 Mar 2012
The Legend of Merle McQuoddy E9. The Legend of Merle McQuoddy
Emerson and Olive investigate the murder of an infamous lighthouse keeper's wife, while Chuck's father schemes to keep Ned and Chuck separated forever.
6 links 28 May 2011
The Norwegians E10. The Norwegians
While Ned and Chuck try to locate the whereabouts of Chuck's father, Vivian hires a crack team of Norwegian investigators to help find Dwight Dixon.
6 links 04 Mar 2012
Window Dressed to Kill E11. Window Dressed to Kill
Ned refuses to help Chuck and Emerson solve the murder of a department store window display artist, and is forced to pose as Olive's fiancé when Olive's childhood "kidnappers" arri...
6 links 29 May 2011
Water & Power E12. Water & Power
The death of the man who runs the local dam puts Emerson on a trail that leads back to his ex, and perhaps his long-lost daughter.
6 links 06 Mar 2012
Kerplunk E13. Kerplunk
One-half of Vivian and Lily's old rival synchronized swimming team is eaten by a shark during a show, which provides Vivian and Lily with an opportunity to revive their career.
6 links 11 Mar 2009
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