Queer as Folk

QAF ist eine amerikanisch-kanadisch coproduzierte Fernserie, die auf der britischen TV-Serie gleichen Namens beruht. Die Serie folgt den Leben von fünf schwulen Männern in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Neben der ungewohnt realistischen Darstellung schwulen Leb...

Jahr: 2000−2005

Dauer: 47 min

Genres: Drama, Romance

Writers: Ron Cowen, Daniel Lipman

Stars: Gale Harold, Hal Sparks, Randy Harrison

IMDb: TT0262985

Bewertung: 8.3/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
E1. Premiere
After a night out at the club Babylon with Michael, Emmett and Ted; Brian picks up a cute guy named Justin for a night of fun.
6 links 07 Dec 2007
E2. Queer, There and Everywhere
Lindsay and Melanie have a bris for their new baby Gus, which Brian decides to miss until Michael convinces him otherwise. Meanwhile Ted finally gets lucky with a guy, but ends up ...
6 links 13 Jan 2012
E3. No Bris, No Shirt, No Service
While Ted lies in a drug-induced coma, Brian learns he's named the executor of his friend's living will. Also, Justin's mother suspects the truth about her son's sexuality.
6 links 08 Dec 2007
E4. Ted's Not Dead
Michael fends off the romantic interest of a female coworker who doesn't know he's gay and instead dates a handsome chiropractor, while Brian is propositioned by a potentially lucr...
6 links 19 Jan 2012
E5. Now Approaching... The Line
Michael's new chiropractor boyfriend gets into a tug of war with Brian over Michael, as Ted recovers from his O.D. by dating Roger, a stable but overweight chorus director.
6 links 09 Dec 2007
E6. The Art of Desperation
Debbie meets Dr. David; Justin's father learns the truth and decides to send Justin away to school; Brian's emotional hold on Michael and dislike for Dr. David intensifies.
6 links 09 Dec 2007
E7. Smells Like Codependence
Justin's father attacks Brian outside Babylon; Michael gets a promotion at work; Justin moves in with Brian.
6 links 09 Dec 2007
E8. Babylon Boomerang
Michael decides to break up with Dr. David, who surprises Michael by asking him to move in with him; Lindsay and Melanie ask Brian to relinquish his parental rights to Gus; Emmett ...
6 links 09 Dec 2007
E9. Daddy Dearest (Sonny Boy)
Dr. David pressures Michael to move in with him; Brian's loft is burglarized; Justin runs away to New York City; Lindsay and Melanie begin to drift apart.
6 links 10 Dec 2007
E10. Queens of the Road
Michael ends the relationship with Dr. David; Ted and Emmett get tested for AIDS; Brian throws Michael a surprise 30th birthday party and outs Michael to his co-worker; Emmett make...
6 links 23 Jan 2012
E11. Surprise!
Michael and Dr. David enjoy their new-found domestic bliss; Emmett joins a "conversion therapy" group; Lindsay and Melanie continue to fight about Brian, finances and their future;...
6 links 12 Dec 2007
E12. Move It or Lose It
Brian sleeps with a co-worker who then files a complaint against him; Emmett continues to try to go straight; Melanie finds solace from Lindsay in the arms of another woman.
6 links 29 Jan 2012
E13. Very Stupid People
Brian is named in the sexual harassment suit and turns to Melanie for legal advice; Emmett starts dating a woman in his continuing attempt to go straight; Michael lies to David abo...
6 links 29 Jan 2012
E14. A Change of Heart
Lindsay leaves Gus in Brian's care on the weekend of the Leather Ball. Michael is nervous about meeting David's son. Ted takes a walk on the wild side. Brian comes out to his fathe...
6 links 29 Jan 2012
E15. The Ties That Bind
Michael and Dr. David disagree about finances; a strange Frenchman moves in with Lindsay and Gus causing a stir; Justin is suspended from school.
6 links 15 Dec 2007
E16. French Fried
Dr. David and Michael host a high-society fundraiser, Michael excludes the gang; Lindsay and Guillaume prepare for the big day; Justin continues to be harassed at school.
6 links 17 Dec 2007
E17. Solution (How TLFKAM Got Her Name Back)
Brian discovers David at the baths; Justin finds out his parents are getting a divorce; Ted reconnects with Blake; a hunk from Babylon hits on Michael.
6 links 29 Jan 2012
E18. Surprise Kill
In the throes of a hot session Brian gets upsetting news; Daphne asks Justin to be her first time; Ted wants Blake, despite his crystal meth addiction.
6 links 01 Feb 2012
E19. Good Grief!
Who will be crowned King of Babylon? An innocent trip to the mall lands Vic in jail; Brian is beaten at his own game.
6 links 17 Dec 2007
E20. The King of Babylon
Brian is chosen 'Ad person of the Year' and encouraged to take his talent to the Big Apple; Vic appears in court to plead his case; Blake gets a job; David's ex-wife's divorce take...
6 links 18 Dec 2007
E21. Running to Stand Still
Brian turns 30; Michael and David prepare for their move to Portland; Ted faces the truth about Blake; Justin and Daphne attend their prom where a big surprise awaits; On his way t...
6 links 20 Dec 2007
Full Circle E22. Full Circle
The gang celebrates Brian's 30th birthday, much to Brian's chagrin. Ted convinces Blake to check into rehab. Michael and David are having a goodbye party before moving to Portland,...
6 links 24 Jun 2001
Staffel 2
Season 2
Home Is Where the Ass Is E1. Home Is Where the Ass Is
Brian helps Justin recover from his bashing at the hands of Chris Hobbs; Lindsay suggests marriage to Mel; Michael returns home, without David.
6 links 01 Feb 2012
All Better Now E2. All Better Now
Still traumatized from his bashing, Justin is unable to get close to Brian; Ted's boss fires him for surfing porn at work; Michael and Emmett work as nude waiters.
6 links 02 Feb 2012
Hypocrisy: Don't Do It E3. Hypocrisy: Don't Do It
Brian wins an award for saving Justin, despite a scathing editorial from a gay columnist; Michael wants to re-establish his friendship with Brian.
6 links 13 Feb 2012
Pride E4. Pride
The entire gang celebrates the Gay Pride Parade in Pittsburgh; Michael worries his co-workers may see him there; Lindsay feels threatened when Mel's ex shows up.
6 links 13 Feb 2012
...Wherever That Dream May Lead You E5. ...Wherever That Dream May Lead You
Ted decides start a gay website; Justin decides to leave art school until his motor skills return; Michael quits his job to open his own comic book store.
6 links 13 Feb 2012
Mixed Blessings E6. Mixed Blessings
Brian suggests to Justin that they expand their relationship; Ted new business takes off, with a little help from Emmett; Michael is smitten with a new customer.
6 links 24 Mar 2012
The Leper (Hath the Babe Not Eyes?) E7. The Leper (Hath the Babe Not Eyes?)
Michael decides to keep seeing Ben, despite Brian and Debbie vehement protests; Emmett starts acting like a star; Mel and Lindsay ask Lindsay's parents for cash.
6 links 25 Mar 2012
Love for Sale E8. Love for Sale
Michael starts dating again, after having broken up with Ben; Justin meets someone his own age at a party; Emmett is shocked to discover he has a secret admirer.
6 links 25 Mar 2012
Accentuate the Positive E9. Accentuate the Positive
Michael decides to win Ben back, no matter how much Brian and Debbie are against the union; Ted tries Viagra; Brian's new man turns out to be his mother's priest.
6 links 25 Mar 2012
Priorities, Please! (Beat the Time) E10. Priorities, Please! (Beat the Time)
Debbie finds a dead body in the diner's dumpster; Michael is more upset when his favorite comic book hero dies; George and Emmett get closer.
6 links 26 Mar 2012
The Wedding E11. The Wedding
The entire gang pitches in to plan Lindsay and Mel's wedding.
6 links 29 Dec 2007
One Degree of Brian Kinney E12. One Degree of Brian Kinney
Debbie takes matters in her own hands to discover the identity of a John Doe; Michael is upset to learn that Ben and Brian once slept together years ago.
6 links 29 Dec 2007
It's Because I'm Gay, Right? E13. It's Because I'm Gay, Right?
Michael wonders what his connection is to a celebrated Drag Queen who shares a past with Debbie; Justin decided to become a go-go dancer to pay his tuition.
6 links 18 Apr 2012
The Dangers of Sex and Drugs E14. The Dangers of Sex and Drugs
Justin is rolling in the dough, but his schoolwork suffers; Carl asks Debbie out; George asks Emmett to accompany him on a world tour.
6 links 19 Apr 2012
Rage Against This Machine E15. Rage Against This Machine
Brian is jealous when Michael and Justin decided to start a comic book; Leda offers to renovate Mel and Lindsay's attic; Emmett is barred from George's funeral.
6 links 21 Apr 2012
You Say It's Your Birthday! I Couldn't Care Less! E16. You Say It's Your Birthday! I Couldn't Care Less!
Michael plans a surprise party for Ben, which doesn't go well; Ted wonders what to tell his new beau about his career; Justin meets a young violinist and is smitten.
6 links 21 Apr 2012
You Can Leda Girl to Pussy E17. You Can Leda Girl to Pussy
Busy impressing his new boss, Brian cancels plans with Justin; Emmett receives a surprising gift from George; Lindsay and Mel try to spice up their relationship.
6 links 21 Apr 2012
Sick, Sick, Sick E18. Sick, Sick, Sick
Bitter about Brian, Justin turns to Ethan; Michael panics when Ben is hospitalized; George's estate offers Emmett millions to keep quiet about their relationship.
6 links 21 Apr 2012
Bowling for Equality E19. Bowling for Equality
Michael discovers Justin's affair, and is tempted to tell Brian; Mel and Lindsay feel awkward with Leda around; Debbie challenges Carl to a bowling contest.
6 links 21 Apr 2012
Out with a Whimper E20. Out with a Whimper
Justin must decide who he should be with, Brian or Ethan; Ben tells Michael he is going away for six months; Ted reveals his true feelings to Emmett.
6 links 22 Apr 2012
Staffel 3
Season 3
Mad Dog Kinney E1. Mad Dog Kinney
Brian and Justin move on after breaking up; Michael and Ben discuss living together; Mel and Lindsay talk about having another child.
6 links 01 Jan 2008
House Full of Children E2. House Full of Children
Free of Brian, Justin must find a way to pay his tuition; Mel wants another baby; Emmett is tempted when an old flame drops by.
6 links 01 Jan 2008
Doctors of Dickology E3. Doctors of Dickology
Lindsay and Mel ask Brian about fathering a second child with them; Deb is nervous about spending the night with Carl; Ben decides against moving in with Michael.
6 links 01 Jan 2008
Brat-Sitting E4. Brat-Sitting
Ted and Emmett move in together and find they are truly opposites; Mel and Lindsay ask Michael to father their child; Brian is forced to baby-sit his spoiled nephew.
6 links 23 Apr 2012
There's Nothing Noble About Being Poor E5. There's Nothing Noble About Being Poor
Debbie and Vic rally support against Police Chief Stockwell's bid for mayor and his conservative platform. Despite that, Brian decides to work on his election campaign.
6 links 26 Apr 2012
One Ring to Rule Them All E6. One Ring to Rule Them All
Thanks to Brian's marketing savvy, Stockwell leads the polls; Michael discovers Ben's steroid use; Ted is arrested just when he and Emmett meet the neighbors.
6 links 01 Jan 2008
Stop Hurting Us E7. Stop Hurting Us
Emmett pleads with Brian to get Stockwell to drop the charges against Ted; Justin suspects Ethan of infidelity; Ben's steroid use gets out of hand; Mel is pregnant.
6 links 01 Jan 2008
Hunt(Er) for Love E8. Hunt(Er) for Love
Justin decides to win Brian back and begins by interning at his agency; Ted is unhappy with Emmett being the breadwinner; Michael and Ben try to help a young hustler.
6 links 01 Jan 2008
Big Fucking Mouth E9. Big Fucking Mouth
Mel and Lindsay quarrel over her long work hours now that she is pregnant; Woody's is closed down for a minor violation; Ted sinks into a deep depression.
6 links 29 Apr 2012
Uncle Ben E10. Uncle Ben
Brian and Justin are at odds over his work with Stockwell; Ted goes away for the weekend and meets new friends; Mel becomes annoyed by Michael's constant concern.
6 links 02 Jan 2008
Poster May Lead to the Truth E11. Poster May Lead to the Truth
Stockwell meets the gay community, which doesn't go well; Brian is fired from the campaign; Ted's drug use escalates; Ben and Michael tell Hunter he is positive.
6 links 06 May 2012
Drugs, Sex and Lies E12. Drugs, Sex and Lies
Vowing to expose Stockwell, Brian investigates the murder of Dumpster Boy; Mel and Lindsay urge Emmett to stage an intervention on Ted's behalf.
6 links 07 May 2012
Tweaked-Out, Fucked-Out Crystal Queen E13. Tweaked-Out, Fucked-Out Crystal Queen
Justin may face expulsion for designing anti-Stockwell posters; Hunter goes undercover to collect evidence for Brian; Emmett has had it with Ted's drug use.
6 links 03 Jan 2008
The Election E14. The Election
Brian exposes Stockwell on the eve of the election; Debbie rallies the troops on election day; Ted hits rock bottom; Hunter's mom shows up demanding full custody.
6 links 07 May 2012
Staffel 4
Season 4
Just a Little Help E1. Just a Little Help
After spending all his money getting Stockwell defeated, Brian is at a crossroads about his future; Michael and Hunter return home to face the custody hearing.
6 links 07 May 2012
Stand Up for Ourselves E2. Stand Up for Ourselves
Brian starts his own ad agency; Ted graduates from rehab with Blake by his side; Michael and Emmett go on a retreat; Justin decides to join a gay vigilante group.
6 links 07 May 2012
Starting a Whole New Life E3. Starting a Whole New Life
Justin finds himself risking his life with the Pink Posse; Avoiding his friends, Ted finds work as a waiter; Vic decides to move in with Rodney, leaving Debbie alone.
6 links 08 May 2012
Escalating Violence E4. Escalating Violence
Justin finds Cody becoming too violent; Brian hires Ted at his new agency; Mel struggles with an important case; Hunter's social worker arrives unannounced.
6 links 09 May 2012
How Far You Can Go E5. How Far You Can Go
Debbie feels left out of Vic's new life; Ben asks Michael for an honest opinion of his new book; Cody challenges Justin to confront his violent side.
6 links 09 May 2012
Death in the Family E6. Death in the Family
Debbie and Vic have words over his new life, which ends in tragedy; Michael and Justin receive good news about 'Rage'; Brian is told some devastating news.
6 links 09 May 2012
Preponderance of Death E7. Preponderance of Death
Debbie continues to be numb over Vic's death; Ted falls into old habits when Blake tries to break it off with him; Brian is diagnosed with testicular cancer.
6 links 09 May 2012
Two Kinds of Lies E8. Two Kinds of Lies
Brian continues to keep his illness to himself; Debbie tries to re-connect with Horvath; Justin and Michael hear a pitch from a Hollywood producer about 'Rage'.
6 links 13 Jan 2008
Have Some Balls E9. Have Some Balls
Emmett gets mixed messages from a pro-football player; Jealous over Michael's success, Ben finds sympathy from a former student; Justin discovers Brian's illness.
6 links 10 May 2012
The Snake in Paradise E10. The Snake in Paradise
Brian continues to deal with radiation treatment; Ben is tempted when a former student shows interest in him; Sam and Lindsay struggle with their mutual attraction.
4 links 10 May 2012
Gay or Straight? That's the Question E11. Gay or Straight? That's the Question
Brian fund-raises for the gay center; Emmett and Drew continue their affair; Sam is ready to fight for Lindsay; Ben and Michael have suspicions about Hunter.
6 links 11 May 2012
Irritation and Separation E12. Irritation and Separation
Brian participates in the Liberty Ride; Hunter tells Callie about his status; Emmett is unsure about his affair with Drew; Mel and Lindsay contemplate a separation.
4 links 11 May 2012
Proposal of Two Kinds E13. Proposal of Two Kinds
Preparations for the Liberty Ride get underway; Mel is confined to bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy; Justin is invited to Hollywood to pitch 'Rage'.
6 links 20 Jan 2008
Liberty Ride E14. Liberty Ride
After getting married in Canada, newlyweds Michael and Ben are stopped at the U.S. border; Mel goes into labor; The Liberty Ride enters the final stretch.
6 links 12 May 2012
Staffel 5
Season 5
Move and Leave E1. Move and Leave
Michael arranges a surprise 10th anniversary party for Mel and Lindsay, not realizing that the two have separated.
6 links 24 Jan 2008
Back in Business E2. Back in Business
Furious about Mel and Lindsay's separation, Michael decided to hire a lawyer to gain joint custody of his daughter.
6 links 16 May 2012
Fags Are No Different Than People E3. Fags Are No Different Than People
In what is shaping up to be a three-way custody battle, Michael is stunned when Brian gives Lindsay financial help so she can make a bid for custody as well.
6 links 20 May 2012
Hard Decisions E4. Hard Decisions
Debbie finds she is not missed at the diner, as her replacement is just as popular as she is. Classmates find out about Hunter's HIV status.
6 links 29 Jan 2008
Excluding and Abstemiousness E5. Excluding and Abstemiousness
Hunter is ostracized at school for being HIV positive; Loretta expresses her love to Debbie; Brian is stunned to find out he has an STD.
6 links 29 Jan 2008
Bored Out of Ya Fucking Mind E6. Bored Out of Ya Fucking Mind
Ted plans to seek revenge against a guy who shunned him; Hunter starts skipping school; Brian feels he is no longer number #1 as a new younger guy hits the scene.
6 links 20 May 2012
Hope Against Hope E7. Hope Against Hope
Ben sinks into a depression after Hunter leaves home; Lindsay moves back home with her parents; The community starts a protest against a law that would limit same sex couple's righ...
6 links 31 Jan 2008
Honest to Yourself E8. Honest to Yourself
Justin finds himself in jail for protesting Proposition 14 in front of his father's store; Mel starts dating; Emmett is surprised by a familiar face.
6 links 05 Feb 2008
Anything in Common E9. Anything in Common
Lindsay feels threatened by Mel's dating; Justin's mom announces she is seeing a younger man; Drew decides to come-out on national television.
6 links 21 May 2012
I Love You E10. I Love You
An event at Babylon to bring more attention to Proposition 14 ends in tragedy.
6 links 06 Feb 2008
Fuckin' Revenge E11. Fuckin' Revenge
The Babylon bombing brings Mel and Lindsay closer; Brian decides to make some changes in his life; Michael continues to struggle for his life in the hospital.
6 links 21 May 2012
Mr. Right (Never Broke a Promise) E12. Mr. Right (Never Broke a Promise)
Brian proposes marriage to Justin; Mel and Lindsay want to to escape sexual preference discrimination: in Toronto; Emmett catches Drew with another; Ted thinks to have found Mr. Ri...
6 links 21 May 2012
We Will Survive! E13. We Will Survive!
Brian and Justin prepare for marriage, while Mel and Lindsay prepare to move to Canada; Both Ted and Emmett find surprises at a ski-weekend.
6 links 27 Dec 2008
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