Im Auftrag der Polizei von Los Angeles arbeitet Dr. Quincy (Jack Klugman) als Gerichtsmediziner. Der erste Eindruck der Todesursache kann täuschen, und weil Quincy neugierig ist, stellt er eigene Ermittlungen an und klärt so immer wieder, trotz vermeintlic...

Jahr: 1976−1983

Dauer: 60 min

Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Writers: Glen A. Larson, Lou Shaw

Stars: Jack Klugman, John S. Ragin, Robert Ito

IMDb: TT0074042

Bewertung: 7.3/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Go Fight City Hall... to the Death E1. Go Fight City Hall... to the Death
Quincy investigates the rape and murder of a civil servant; he finds a rash of murders and a political conspiracy.
6 links 21 Jul 2015
Who's Who in Neverland E2. Who's Who in Neverland
Margo Bentley's about her experiences hobnobbing with powerful people worldwide just might be a best-seller. Concerned about advance publicity, she advises her agent that she'll co...
6 links 25 Jul 2015
A Star Is Dead E3. A Star Is Dead
Clara Rhodes finds her daughter, movie star Roberta Rhodes, dead in her bedroom, apparently of an overdose. Quincy remains unconvinced. Then Paul Reardon, a journalist, tells Quinc...
6 links 26 Jul 2015
Hot Ice, Cold Hearts E4. Hot Ice, Cold Hearts
As Quincy celebrates Independence Day aboard his boat with Lee, the local sheriff motors over and reports a young man found suffering from pain and breathing problems. Quincy saves...
6 links 26 Jul 2015
Staffel 2
Season 2
Snake Eyes E1. Snake Eyes
While attending a forensic pathologist convention in Tahoe, Quincy is called on to help when hotel guests and staff are stricken with a mysterious illness.
6 links 04 Mar 2013
Snake Eyes: Part 2 E2. Snake Eyes: Part 2
Quincy tries to contain panicked guests in an effort to keep a mysterious illness from spreading outside of the hotel.
6 links 28 Jul 2015
...The Thigh Bone's Connected to the Knee Bone... E3. ...The Thigh Bone's Connected to the Knee Bone...
In the last of the 90-minute Sunday Mystery Movie episodes (this was aired in the Friday time slot), a crook frantically steals the bones of a long-dead football player from a cons...
6 links 28 Jul 2015
Visitors in Paradise E4. Visitors in Paradise
Quincy and Danny plan a simple fishing vacation in the town of Paradise. Then a case of mistaken identity drags Quincy into a closed murder case. The more Quincy digs, the more he ...
6 links 21 Jul 2006
The Two Sides of Truth E5. The Two Sides of Truth
Quincy is delighted to be reunited with his former mentor, Dr. Herbert Stone, until they butt heads over Stone's contradictory findings and potentially perjurious courtroom testimo...
6 links 05 Mar 2013
Hit and Run at Danny's E6. Hit and Run at Danny's
Quincy helps a football player struck by a car in Danny's parking lot. Later, the car is pulled from the water and there is just one body inside - a young woman who is friends with...
6 links 08 Aug 2015
Has Anybody Here Seen Quincy? E7. Has Anybody Here Seen Quincy?
Quincy disappears at the worst time: a "corpse" delivered to the morgue isn't as dead as the hospital believes. Monahan needs help with a diamond smuggling case, and a young boy wi...
6 links 08 May 2013
A Good Smack in the Mouth E8. A Good Smack in the Mouth
Asten's wife picks up a 9-year-old boy out hitchhiking and both are in a car accident. Quincy finds out that the bruises on the boy's body are too old to be from the crash and is d...
6 links 05 Mar 2013
The Hot Dog Murder E9. The Hot Dog Murder
A medical student asks Quincy to look into the cause of death of a body that was donated to his university. After discovering that the deceased was a key witness in the trial of a ...
6 links 09 Aug 2015
An Unfriendly Radiance E10. An Unfriendly Radiance
Sam calls Quincy at Danny's with a strange case: an accident victim with very unusual blood test results. The man died from an small gash on his forehead, because his blood could n...
6 links 09 Aug 2015
Sullied Be Thy Name E11. Sullied Be Thy Name
A hooker tells authorities that a priest with a high profile anti-pornography campaign had paid for her services, had a heart attack and died with her.
6 links 17 Mar 2013
Valleyview E12. Valleyview
Valleyview, a convalescent and nursing care home, has an excellent reputation. Then Howard Phillips dies of a blood clot - a heart attack - and his nephew drops $362 on Quincy's de...
6 links 11 Aug 2015
Let Me Light the Way E13. Let Me Light the Way
A rapist is terrorizing Los Angeles. After one attack, a nurse who worked at a local hospital dies as a result of shock. The prime suspect is a mechanic who has eluded capture. Eve...
6 links 24 Mar 2013
Staffel 3
Season 3
No Deadly Secret E1. No Deadly Secret
A friend of Quincy's escapes captivity and torture and runs to Quincy's boat, but keels over and dies before Quincy can reach him. Quincy loads the man into his official car and ta...
6 links 17 Aug 2015
A Blow to the Head... A Blow to the Heart E2. A Blow to the Head... A Blow to the Heart
When a boxer dies after being in a match, his trainer is being accused of not taking care of him. Quincy discovers there's more going on. And his opponent in the match is dating hi...
6 links 18 Aug 2015
A Dead Man's Truth E3. A Dead Man's Truth
A young cop in the mist of inexperience decides to plant a gun on a victim that he had shot from 30 feet away. At first Quincy doubts the officers story but then finds out that not...
6 links 24 Mar 2013
A Question of Time E4. A Question of Time
The body of a man is discovered at a health spa. Quincy is convinced that the owner's of the spa are responsible for his death. Not only does he need to prove their guilt, but he a...
6 links 22 Aug 2015
Death Casts a Vote E5. Death Casts a Vote
The body of a man is discovered in his car in his garage, apparently a result of suicide. As a result of Quincy's investigation, it is revealed that this was not a suicide, but a h...
6 links 22 Aug 2015
Tissue of Truth E6. Tissue of Truth
Quincy races against time and a dwindling oxygen supply to locate a kidnap victim's underground prison after the boy's abductor is killed in a car accident.
6 links 22 Aug 2015
Holding Pattern E7. Holding Pattern
A hijacked plane lands at LAX, complete with terrorists making demands. Also on board is a deadly virus, which threatens everyone on board, including the perpetrators. Quincy must ...
6 links 06 Apr 2013
Main Man E8. Main Man
A talented high school football player dies on the field from a genetic brain tumor. His younger brother is also a talented athlete, and making a name for himself on the team as we...
6 links 06 Apr 2013
The Hero Syndrome E9. The Hero Syndrome
The body of a tough-guy loan shark is found brutally murdered on the docks. A young loner is falsely accused of the crime, but accepts the blame because he's made to look like a he...
6 links 25 Aug 2015
Touch of Death E10. Touch of Death
Sam's cousin Tad Kimura is a rising young star in the genre of martial arts pictures. Unfortunately, he dies unexpectedly while filming his latest motion picture. Quincy prepares t...
6 links 14 Apr 2013
The Deadly Connection E11. The Deadly Connection
Quincy is sent to a small rural community in Arizona to determine the cause of a deadly outbreak. Several of the town's residents become gravely ill with similar symptoms, but the ...
6 links 29 Aug 2015
Last of the Dinosaurs E12. Last of the Dinosaurs
Quincy's favorite movie star suddenly dies. While the case appears to be an open and shut natural death, Quincy soon discovers inconsistencies in not only the autopsy, but with wit...
6 links 29 Aug 2015
Accomplice to Murder E13. Accomplice to Murder
A teenager with a record is accused of murdering an elderly man. The teen happened to belong to a group run by Quincy's friend, former pro-football great Rosie Grier. Rosie asks Qu...
6 links 30 Aug 2015
Matters of Life and Death E14. Matters of Life and Death
Quincy's hot temper and tenseness leads him to be sent to a small town, to get away from the stress of the city, working in the capacity of the town doctor. On his first night in t...
6 links 14 Apr 2013
Passing E15. Passing
While returning from a coroners convention, Quincy and Sam find a human skull in the desert. They immediately hire a forensic artist to use it to try to identify it. Eventually, th...
6 links 30 Aug 2015
Crib Job E16. Crib Job
A woman dies when she interrupts a burglar in her home. Quincy discovers that her death was really the result of prolonged trauma from her husband, an unrepentant wife beater who i...
6 links 14 Apr 2013
Ashes to Ashes E17. Ashes to Ashes
A young woman dies suddenly at a bar, and Quincy's autopsy shows her death was a result of a heart condition. However, Quincy doesn't believe the woman's husband is as devastated b...
6 links 31 Aug 2015
Gone But Not Forgotten E18. Gone But Not Forgotten
Nothing is adding up for Quincy in this episode. A prominent CEO is found apparently murdered in his office, and a suspect with a motive is in custody. However, the autopsy is unco...
6 links 31 Aug 2015
Double Death E19. Double Death
Quincy has doubts about Dr. Asten's findings in an autopsy that he performed on a man who died in a nightclub fire. Asten believes that the man is a victim of a homicide, while Qui...
6 links 01 Sep 2015
Requiem for the Living E20. Requiem for the Living
Quincy and Sam are on their way to their weekly poker game with Astin, Monahan, Brill, Ed and Danny when they are accosted by a prominent mob boss who only has 24 hours to live. He...
6 links 02 Sep 2015
Staffel 4
Season 4
The Last Six Hours E1. The Last Six Hours
Quincy and his girlfriend Barbara are driving up the coast on vacation when they are nearly run off the road by a young woman who is driving very erratically. She drives off the ro...
6 links 12 Sep 2015
Speed Trap E2. Speed Trap
A race car driver is killed in a fiery crash. However, Quincy suspects foul play, especially when he finds amphetamines in the driver's system. He then tries to prove that it was m...
6 links 17 Apr 2013
A Test for Living E3. A Test for Living
A young boy who has run away from a home for mentally handicapped children is found dead. When Quincy performs the autopsy, however, he can find no medical reason for the boy being...
6 links 17 Apr 2013
Death by Good Intentions E4. Death by Good Intentions
When a patient at a hospital dies unexpectedly, the (black) doctor who was taking care of him is being questioned as to if he gave the patient the proper care. And also it seems th...
6 links 12 Sep 2015
Images E5. Images
The world's most successful female television journalist appears to have been killed in a motel fire. But when the woman walks into the press conference where Quincy is announcing ...
6 links 13 Sep 2015
Even Odds E6. Even Odds
Quincy is called in to investigate the shooting of a bar owner in an apparent robbery attempt. During the investigation, the suspect panics and grabs the gun he used in the course ...
6 links 13 Sep 2015
Dead and Alive E7. Dead and Alive
After a courier van crashes into a gas station, Quincy declares that the driver died. But when the victim's sister starts getting odd calls that sound like they're coming from the ...
6 links 13 Sep 2015
No Way to Treat a Body E8. No Way to Treat a Body
Quincy helps his girlfriend move into a very odd rooming house. On her first night, however, she discovers two bodies mummified and hidden in the attic. Soon two more bodies are di...
6 links 14 Sep 2015
A Night to Raise the Dead E9. A Night to Raise the Dead
During a severe rainstorm, a mudslide washes several caskets from an old and supposedly abandoned cemetery. At first things look routine as Quincy tries to identify the bodies. How...
6 links 15 Sep 2015
A Question of Death E10. A Question of Death
The M.E.'s office is helping a hospital with their organ donation program. Quincy goes there to help declare a young man dead and he was told that his kidney would go to a man whos...
15 Sep 2015
House of No Return E11. House of No Return
Quincy autopsies a patient who died at a hospital which houses convicts considered mentally unfit for a regular jail. Shortly afterwards, the patient's mother contacts Quincy, alle...
6 links 19 Sep 2015
A Small Circle of Friends E12. A Small Circle of Friends
While performing an autopsy on a football player who died from an aneurysm, Quincy notices that he also had an especially drug resistant strain of gonorrhea. Quince and Sam are the...
6 links 19 Sep 2015
The Depth of Beauty E13. The Depth of Beauty
Quincy investigates the suicide of a woman who was horribly disfigured after undergoing a face peel that was performed by an incompetent plastic surgeon. He then goes on a crusade ...
6 links 20 Sep 2015
Walk Softly Through the Night: Part 1 E14. Walk Softly Through the Night: Part 1
The son of a friend of Quincy's dies of a seizure due to a massive drug overdose. Quincy and the boy's father are determined to find out who prescribed the drugs and why the boy wa...
6 links 22 Sep 2015
Walk Softly Through the Night: Part 2 E15. Walk Softly Through the Night: Part 2
The doctor who prescribed excessive drugs to many overdose victims is found murdered, and police arrest the young medical student who was trying to break the addicts by slowly redu...
6 links 23 Sep 2015
Aftermath E16. Aftermath
After a jet liner crashes just outside of Los Angeles, Quincy is called in to help identify the victims as well as to help find out the cause of the crash. However, he is soon tryi...
6 links 21 Sep 2015
Dark Angel E17. Dark Angel
Officer Tommy Bates, a close friend of Monahan's, is accused of killing a young car thief who goes berserk after crashing into Bate's police car. Although the signs point to the yo...
6 links 21 Apr 2013
Physician, Heal Thyself E18. Physician, Heal Thyself
A teenage girl dies after an abortion, and Quincy learns from her boyfriend that the doctor who performed on her may have been drunk.
6 links 21 Apr 2013
Promises to Keep E19. Promises to Keep
Quincy considers a marriage proposal from his girlfriend Lynne while working on a case. This then causes him to reminisce about his first marriage to his wife Helen. He also thinks...
6 links 28 Sep 2015
Semper-Fidelis E20. Semper-Fidelis
A Marine recruit's death may have been the result of a drill sergeant's vendetta.
6 links 21 Apr 2013
An Ounce of Prevention E21. An Ounce of Prevention
Quincy discovers a construction worker died due to pollution in the ground under his home a classic crusading Quincy episode
6 links 01 Oct 2015
The Death Challenge E22. The Death Challenge
A retired magician's assistant dies performing his mentor's best illusion.
6 links 21 Apr 2013
The Eye of the Needle E23. The Eye of the Needle
A woman dies because of her ulcer. It was discovered that she was seeing a doctor who practices alternative medicine. The doctor claims that she's aware of her ulcer and wouldn't h...
6 links 03 Oct 2015
Staffel 5
Season 5
No Way to Treat a Flower E1. No Way to Treat a Flower
A teenage girl dies from a disease that mainly affects the elderly. A few hours later, her boyfriend dies of the same symptoms. Quincy later traces it to a the marijuana they smoke...
6 links 05 Oct 2015
Dead Last E2. Dead Last
During a day at the track, Quincy and Danny overhear an argument between two jockeys. Later, one of those jockeys is apparently killed by a dis-tempered horse. Foul play and fraud ...
6 links 22 Apr 2013
By the Death of a Child E3. By the Death of a Child
A small turbulent South American island republic has babies dying.
6 links 10 Oct 2015
Never a Child E4. Never a Child
The death of a teenage girl will draw Quincy into the world of teenage prostitution and child pornography.
6 links 10 Oct 2015
Hot Ice E5. Hot Ice
While performing an autopsy on a man who was hit by a bus, Quincy and Sam find what looks like a pacemaker inside of him. However, when they remove the object they find out that it...
6 links 12 Oct 2015
Sweet Land of Liberty E6. Sweet Land of Liberty
Steve Yomashira, an old friend of Sam's, goes crazy one night and kills a young police officer with the officer's gun. It turns out that its the latest in a series of near psychoti...
6 links 13 Oct 2015
Mode of Death E7. Mode of Death
A televangelist whose church is being investigated by federal authorities is found dead in a seedy motel room having died of combining painkillers and alcohol. But the painkillers ...
6 links 13 Oct 2015
Nowhere to Run E8. Nowhere to Run
After a pregnant young woman falls off a cliff during a struggle with her boyfriend, the young man is suspected of killing her; however, Quincy suspects that the girl may have comm...
6 links 14 Oct 2015
The Money Plague E9. The Money Plague
While walking through a forest, a forest ranger finds a stack of money believed to be the payoff for a hijacker who used a vial of anthrax to hijack a plane. He also finds the hija...
6 links 17 Oct 2015
For the Benefit of My Patients E10. For the Benefit of My Patients
After two patients with low income die unnecessarily, Quincy is driven to change the policy of a private hospital that does not treat patients who cannot pay for the services provi...
6 links 09 May 2013
Murder by S.O.P. E11. Murder by S.O.P.
While driving to a forensic pathologists convention, Quincy nearly falls asleep at the wheel and is stopped by the sheriff of a local town and is taken to the local jail where he s...
6 links 19 Oct 2015
Honor Thy Elders E12. Honor Thy Elders
When an old man commits suicide in a hospital, Quincy discovers the tragedy of parental abuse, and gets involved in a senior citizens center.
6 links 20 Oct 2015
Diplomatic Immunity E13. Diplomatic Immunity
Quincy foils the plans of an assassin who is determined to kill an ill Latin American dictator visiting the United States for medical treatment.
6 links 24 Oct 2015
Riot E14. Riot
Quincy and Sam go to a prison to investigate the death of an inmate who had a reputation for being somewhat of an activist and the main suspect is a guard who is noted for his brut...
6 links 24 Oct 2015
Cover-Up E15. Cover-Up
An autopsy will lead Quincy to an emergency room where an inexperienced doctor is ending lives rather than saving them.
6 links 24 Oct 2015
Unhappy Hour E16. Unhappy Hour
A teenager is killed during an auto accident.
6 links 26 Oct 2015
The Winning Edge E17. The Winning Edge
Star gymnast Sally collapses during practice and dies. Quincy suspects that high school coach Virginia Hart is providing the team with performance-enhancing drugs to give them a co...
6 links 26 Oct 2015
New Blood E18. New Blood
Quincy is upset when Asten makes him go on vacation and calls in a pretty young pathologist to perform the autopsy on a city councilman who was found dead at the base of a stairwel...
6 links 30 Oct 2015
T.K.O. E19. T.K.O.
An incompetent surgeon performing operations in his ill-equipped office causes the deaths of a boxer and a chef.
6 links 31 Oct 2015
The Final Gift E20. The Final Gift
An old friend of Quincy's is dead following a plane crash.
6 links 01 Nov 2015
Deadly Arena E21. Deadly Arena
When three people wind up dead as a result of botulism poisoning, Quincy, along with Dr. Janet Carlyle of the health department, try to find out the link. They later find out that ...
6 links 02 Nov 2015
No Way to Treat a Patient E22. No Way to Treat a Patient
A gunshot victim's death may have been caused by a doctor's incompetence... or it may have been the work of a professional killer.
6 links 04 Nov 2015
Staffel 6
Season 6
Last Rights E1. Last Rights
Quincy helps an out of town medical examiner deal with a pair of political scandals involving the death of children of influential persons by tainted drugs and the unsafe condition...
6 links 06 Nov 2015
A Matter of Principle E2. A Matter of Principle
When an ex-convict is arrested for a series of rapes, Sam uses a new lab technique for bite marks (forensic dentistry or odontology) that he's developed which casts reasonable doub...
6 links 07 Nov 2015
Last Day, First Day E3. Last Day, First Day
A lawyer, who also was a small time coke dealer, is murdered by a group of crooks who inject him with a lethal dose of cocaine. The killers then try to make it look like an acciden...
6 links 10 Nov 2015
The Night Killer E4. The Night Killer
A mistake at the coroners office concerning a crib death affects not only Quincy and the staff but the parents also.
6 links 14 May 2013
The Hope of Elkwood E5. The Hope of Elkwood
A track coach comes under fire when his star athlete dies after a grueling, training session. Quincy must determine if the death was from natural causes, or negligent homicide.
6 links 11 Nov 2015
Welcome to Paradise Palms E6. Welcome to Paradise Palms
When Bubonic Plague strikes a Native American reservation, Quincy must find the source of the outbreak before the opening of a prestigious new golf course puts more lives in jeopar...
6 links 11 Nov 2015
By Their Faith E7. By Their Faith
Quincy and Sam travel to a small village in Central America to help identify the remains of a religious icon.
6 links 14 Nov 2015
Stain of Guilt E8. Stain of Guilt
While working as a technical advisor on a reality movie, Quincy uncovers that the murder being filmed was unjustly prosecuted.
6 links 14 Nov 2015
Dear Mummy E9. Dear Mummy
Quincy stumbles upon a plot devised by a group of nazi war criminals to use an Egyptian mummy to smuggle rare gems from Cairo to Los Angeles.
6 links 15 Nov 2015
Headhunter E10. Headhunter
When the body of an airline stewardess is found with her stomach cut open, Quincy's investigation runs into interference from Internal Affairs, who is certain that a well respected...
6 links 20 Nov 2015
Scream to the Skies E11. Scream to the Skies
An Airliner crash in Santa Monica Bay springs Quincy into action fighting for airline passenger safety.
6 links 21 Nov 2015
Jury Duty E12. Jury Duty
While serving on a jury Quincy finds flaws in the prosecution's case.
6 links 21 Nov 2015
Who Speaks for the Children E13. Who Speaks for the Children
When the body of a missing young girl shows up in a dumpster, Quincy's investigation takes him into the world of child molestation and pornography. Can he save the girl's sister be...
6 links 22 Nov 2015
Seldom Silent, Never Heard E14. Seldom Silent, Never Heard
A tragic death of a teenager sets Quincy into action fighting for orphan drug development.
6 links 16 May 2013
Of All Sad Words E15. Of All Sad Words
Quincy gets involved with a woman whose husband may have been killed by her as a tenacious insurance investigator pursues her.
6 links 18 May 2013
To Kill in Plain Sight E16. To Kill in Plain Sight
An assassin killed before the hit has Quincy rushing to expose who the target is before it's too late.
6 links 27 Nov 2015
Sugar and Spice E17. Sugar and Spice
Quincy investigates the death of a model.
6 links 28 Nov 2015
Vigil of Fear E18. Vigil of Fear
A vigilante group gets in a shoot-out with a killer resulting in the death of an innocent bystander and Quincy uses all of the coroner's office resources to find out what exactly h...
6 links 29 Nov 2015
Staffel 7
Season 7
Memories of Allison E1. Memories of Allison
At a job fair, Quincy sees a woman in terror fall down an escalator. At the hospital, she cannot remember her name or her past. Quincy is determined to figure out who she is, but h...
7 links 01 Dec 2015
The Golden Hour E2. The Golden Hour
When a young girl dies in a car crash, Quincy's investigation leads him to some disquieting numbers about emergency room care and the need for trauma centers to handle the critical...
7 links 02 Dec 2015
Slow Boat to Madness: Part 1 E3. Slow Boat to Madness: Part 1
While on a cruise in Tahiti, Quincy steps in and helps the crew when a mysterious illness affects the passengers on the ship.
7 links 02 Dec 2015
Slow Boat to Madness: Part 2 E4. Slow Boat to Madness: Part 2
While on a cruise in Tahiti, Quincy steps in and helps the crew when a mysterious illness affects the passengers on the ship.
6 links 02 Dec 2015
D.U.I. E5. D.U.I.
Quincy gets involved in an anti drunk driving campaign after a tough case involving a pedestrian being killed by a prominent lawyer-with a surprising twist.
6 links 20 May 2013
For Want of a Horse E6. For Want of a Horse
Quincy investigates the death of a ranch owner while Dr. Astin and his wife struggle with their foster child.
7 links 06 Dec 2015
Gentle Into That Good Night E7. Gentle Into That Good Night
Quincy helps a cancer patient who is dying.
6 links 11 Dec 2015
Dead Stop E8. Dead Stop
Quincy gets involved in the world of truckers and illegal toxic dumping when a driver with lung damage ends up in his morgue following an accident.
6 links 21 May 2013
Bitter Pill E9. Bitter Pill
When a high school student drops dead at basketball practice, Quincy is drawn into an investigation in the dangers of "pep" pills and legal lookalike drugs and the problems in regu...
6 links 13 Dec 2015
Guns Don't Die E10. Guns Don't Die
When a series of murders committed by the same gun, but by different killers, crosses his table, Quincy goes on the hunt for the gun and investigates the problems surrounding hand ...
6 links 13 Dec 2015
When Luck Ran Out E11. When Luck Ran Out
Quincy investigates the death of a horse.
7 links 14 Dec 2015
Smoke Screen E12. Smoke Screen
When a fire at a hotel leaves twelve dead, Quincy goes on the hunt for an arsonist, leading him to discover an arson anonymous group, and a vanity fire starter.
6 links 15 Dec 2015
For Love of Joshua E13. For Love of Joshua
When a baby with Down Syndrome is denied medical care after birth and allowed to starve to death, Quincy must determine if the death was from natural causes or if the attending phy...
6 links 17 Dec 2015
Into the Murdering Mind E14. Into the Murdering Mind
A young man diagnosed with schizophrenia brutally murders his father, brother and sister, then surrenders to the police. Quincy believes he may be faking his mental illness.
6 links 28 May 2013
To Clear the Air E15. To Clear the Air
Quincy goes on a campaign to clean up the Los Angeles air after an old man dies during an atmospheric inversion.
6 links 29 May 2013
The Shadow of Death E16. The Shadow of Death
After a former Vietnam nurse suffering from PTSD turns up dead, Quincy gets involved with a veteran support group in an effort to get the victim's friend, another former nurse, the...
7 links 21 Dec 2015
The Flight of the Nightingale E17. The Flight of the Nightingale
A mistake at a hospital leads to a nurses strike which Quincy and Astin try to clear up.
6 links 22 Dec 2015
Stolen Tears E18. Stolen Tears
Quincy investigates the murder of an Auschwitz survivor.
7 links 29 May 2013
The Face of Fear E19. The Face of Fear
When an agoraphobic young woman witnesses a murder, Quincy must find not only the killer, but the victim as well.
6 links 16 Jul 2014
Expert in Murder E20. Expert in Murder
Quincy's reputation is called into question on the eve of the trial of mob boss in which Quincy is the star witness.
6 links 29 Dec 2015
The Unquiet Grave E21. The Unquiet Grave
After running into an ex-girlfriend he had a fall-out with years ago, Quincey finds himself on the case when her husband dies and must unweave a diabolical plot to reveal the kille...
6 links 31 Dec 2015
The Last of Leadbottom E22. The Last of Leadbottom
After a microchip is found in an admiral's body, during an autopsy, Quincy is reinstated into the Navy to find a spy!
6 links 31 Dec 2015
Deadly Protection E23. Deadly Protection
While investigating the death of a child by the family's guard dog, Quincy adopts a dog of his own.
6 links 02 Jan 2016
The Mourning After E24. The Mourning After
A family goes through the grieving process, while Quincy investigates the death of their son, who was killed during a college hazing ritual.
6 links 01 Jun 2013
Staffel 8
Season 8
Baby Rattlesnakes E1. Baby Rattlesnakes
Quincy gets involved in youth gangs and the probation program after a nine-year old girl is killed in a drive by shooting. A 14-year old boy is set up to take the rap.
6 links 05 Jan 2016
Ghost of a Chance E2. Ghost of a Chance
When a man dies during bypass surgery, Quincy believes the operation was performed by resident instead of the renowned heart surgeon who was contracted to do the procedure.
7 links 10 Jan 2016
Give Me Your Weak E3. Give Me Your Weak
Quincy revisits old friends and travels to Washington DC in an effort to get the Orphan Drug act passed, and help a young mother suffering from myoclonus.
6 links 10 Jan 2016
Dying for a Drink E4. Dying for a Drink
After a colleague exhibits unusual behavior at work, Quincy discovers she has a drinking problem.
7 links 02 Jun 2013
Unreasonable Doubt E5. Unreasonable Doubt
Quincy must aggressively go against a highly qualified colleague who is trying to prove that an acquaintance of his is guilty of murdering his infant son who is afflicted with Stur...
6 links 02 May 2014
Sleeping Dogs E6. Sleeping Dogs
Quincy must unravel the mystery of who murdered the town bully in a small community outside of Los Angeles. He runs into opposition in this tight knit community who want to protect...
6 links 16 Jan 2016
Science for Sale E7. Science for Sale
When a cancer patient who's undergoing a new treatment leaves the hospital and dies, it is believed that she succumbed to the cancer. But when some people whom she came into contac...
6 links 17 Jan 2016
Next Stop, Nowhere E8. Next Stop, Nowhere
Quincy takes a look into the world of punk rock, a music that he believes may have contributed to the death of a teenage boy.
6 links 18 Jan 2016
Across the Line E9. Across the Line
Quincy is talked into investigating the case of a police who accidentally killed a hostage during a bank robbery shootout.
6 links 18 Jan 2016
Sword of Honor, Blade of Death E10. Sword of Honor, Blade of Death
Michael Morishima, a good friend of Sam's, is murdered in the Little Tokyo section of Los Angeles. It turns out that he was investigating possible Yakuza activity in Los Angeles. ....
6 links 24 Jan 2016
The Law Is a Fool E11. The Law Is a Fool
A narcissistic psychopath kidnaps the granddaughter of a former Congressman. He says it will be "Divine Retribution" if she dies, and the fault for her death will rest upon the sho...
6 links 24 Jan 2016
Guilty Until Proven Innocent E12. Guilty Until Proven Innocent
Quincy's friend, the estranged son of a mobster, is accused of arson and murder. Can Quincy help save his friend?
6 links 26 Jan 2016
Cry for Help E13. Cry for Help
After a young girl is found dead along a roadside, Quincy enlists the help of a psychologist in order to determine if the girl committed suicide or if she was murdered by her boyfr...
6 links 31 Jan 2016
A Loss for Words E14. A Loss for Words
When a young man who dies in an industrial accident because he couldn't read the hazard signs. Quincy takes on the problem of adult illiteracy. A problem that hits close to home wi...
6 links 31 Jan 2016
Beyond the Open Door E15. Beyond the Open Door
A psychic is enlisted to help solve the murders of several young women putting her own life in danger.
6 links 03 Jul 2015
On Dying High E16. On Dying High
After a nightclub entertainer (Roger Miller) is badly burned, Quincy is determined to make everyone aware drugs are no laughing matter.
6 links 01 Feb 2016
Quincy's Wedding: Part 1 E17. Quincy's Wedding: Part 1
Quincy is reluctant to plan the wedding of Emily's dreams. But, is it a murder confession holding him back... or something else?!
6 links 12 Jul 2015
Quincy's Wedding: Part 2 E18. Quincy's Wedding: Part 2
Quincy's wedding may be cancelled and the widow who believed she caused her husband's death is now certain she's being targeted for murder.
6 links 01 Jul 2013
Murder on Ice E19. Murder on Ice
Quincy goes on his honeymoon to a judges's lodge not knowing that he and others had been lured there as part of a killer's plot.
6 links 14 Jul 2015
Women of Valor E20. Women of Valor
After the tragic death of a newborn, Quincy, together with strong women, crusade to further legitimize the use of Midwives.
6 links 02 Jul 2013
Suffer the Little Children E21. Suffer the Little Children
A substandard foster home is responsible for the death of a 7 year-old boy. Quincy and Emily, try to start a new program, so that his older brother can be reunited with his trouble...
6 links 15 Jul 2015
An Act of Violence E22. An Act of Violence
An elderly woman is robbed and murdered in her apartment. Next target, Quincy. Sam takes trace evidence at the lab before Quince goes to hospital, so that Monahan can track the vic...
6 links 16 Jul 2015
Whatever Happened to Morris Perlmutter? E23. Whatever Happened to Morris Perlmutter?
A formerly famous theatre star dies at the end of a robber's gun. Her sister (Rosemary DeCamp), Quincy, and Monahan look for the killer. Her agent, Morris Pearmutter, looks for a c...
6 links 20 Jul 2015
The Cutting Edge E24. The Cutting Edge
A dock worker is seriously injured in an accident and loses his arm in the process. He is taken to an experimental hospital called Project Hope headed by a dedicated surgeon named ...
6 links 20 Jul 2015
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