Bei der Serie „Rake“ handelt es sich um die Adaption der gleichnamigen australischen TV-Serie. Es geht um das chaotische Leben von Keegan Deane , ein brillanter und charmanter Strafverteidiger ohne jegliche Zurückhaltung. Zusätzlich zu den Belastungen sein...

Jahr: 2014

Dauer: 43 min

Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama

Writers: Peter Tolan, Peter Duncan

Stars: Miranda Otto, John Ortiz, Greg Kinnear

IMDb: TT2515462

Bewertung: 6.9/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Serial Killer E1. Serial Killer
Plagued by gambling debts, tax troubles, and a psychotic ex-girlfriend, criminal defense lawyer Keegan Deane (Greg Kinnear) represents a notorious serial killer who's recanted his ...
12 links 23 Jan 2014
A Close Shave E2. A Close Shave
As he's representing a trio of young Amish men who attacked a church elder, Keegan (Greg Kinnear) uses Scarlet (Necar Zadegan) and Ben's (John Ortiz) recommitment ceremony to woo a...
12 links 30 Jan 2014
E3. Cancer
While defending a mother with a severe gambling addiction (Annie Mumolo), Keegan (Greg Kinnear) scrambles to make up for causing skateboarding legend Tony Hawk to cancel his appear...
12 links 06 Feb 2014
Cannibal E4. Cannibal
In the wake of his father's death, Ben (John Ortiz) enlists Keegan Deane (Greg Kinnear) to take over the defense of a prominent Los Angeles city government advisor accused of murde...
12 links 13 Feb 2014
E5. Bigamist
Keegan (Greg Kinnear) exploits the judge and prosecutor's rocky divorce in his defense of a prominent restaurant owner charged with bigamy. As Mikki (Bojana Novakovic) seeks help f...
12 links 20 Feb 2014
Jury Tamperer E6. Jury Tamperer
A woman seeking information about her daughter's case sleeps with a juror; Finn continues to sleep with his teacher despite his parents' objections.
12 links 27 Feb 2014
E7. Three Strikes
Keegan takes the case of a man accused of committing his third strike, a man who credits Keegan with inspiring him to become sober and is now a sponsor himself. Meanwhile, Keegan's...
12 links 06 Mar 2014
E8. Staple Holes
Ben takes over the law firm after the death of his father and hires Keegan, who manages to win his first case despite being completely unprepared for it, but he doesn't get the rea...
11 links 16 Mar 2014
E9. Hey, Good Looking
Keegan must defend his new client, Holly Phillips, who is charged with the death of her husband. But Keegan himself becomes the suspect in another death - the murder of Mayor Barzm...
12 links 21 Mar 2014
E10. 50 Shades of Gay
Keegan defends Mikki's former pimp, Jules, who is accused of assault by high-powered agent Max Fawcett, after the two get into an altercation. Because of Max's status in Los Angele...
12 links 28 Mar 2014
E11. Remembrance of Taxis Past
With Scarlet's campaign for L.A. District Attorney in full swing, Keegan charms California's well-respected ex-governor, Mitch Markham, into providing financial and political suppo...
12 links 05 Apr 2014
Man's Best Friend E12. Man's Best Friend
Keegan defends a close friend and well-respected doctor accused of animal cruelty, after an explicit video of him, his wife and his dog gets stolen. Meanwhile, Scarlet and David's ...
12 links 05 Apr 2014
E13. Mammophile
Keegan must use a highly unusual tactic to defend a new client and his mother, who both confess to committing the same murder, in order to protect the other. Meanwhile, as a result...
13 links 29 Jun 2014
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