Jonathan Raven wuchs in Japan auf und wurde zum Meister östlicher Kampfkunst ausgebildet. Interpol hatte seinen Vater samt Familie nach Asien geschickt. Weil Raven Senior die Drogengeschäfte der japanischen Mafia, der Yakuza, durchkreuzte, ließ das Syndika...

Jahr: 1992−1993

Dauer: 46 min

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy

Writers: Frank Lupo

Stars: Lee Majors, Jeffrey Meek, Andy Bumatai

IMDb: TT0103518

Bewertung: 7.3/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Return of the Black Dragon E1. Return of the Black Dragon
7 links
The Unseen Enemy E2. The Unseen Enemy
Jonathan tries to see if a woman who is a friend of his son's mother, knows where he is. But someone is trying to kill her. And Jonathan learns that it's a former Agency colleague.
7 links 01 Jul 1992
Reunion E3. Reunion
7 links 08 Jul 1992
...And Everything Nice E4. ...And Everything Nice
7 links 22 Jul 1992
Is Someone Crazy in Here or Is It Me E5. Is Someone Crazy in Here or Is It Me
When Ski's antics gets him arrested, the judge decides to have evaluated psychiatric. While at the hospital, a nurse approaches him telling him another patient claims to know who k...
7 links 26 Jul 1992
Prey E6. Prey
Jonathan goes away for a little retreat on a deserted island. When he gets there he finds a young girl there. what he doesn't know is that the Black Dragon have sent someone to get...
7 links 26 Sep 1992
The Death of Sheila E7. The Death of Sheila
Jonathan is looking for a woman who adopted a boy who is part Asian and thinking that it could his son. But the woman is a call girl and the woman she works wants her to set up som...
5 links 03 Oct 1992
Staffel 2
Season 2
Bloody Beach E1. Bloody Beach
7 links 02 Jan 1993
Playback E2. Playback
7 links 09 Jan 1993
The Journey E3. The Journey
7 links 16 Jan 1993
Heat E4. Heat
7 links 23 Jan 1993
Rip-Off E5. Rip-Off
Jonathan and Ski are helping secure a country's national treasure, a Golden Lion when it is being lent to a museum. Later the curator is kidnapped and the kidnappers want Jonathan ...
7 links 30 Jan 1993
Death Games E6. Death Games
7 links 06 Mar 1993
Disciples of Dawn E7. Disciples of Dawn
7 links 13 Mar 1993
Something in the Closet E8. Something in the Closet
7 links 20 Mar 1993
Checkmate E9. Checkmate
When Jonathan gets an activation code from someone in the CIA, he learns that he's being sent to kill someone big in the spy game. When someone tries to kill him, he chases the per...
7 links 27 Mar 1993
Wipe-Out E10. Wipe-Out
7 links 03 Apr 1993
The Guardians of the Night E11. The Guardians of the Night
7 links 10 Apr 1993
Poisoned Harvest E12. Poisoned Harvest
7 links 17 Apr 1993
Flori and Dori E13. Flori and Dori
7 links
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