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Dark comedy about a reality show producer who puts a family under surveillance without their knowledge. But there's a problem. The family is boring. The producer starts to meddle. ... See full summary »

Jahr: 2012

Dauer: 26 min

Genres: Comedy

Stars: Adam Rifkin, Scott Anderson, Monika Tilling

IMDb: TT2451076

Bewertung: 6.6/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
E1. The Pitch
TV producer Mickey Wagner has a revolutionary idea: a reality show that's actually real. He selects the Warwick family and places them under surveillance. But, turns out they're bo...
01 Nov 2012
E2. The Sizzle Reel
Mickey manipulates the Warwick's anniversary dinner and sets their teenage daughter Amy up for a night she will never forget. But will it be enough for the network to leave Mickey ...
6 links 08 Nov 2012
E3. Product Placement
6 links 15 Nov 2012
E4. Animal Instincts
With the spectacular footage of Amy's near death experience, Mickey is beginning to embrace the idea that maybe all this boring family needed was a little push. Next up on his agen...
6 links 22 Nov 2012
E5. Fired Up
Mickey employs Yvonne, an actress, to enroll in Amy's school with one goal - to help nudge Amy off her goody-goody path. Mickey's meddling at Dennis' work yields better footage tha...
6 links 29 Nov 2012
E6. Manipulation
Dennis refuses to take the bait and cheat on his wife, so Mickey tries manipulating Katherine to cheat with her hunky masseuse. Amy heads out to night of partying she won't forget.
6 links 06 Dec 2012
E7. Roadkill
Mickey can't win back his ex and the Warwicks are headed for disaster. An attempt at a happy ending turns out anything but.
6 links 13 Dec 2012
E8. It's Not What You Think It Is
The Warwick's are coming apart with full force. Mickey still believes all will be forgiven once it's revealed there is a future of fame and fortune for the family - or at least wha...
6 links 20 Dec 2012
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