19 Jahre hat Daniel Holden (Aden Young) im Todestrakt verbracht und in fast völliger Isolation auf seine Hinrichtung gewartet. Nun ist er plötzlich wieder frei, denn ein DNA-Test beweist seine Unschuld. Daniel kehrt in die alte Kleinstadt zurück, wo er ein...

Jahr: 2013

Dauer: 60 min

Genres: Drama

Writers: Ray McKinnon

Stars: Abigail Spencer, Aden Young, J.D. Evermore, J. Smith-Cameron

IMDb: TT2183404

Bewertung: 8.4/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Always There E1. Always There
After 19 years on Georgia's death row, DNA evidence gets Daniel Holden released. He's survived by reading books and meditation (doing time by escaping time), and he's ill-prepared ...
9 links 17 Nov 2013
Sexual Peeling E2. Sexual Peeling
Daniel goes for a walk; Amantha and his attorney, Jon, go looking for him. Amantha wants to continue her affair with Jon, who thinks that's dangerous. Ted Jr. takes Daniel to lunch...
8 links 22 Apr 2013
Modern Times E3. Modern Times
Daniel rediscovers his teen self, first through clothes and music in the attic, then with Jared at a skateboard park. Senator Foulkes bestows his nasty smile and threats on Jon, he...
8 links 29 Apr 2013
Plato's Cave E4. Plato's Cave
Women come at men. Jon calls on the local D.A. to talk about a retrial, and she bares her teeth. Daniel and his mother visit a big box store and, as they leave, they're ambushed by...
8 links 06 May 2013
Drip, Drip E5. Drip, Drip
It's the sixth day since Daniel's release. At 3 AM, he goes for a walk and hitches a ride with a quirky man who asks Daniel to help him pick up and deliver some goats. Is the man r...
8 links 13 May 2013
Jacob's Ladder E6. Jacob's Ladder
Can Daniel make it on the outside? His mother asks him to help her redo the kitchen, he explains his perceptions to Jon and calls on Amantha at her new place - they go for a walk. ...
8 links 20 May 2013
Staffel 2
Season 2
Running with the Bull E1. Running with the Bull
Daniel's family fears he won't recover from his injuries and his attackers will escape justice. Judy Dean shows Bobby some unexpected affection. Ted, Jr. hides a shameful secret fr...
8 links 04 Nov 2014
Sleeping Giants E2. Sleeping Giants
Amantha dreads the worst as she prepares for Daniel to awaken from his induced coma. Teddy's business plans are thwarted by his dad, and he gets some unwelcome news from Tawney. Ja...
9 links 26 Jun 2014
Charlie Darwin E3. Charlie Darwin
Daniel makes a startling decision, and Amantha is outraged and hurt when Janet defends his choice. Teddy asks a reluctant Tawney for a favor. Jon Stern gains a valuable insight int...
8 links 03 Jul 2014
E4. Donald the Normal
A recovered Daniel explores Atlanta and enjoys a taste of big-city anonymity, while Amantha starts packing up her apartment. Tawney grows frustrated with Ted, Jr.'s ever-shifting m...
8 links 10 Jul 2014
Act as If E5. Act as If
Daniel encounters an unusual local entrepreneur; Amantha struggles with a new role; Ted, Sr.'s patience is tested; Tawney makes a decision.
8 links 17 Jul 2014
E6. Mazel Tov
Daniel mourns the death of someone from his past, but his appearance at the funeral fuels the fire against him. Tawney asks Ted, Jr. to keep a secret. When Amantha invites Jon Ster...
9 links 24 Jul 2014
Weird as You E7. Weird as You
Daniel continues to search for answers while Jon Stern has an enlightening conversation with D.A. Sondra Person. Senator Foulkes forces Sheriff Daggett to help him with an unpleasa...
8 links 31 Jul 2014
The Great Destroyer E8. The Great Destroyer
Daniel reluctantly asks for help. Janet sees the error of her ways. Jon Stern reveals some startling news, triggering a heated family debate. Jared turns to Ted, Jr. and Tawney for...
9 links 07 Aug 2014
Until You're Blue E9. Until You're Blue
Daniel considers his future as he faces a difficult decision. Amantha lets off some steam. Ted, Jr. is frustrated by recent events, while Tawney makes plans. Sheriff Daggett visits...
9 links 14 Aug 2014
E10. Unhinged
Daniel questions Jon Stern's advice. Tawney reconsiders her choices and Ted, Jr. asks a favor. Janet makes an upsetting discovery. Amantha levels with Jon Stern. Sheriff Daggett in...
9 links 21 Aug 2014
Staffel 3
Season 3
Hoorah E1. Hoorah
Daniel's family copes with his confession and imminent banishment. Ted, Jr. tries to connect with Tawney. Ted, Sr. confronts Daniel. Senator Foulkes brushes off DA Person's questio...
11 links 09 Jul 2015
Thrill Ride E2. Thrill Ride
Daniel struggles to adapt to his new circumstances while Amantha faces overwhelming personal changes and troubles at work. Tawney seeks solace and discovers uncertainty. Teddy trie...
12 links 16 Jul 2015
Sown with Salt E3. Sown with Salt
Daniel meets with his probation officer and discovers some new, unpleasant restrictions on his life. Daggett finds more questions than answers as he investigates George Melton's de...
12 links 23 Jul 2015
Girl Jesus E4. Girl Jesus
Daniel finds comfort in his painting job until a visit from a probation officer forces him to abandon it for a frustrating day of abiding his new reality. Teddy pushes Tawney into ...
12 links 30 Jul 2015
The Future E5. The Future
Daniel seeks to undo the damage he inflicted on the pool. Daggett questions him about Florida and reveals a surprising theory about George Melton's death. Tawney visits her former ...
12 links 06 Aug 2015
The Source E6. The Source
Janet and Daniel go on a road trip; Tawney returns home; Jon regrets not helping Daniel more; Amantha has dinner with an unexpected companion.
12 links 13 Aug 2015
Staffel 4
Season 4
E1. A House Divided
Daniel is navigating the complicated dynamics of group living at The New Canaan Project. His housemates, sensing his lack of connection, challenge him to engage, which leads him to...
26 Oct 2016
E2. Yolk
Back in Paulie, the Holden/Talbot family adjusts to daily life without Daniel's catalyzing influence. Janet frets over Daniel's life away from home. Teddy and Tawney attempt to rec...
02 Nov 2016
E3. Bob & Carol & Ted Jr. & Alice
Daniel continues to adjust to group living which is further complicated by his new roommate. He expands his horizons by spending more time at the art co-op with Chloe. Meanwhile ba...
09 Nov 2016
E4. Go Ask Roger
Daniel gets temporary respite from the grind of the halfway house when he and Chloe set out on an adventure. Meanwhile, Amantha is intrigued by an invitation from Billy while Tawne...
16 Nov 2016
Pineapples in Paris E5. Pineapples in Paris
The dread of Janet and Ted's impending visit coupled with a confrontation in group therapy causes Daniel to doubt the possibility of ever adjusting to a normal life.
23 Nov 2016
Physics E6. Physics
Jon and Amantha reconnect to discuss Daniel's legal strategy. In Nashville, Ted, Sr. seeks his own bliss while Janet and Daniel attempt to be honest with one another about what's b...
30 Nov 2016
Happy Unburdening E7. Happy Unburdening
Daniel worries that his life has gotten a little too real. With Jared's help, Janet is loosening her grip on the past. Teddy opens up to Ted Sr about what he really wants for his f...
07 Dec 2016
All I'm Sayin' E8. All I'm Sayin'
Daniel begins to appreciate his progress as he realizes what his new life may look like. The old life is quickly disappearing for Teddy, who knows change is unavoidable. Jon debrie...
14 Dec 2016
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