Riese: Kingdom Falling

Riese: Kingdom Falling dreht sich um Riese, eine verfolgte Prinzessin des Königreichs Eleysia, das von einer mächtigen Vereinigung, der "Sekte", gestürzt wurde. Die neue, böse Kaiserin Amara hat Riese zum Staatsfeind erklärt, weshalb sie nun, nur von ihrem...

Jahr: 2009

Dauer: 88 min

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama

Writers: Ryan Copple, Kaleena Kiff

Stars: Amanda Tapping, Christine Chatelain, Patrick Gilmore

IMDb: TT1542543

Bewertung: 6.4/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
E1. Hunt
The hunt begins in this exciting premiere of Riese.
6 links 13 May 2011
E2. Bind
Riese awakens inside the township of Helmkin and discovers a horrifying secret.
6 links 16 Nov 2009
E3. Fragments
Haunted by her own past, Riese decides to investigate Helmkin's dark secret, while Doctor Bauman receives an unexpected visitor.
6 links 30 Nov 2009
E4. Spares
Unwilling to turn a blind eye to The Sect's suspicious activities in Helmkin, Riese searches an eerie warehouse for answers.
6 links 14 Dec 2009
E5. Dawn
The Sect's Huntsmen closing in on Riese, and her true identity is finally revealed.
6 links 04 Jan 2010
E6. Prey
Riese follows the trail of child shipments to Vidar only to find the town strangely empty of citizens.
6 links 01 Feb 2010
E7. Beast
The terrible secret of Vidar is revealed.
6 links 15 Feb 2010
E8. Indoctrination
Riese searches for safety as she is pursued by the Sect's failed creations.
6 links 01 Mar 2010
E9. Retribution
Still in Vidar, Riese learns of a more complex plot weaved by the Sect that involves a close family member.
6 links 15 Mar 2010
E10. Reunion
Tired from her journey and numb from the realization of the Sect's twisted plot, Riese is caught by surprise by Herrick and his henchmen.
6 links 29 Mar 2010
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