Ripper Street

London, 1889: Noch vor einem halben Jahr trieb Jack the Ripper im Londoner Eastend sei Unwesen – und jetzt versucht Inspector Edmund Reid (Matthew MacFadyen) als Anführer der ‚H Division‘ in den Straßen wieder für Ordnung zu sorgen, im Kampf mit Verbrechen...

Jahr: 2012

Dauer: 59 min

Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Writers: Richard Warlow

Stars: Matthew Macfadyen, MyAnna Buring, Adam Rothenberg, Jerome Flynn

IMDb: TT2183641

Bewertung: 8.1/10

Staffel -1
Season -1
The Strangers Home Part 2 E-1. The Strangers Home Part 2
15 Jan 2016
Staffel 1
Season 1
I Need Light E1. I Need Light
When the disfigured body of a young woman is found in Whitechapel, Detective Inspector Edmund Reid fears that Jack the Ripper has returned to kill again.
9 links 30 Dec 2012
In My Protection E2. In My Protection
The murder of an elderly Jewish toymaker by a fourteen year-old by a challenged orphan is initially thought a robbery, but Reid begins to suspect "a wider purpose."
9 links 06 Jan 2013
The King Came Calling E3. The King Came Calling
A man dies in the street, and word quickly spreads that cholera may have been to blame. However, Jackson thinks otherwise, and when dozens of others become ill, the race is on to d...
9 links 13 Sep 2013
The Good of This City E4. The Good of This City
The mother of a girl who used to work for Long Susan is murdered, along with a rent collector. The girl claims to have no memory of the event, which may be linked to the constructi...
9 links 20 Jan 2013
The Weight of One Man's Heart E5. The Weight of One Man's Heart
A series of robberies plagues the area, and when some of the stolen items are inexplicably returned to their owners, Reid is left stumped. Meanwhile, a sinister face from Drake's m...
9 links 27 Jan 2013
Tournament of Shadows E6. Tournament of Shadows
A Jewish man is murdered, and it soon becomes clear that he had uncovered a complex spy plot involving striking workers and the Russian secret police.
7 links 03 Feb 2013
A Man of My Company E7. A Man of My Company
The body of a ship's engineer is found in the Thames, and his murder seems to be connected with the arrival of a powerful shipping magnate and a group of Americans who are hunting ...
7 links 17 Feb 2013
What Use Our Work? E8. What Use Our Work?
As a result of Goodnight's fiendishness, Jackson stands accused of being Jack the Ripper, with Reid desperately trying to clear his name. Meanwhile, Rose's plan to better herself b...
7 links 24 Feb 2013
Staffel 2
Season 2
Pure as the Driven E1. Pure as the Driven
A policeman is assaulted, which leads Reid, Drake and Jackson into a complex web of deceit revolving around drugs imported from the Orient. Meanwhile, Long Susan is given an ultima...
9 links 28 Oct 2013
Am I Not Monstrous? E2. Am I Not Monstrous?
As the investigation into Linklater's death continues, Reid and the team deal with the murder of a woman whose recently delivered baby has been stolen, which leads them to a former...
8 links 04 Nov 2013
Become Man E3. Become Man
A prominent male member of the London City Council is kidnapped. His abduction seems to be connected to the potential election of a woman to the Council, but matters are complicate...
8 links 11 Nov 2013
Dynamite and a Woman E4. Dynamite and a Woman
A dangerous terrorist, purportedly a member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, escapes from police custody and attacks an MP. In order to apprehend him, Reid sends Flight on an u...
9 links 18 Nov 2013
Threads of Silk and Gold E5. Threads of Silk and Gold
The murder of a telegraph boy uncovers a secret network of homosexual prostitution within the post office. Two of the young men are found to have been blackmailing a client, which ...
9 links 25 Nov 2013
A Stronger Loving World E6. A Stronger Loving World
Reid must act quickly to prevent a religious war in Whitechapel when a series of arson attacks on churches and synagogues occurs in the district, all of which seems to be linked to...
8 links 02 Dec 2013
Our Betrayal: Part 1 E7. Our Betrayal: Part 1
Rose's search for Drake leads her to a frightening place, Jackson receives an unexpected visit from his wayward brother, Long Susan is under pressure from Duggan, while Detective I...
8 links 09 Dec 2013
Our Betrayal: Part 2 E8. Our Betrayal: Part 2
Reid faces scandal due to Best's deviousness, Drake readjusts to life back home, Rose faces the prospect of a new future, while a grim discovery in a Whitechapel slum may lead to t...
8 links 16 Dec 2013
Staffel 3
Season 3
E1. Whitechapel Terminus
A train robbery takes place, resulting in unexpected catastrophe. Reid and his previously dispersed team reunite to solve the case, unaware that a greater plot is unfolding simulta...
13 links 14 Nov 2014
The Beating of Her Wings E2. The Beating of Her Wings
A routine debt collection performed by Capshaw at a shop is complicated when the proprietress is killed and a dungeon discovered. Reid and Drake investigate, hoping to uncover Caps...
12 links 14 Nov 2014
Ashes and Diamonds E3. Ashes and Diamonds
The mysterious death of a clairvoyant unlocks the heart of a deceptive scheme, while Drake attempts to cover for Reid in his absence.
12 links 21 Nov 2014
Your Father. My Friend E4. Your Father. My Friend
As Mathilda roams the streets, Drake finds Reid and informs him that she is alive. The team reassemble and try to locate her, while Best's investigation narrows in on Capshaw.
10 links 28 Nov 2014
Heavy Boots E5. Heavy Boots
While Reid lies unconscious, Drake and the others investigate a series of brutal attacks on local businesses and their owners.
11 links 05 Dec 2014
The Incontrovertible Truth E6. The Incontrovertible Truth
A brutal murder involving a wealthy titled lady occurs one evening, and the team has until dawn to solve it before the lady's husband can use his influence to have her freed.
11 links 12 Dec 2014
Live Free, Live True E7. Live Free, Live True
The brutal murder of a chemist uncovers an illegal abortion racket, while Long Susan finds herself up against the chauvinism of the business world.
11 links 19 Dec 2014
The Peace of Edmund Reid E8. The Peace of Edmund Reid
The murder of an American journalist, recently arrived in London to help Fred Best, may have life changing consequences for Reid and everyone else.
11 links 26 Dec 2014
Staffel 4
Season 4
E1. The Strangers' Home
Reid must return to Whitechapel to covertly re-investigate a case apparently solved by Drake and Jackson, while Susan receives devastating news.
15 Jan 2016
E2. Some Conscience Lost
Reid struggles to adapt on his first day back at H Division under Drake's command, and immediately finds himself at the helm of a baffling case.
22 Jan 2016
E3. A White World Made Red
The investigation into a bloody double murder threatens to expose Jackson's recent illicit activities, while Susan takes charge.
29 Jan 2016
E4. Men of Iron, Men of Smoke
When a footballer is brutally murdered, a key suspect is a man close to Drake's heart, which forces Reid to conduct a clandestine investigation, while Susan hatches a plot.
05 Feb 2016
E5. No Wolves in Whitechapel
Drake's life begins to unravel as he questions whether he sent an innocent man to the gallows, and Rose struggles to convince anyone about what she saw.
12 Feb 2016
E6. Edmund Reid Did This
The walls close in on Reid, Drake, Jackson and Susan as a secret from the past threatens to destroy their lives in Whitechapel forever.
19 Feb 2016
Staffel 5
Season 5
Closed Casket E1. Closed Casket
Following the death of Bennet Drake the fugitives, Reid and Jackson, find themselves facing the power of Augustus Dove and his murderous brother Nathaniel.
12 Oct 2016
A Brittle Thread E2. A Brittle Thread
Reid and Dove engage the press in their battle for the hearts and minds of the people of Whitechapel.
19 Oct 2016
All the Glittering Blades E3. All the Glittering Blades
The serial killer - Nathaniel Dove - is hid in the Hackney Marshes, but how long can he stay out of trouble?
26 Oct 2016
The Dreaming Dead E4. The Dreaming Dead
Thatcher discovers a fresh lead of a double murder committed by Nathaniel, giving Reid cause for hope.
02 Nov 2016
A Last Good Act E5. A Last Good Act
With Reid locked in the cells it seems that all hope is lost, but is there time for one last roll of the dice?
09 Nov 2016
Occurrence Reports E6. Occurrence Reports
Reid must finally bring Augustus Dove to justice, but also find his peace in Whitechapel.
16 Nov 2016
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