Rita rockt

Rita ist nicht nur eine stark beanspruchte Mutter und Ehefrau, sondern arbeitet auch noch Teilzeit in einem Job, den sie nicht besonders mag. Nachdem sie in der Garage eine alte Gitarre findet, entschließt sie sich, zusammen mit ihrem Nachbarn, der Postbot...

Jahr: 2008−2009

Genres: Comedy

Writers: James Berg, Stan Zimmerman

Stars: Richard Ruccolo, Nicole Sullivan, Tisha Campbell-Martin

IMDb: TT1196953

Bewertung: 6.3/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Pilot E1. Pilot
Rita's life isn't what she used to dream about: She's unemployed, her younger daughter Shannon is a child prodigy, the older daughter Hallie makes her feel old, and even the mail-w...
1 link 02 Nov 2010
Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah-ah E2. Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah-ah
Now that Rita has band practice to fit into her schedule, life is hectic. Hallie is against her boyfriend being in the band, but Kip feels it's his calling. Also, Rita is forced to...
1 link 02 Nov 2010
You Gotta Have Friends E3. You Gotta Have Friends
1 link 07 Nov 2010
Flirting with Disaster E4. Flirting with Disaster
1 link 07 Nov 2010
Mother's Little Helper E5. Mother's Little Helper
Rita and Jay are going on a weekend get-away. When the babysitter cancels, Hallie volunteers for the job. At first Rita is against it, but Jay starts to turn her mind and Patty sho...
1 link 14 Nov 2010
Nobody Does It Better E6. Nobody Does It Better
1 link 14 Nov 2010
Take This Job and Shove It E7. Take This Job and Shove It
Hallie gets a job - at the store where Rita works. Is it possible for them to work together? How responsible will Hallie be with her paycheck? And how does working life affect her ...
21 Nov 2010
The Crying Game E8. The Crying Game
Owen meets new friends at Jay's poker night. Rita fills in for Jay because he's late. She reveals Jay's soft spot to the others and he gets teased about it. Shannon is making a sho...
21 Nov 2010
Under Pressure E9. Under Pressure
Rita wants the connect better with Hallie, and decides to do it through Kip. When she embarrasses Hallie by being seen having coffee with Kip, it's just the start of a bigger teena...
28 Nov 2010
Got No Time E10. Got No Time
Rita is starting to overextend herself with volunteering. Jay gets sucked in. Then he finds unexpected benefits. But does that mean Rita has similar ones too? Hallie and Kip turn v...
28 Nov 2010
Love on the Rocks E11. Love on the Rocks
05 Dec 2010
I Write the Songs E12. I Write the Songs
Patty tells Rita that unbelievably, Kip - yes, Kip - may be cheating on Hallie. Rita and Patty go on a stakeout, and witness a hug. Rita and Jay decide to tell Hallie, which leads ...
05 Dec 2010
The Girl Is Mine E13. The Girl Is Mine
Rita gets the flu from Jay, but Patty is ready to watch Shannon. And they bond a little better than Rita likes... Jay tries a guitar video game with Kip and gets hooked, leaving Ha...
12 Dec 2010
Old Friends E14. Old Friends
Rita's college-time band-mate Cindy contacts her via facebook, and wants to meet. Rita is upset because Cindy broke their band and is better off now than Rita. And Jay claims Cindy...
12 Dec 2010
It's My Party E15. It's My Party
19 Dec 2010
I Can't Make You Love Me E16. I Can't Make You Love Me
Jay's mother is coming to visit. Rita isn't on good terms with her, and tries to make it right.
19 Dec 2010
Get Off Off of My Cloud E17. Get Off Off of My Cloud
Jay convinces Rita to accompany him to a business dinner with a potential big shot client. However, the client takes interest in Rita's band and offers them a gig at a corporate ba...
26 Dec 2010
Killer Queen E18. Killer Queen
Rita gets into a cat-fight. Hallie buys a car for herself, but it is daddy who gets really excited about the car.
26 Dec 2010
What's Love Got to Do with It E19. What's Love Got to Do with It
Valentine's Day. Though for Rita, it's not a special day, she over-talks Kip to buy a romantic gift for Hallie. When the others too have a romantic Valentine's Day, Rita starts lon...
02 Jan 2011
We Can Work It Out E20. We Can Work It Out
Rita gets promoted to a store manager and that causes problems with both Hallie and the band who have just landed a gig at a festival and should really practice hard.
02 Jan 2010
Staffel 2
Season 2
A Change Is Gonna Come E1. A Change Is Gonna Come
1 link 31 May 2011
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do E2. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Hallie asks Rita for permission to go to a concert with Brody and his friends - and says it's better if Kip doesn't know, because he might get the wrong idea. However, asking Rita ...
31 May 2011
Nothing's Gonna Change My World E3. Nothing's Gonna Change My World
Rita tells everyone about her pregnancy - except for her boss, because of the risk that he would then not offer her any responsibility at work. Shannon wants to go to space camp.
07 Jun 2011
Welcome to the Working Week E4. Welcome to the Working Week
07 Jun 2011
Stuck in the Middle with You E5. Stuck in the Middle with You
Patty has decided not to see the guy she went out on a date with, and does not want any fix-ups, so naturally Rita schedules their "girls-go-to-see-a-movie" event exactly when Jay'...
14 Jun 2011
The Shape of Things to Come E6. The Shape of Things to Come
Owen is depressed over having no job, and can't concentrate on playing. Rita and Patty give him a confidence-boosting makeover. Hallie wants Kip out of Rita's band and decides to a...
14 Jun 2011
Mr. Bassman E7. Mr. Bassman
The band is auditioning bassists after Owen's departure. Rita's new neighbor's playing music loud is keeping her and Jay up all night. Because Jay is aggressive, Rita goes to make ...
21 Jun 2011
Mommy's Alright, Daddy's Alright E8. Mommy's Alright, Daddy's Alright
21 Jun 2011
Vogue E9. Vogue
Hallie has an announcement: She's going to be a famous fashion designer. Her parents, however, are not so supportive of her difficult goal. Then Rita decides to help put up a fashi...
26 Oct 2009
Bad Company E10. Bad Company
Rita and Jay try to get Hallie interested in going to college, so when Patty's son Mitchell comes to visit her mom, he is tasked to talk to Hallie. However, Hallie and Mitchell sta...
02 Nov 2009
Why Can't We Be Friends? E11. Why Can't We Be Friends?
Rita and Jay meet Shannon's classmate Briana's parents at a parents' night and start hanging together. But their blossoming friendship becomes threatened when the girls stop gettin...
02 Nov 2009
Mother and Child Reunion E12. Mother and Child Reunion
Hallie tries to get permission to go travel around Europe. Rita wants the girls to behave because her mother is coming for a visit. And nobody is to talk about the band, because Ri...
09 Nov 2009
Anchors Aweigh E13. Anchors Aweigh
09 Nov 2009
Shower the People E14. Shower the People
16 Nov 2009
Is She Really Going Out with Him? E15. Is She Really Going Out with Him?
16 Nov 2009
Sympathy for the Devil E16. Sympathy for the Devil
Rita takes pity on her old acquaintance and arranges a job for her in the store. But is once a bitch always a bitch? Meanwhile, Kip persuades Jay to hire him for the remodeling job...
23 Nov 2009
Jingle All the Way E17. Jingle All the Way
23 Nov 2009
The Jealous Kind E18. The Jealous Kind
Rita is jealous of Jay's new co-worker because she is pretty but then because Jay confides in her. Hallie and Kip go on a double date with their new dates (Mitchell and Allison) an...
30 Nov 2009
Should I Stay or Should I Go? E19. Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Kip has received a recommendation to a good music school, but he's afraid of an audition. Rita decides to help. In secret. Meanwhile, Hallie gets back together with Kip. These deve...
30 Nov 2009
Born in the U.S.A. E20. Born in the U.S.A.
Rita and her band get their first big break: a gig at a bowling alley. But then, Rita goes into labor during the show.
07 Dec 2009
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