Robin Hood

England 1192: Nach fünf Jahren im Heiligen Land kehrt Robin of Locksley, Earl of Huntingdon, mit seinem treuen Freund Much nach Hause zurück. Inzwischen hat sich jedoch einiges verändert. Ein skrupelloser neuer Sheriff unterdrückt und terrorisiert mit sein...

Jahr: 2006−2009

Dauer: 60 min

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy

Writers: Foz Allan, Dominic Minghella

Stars: Jonas Armstrong, Gordon Kennedy, Sam Troughton

IMDb: TT0787985

Bewertung: 7.6/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Will You Tolerate This? E1. Will You Tolerate This?
Robin, Earl of Huntingdon, returns to Locksley from fighting with King Richard in the Crusades, but England is not as he left it and all attempts to resume his former life are foil...
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Sheriff Got Your Tongue? E2. Sheriff Got Your Tongue?
Robin is captured by Little John, the sheriff takes extreme measures to find Robin, and Marian tries to offer assistance.
7 links 14 Oct 2006
Who Shot the Sheriff? E3. Who Shot the Sheriff?
An assassination attempt implicates Robin, and calls for an unholy alliance.
7 links 21 Oct 2006
Parent Hood E4. Parent Hood
Roy is captured and the results may be dire for Locksley; at Nottingham, Marian pays a price for her outspokenness.
7 links 28 Oct 2006
Turk Flu E5. Turk Flu
Robin interferes when the sheriff begins to man his mines with slaves.
7 links 04 Nov 2006
The Tax Man Cometh E6. The Tax Man Cometh
Robin captures a tax inspector and plots to heist the year's taxes, but a surprise is in store for both him and the sheriff; Marian makes her own preparations after a row with her ...
7 links 11 Nov 2006
Brothers in Arms E7. Brothers in Arms
Allan A'Dale's brother comes to Locksley and keeps putting his foot wrong; meanwhile at Nottingham the Sheriff is convinced there's a spy leaking info to Robin, but the trap Gisbou...
7 links 18 Nov 2006
Tattoo? What Tattoo? E8. Tattoo? What Tattoo?
Robin, chafing under the announcement of Marian's engagement, comes upon a devastating discovery about Gisbourne that ties him to the Holy Land.
7 links 25 Nov 2006
A Thing or Two About Loyalty E9. A Thing or Two About Loyalty
When Gisborne betrays a friend to obtain Greek Powder for the Sheriff, Robin scrambles to find the recipe and stash of powder before the Sheriff turns it against him. Elsewhere, Mu...
7 links 02 Dec 2006
Peace? Off! E10. Peace? Off!
When Robin saves an arsonist from burning Locksley Church he unleashes a series of events culminating in the discovery of a mysterious Saracen visitor at Nottingham Castle.
8 links 09 Dec 2006
Dead Man Walking E11. Dead Man Walking
A routine trip to Locksley to collect new weaponry descends into chaos when Robin and Little John witness a brutal tax collection and the capture of their bow maker.
7 links 16 Dec 2006
The Return of the King E12. The Return of the King
The glorious news spreads that King Richard is returning to England. For most it hails a return to the good old days, but for Will and Allan it means a return to their lacklustre f...
7 links 23 Dec 2006
A Clue: No E13. A Clue: No
Robin cannot come to terms with losing Marian. He refuses to help Edward in confronting the King and abandons Much and the gang: his world has fallen apart. There is no point in be...
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Staffel 2
Season 2
Sisterhood E1. Sisterhood
Robin Hood is back stealing from the rich, until he is tricked by a woman who turns out to be the Sheriff's sister and one of his men turns against him.
7 links 06 Oct 2007
Booby and the Beast E2. Booby and the Beast
In his first mission since discovering the devastating truth about operation Shah Mat, Robin launches an abortive raid on Nottingham Castle's new Strong Room. The Sheriff has store...
7 links 14 Oct 2007
Childhood E3. Childhood
When a group of boys accidentally stumble on Gisborne's weapons-testing site, all but one is taken prisoner. The resourceful escapee, Daniel, is able to elude Gisborne's men and ru...
7 links 20 Oct 2007
The Angel of Death E4. The Angel of Death
The Sheriff and his sinister scientist, Joseph, are testing a chemical weapon on a street in Nottingham Town and blaming the ill effects on the Pestilence. But Dan Scarlett (Sean M...
7 links 27 Oct 2007
Ducking and Diving E5. Ducking and Diving
A horrified Robin realises that his plan to capture the Sheriff's spy, Henry of Lewes, has failed because he has a traitor in his gang. Fearing for Marian's safety in the castle, R...
7 links 03 Nov 2007
For England...! E6. For England...!
The Sheriff's Black Knights gather at the castle to attend a feast and declare their allegiance to Prince John by signing the Great Pact of Nottingham. With the outlaws disguised a...
7 links 10 Nov 2007
Show Me the Money E7. Show Me the Money
Robin is determined to get hold of the Great Pact of Nottingham, written proof of the Sheriff's treason. So when lovelorn knight John of York (John Hopkins) and his chest of silver...
7 links 17 Nov 2007
Get Carter! E8. Get Carter!
Marian wakes up in Sherwood Forest on the first day of the rest of her life as an outlaw with Robin and his gang. Surprising everyone with a new energy and recklessness, however, s...
6 links 24 Nov 2007
Lardner's Ring E9. Lardner's Ring
A mortally wounded, one-legged messenger from King Richard flees Locksley Manor pursued by Gisborne's men and ends up in the arms of Robin. With his dying breath, he tells Robin th...
7 links 01 Dec 2007
Walkabout E10. Walkabout
Tormented by Robin Hood, The Sheriff sleepwalks straight into Sherwood Forest. Unfortunately, he goes missing on the very day that Prince John's messenger, Jasper, arrives to check...
6 links 08 Dec 2007
Treasure of the Nation E11. Treasure of the Nation
The Sheriff has turned Locksley into a garrison town, throwing its people out to make room for an army of vicious mercenaries. As Robin and the outlaws formulate a response plan to...
6 links 15 Dec 2007
A Good Day to Die E12. A Good Day to Die
Robin and the Outlaws arrive at a barn for Robin's birthday party, only to find that they are surrounded by The Sheriff's mercenaries and will not be let out alive. The Outlaws sha...
6 links 29 Dec 2007
We Are Robin Hood E13. We Are Robin Hood
Robin and the Outlaws, The Sheriff, Gisborne and Marian are now in the Holy Land. Robin warns the King of the impending threat to his life, but The Sheriff's cunning has prevailed ...
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Staffel 3
Season 3
Total Eclipse E1. Total Eclipse
When Robin returns from the Holy Land to avenge Marian's murder an epic battle rages between him and Gisborne, with both determined to fight to the death. Tuck arrives in Nottingha...
6 links 28 Mar 2009
Cause and Effect E2. Cause and Effect
The Sheriff sells the local village men to Irish warriors who need new army recruits, but when Robin is captured himself, can he escape execution in time to save the conscripts? Ka...
6 links 04 Apr 2009
Lost in Translation E3. Lost in Translation
The Sheriff turns the heat up on Robin and his gang by forcing the Abbot to accuse them of stealing from the church. Tuck's attempt to clear Robin's name ends with him being captur...
6 links 11 Apr 2009
Sins of the Father E4. Sins of the Father
Ruthless Rufus is in town, intent on revenge. When he kidnaps Allan and Kate, Robin retaliates by snatching his son. Robin and the gang face a race against time as they try to find...
6 links 18 Apr 2009
Let the Games Commence E5. Let the Games Commence
Gisborne is back, and he is not alone; by his side are Prince John's Elite Guards and a mysterious weapon. This time, he is determined to catch Hood. As the gang run for their live...
7 links 25 Apr 2009
Do You Love Me? E6. Do You Love Me?
Prince John pays a long-awaited visit to Nottingham, and he is out to make mischief. With Gisborne and the Sheriff assigned a royal mission, it surely spells the end for one of the...
7 links 02 May 2009
Too Hot to Handle E7. Too Hot to Handle
A heat wave hits Nottinghamshire and, when Prince John blocks all the local wells, the outlaws are forced to take desperate measures to save those at risk. Prince John discovers Ro...
7 links 09 May 2009
The King Is Dead, Long Live the King... E8. The King Is Dead, Long Live the King...
Isabella will go to any lengths to prove her loyalty to the Prince, and to win the Sheriff's job for herself. Meanwhile, suspicious news arrives from the Holy Land that King Richar...
7 links 23 May 2009
A Dangerous Deal E9. A Dangerous Deal
Gisborne awaits his execution in a Nottingham dungeon, and meets a fellow prisoner who has a profound effect upon him. Robin thinks he can strike a deal with Sheriff Isabella, but ...
7 links 30 May 2009
Bad Blood E10. Bad Blood
It's a step back in time as a mysterious figure forces Robin and Gisborne to hear the story of their past. The truth about their parents is exposed and a huge revelation rocks them...
7 links 06 Jun 2009
The Enemy of My Enemy E11. The Enemy of My Enemy
The gang is shocked when Robin announces that Gisborne is joining their fight against Isabella, but can their uneasy truce survive? Robin and Gisborne then travel to York to save t...
7 links 13 Jun 2009
Something Worth Fighting For: Part 1 E12. Something Worth Fighting For: Part 1
The battle begins as Isabella rounds up men to send to Prince John, and the gang does everything they can to stop her. Archer joins forces with his sister, and sends a trap to snar...
7 links 20 Jun 2009
Something Worth Fighting For: Part 2 E13. Something Worth Fighting For: Part 2
War breaks out in Nottingham as the Sheriff attacks with everything he has. Robin and the gang fight to defend the castle, but are forced to retreat. Finally it comes down to the f...
7 links 27 Jun 2009
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