Robin of Sherwood

England im 12. Jahrhundert: Die Normannen löschen das angelsächsische Dorf Loxley aus. Robin überlebt und wird 15 Jahre später von einem seltsamen Mann im Hirschkostüm namens Herne zum Gott des Sherwood Forrest ernannt. Gemeinsam mit einigen ehemaligen Gef...

Jahr: 1984−1986

Dauer: 60 min

Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy

Writers: Richard Carpenter

Stars: Ray Winstone, Peter Llewellyn Williams, Mark Ryan

IMDb: TT0086791

Bewertung: 8.5/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Robin Hood and the Sorcerer E1. Robin Hood and the Sorcerer
His family massacred by Norman soldiers, Robin takes on the mantle of the Hooded Man, a champion long prophesied. His first challenge is to free Maid Marion from the clutches of th...
6 links 14 Jul 2002
The Witch of Elsdon E2. The Witch of Elsdon
The beautiful Jennet of Elsdon rejects the amorous advances of the Sheriff's steward, Sir Guy of Gisburne, and is as a consequence accused of witchcraft by Sir Guy and imprisoned i...
6 links 29 May 2006
Seven Poor Knights from Acre E3. Seven Poor Knights from Acre
Crusaders returning from Palestine have their holy symbol stolen by a blind professional thief. Fiercely hunted by the enraged crusaders, the thief runs into the Sherwood Forest ou...
6 links 24 Oct 1984
Alan a Dale E4. Alan a Dale
The Sheriff is getting short of cash and thus decides to get married - although he really hates women - to the 16-year-old Lady Mildred de Bracy, whom he knows will receive a fat d...
6 links 07 Nov 1984
The King's Fool E5. The King's Fool
The outlaws save the life of Chevalier Deguise, who later turns out to be a disguised King Richard returning from imprisonment in the holy land. The King promises to pardon Robin a...
6 links 28 Nov 1984
Staffel 2
Season 2
The Prophecy E1. The Prophecy
John has been taken prisoner at Nottingham and makes a friend in fellow prisoner Mark, who, after Robin has found an opportunity to free John and his new found friend, decides to j...
6 links 05 Sep 1986
The Children of Israel E2. The Children of Israel
The Sheriff has borrowed money from the rich Jew Joshua de Talmont, who makes his living as a "money-lender". Reluctant to return the money when the time is due, The Sheriff makes ...
6 links 12 Sep 1986
Lord of the Trees E3. Lord of the Trees
Sherwood Forest and the neighbouring villages are celebrating "The Time of the Blessing", an annual forest tradition. Gisburne, left in charge while The Sheriff does his annual tou...
6 links 19 Sep 1986
The Enchantment E4. The Enchantment
Robin is put under a spell by the witch Lilith, who makes him steal Herne's Silver Arrow for her. Together with The Arrow, they head for Castle Belleme, where Lilith brings her dea...
6 links 26 Sep 1986
The Swords of Wayland E5. The Swords of Wayland
The village of Uffcombe is getting nightly visits from strangely disguised riders, called "The Hounds of Lucifer" by locals, who kill and drag away terrified villagers. The riders ...
6 links 03 Oct 1986
The Greatest Enemy E6. The Greatest Enemy
The Sheriff is ordered by the King to put a stop to Robin Hood once and for all, or else Robert de Rainault will lose all his power as sheriff. Using threats to set up an ambush at...
6 links 17 Oct 1986
Staffel 3
Season 3
Herne's Son: Part 1 E1. Herne's Son: Part 1
A year has passed since Robin of Loxley's death; the band of outlaws has scattered, and the people's enemies savor their triumph. Now, a Norman nobleman and Earl's son, Robert of H...
6 links 17 Jul 1987
Herne's Son: Part 2 E2. Herne's Son: Part 2
Robert of Huntingdon gathers the outlaws back together one by one to rescue Marion out of Owen of Clun' clutches. Tuck he finds in Sherwood forest, Little John and Much are shepher...
6 links 24 Jul 1987
The Power of Albion E3. The Power of Albion
Rumours are spreading through Nottinghamshire, that Robin Hood is back from the dead with a vengeance and that the band of outlaws once again operates in Sherwood Forest. Suspectin...
6 links 31 Jul 1987
The Inheritance E4. The Inheritance
Friar Tuck saves a young woman from being attacked in the forest and brings her back to the outlaws' camp. In the middle of the night, the woman wakes Robert and identifies herself...
6 links 07 Aug 1987
The Sheriff of Nottingham E5. The Sheriff of Nottingham
The King has had enough of Robert de Rainault and hires a new Sheriff of Nottingham, Philip Mark, who arrives together with his masked henchman, Sarak. After driving de Rainault ou...
6 links 14 Aug 1987
The Cross of St. Ciricus E6. The Cross of St. Ciricus
Will and Much run into a group of lepers traveling through the forest, and Will becomes convinced that he is contaminated and doomed to a horrible death. Meanwhile, the other outla...
6 links 21 Aug 1987
Cromm Cruac E7. Cromm Cruac
Much falls into a forester's trap and is badly wounded. Trying to find a village with a physician, the outlaws become lost and are finally led to a small, unfamiliar village called...
6 links 28 Aug 1987
The Betrayal E8. The Betrayal
King John wearies of having Nottingham's tax money constantly stolen by Robin Hood and his gang; realising that Robin Hood thrives because the common people trust and support him, ...
6 links 04 Sep 1987
Adam Bell E9. Adam Bell
Much, trying to assist a sick relative in Nottingham, is caught by Gisburne, thrown into the Nottingham Castle dungeons, and sentenced to be hanged. Meanwhile, the legendary outlaw...
6 links 11 Sep 1987
The Pretender E10. The Pretender
The King decides to divorce his queen and marry the 12-year-old Isabella of Angoulême, moving the rejected, outraged Queen Hadwisa to plot with her relatives for the King's deposit...
6 links 18 Sep 1987
Rutterkin E11. Rutterkin
John decides to marry his long-time girlfriend Meg and leave the band of outlaws. The wedding plans are halted, however, when Lord Edgar, Robert's uncle, reaches Sherwood Forest wi...
6 links 25 Sep 1987
The Time of the Wolf: Part 1 E12. The Time of the Wolf: Part 1
The Sheriff is ordered by King John to collect grain from the villages of Nottinghamshire, to supply the troops for an upcoming campaign in Wales. Knowing that the people won't sur...
6 links 02 Oct 1987
The Time of the Wolf: Part 2 E13. The Time of the Wolf: Part 2
The purpose of Gulnar and his Sons of Fenris is revealed: to bring about the prophesied "Time of the Wolf," an age of famine and destruction in which the followers of Fenris Wolf w...
6 links 09 Oct 1987
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