Rockos modernes Leben

Rocko, ein kleines Känguru im blauen Hemd mit lila Dreiecksmuster, muss sich fern seiner australischen Heimat in der amerikanischen Großstadt O-Town zurechtfinden. Er hat einen treudoofen Hund namens Spunky. Seine besten Freunde sind der Stier Heffer, der ...

Jahr: 1993−1996

Dauer: 30 min

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Family

Writers: Mr. Lawrence, Joe Murray

Stars: Tom Kenny, Charlie Adler, Carlos Alazraqui

IMDb: TT0106115

Bewertung: 8/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
No Pain, No Gain/Who Gives a Buck? E1. No Pain, No Gain/Who Gives a Buck?
Rocko gets suckered into buying a super-duper vacuum cleaner in an effort to clean his apartment. / Rocko goes shopping to the mall with his new credit card.
6 links 14 Nov 1993
Leap Frogs/Bedfellows E2. Leap Frogs/Bedfellows
In "Leap Frogs," Mrs. Bighead tries to seduce Rocko. In "Bedfellows," Heffer is kicked out of his parents' house, forcing him to live with Rocko.
6 links 31 Oct 1993
Jet Scream/Dirty Dog E3. Jet Scream/Dirty Dog
Rocko and Heffer have different experiences while traveling by airplane / Rock decides to give Spunky a bath.
8 links 21 Nov 1993
Keeping Up with the Bigheads/Skid Marks E4. Keeping Up with the Bigheads/Skid Marks
Rocko and Heffer try to makeover Rocko's house after Ed tries to tip his nephew, a city home inspector in a scheme to get rid of Rocko; After Rocko is pulled over because his gas c...
6 links 05 Dec 1993
Power Trip/To Heck and Back E5. Power Trip/To Heck and Back
When his boss goes out of town, Rocko is left in charge of the store / Heffer experiences the afterlife
8 links 19 Dec 1993
The Good, the Bad and the Wallaby/Trash-o-Madness E6. The Good, the Bad and the Wallaby/Trash-o-Madness
Rocko visits his uncle's cattle ranch where Heffer becomes one of the heard / Rocko tries to get his garbage to the curb in time for the garbage men to take it
8 links 12 Dec 1993
Spitballs/Popcorn Pandemonium E7. Spitballs/Popcorn Pandemonium
Rocko and Heffer go to a baseball game to catch a foul ball and get an autograph / Rocko and Heffer go to the movies
8 links 26 Dec 1993
A Sucker for the Suck-O-Matic/Canned E8. A Sucker for the Suck-O-Matic/Canned
Rocko buys a cleaning machine from the television to help him clean his house / After being laid off, Rocko searches for a new job
8 links 19 Sep 1993
Carnival Knowledge/Sand in Your Navel E9. Carnival Knowledge/Sand in Your Navel
Rocko and Heffer go to a carnival and learn the secret to winning a carnival game.Rocko and Spunky cool off on a hot summer day by spending a nice relaxing day at the beach.
8 links 26 Sep 1993
Cabin Fever/Rinse and Spit E10. Cabin Fever/Rinse and Spit
An avalanche traps Rocko, Heffer and the Bigheads in a cabin / Philburt takes his final exam at dental school, and Rocko is his patient
8 links 02 Jan 1994
Rocko's Happy Sack/Flu-In-U-Enza E11. Rocko's Happy Sack/Flu-In-U-Enza
Rocko and Spunky run to the local grocery store to take advantage of a big sale. Rocko gets the flu and must get cured before the big wrestling match the next night.
8 links 10 Oct 1993
Who's for Dinner?/Love Spanked E12. Who's for Dinner?/Love Spanked
Heffer invites Rocko over for dinner with his parents, and Rocko accidentally reveals a secret / Heffer helps Rocko get into dating
8 links 03 Oct 1993
Clean Lovin'/Unbalanced Load E13. Clean Lovin'/Unbalanced Load
Spunky falls in love with a dirty mop / Rocko decides it's time to do his laundry
8 links 24 Oct 1993
Staffel 2
Season 2
I Have No Son! E1. I Have No Son!
Rocko discovers that the Bigheads have a son, and he sets off to find him and bring him back.
8 links 25 Sep 1994
Pipe Dreams/Tickled Pinky E2. Pipe Dreams/Tickled Pinky
When Rock's toilet is too clogged to flush, he and Heffer try to fix the problem themselves / Rocko has to have his appendix removed
8 links 02 Oct 1994
The Lounge Singer/She's the Toad E3. The Lounge Singer/She's the Toad
Filburt realizes his dream of becoming a lounge singer / After writing a proposal for her sick husband's presentation, Mrs. Bighead is hired as an executive at Conglomo-O
8 links 09 Oct 1994
Down the Hatch/Road Rash E4. Down the Hatch/Road Rash
Rocko must take Spunky to the vet after he eats a vitamin that can cause pets to explode / Rocko and Heffer go on a road trip to see Flemm Rock
8 links 23 Oct 1994
Boob Tubed/Commuted Sentence E5. Boob Tubed/Commuted Sentence
Rocko purchases a big screen television and Heffer loses his brain inside of it / Rocko's car is impounded which causes him to continually be late for work
8 links 06 Nov 1994
Rocko's Modern Christmas E6. Rocko's Modern Christmas
When elves move in across the street, Rocko invites them and all of O-Town to a Christmas party.
8 links 27 Nov 1994
Hut Sut Raw/Kiss Me, I'm Foreign E7. Hut Sut Raw/Kiss Me, I'm Foreign
Rocko, Heffer, and Filburt go camping, but find it less enjoyable than they expected / When Rocko is going to be deported, he marries Filburt in an attempt to stay in the country
8 links 04 Dec 1994
Cruisin' E8. Cruisin'
Rocko and Heffer get stuck on a senior-singles cruise with Grandpa Wolfe which takes them into the Bermuda Triangle
8 links 01 Jan 1995
Born to Spawn/Uniform Behavior E9. Born to Spawn/Uniform Behavior
Filburt comes of age and must go to the islands to spawn. He doesn't want to, for fear of growing up. Heffer becomes a security guard and finds it isn't all he expected it to be, i...
8 links 22 Jan 1995
Hair Licked/Gutter Balls E10. Hair Licked/Gutter Balls
Rocko is getting his picture taken for the O-Town newspaper. Unfortunately, it's a bad hair day.Ed Bighead will do anything to win the championship trophy. He commissions Rocko, He...
8 links 29 Jan 1995
Junk Junkies/Day of the Flecko E11. Junk Junkies/Day of the Flecko
Rocko has to raise money so he has a garage sale. He finds that his old belongings mean more to him than he thought and he can't sell anything. / A pesky bug (the Flecko) tries to ...
8 links 12 Feb 1995
Snowballs/Frog's Best Friend E12. Snowballs/Frog's Best Friend
Rocko has to deliver comic books over the snowy mountain. Heffer and Rocko decide to spend the extra time (and money) doing a little skiing. / Bev adopts Earl as her pet. Earl acts...
8 links 26 Feb 1995
Short Story/Eyes Capades E13. Short Story/Eyes Capades
Rocko feels very short until he does something very big./Rocko is competing in the Jack Hammer finals, but has a problem with his eyesight.
8 links 12 Mar 1995
Staffel 3
Season 3
Bye, Bye Birdie/Belch of Destiny E1. Bye, Bye Birdie/Belch of Destiny
Rocko "birdsits" Filburt's problem bird, Tirdy, when Filburt is sick. The bird dies when Heffer sits on it and Rocko and Heffer panic. / Heffer uses his unusual burping talent to s...
8 links 15 Oct 1995
The Emperor's New Joe/Schnit-Heads E2. The Emperor's New Joe/Schnit-Heads
Rocko falls prey to the Chameleon Brother's latest scam: a trendy new cafe which features a rather interesting brew. / Heffer becomes the newest member of the Sausage Club and it's...
8 links 22 Oct 1995
Sugar-Frosted Frights/Ed Is Dead: A Thriller! E3. Sugar-Frosted Frights/Ed Is Dead: A Thriller!
Hessian and the potency of candy when Rocko and Heffer introduce him to the concept of trick-or-treating. / Something in a Hitchcock-ian vein: Rocko suspects Bev Bighead of foul pl...
8 links 29 Oct 1995
Fish-N-Chumps/Camera Shy E4. Fish-N-Chumps/Camera Shy
Rocko, Heffer, and Filburt set out for a day of fantastic fishing - but the fish have other plans!/Rocko sets out to make a video tape to send home to his parents.
8 links 12 Nov 1995
Nothing to Sneeze At/Old Fogey Froggy E5. Nothing to Sneeze At/Old Fogey Froggy
Bev Bighead mistakenly gets a nose through accidental surgery and enjoys all the new aromas she encounters - all but the smell of her husband Ed./After being passed up for a promot...
8 links 19 Nov 1995
Manic Mechanic/Rocko's Happy Vermin E6. Manic Mechanic/Rocko's Happy Vermin
Rocko's car dies, but is recusitated to win the O-Town rally with Heffer piloting the car in reverse./Rocko finds himself in the middle of a plan to get Ed Bighead's private stock ...
8 links 03 Dec 1995
I See London, I See France/The Fatlands E7. I See London, I See France/The Fatlands
8 links 10 Dec 1995
Fortune Cookie/Dear John E8. Fortune Cookie/Dear John
Filburt receives a horrible fortune from a Chinese fortune cookie just before he is to enter the Mega Spin./Rocko's kitchen is destroyed by a government satellite right before his ...
8 links 17 Dec 1995
Speaking Terms/Tooth and Nail E9. Speaking Terms/Tooth and Nail
After a big fight, Rocko and Heffer find themselves guests on "The Nosey Show", a daytime TV talk show./Rocko is forced into a twelve-step self-help program in order to come to gri...
8 links 31 Dec 1995
Wacky Delly E10. Wacky Delly
In order to get out of a contract with his network, cartoonist Ralph Bighead hires fans Rocko, Heffer, and Filburt to create a sure-fire failure of a series that, much to his disma...
8 links 24 Nov 2012
The Big Question/The Big Answer E11. The Big Question/The Big Answer
The moment we've all been waiting for: Filbert overcomes his fear and decides to ask Doctor Hutchison to marry him. /Dr. Hutchinson beats Filbert to the punch and asks him to marry...
8 links 28 Jan 1996
An Elk for Heffer/Scrubbin' Down Under E12. An Elk for Heffer/Scrubbin' Down Under
In order to officially become an adult member of the Wolf Pack,Heffer must bring home an elk for dinner./Rocko's hygiene is under scrutiny after his "spinach tooth" is revealed nat...
8 links 11 Feb 1996
Zanzibar!/Fatal Contraption E13. Zanzibar!/Fatal Contraption
O-Town begins a massive musical recycling campaign. /Rocko purchases a lonely food processor, Food Boy.
8 links 21 Apr 1996
Staffel 4
Season 4
With Friends Like These/Sailing the Seven Zzzz's E1. With Friends Like These/Sailing the Seven Zzzz's
Rocko wins two free tickets to a wrestling match from a radio show./Ed Bighead's sleepwalking problem, triggered by the memory of an early childhood trauma, spells high adventure f...
8 links 08 Jul 1996
Pranksters/From Here to Maternity E2. Pranksters/From Here to Maternity
It's the ultimate April Fools Day in O-Town as Rocko, Filburt, and Heffer try their best practical jokes on one another./Filburt's impending fatherhood is jeopordized by the Easter...
8 links 09 Jul 1996
Ed Good, Rocko Bad/Teed Off E3. Ed Good, Rocko Bad/Teed Off
Rocko is unjustly imprisoned in the O-Town dog pound and incensed by he squalid conditions /When Heffer lands a part time job as an assistant greenskeeper at a prestigious golf cou...
8 links 10 Jul 1996
Wimp on the Barbie/Yarnbenders E4. Wimp on the Barbie/Yarnbenders
Heffer transforms Rocko from milquetoast to Terminator./Classic fairy tales take on a decidedly new twist when Rocko convinces Heffer to read to a sick Filburt from "The Really, Re...
8 links 11 Jul 1996
Mama's Boy/Feisty Geist E5. Mama's Boy/Feisty Geist
After suffering some ribbing from Rocko and Filburt, Heffer decides to move out of his parents home and strike out on his own./Rocko and Heffer's visit to a fortune teller channels...
8 links 12 Jul 1996
S.W.A.K./Magic Meatball E6. S.W.A.K./Magic Meatball
Rocko falls for Alicia, his new mail carrier, but his plan to give her a love letter goes awry when Heffer takes over her route while she's sick./Ed Bighead is promoted to an execu...
8 links 15 Jul 1996
Closet Clown/Seat to Stardom E7. Closet Clown/Seat to Stardom
When a clown's truck breaks down in front of his house, Ed Bighead begins to lead a double life./Rocko's behind earns him a place among the beautiful people of the fashion world wh...
8 links 16 Jul 1996
The High-Five of Doom/Fly Burgers E8. The High-Five of Doom/Fly Burgers
After stumbling upon Filburt's secret diary, Heffer and Rocko are convinced that Filburt is an alien./Flecko the fly files a lawsuit against Rocko after tripping on a rock in his h...
8 links 17 Jul 1996
Heff in a Handbasket/Wallaby on Wheels E9. Heff in a Handbasket/Wallaby on Wheels
Heffer moves in with Rocko./Despite his vow to never do anything crazy to impress a woman, Rocko takes up roller skating after he becomes smitten with Sheila, the Roller Derby Quee...
8 links 18 Jul 1996
Dumbells/Rug Birds E10. Dumbells/Rug Birds
Heffer and Filburt introduce Rocko to the all-American pastime of "Ding-Dong-Ditch."/Filburt, the obsessive collector of bird wigs, takes Rocko along for his biggest score: the wig...
8 links 19 Jul 1996
Hypno-Puppy Luv/Driving Mrs. Wolfe E11. Hypno-Puppy Luv/Driving Mrs. Wolfe
Heffer and Filburt hypnotize Rocko into thinking he's a dog./Rocko, after unwittingly being recruited as Mrs. Wolfe's driving instructor, finds himself riding shotgun in a deadly g...
8 links 08 Oct 1996
Put to Pasture/Future Schlock E12. Put to Pasture/Future Schlock
Heffer overdoses on Pasture Puffies and is rushed to the hospital./In the O-Town of the far-flung future, Gilbert and Norbert -- descendants of a now ancient Filburt -- discover th...
8 links 10 Oct 1996
Turkey Time/Floundering Fathers E13. Turkey Time/Floundering Fathers
The special plans for Rocko's first Thanksgiving go awry when the turkey's of O-Town escape and take refuge in Rocko's house./The residents of O-Town engage in an argument about th...
8 links 24 Nov 1996
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