In „Rogue“ geht es um die moralisch und emotional hin und her gerissene, verdeckte Ermittlerin Grace (Thandie Newton), die von ihren Selbstzweifeln geplagt wird, den Tod ihres eigenen Sohn verschuldet zu haben. Dieser wurde von einem Gangster bei einem Dri...

Jahr: 2013

Dauer: 50 min

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama

Writers: Matthew Parkhill

Stars: Cole Hauser, Thandie Newton, Sarah Jeffery

IMDb: TT2397255

Bewertung: 6.8/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
The Aquarium E1. The Aquarium
San Jose police officer Grace Travis is undercover with the Oakland PD.In her undercover persona as Jackie Hays she had been setting up a drug deal with gangster Jimmy Laszlo but i...
13 links 03 Apr 2013
Fireball E2. Fireball
Grace's cover is blown and she tells Laszlo the truth: that she's no longer on the job and only wants to find out who killed her son. Now fearing that it's someone in his own crew,...
13 links 03 Apr 2013
Cathy's Song E3. Cathy's Song
The Laszlos feel the fallout from Alec's retaliation against Clay Street. The Chinese want blood or money, and the police want justice. Grace convinces Jimmy to take pre-emptive ac...
13 links 10 Apr 2013
Sweet and Sour E4. Sweet and Sour
Jimmy reprimands Alec for killing the two crew members. If he ever wants Jimmy's seat, he's going to have think through his actions more carefully. Grace questions Jimmy about the ...
12 links 17 Apr 2013
Hawala E5. Hawala
Jimmy and Grace go through Charlie's papers searching for a lead. Grace asks Mitch to run the serial numbers on money they find in Charlie's home. He discovers a link to a treasure...
13 links 24 Apr 2013
The Second Amendment E6. The Second Amendment
Grace tells Tom he and Evie need to stay someplace else for a couple days. Although Grace won't tell him why, Tom suspects something is wrong. Tom decides to take Evie to stay at S...
13 links 01 May 2013
Rumpus E7. Rumpus
Grace manges to escape from Max who knows her real identity. Grace informs Mitch she needs to tell Jimmy that Max is the one moving against him. Mitch warns that could backfire.
13 links 08 May 2013
A House Is Not a Home E8. A House Is Not a Home
Back at her apartment, while cleaning up from the fight with Max, Jimmy surprises Grace - he's drunk and depressed - he's ruined everything. The next morning, Jimmy is called down ...
13 links 15 May 2013
Chasing the Dragon E9. Chasing the Dragon
Grace is processed and interrogated for the murder of Max Laszlo. Meanwhile, Jimmy attempts to makes amends with Alec, but the relationship is beyond repair. Alec calls a meeting w...
13 links 22 May 2013
Killing Grace E10. Killing Grace
The truth behind Sam's death is revealed. Grace escapes from the hospital and, unable to get hold of Mitch, Grace turns to Wilson for help. Wilson explains that Max's arrest was st...
13 links 29 May 2013
Staffel 2
Season 2
Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n' Roll E1. Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n' Roll
Grace is on a special FBI Taskforce for a prostitution ring. Her home life is about to be complicated by her mother, Vivian, who shows up after a long absence. Tom has something to...
12 links 28 May 2014
Saints of the Dead E2. Saints of the Dead
Grace and team start search for Sarah after getting her cry for help voice message. Elliot lets Leni in on detail about the investigation. Cheat's partner's deal with aftermath of ...
13 links 04 Jun 2014
You Just Get Used to It E3. You Just Get Used to It
Grace discovers Ethan hasn't been truthful about the night Cheat died. Leni reaches out to a Pentagon contact to discover how Ethan and his team met. Detective Lee follows Ethan, w...
13 links 11 Jun 2014
Hooker E4. Hooker
Grace contemplates Elliot's proposal that she go undercover. Elliot confronts Leni about speaking to her Pentagon contact. Billy gets into a fight. Spud and Ray find a potential as...
13 links 18 Jun 2014
Cruising E5. Cruising
Someone from Grace's past visits her, which creates a problem with Ethan. Leni's Pentagon contact reveals new information. Grace finds out about Billy's fight. The taskforce plants...
13 links 25 Jun 2014
Killing an Arab E6. Killing an Arab
A panicked Spud seeks Ethan's and Ray's help and hatches a plan for leaving town. Grace shares what she learned about Ethan with Leni and Elliot. Alec attempts to alter his deal wi...
13 links 02 Jul 2014
The Last Supper E7. The Last Supper
Ethan tells Grace they borrowed money from the wrong men. Suspicious, he checks out her background. She tries to help Billy but it backfires. Ray realizes something is wrong with S...
13 links 09 Jul 2014
Better Red Than Dead E8. Better Red Than Dead
Ethan and Ray are forced to decide what to do about Spud. Leni and Grace speculate about the money Ethan has given away. Ethan tracks Grace. Billy tries to win Evie back, and she c...
13 links 16 Jul 2014
Oh Sarah E9. Oh Sarah
Leni and Grace make a surprise discovery in Vancouver. The truth about Cheat's death is revealed. Ethan and Ray follow their own leads to Vancouver and disagree about what to do wi...
13 links 23 Jul 2014
Coup de Grace E10. Coup de Grace
Ethan and Ray fight. Grace apologizes to Evie. Leni and Grace discover the original source of Ethan's money. Sarah and Grace team up to track Ethan and Ray. Grace receives pushback...
13 links 30 Jul 2014
Staffel 3
Season 3
The White Guy E1. The White Guy
Grace is still missing. Ethan heads to Chicago to investigate notorious attorney Marty Stein. DEA agent Harper Deakins' investigation into one of Chicago's deadliest gangs takes a ...
13 links 24 Jun 2015
E2. The Chandelier Man
Grace works to escape. Ethan reconnects with his father. Escalating gang warfare spills into the suburbs. Ethan investigates Marty's leak at a party, where he meets Marlon Dinard, ...
13 links 01 Jul 2015
Justice E3. Justice
Grace heads to Chicago to work with Ethan. Marlon appears on Harper's DEA radar. Harper's CI, Lobo, is made. Ethan finds Marty's leak.
12 links 08 Jul 2015
Dirty Laundry E4. Dirty Laundry
Lobo's death hits Harper hard. Ethan confesses to Marty why he's really in Chicago. Talia causes problems for Marlon. Grace and Ethan spy on Marty and the General, hoping for lever...
13 links 15 Jul 2015
The Fountain E5. The Fountain
Talia is arrested, which causes a problem for Marty; Harper uncovers another clue in Hutchings' death; and Ethan searches for Grace and tries to rescue his father before it's too l...
13 links 22 Jul 2015
Lights Out E6. Lights Out
Ethan and George work on their relationship while hiding from Roberts; Marlon strives to regain control following Cups' death; Talia tries a fresh start; and Harper follows the mon...
13 links 29 Jul 2015
Mea Culpa E7. Mea Culpa
Patrick investigates who shot at Harper, while she tries to trap Marlon. When this fails, she tries to flip Talia. Ethan turns himself in, but has an exit strategy in play. Harper'...
12 links 05 Aug 2015
Oysters But No Pearls E8. Oysters But No Pearls
Ethan rots in prison. Roberts is arrested. Marty and the General have a sparring match over dinner. Harper leaves Jack and stays with Patrick, leading her to a few revelations. Tal...
13 links 12 Aug 2015
Chicagoland E9. Chicagoland
Marlon's business is in jeopardy and Marty refuses to help. Harper questions Patrick. A free man, Ethan needs to decide what's next. Talia sets up Marlon. Marty learns of the sting...
12 links 19 Aug 2015
Beyond Judgment E10. Beyond Judgment
Harper keeps Patrick contained. Marlon is arrested for Talia's murder, with Marty coming to his defense. Ethan strikes a new deal with Marty, who learns Marlon betrayed him. Harper...
12 links 26 Aug 2015
New Shooter E11. New Shooter
Ethan looks for a missing woman, but soon realizes she's in hiding from someone who's trying to kill her. Harper tries using the recording of Talia's death to turn Marlon. Marty pl...
23 Mar 2016
E12. Hardboiled
Ethan continues to look for Mia. Constantly outsmarted by Marty in her investigation, Harper contemplates going rogue. Marty works to get the warrant for his DNA thrown out. Marlon...
30 Mar 2016
Baggage E13. Baggage
Ethan contemplates if he can trust Mia while dealing with an unexpected gunman. Marty does damage control after the audio tape of Talia�۪s death is released. Harper tries to hide h...
06 Apr 2016
E14. Halfway Burnt
Ethan and Mia learn the identity of the assassin. Marlon considers starting over and forgoing illegal activity. Marty fights the court of public opinion regarding Talia's death. Ha...
13 Apr 2016
E15. The Dime Tour
Ethan learns the Russian mob was contracted to kill Mia. He works to discover who ordered the hit. Harper convinces Patrick to help her secretly investigate Greg Barrett's murder. ...
20 Apr 2016
Choking the Root E16. Choking the Root
Ethan queries why Marty wants Mia dead, but the investigation is halted when Jen is kidnapped. Harper looks for a missing Patrick. Marlon lies to Zipporah while continuing to help ...
27 Apr 2016
E17. The Wheelbarrow
Harper and Lowry interrogate Russian mobsters hoping to find Mia, but find clues about Patrick instead. Ethan and Jen conduct their own investigation into Mia's kidnapping. Marlon ...
04 May 2016
Close to Heaven E18. Close to Heaven
Ethan discovers Tilda's plan to kill him, but gets the upper hand, interrogates her, and learns the truth. Marty forces a captured Mia to use the flash drive. Harper deals with the...
11 May 2016
How to Treat Us E19. How to Treat Us
Ethan, Marty, and Mia scramble to get enough money to keep the Russian mob off their back. Harper and Patrick's investigation leads them to Tilda's dead body and Marty. Marlon figh...
18 May 2016
A Piece of Wood E20. A Piece of Wood
Harper finds out Mia's true identity and tries to leverage this to make her turn on Marty. Ethan must decide if he trusts Mia or Marty while the three pull a heist together. Marlon...
25 May 2016
Staffel 4
Season 4
E1. Maria, Full of Grace
22 Mar 2017
E2. How the Light Gets In
29 Mar 2017
E3. Lost Hope
Ethan tracks down Clea while getting dragged deeper into the world of Casey Oaks. Clea investigates Oaks possible involvement with Maria's murder. Mia reconnects with an accomplise...
05 Apr 2017
E4. The Determined and the Desperate
12 Apr 2017
E5. Pool Boy
19 Apr 2017
E6. Elk
26 Apr 2017
E7. Bifocals
03 May 2017
E8. Sunny Side Down
10 May 2017
E9. The Third Man
17 May 2017
E10. A Good Leaving Alone
24 May 2017
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