222 tlg. US-Sitcom von Matt Williams und Roseanne Barr bzw. Roseanne Arnold, je nachdem, mit wem sie gerade verheiratet war ("Roseanne"; 1988-1997). Roseanne Conner (Roseanne) ist laut und schrill und hat einen bitterbösen Galgenhumor. Hinter der harten Sc...

Jahr: 1988−1997

Dauer: 22 min

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Family

Writers: Matt Williams

Stars: John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Roseanne Barr

IMDb: TT0094540

Bewertung: 7/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Life and Stuff E1. Life and Stuff
In the series pilot, Roseanne is summoned to a parent/teacher conference after Darlene has been barking in class.
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We're in the Money E2. We're in the Money
When Dan receives a $500 advance on a drywall job, everyone hopes there will be money left over for something extra for themselves. When it turns out that, after the bills are paid...
6 links 25 Oct 1988
D-I-V-O-R-C-E E3. D-I-V-O-R-C-E
Roseanne and Dan plan a romantic dinner date out, and run into an old friend that they were unaware had been divorced. When they learn that her divorce was because her husband refu...
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Language Lessons E4. Language Lessons
While making his famous chili, Dan awaits a phone call about a badly-needed construction job, and has to run Jackie off the phone. Dan expresses his annoyance with Jackie always be...
6 links 22 Nov 1988
Radio Days E5. Radio Days
Roseanne wants Dan to enter a country music song-writing contest sponsored by the local radio station. Dan is reluctant to do so until he finds out that the grand prize is a hundre...
6 links 29 Nov 1988
Lovers' Lane E6. Lovers' Lane
Roseanne talks Booker and the women from work into going bowling. Becky gets dolled up for the night out, because she has a first crush on a boy from her school that works at the b...
6 links 06 Dec 1988
The Memory Game E7. The Memory Game
Dan hires a photographer to take a family portrait at the house for an upcoming high school reunion. Everyone is dressed up and posed when Jackie lets the cat out of the bag about ...
6 links 13 Dec 1988
Here's to Good Friends E8. Here's to Good Friends
Upset because she got dumped again, and certain she will never find a good man, Crystal turns to Roseanne and Jackie for support and advice. Booker turns down a date with Jackie be...
6 links 20 Dec 1988
Dan's Birthday Bash E9. Dan's Birthday Bash
The kids plan a birthday breakfast for their Dad. Roseanne plans a birthday bash for Dan at the Lobo Lounge. What starts out as a great party, soon turn sour, when a drunken bar pa...
6 links 03 Jan 1989
Saturday E10. Saturday
Dan plans to spend another Saturday working on his truck in which more drinking with friends gets done than any actual work. Roseanne is fed up and bets Dan he can't get the truck ...
6 links 10 Jan 1989
Canoga Time E11. Canoga Time
Roseanne and Dan clash over what will be donated to a charity drive. Dan has trouble letting go of his stuff, so he plots ways to keep it. Darlene is worried about a bad grade on h...
6 links 17 Jan 1989
The Monday Thru Friday Show E12. The Monday Thru Friday Show
Darlene is discovering that her job delivering newspapers is not the easy way to make money she thought it would be. Roseanne and Dan each try to plan a second honeymoon, and disag...
6 links 24 Jan 1989
Bridge Over Troubled Sonny E13. Bridge Over Troubled Sonny
Dan and Roseanne contend with a miserable Crystal who can't get over her husband's death years earlier.
6 links 31 Jan 1989
Father's Day E14. Father's Day
Dan's father arrives for a visit, and old resentments and hostility are brought into the light. The first of Ned Beatty's appearances as Ed Conner.
6 links 07 Feb 1989
Nightmare on Oak Street E15. Nightmare on Oak Street
After Dan and the kids stay up late watching a horror movie, Roseanne must contend with a terrified Darlene keeping her up all night but soon learns there's more going on with her ...
6 links 14 Feb 1989
Mall Story E16. Mall Story
A day at the mall finds Becky giving Roseanne the silent treatment, Jackie lamenting about her life's lack of direction and Dan waiting in vain to buy a new pair of shoes.
6 links 21 Feb 1989
Becky's Choice E17. Becky's Choice
Dan and Roseanne discover a difficult new side to Becky when they invite Chip and his parents over for a dinner party.
6 links 28 Feb 1989
The Slice of Life E18. The Slice of Life
Roseanne takes a guilt trip when Darlene faces a sudden, emergency appendectomy and the two have been at each other's throats for weeks.
6 links 07 Mar 1989
Workin' Overtime E19. Workin' Overtime
While Roseanne has to work overtime at the factory, Dan struggles to keep the house and family running with mixed results.
6 links 11 Feb 2007
Toto, We're Not in Kansas Anymore E20. Toto, We're Not in Kansas Anymore
As a tornado blows through Lanford, Roseanne & co. work to keep their cool amidst potential disaster.
6 links 19 Oct 2006
Death and Stuff E21. Death and Stuff
Roseanne's hospitality bites her in the behind when a door-to-door salesman she lets in the house dies in their kitchen and the family must contend with the corpse all day until th...
6 links 11 Apr 1989
Dear Mom and Dad E22. Dear Mom and Dad
The Conner household is thrown into chaos with the arrival of Roseanne's parents who do nothing but criticize their daughters behind their backs.
6 links 18 Apr 1989
Let's Call It Quits E23. Let's Call It Quits
A firm, no-nonsense supervisor takes charge at Wellman's, demanding a quota of 8,000 units. Roseanne, Jackie and all the women feel it's a tough load to handle. However, the boss w...
6 links 02 May 1989
Staffel 2
Season 2
Inherit the Wind E1. Inherit the Wind
An embarrassing episode for Becky during a student council meeting sees Roseanne sharing her most embarrassing moments from her own life with her daughter.
6 links 12 Sep 1989
The Little Sister E2. The Little Sister
Roseanne and Jackie are at odds when Jackie announces she's going to the Police Academy.
6 links 19 Sep 1989
Guilt by Disassociation E3. Guilt by Disassociation
Tired and frustrated of her job selling magazines over the phone, Roseanne is ecstatic when she gets an interview at a meat packing plant that seems like a sure thing.
6 links 26 Sep 1989
Somebody Stole My Gal E4. Somebody Stole My Gal
An emotionally-needy architect at Dan's new job site adopts the Conners as a surrogate family much to their terror.
6 links 03 Oct 1989
House of Grown-Ups E5. House of Grown-Ups
Roseanne feels the empty nest syndrome when Jackie leaves for police training and Darlene goes to her first party.
6 links 10 Oct 1989
Five of a Kind E6. Five of a Kind
Roseanne is perturbed when a friend of Dan's plants a passionate kiss on her during Dan's weekly poker night with his buddies. The first appearance of Tom Arnold as Arnie.
6 links 24 Oct 1989
The first of the annual Halloween episodes finds Roseanne doing her best to scare Dan who is waiting to hear about an important business deal going through.
6 links 31 Oct 1989
Sweet Dreams E8. Sweet Dreams
Ten minutes alone in the bathtub is all Roseanne wants, and when she doesn't get it, her fantasies take hold for thirty wild and musical minutes.
6 links 05 Feb 2015
We Gather Together E9. We Gather Together
Thanksgiving at the Conners brings the usual family strife and hilarity as Roseanne is determined to make her parents stay at a motel and Jackie continues to hide the fact she join...
6 links 21 Nov 1989
Brain-Dead Poets Society E10. Brain-Dead Poets Society
Roseanne is ecstatic when Darlene is asked to read her poem for her school's recital, but Darlene refuses to do it.
6 links 17 Jun 2010
Lobocop E11. Lobocop
Working two jobs, Roseanne finds she and Dan are drifting apart and turns to Jackie for support.
6 links 05 Dec 1989
No Talking E12. No Talking
Roseanne gets the silent treatment after clashing with Becky when she becomes the teenage daughter from hell.
6 links 12 Dec 1989
Chicken Hearts E13. Chicken Hearts
Roseanne lands a job at a chicken restaurant, with a total dweeb for a supervisor. He wants her to work weekends, which she is unable to do, so she invites the boy to dinner and ge...
6 links 02 Jan 1990
One for the Road E14. One for the Road
Becky and her friend make "Tornadoes". A combination of several liquors she found in the liquor cabinet topped off with a splash of Root Beer.
6 links 09 Jan 1990
An Officer and a Gentleman E15. An Officer and a Gentleman
Jackie plays happy homemaker with Dan and the kids when Roseanne is called away for three days for a family emergency.
6 links 23 Jan 1990
Born to Be Wild E16. Born to Be Wild
In his first appearance, Dan and Roseanne's old friend Ziggy returns for a visit, prompting the Conners to wonder what happened to themselves and when they became "old".
6 links 30 Jan 1990
Hair E17. Hair
Roseanne feels she's sunk to an all-time low when she gets a job sweeping up hair at a hair salon.
6 links 06 Feb 1990
I'm Hungry E18. I'm Hungry
Determined to squeeze back into an old pair of jeans, Roseanne commits herself (and Dan, much to his horror) to yet another dieting spree.
6 links 13 Feb 1990
All of Me E19. All of Me
Roseanne's meddling in Jackie's life explodes in her face.
6 links 20 Feb 1990
To Tell the Truth E20. To Tell the Truth
Jackie gives Roseanne the silent treatment after she's had enough of her interfering in her love life.
6 links 27 Feb 1990
Fender Bender E21. Fender Bender
Roseanne and Dan contemplate a lawsuit after Mrs. Wellman rear-ends Roseanne in her car.
6 links 20 Mar 1990
April Fool's Day E22. April Fool's Day
The countdown to the deadline for filing their tax returns finds Dan and Roseanne running around in circles trying to get it done in time.
6 links 10 Apr 1990
Fathers and Daughters E23. Fathers and Daughters
Convinced that Dan and Becky's relationship needs some maintenance, Roseanne forces him to accompany Becky to the mall as she tries to bond with Darlene.
6 links 01 May 1990
Happy Birthday E24. Happy Birthday
For Roseanne's birthday, Dan fixes up the basement as a space for her to write and takes the kids away for the day. Roseanne is ecstatic...and then stricken with writer's block.
6 links 08 May 1990
Staffel 3
Season 3
The Test E1. The Test
The entire family clusters around Roseanne for the longest ten minutes of their lives as they await the results of a pregnancy test.
6 links 18 Sep 1990
Friends and Relatives E2. Friends and Relatives
Roseanne and Dan clash after Dan loans some money to Arnie. When he comes up short when it's time to pay some bills, he refuses to borrow the money from Jackie.
6 links 25 Sep 1990
Like a Virgin E3. Like a Virgin
Roseanne and Dan ponder whether it's time to give Becky "the talk", but Darlene surprises them all when she's discovered making out with her friend.
6 links 02 Oct 1990
Like, a New Job E4. Like, a New Job
Leaving behind her days at the hair salon, Roseanne starts her new job as a waitress at Rodbell's, much to Becky and Darlene's horror.
6 links 09 Oct 1990
Goodbye, Mr. Right E5. Goodbye, Mr. Right
Jackie is injured in the line of duty, prompting an ugly ultimatum from her boyfriend Gary.
6 links 15 Oct 1990
Becky, Beds and Boys E6. Becky, Beds and Boys
Roseanne and Dan contend with a newly rebellious Becky when they forbid her to see her new boyfriend. First appearance of Glenn Quinn as Mark.
6 links 06 Feb 2015
Trick or Treat E7. Trick or Treat
Gender bending abounds with the annual Conner fright-fest that finds Roseanne in drag and Dan worrying about DJ dressing up as a witch.
6 links 30 Jul 2016
PMS, I Love You E8. PMS, I Love You
The family is run ragged catering to Roseanne's changing moods during her time of the month.
6 links 06 Nov 1990
Bird Is the Word E9. Bird Is the Word
Becky is suspended from school after giving the finger in a class photo.
6 links 13 Nov 1990
Dream Lover E10. Dream Lover
Roseanne feels threatened when Dan is having recurring dreams about another woman.
6 links 27 Nov 1990
Do You Know Where Your Parents Are? E11. Do You Know Where Your Parents Are?
Dan and Roseanne stay out late reliving their dating days while simultaneously trying to scare Becky and Darlene into respecting their curfews.
6 links 04 Dec 1990
Confessions E12. Confessions
Roseanne's mother, Beverly, visits for the weekend, much to the dismay of the family. Roseanne tricks Jackie into coming over to help keep her from being alone with her mother. Whi...
6 links 18 Dec 1990
The Courtship of Eddie, Dan's Father E13. The Courtship of Eddie, Dan's Father
Part 1 of 2. Roseanne plans an impromptu Christmas dinner party in January for Dan's father Ed, who couldn't be there for Christmas. She decides to invite Donald, a customer she kn...
6 links 08 Jan 1991
The Wedding E14. The Wedding
Part 2 of 2. Roseanne throws Crystal a bridal shower and discovers yet another secret. Ed desperately tried to bond with Crystal's son Lonnie. Dan vehemently opposes this wedding, ...
6 links 15 Jan 1991
Becky Doesn't Live Here Anymore E15. Becky Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Becky's lying about seeing Mark leads to her leaving home to stay with Jackie.
6 links 22 Jan 1991
Home-Ec E16. Home-Ec
Roseanne discovers her inner feminist when an invitation from Darlene's school to Dan for career day inspires her to speak to Darlene's class about being a homemaker.
6 links 05 Feb 1991
Valentine's Day E17. Valentine's Day
Darlene and Becky clash when the boy Darlene likes asks out Becky; Roseanne awaits a special Valentine's gift from Dan. First appearance of Martin Mull as Leon and Bonnie Sheridan ...
6 links 12 Feb 1991
Communicable Theater E18. Communicable Theater
Jackie's in trouble when she has to perform the lead role in a community production of "Cyrano de Bergerac" and doesn't know her lines.
6 links 19 Feb 1991
Vegas Interruptus E19. Vegas Interruptus
Roseanne and Dan are off to Vegas for the weekend, leaving the kids home alone, but Roseanne's new boss and a snowstorm may have other ideas.
6 links 26 Feb 1991
Her Boyfriend's Back E20. Her Boyfriend's Back
Becky's boyfriend Mark is certainly not popular around the Conner house when Dan learns he and Becky tampered with his vintage motorcycle, Dan hits the roof, blaming Becky, while R...
6 links 12 Mar 1991
Trouble with the Rubbles E21. Trouble with the Rubbles
Roseanne clashes with her uptight new neighbor, Kathy Bowman.
6 links 26 Mar 1991
Second Time Around E22. Second Time Around
A close shave with a wrecking ball lead Roseanne and Dan to wonder who should get custody of the kids if they ever both die.
6 links 02 Apr 1991
Dances with Darlene E23. Dances with Darlene
Darlene resents Roseanne's sudden interest in her life when a boy asks her to her first school dance.
6 links 30 Apr 1991
Scenes from a Barbecue E24. Scenes from a Barbecue
The family barbecue sees Nana Mary's first appearance on the show. Family and friends (except Dan's father and Roseanne's mother) gather at the Conner household for food, drink and...
6 links 06 Apr 2013
The Pied Piper of Lanford E25. The Pied Piper of Lanford
Roseanne is wary when Ziggy breezes back into Lanford, romancing Jackie and filling Dan's head with notions of opening a bike shop.
6 links 14 May 1991
Staffel 4
Season 4
A Bitter Pill to Swallow E1. A Bitter Pill to Swallow
Roseanne has a hard time dealing with Becky's announcement that she wants to go on the pill.
6 links 31 Mar 2006
Take My Bike, Please! E2. Take My Bike, Please!
The family is falling apart when Roseanne is working 15 hour days both at the diner and the bike shop helping Dan.
6 links 24 Sep 1991
Why Jackie Becomes a Trucker E3. Why Jackie Becomes a Trucker
A one night stand prompts Jackie to improve her life by becoming a trucker.
6 links 01 Oct 1991
Darlene Fades to Black E4. Darlene Fades to Black
Roseanne and Dan are troubled by Darlene's recent withdrawn behavior and try to get through to her with little success.
6 links 08 Oct 1991
Tolerate Thy Neighbor E5. Tolerate Thy Neighbor
Roseanne clashes with her next door neighbor after their house is robbed while they are away for the weekend.
6 links 15 Oct 1991
Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down E6. Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down
The annual Halloween Lanford event finds Roseanne following her neighbor Kathy Bowman, convinced she's planning a prank, and Jackie flirting with an unknown man in a moose costume.
6 links 29 Oct 1991
Vegas E7. Vegas
Dan and Roseanne can't seem to get along lately, even in Vegas when Nancy and Arnie pay for their trip to celebrate their engagement. First appearance of Sandra Bernhard as Nancy.
6 links 05 Nov 1991
Vegas, Vegas E8. Vegas, Vegas
Not even a surprise appearance by Wayne Newton is able to bring everyone together as the Vegas adventure continues for Dan and Roseanne.
6 links 12 Nov 1991
Stressed to Kill E9. Stressed to Kill
Stressed at work and at home, Roseanne does her best to hide the fact she's been smoking.
6 links 19 Nov 1991
Thanksgiving 1991 E10. Thanksgiving 1991
Thanksgiving weekend sees another visit by friends and family including Nana Mary and a husband-less Bev.
6 links 26 Nov 1991
Kansas City, Here We Come E11. Kansas City, Here We Come
Roseanne accompanies Jackie on a trucking run to Kansas City so they can meet their father's mistress, meanwhile Becky's boss gives her a hard time at the supermarket.
6 links 03 Dec 1991
Santa Claus E12. Santa Claus
The Christmas season finds Roseanne volunteering to be Santa at the mall where she makes a surprising discovery about Darlene's new friend Karen.
6 links 24 Dec 1991
Bingo E13. Bingo
Becky and Darlene babysit Little Ed, while Roseanne accompanies Jackie and Crystal to bingo. After a few rounds, Rosie becomes a bona fide bingoholic!
6 links 07 Jan 1992
The Bowling Show E14. The Bowling Show
Roseanne is annoyed by Jackie's new friendship with Nancy, meanwhile Dan and his team try to get out of last place in their bowling league.
6 links 21 Jan 1992
The Back Story E15. The Back Story
D.J.'s 10th birthday finds Roseanne with her back out and Bev visiting and constantly usurping Dan.
6 links 04 Feb 1992
Less Is More E16. Less Is More
After throwing her back out again, Roseanne opts for a breast reduction.
6 links 11 Feb 1992
Breakin' Up Is Hard to Do E17. Breakin' Up Is Hard to Do
Dan and Roseanne are ecstatic when Mark and Becky break up.
6 links 18 Feb 1992
This Old House E18. This Old House
Roseanne comes down hard on Darlene for running off to Chicago with David, but a trip to the house she grew up in with Jackie gives her a new perspective on her troubled daughter.
6 links 25 Feb 1992
The Commercial Show E19. The Commercial Show
The Conner family tries to get in on a Rodbell's commercial being filmed at the diner.
6 links 03 Mar 1992
Therapy E20. Therapy
Jackie reveals to Roseanne she's been seeing a therapist and asks her to come, meanwhile Darlene dreads a confrontation with a bully she insulted.
6 links 17 Mar 1992
Lies E21. Lies
Roseanne frets when she must take a lie detector test at work.
6 links 24 Mar 1992
Deliverance E22. Deliverance
Roseanne and Bonnie decide they each want Leon's job when he announces he's leaving, meanwhile Crystal goes into labor with only Dan as her coach.
6 links 31 Mar 1992
Secrets E23. Secrets
Dan covers for Mark when he gets drunk at the Lobo Lounge and hides it from Roseanne.
6 links 28 Apr 1992
Don't Make Me Over E24. Don't Make Me Over
Mother's Day finds Becky and Darlene treating Roseanne to a day at the spa with ulterior motives.
6 links 21 May 2006
Aliens E25. Aliens
Things are tense when Becky finds out she no longer has a college fund, meanwhile DJ attends a spelling bee final.
6 links 12 May 1992
Staffel 5
Season 5
Terms of Estrangement: Part 1 E1. Terms of Estrangement: Part 1
Becky is upset after Mark gets a job offer in Minnesota and Dan is forced to close the bike shop.
6 links 15 Sep 1992
Terms of Estrangement: Part 2 E2. Terms of Estrangement: Part 2
Becky and Mark return to Lanford to get their stuff after eloping.
6 links 22 Sep 1992
The Dark Ages E3. The Dark Ages
Dan and Roseanne look at Darlene in a new light after David spends the night.
6 links 29 Sep 1992
Mommy Nearest E4. Mommy Nearest
After Bev sells her house and gives Roseanne and Jackie each $10,000, the girls balk at the thought of their mother moving to Lanford.
6 links 06 Oct 1992
Pretty in Black E5. Pretty in Black
Darlene's 16th birthday sees new neighbors moving in next door and an embarrassing game of truth or dare for Roseanne.
6 links 13 Oct 1992
Looking for Loans in All the Wrong Places E6. Looking for Loans in All the Wrong Places
Intent on opening a loose meat restaurant, Roseanne and Jackie are forced to turn to Bev for financial assistance.
6 links 20 Oct 1992
Halloween IV E7. Halloween IV
Roseanne is visited by the ghosts of Halloween past, present and future when she can't get into the spirit of things like usual.
6 links 27 Oct 1992
Ladies' Choice E8. Ladies' Choice
Roseanne finds herself upset over Bev moving into a retirement community, meanwhile Nancy announces she is a lesbian.
6 links 10 Nov 1992
Stand on Your Man E9. Stand on Your Man
Arnie returns to Lanford to try and win Nancy back, and Roseanne enrolls in a self defense course after being harassed by a strange man at the Lunch Box.
6 links 17 Nov 1992
Good Girls, Bad Girls E10. Good Girls, Bad Girls
Roseanne permits Darlene to accompany next door neighbor Molly to a concert in Rockford.
6 links 24 Nov 1992
Of Ice and Men E11. Of Ice and Men
D.J. joins a pee wee hockey team and Jackie breaks up with Fisher.
6 links 01 Dec 1992
It's No Place Like Home for the Holidays E12. It's No Place Like Home for the Holidays
A Christmas Eve snowstorm finds Roseanne, Jackie, Bev and Nana Mary snowed in at the diner, and Darlene at David's where she gets an eye opening view of his home life.
6 links 15 Dec 1992
Crime and Punishment E13. Crime and Punishment
Part 1 of 2: D.J. is busted at school for having obscene reading material. Dan meets with the principal, but dreads it, because he is certain that the reading material D.J. brought...
6 links 05 Jan 1993
War and Peace E14. War and Peace
Part 2 of 2: Dan gets bailed out of jail by an amused Darlene, while rumors fly from wild to wilder, as to why he was arrested. Jackie learns why Dan was arrested, and finds hersel...
6 links 12 Jan 1993
Lanford Daze E15. Lanford Daze
The Conners prepare for the 'Founding Fathers Day' celebration in Lanford. Roseanne sets up a food booth, where she meets the one and only, Loretta Lynn. D.J. and his Woodchuck Tro...
6 links 26 Jan 1993
Wait till Your Father Gets Home E16. Wait till Your Father Gets Home
The death of their father finds Jackie a basket case and Roseanne resolving some long-buried issues, meanwhile Bev meets her husband's mistress.
6 links 09 Feb 1993
First Cousin, Twice Removed E17. First Cousin, Twice Removed
Roseanne dreads the arrival of her estranged cousin Ronnie. Joan Collins guest-stars.
6 links 16 Feb 1993
Lose a Job, Winnebago E18. Lose a Job, Winnebago
Needing a vacation, Roseanne and family hitch a ride to California with the next door neighbors in their Winnebago.
6 links 23 Feb 1993
It's a Boy E19. It's a Boy
David is allowed to move away from his abusive mother and into the Conner's humble abode.
6 links 02 Mar 1993
It Was Twenty Years Ago Today E20. It Was Twenty Years Ago Today
Roseanne and Dan plan a romantic dinner date to celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary, but struggle with what to give one another. Dan finds out that Roseanne has decided o...
6 links 09 Mar 1993
Playing with Matches E21. Playing with Matches
Tired of having their Mom hanging around them all the time, Roseanne and Jackie try to encourage a relationship between Beverly and Jake, her friend from the retirement community t...
6 links 23 Mar 1993
Promises, Promises E22. Promises, Promises
After some prodding from (and striking deals with) her Mom, Darlene agrees to go to the prom with David, where she has a surprise deal of her own for her boyfriend. Roger attempts ...
6 links 06 Apr 1993
Glengarry, Glen Rosey E23. Glengarry, Glen Rosey
When it looks like the fixer-upper house Dan has invested in is going to pay off, the Conners are on top of the world. But when the buyer backs out, and one partner skips out, and ...
6 links 04 May 1993
Tooth or Consequences E24. Tooth or Consequences
D.J. comes running in the house with a skinned knee. Dan and Roseanne take him to the kitchen to get fixed up, but when Dan slings open the freezer door to get ice, he accidentally...
6 links 11 May 1993
Daughters and Other Strangers E25. Daughters and Other Strangers
Roseanne worries that Darlene may be planning to run away from home; new neighbor George befriends D.J.
6 links 18 May 1993
Staffel 6
Season 6
Two Down, One to Go E1. Two Down, One to Go
Roseanne is looking forward to taking Darlene to college, but Darlene wants David to take her instead, hurting her mother's feeling in the process.
6 links 05 Mar 2008
The Mommy's Curse E2. The Mommy's Curse
Roseanne makes a deal with Jackie, that if she asks Fred out, Roseanne will ask their mother to become a silent partner in the restaurant, and stay away. This hurts Beverly's feeli...
6 links 21 Sep 1993
Party Politics E3. Party Politics
Jackie and Roseanne plan a house-warming party for Jackie's new home, and attempt to hide it from their Mom. Roseanne invites Darlene home for the weekend with the agenda of gettin...
6 links 28 Sep 1993
A Stash from the Past E4. A Stash from the Past
"A Stash from the Past" is a wise, waggish and exceedingly daring episode from a sitcom renowned for its unflinching audacity. When Roseanne finds a bag of pot in one of the kids' ...
6 links 05 Oct 1993
Be My Baby E5. Be My Baby
Trying to conceive another child, Roseanne puts Dan on a "love-making schedule", to no avail. Jackie discovers that she's pregnant from her one-night-stand with Fred, and is hesita...
6 links 19 Oct 1993
Halloween V E6. Halloween V
The Conner's gear up for their favorite holiday, with their traditional flare for trying to out-prank one another. Roseanne, the queen of Halloween, falls for the various elaborate...
6 links 26 Oct 1993
Homeward Bound E7. Homeward Bound
Roseanne tries to encourage David to snap out of his moping about Darlene being away at school, and do something with his life, but it backfires when David decides to move back in ...
6 links 02 Nov 1993
Guilt by Imagination E8. Guilt by Imagination
An old fling of Dan's, and old nemesis of Roseanne's from high school visits Dan at the City Garage, and invites him out to lunch. Jackie finds out from Fred, lies to Roseanne abou...
6 links 09 Nov 1993
Homecoming E9. Homecoming
Following the Homecoming game, Dan holds a 25-year-reunion party for his former high school football team, begging his family to behave loving and happy for the duration. Becky and...
6 links 16 Apr 2008
Thanksgiving 1993 E10. Thanksgiving 1993
It's a Thanksgiving in a typical Connor family fashion. Becky volunteers to take over cooking duties while Dan and Mark are still at each others throats, Fred is shocked at the dys...
6 links 23 Nov 1993
The Driver's Seat E11. The Driver's Seat
Leon manipulates Nancy and Jackie into voting to serve breakfast at the diner, among other changes, without consulting Roseanne. Starved for attention, D.J. steals and wrecks the f...
6 links 30 Nov 1993
White Trash Christmas E12. White Trash Christmas
After receiving notice from the neighborhood association about not putting up tacky Christmas decorations on their property, the Conners go all out for a "white trash" Christmas. D...
6 links 14 Dec 1993
Suck Up or Shut Up E13. Suck Up or Shut Up
Roseanne decides to join the Lanford Women's Association to develop contacts for her restaurant, especially since Leon is opposed to her being the one to do it. In an effort to suc...
6 links 04 Jan 1994
Busted E14. Busted
Darlene is fed up with David, who has been secretly living with her for months instead of his mother in Michigan, as Dan and Roseanne believe, but feels guilty for constantly havin...
6 links 11 Jan 1994
David vs. Goliath E15. David vs. Goliath
Roseanne and Becky try to convince Dan to hire Mark at the city garage. Riddled with guilt (and tired of Roseanne working him like a dog), David confessed to Dan that he was living...
6 links 01 Feb 1994
Everyone Comes to Jackie's E16. Everyone Comes to Jackie's
Darlene comes home to try to convince her father to let David move back in the house "from Michigan", without success. After catching David making out in the basement with Darlene,...
6 links 08 Feb 1994
Don't Make Room for Daddy E17. Don't Make Room for Daddy
Since Jackie has made it very clear that Fred is not welcome to be a part of their baby's life, Fred retaliates with plans to sue Jackie for custody after the birth, which throws J...
6 links 15 Feb 1994
Don't Ask, Don't Tell E18. Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Nancy introduces her new girlfriend, Sharon, to Roseanne and Jackie. Sharon invites them to go out dancing with she and Nancy at a gay bar, and winds up giving Roseanne a romantic ...
6 links 01 Mar 1994
Labor Day E19. Labor Day
Jackie tells Roseanne that Fred wants to be in the delivery room, and the hospital will only allow one extra person to be with her. When Jackie realizes that she is in labor, Rosea...
6 links 08 Mar 1994
Past Imperfect E20. Past Imperfect
Audrey cries to Dan about his father owing her money, so he confronts Ed, hoping he will do the right thing. Jackie and Fred go out on a "get to know you better" date, in hopes of ...
6 links 22 Mar 1994
Lies My Father Told Me E21. Lies My Father Told Me
Dan's mother, Audrey, is put into a mental institute, and Dan blames the years of neglect by his father for her emotional problems. Determined to confront his Dad, he shows up at E...
6 links 09 Jan 2013
I Pray the Lord My Stove to Keep E22. I Pray the Lord My Stove to Keep
Darlene discovers that D.J. has been sneaking off after to school to attend church; D.J. gives Roseanne a hard time about morals when she accepts a mistaken delivery of a second st...
6 links 29 Apr 2006
Body by Jake E23. Body by Jake
Roseanne finds out Bev didn't get injured by slipping in the shower like she told everybody. Fred plans to propose to Jackie.
6 links 10 May 1994
Isn't It Romantic? E24. Isn't It Romantic?
Fred climbs out of the doghouse with Jackie by gathering inspiration from her soaps, and figuring out a romantic way to propose to her. David climbs into the doghouse with Darlene ...
6 links 17 May 1994
Altar Egos E25. Altar Egos
Fred is unsettled by the fact that Jackie turns to Dan, and not him, when she needs help from a man. Upset, convinced that Jackie has feeling for Dan, and half-drunk, Fred confront...
6 links 24 May 1994
Staffel 7
Season 7
Nine Is Enough E1. Nine Is Enough
Feeling at the end of their "privacy" rope, Roseanne and Dan decide to throw Becky and Mark out of the house. Becky confides that she and Mark are trying to get pregnant, so the pl...
6 links 09 Aug 1995
Two for One E2. Two for One
Roseanne discovers that Darlene is seeing someone besides David, and that he knows about it, so she encourages David to fight for his relationship. Dan confides in Jackie that he i...
6 links 28 Sep 1994
Snoop Davey Dave E3. Snoop Davey Dave
Upset about Darlene breaking up with him, David tells the Conner's that Darlene experimented with drugs while away at school. Roseanne forbids Darlene to return to school, David vo...
6 links 05 Oct 1994
Girl Talk E4. Girl Talk
Dan, Fred and Mark enter the realm of 'too much information' when their wives confide in one another, and then spread the word back to the men about their sexual activities, and la...
6 links 12 Oct 1994
Sleeper E5. Sleeper
Becky thinks David's crushing on her when he admits to a sexual dream involving a Connor woman other than Darlene. But David soon reveals that is in fact, Roseanne, that he dreamed...
6 links 19 Oct 1994
Skeleton in the Closet E6. Skeleton in the Closet
Roseanne's attempts to prank everybody at Leon's Halloween party at the diner fall flat when it's revealed to her that Fred is gay.
6 links 26 Oct 1994
Follow the Son E7. Follow the Son
D.J. wants out of his busboy job at the Lunch Box, and David wants to put the kibosh on Darlene's moving in with her new squeeze Jimmy--who misinterprets David's obsessive interest...
6 links 02 Nov 1994
Punch and Jimmy E8. Punch and Jimmy
Roseanne and Jackie go to Chicago for Parent's Day, to surprise Darlene, and in hopes of meeting her new boyfriend, Jimmy. David wants to learn how to be tough, in order to compete...
6 links 09 Nov 1994
White Men Can't Kiss E9. White Men Can't Kiss
Dan and Roseanne find out that D.J. wants to skip participating in his school play because he has to kiss a black girl, and is uncomfortable about it. Roseanne wants to force him, ...
6 links 16 Nov 1994
Thanksgiving 1994 E10. Thanksgiving 1994
It's a Thanksgiving full of tension and anxiety when Roseanne gets alarming news about her baby from the prenatal clinic. The discomfort is only worsened when Nana Mary shows up wi...
6 links 23 Nov 1994
Maybe Baby E11. Maybe Baby
Tensions are heightened at the Connor house as a short-fused Roseanne waits for the amniocentesis results. Dan tries his best to help devise a solution and comfort Roseanne but his...
6 links 30 Nov 1994
The Parenting Trap E12. The Parenting Trap
Roseanne and Dan are called down to the school to see D.J.'s teacher because he refuses to write his homework on the board, and his teacher is concerned that D.J. may have a learni...
6 links 14 Dec 1994
Rear Window E13. Rear Window
Dan and Roseanne are shocked, and amused, when they find out their new next door neighbors are a couple of geriatric nudists. Meanwhile, Darlene suspects David of cheating on her w...
6 links 04 Jan 1995
My Name Is Bev E14. My Name Is Bev
After being arrested for D.U.I., Beverly is forced to attend Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) meetings, where she discovers that she might really be an alcoholic. This new realization d...
6 links 11 Jan 1995
Bed and Bored E15. Bed and Bored
Roseanne pretends to be ill in order to get some rest and relaxation to the exhaustion of everyone else in the family, who are at her beck and call. David discovers Roseanne's faki...
6 links 01 Feb 1995
Sisters E16. Sisters
Fred tells Jackie that he doesn't want D.J. to visit their house so much anymore, because he gets weirder every time he comes over. In order to protect Fred, Jackie tells Roseanne ...
6 links 08 Feb 1995
Lost Youth E17. Lost Youth
The green-eyed monster emerges in force between David and Mark when they both become interested in Stacy, a waitress at the Lunch Box, whom David asks to pose for a wall mural. Jac...
6 links 15 Feb 1995
Single Married Female E18. Single Married Female
In Roseanne's absence, Dan discovers something troubling about Jackie and gets some sound advice from David.
6 links 22 Feb 1995
All About Rosey E19. All About Rosey
Youngsters Roseanne and Jackie visit a fortuneteller who gives them a peek into their futures via his crystal ball. In the future, Jackie takes an adult, autistic D.J. to see a psy...
6 links 01 Mar 1995
Husbands and Wives E20. Husbands and Wives
Fred is still angry and bitter about his separation from Jackie while Jackie is beginning to see the sliver lining and starts going on outings that Fred never enjoyed. Meanwhile, R...
6 links 22 Mar 1995
Happy Trailers E21. Happy Trailers
Mark and Becky find a tiny run-down trailer in a trailer park, and decide to make it home. Determined to fix up their home all on their own, they turn down offers of assistance fro...
7 links 29 Mar 1995
The Blaming of the Shrew E22. The Blaming of the Shrew
Dan lays down the law when DJ lets a pushy, aggressive girl order him around but Roseanne likes the girl in question. But when the relationship lands DJ in trouble at school, Rosea...
6 links 03 May 1995
The Birds and the Frozen Bees E23. The Birds and the Frozen Bees
Roseanne is upset over the possibility that David may like a girl more than Darlene, who may lose David if she doesn't fight for him.
6 links 10 May 1995
Couch Potatoes E24. Couch Potatoes
The Conners are selected to be a "Neilsen Family". Roseanne, who is going through a nesting period in her pregnancy, insists that the family watch nothing but educational-type prog...
6 links 17 May 1995
Sherwood Schwartz--A Loving Tribute E25. Sherwood Schwartz--A Loving Tribute
David announces to the Conners that he wants to spend a month in Europe after graduation, but Darlene selfishly pressures him out of it. Dan starts working on building his boat aga...
6 links 24 May 1995
Staffel 8
Season 8
Shower the People You Love with Stuff E1. Shower the People You Love with Stuff
D.J.'s old bedroom is being converted into a nursery for the new baby. After discovering that a new baby crib is out of her price range, Roseanne schemes up a baby shower in hopes ...
6 links 04 Dec 1996
Let Them Eat Junk E2. Let Them Eat Junk
Roseanne sparks a fight with Jackie when she feeds Andy junk food against Jackie's orders. Dan spends some "quality" time with DJ to show his son that he does more than watch telev...
6 links 26 Sep 1995
Roseanne in the Hood E3. Roseanne in the Hood
A new diner is opening up across the street from Roseanne and Jackie's diner, and they are worried that it will spell the end for "The Lunch Box". To promote the new restaurant's g...
6 links 17 Oct 1995
The Last Date E4. The Last Date
Roseanne and Dan decide to go out on the town one final time before the baby is born. After finding out that their diner table at the nice hotel they're staying at will be unavaila...
6 links 24 Oct 1995
Halloween - The Final Chapter E5. Halloween - The Final Chapter
Roseanne goes into labor on her favorite holiday (Halloween) and gives birth on a pain-medication-induced psychedelic trip.
6 links 31 Oct 1995
The Fifties Show E6. The Fifties Show
The Conners are caught in a time warp back to the 1950s in which Roseanne is a cheerful, frilly housewife, Dan is the head of the house, Jackie is an eccentric next door neighbor, ...
6 links 07 Nov 1995
The Getaway, Almost E7. The Getaway, Almost
Roseanne and Jackie's shopping trip turns into a road trip when they pick up a hitchhiking teenage girl. Dan gives Mark relationship advice that severely backfires.
6 links 14 Nov 1995
The Last Thursday in November E8. The Last Thursday in November
DJ's teacher lets the class design their own Thanksgiving pageant, which turns into a Pulp Fiction spoof that offends many parents. Roseanne invites some new Native American friend...
6 links 21 Nov 1995
Of Mice and Dan E9. Of Mice and Dan
Dan is regretful and depressed when his old band comes to town to play a gig. Roseanne talks the band mates into giving Dan a chance onstage, which he enjoys to the fullest.
6 links 28 Nov 1995
Direct to Video E10. Direct to Video
Roseanne narrates a video for her baby and wants everyone in the family to have a part in it. Darlene and Becky find Dan and Roseanne's old love letters. Fred is determined to seem...
6 links 05 Dec 1995
December Bride E11. December Bride
Roseanne finally gets to meet Leon's fiancé, Scott, and learns that they are planning a wedding. In order to free Leon up to travel to Minnesota to meet the minister, Roseanne volu...
6 links 12 Dec 1995
The Thrilla near the Vanilla Extract E12. The Thrilla near the Vanilla Extract
Roseanne and Jackie get jobs as product promoters in the local supermarket. Once they start giving out samples, however, sibling rivalry takes over. Roseanne's jealousy runs high w...
6 links 02 Jan 1996
White Sheep of the Family E13. White Sheep of the Family
The Conners receive a small inheritance from their Great Aunt Harriet and decide to spend it by going out on a nice dinner. However, the evening takes a turn for the worse when Dar...
6 links 09 Jan 1996
Becky Howser, M.D. E14. Becky Howser, M.D.
Mark tries to cheer up a glum Becky by inviting the family over for a surprise get-together. As the night goes on, Becky's mood only worsens which prompts Roseanne to pull her asid...
6 links 16 Jan 1996
Out of the Past E15. Out of the Past
Nana Mary visits Roseanne and Jackie at Jackie's house, and brings a box of their childhood belongings. Among them was a doll that Jackie thought was lost forever, and causes a hug...
6 links 06 Feb 1996
Construction Junction E16. Construction Junction
Dan is at a crossroads when a promising new construction job opens up that could make him and his old crew a lot of money. He struggles with whether to continue his job at the gara...
6 links 13 Feb 1996
We're Going to Disney World E17. We're Going to Disney World
The Conner family decides to throw caution to the wind by spending Dan's last paycheck from the garage on a vacation to Disney World.
6 links 20 Feb 1996
Disney World War II E18. Disney World War II
Magic, wonder, and whimsy surround the Conner family on their tour of Disney World. The only person not amused is Darlene...until she meets Winnie the Pooh.
6 links 05 May 2007
Springtime for David E19. Springtime for David
David moves out when he gets a job at a strange local theme park. Soon, David is transformed into "Hans the Hare", a hyperactive and perky park employee. Roseanne steps into action...
6 links 12 Mar 1996
Another Mouth to Shut Up E20. Another Mouth to Shut Up
After proposing marriage to David, Darlene tells him that she is pregnant. They plan to wait to tell the family, but Roseanne smells the fear and jokingly guesses, correctly, the D...
6 links 26 Mar 1996
Morning Becomes Obnoxious E21. Morning Becomes Obnoxious
A producer and reporter from "Wake up Chicago" come into the diner wanting to do a "Man-on-the-Street" interview about the diner owners - to which Roseanne, Jackie, and Leon readil...
6 links 09 Apr 1996
Ballroom Blitz E22. Ballroom Blitz
Bev is smitten with her charismatic ballroom-dance instructor until he starts putting the moves on a newly divorced Jackie. When Jackie agrees to a date with the instructor, jealou...
6 links 30 Apr 1996
The Wedding E23. The Wedding
Darlene and David get married. Dan suffers a heart attack during the ceremony.
6 links 07 May 1996
Heart & Soul E24. Heart & Soul
Dan is rushed to the hospital after having a heart attack and Roseanne tries to pull herself together while she's stuck in the waiting room.
6 links 14 May 1996
Fights & Stuff E25. Fights & Stuff
Dan returns home from the hospital but Roseanne finds out he's not sticking to the doctor's orders.
6 links 21 May 1996
Staffel 9
Season 9
Call Waiting E1. Call Waiting
After leaving Dan for not taking better care of himself, Roseanne goes on a "spiritual odyssey", imagining herself and Dan as Ann and Donald from "That Girl", Jeannie and Major Nel...
6 links 27 Oct 1997
Millions from Heaven E2. Millions from Heaven
After finding out they won the Illinois State Lottery, the Conners and family imagine how to spend their new-found wealth. Kathleen Sullivan and Robin Leach interview Dan and Rosea...
6 links 24 Sep 1996
What a Day for a Daydream E3. What a Day for a Daydream
While sitting around the dinner table with her family, talking about their lottery winnings, Roseanne daydreams about herself and the family being on "Jerry Springer Show, The" (19...
6 links 01 Oct 1996
Honor Thy Mother E4. Honor Thy Mother
Jackie and Roseanne plan an expensive spa vacation. Depressed about his mother, Dan searches for the meaning of life. He decides that now that he can afford it, he wants to take he...
6 links 08 Oct 1996
Someday My Prince Will Come E5. Someday My Prince Will Come
Jackie literally meets her prince charming, who whisks her and the family away to New York City.
6 links 15 Oct 1996
Pampered to a Pulp E6. Pampered to a Pulp
Roseanne and Jackie's relaxing spa weekend turns out to be a disaster.
6 links 22 Oct 1996
Satan, Darling E7. Satan, Darling
After a night of drinking with the New York socialites, Roseanne has a strange dream about the future of Darlene and her baby.
6 links 27 Apr 2006
Hoi Polloi Meets Hoiti Toiti E8. Hoi Polloi Meets Hoiti Toiti
The Conners get a taste of upper crust living when they visit the wealthy Wentworth family at their home on Martha's Vineyard. The experience proves eye-opening when the Conner fam...
6 links 31 May 2006
Roseambo E9. Roseambo
Roseanne battles a group terrorists holding her family and a foreign diplomat hostage on a train to Washington D.C.
6 links 16 Jul 2009
Home Is Where the Afghan Is E10. Home Is Where the Afghan Is
Thanksgiving for the Conners starts on a sour note with the news Dan won't be able to make it home for the holiday. However, Roseanne is thrilled she can afford to have the meal ca...
6 links 26 Nov 1996
Mothers and Other Strangers E11. Mothers and Other Strangers
Roseanne misses Dan and tries to prepare the home for his return. Bev visits with Nana Mary to talk about her life and makes a startling discovery.
6 links 03 Dec 1996
Home for the Holidays E12. Home for the Holidays
Dan finally returns home after a long stay in California with his ill mother. He, Roseanne, and the entire family realize how much they have to be thankful for as one of the oddest...
6 links 17 Dec 1996
Say It Ain't So E13. Say It Ain't So
Jackie forces Dan to reveal some devastating news to Roseanne while Jackie deals with turmoil in her own relationship. DJ wants to videotape the birth of Darlene's baby.
6 links 07 Jan 1997
Hit the Road Jack E14. Hit the Road Jack
Dan regretfully packs his bags and prepares to leave home for good. Roseanne deals with her sorrows by driving aimlessly around Lanford.
6 links 14 Jan 1997
The War Room E15. The War Room
When Roseanne falls into a deep depression and locks herself in the bedroom, family and friends try their hardest to pick her spirits back up. When their efforts prove fruitless, t...
6 links 28 Jan 1997
Lanford's Elite E16. Lanford's Elite
Roseanne makes a surprising connection with Edgar Wellman Jr., the son of her hated former boss, at a Lanford Country Club party. When he reveals some awful news about the future o...
6 links 04 Feb 1997
Some Enchanted Merger E17. Some Enchanted Merger
Once the Wellman Plastics buyout is completed, Roseanne is at a loss for what to do when a mutual attraction springs between herself and Edgar Wellman Jr.
6 links 11 Feb 1997
A Second Chance E18. A Second Chance
Dan is unnerved by rumors of Roseanne and Edgar so he makes a surprise trip to see her. They make some tentative steps to putting the pieces of their marriage back together. Their ...
6 links 18 Feb 1997
The Miracle E19. The Miracle
Darlene gives birth to a very premature baby girl. The doctors and specialists have very little hope for the baby's survival. The family is crushed but Roseanne is determined to pr...
6 links 16 Oct 2014
Roseanne-Feld E20. Roseanne-Feld
Jackie and Mark attend a female wrestling match, DJ is unprepared when a quiet night with Heather goes farther than expected, and Bev is introduced to a new "friend" named Joyce.
6 links 04 Mar 1997
The Truth Be Told E21. The Truth Be Told
The Conners are approached by different network and cable film developers, each hoping to get the right to their "rags to riches" story. What starts out as excitement and enthusias...
6 links 18 Mar 1997
Arsenic and Old Mom E22. Arsenic and Old Mom
Dan's estranged mother heads straight to Lanford for a visit after she's released from the hospital. However, Dan suspects she's far from cured and is afraid she's trying to kill h...
6 links 01 Feb 2007
Into That Good Night: Part 1 E23. Into That Good Night: Part 1
The Conners welcome baby Harris Conner-Healy home. Roseanne is delighted Darlene wants to live at home and work on her parenting skills. The family talks about their lives after wi...
6 links 20 May 1997
Into That Good Night: Part 2 E24. Into That Good Night: Part 2
Family and friends gather at the Conner house to celebrate baby Harris' Homecoming and everyone takes a turn chatting with the new addition to the family. Mark and Becky have some ...
6 links 01 May 2006
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