Europäische Antwort auf "Sex and the City": Die drei Freundinnen Stella, Fatima und Nienke durchstehen die Irrungen und Wirrungen des Lebens und der Liebe ...

Jahr: 2008−2010

Dauer: 35 min

Genres: Romance

Stars: Bracha van Doesburgh, Eva van der Gucht, Katja Schuurman

IMDb: TT1311542

Bewertung: 6.8/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Afscheid E1. Afscheid
Fatima 'Faat' was looking forward to presenting ideal son-in-law Jeroen to her family, but he dumps her altogether. Flippant Stella throws her hunky one-night-stand out, still nake...
7 links 14 Oct 2008
Arm en rijk E2. Arm en rijk
The new doctor Jurriaan Huiskamp still appeals to nurse Fatima, but she dares not approach him. As soon as he starts telling the truth and expects her to work, desk nurse Stella tu...
7 links 21 Oct 2008
Hartklachten E3. Hartklachten
The man who was saved by Jurriaan and Stella returns to thank them. Knowing he's terminal he seizes life, by courting her 'no strings'. Fatima still claims to be over Jeroen, but c...
7 links 28 Oct 2008
Jeugdliefde E4. Jeugdliefde
Stella is offered a seat by a preteen boy but is furious when her younger one-night-stand sweetly praises her in bed as 'riper'. Only a compliment from Dr. Jurriaan softens her mur...
7 links 04 Nov 2008
Beslissingen E5. Beslissingen
Stella's big mouth and sick imagination blow her evaluation interview completely, yet doc Jurriaan, whom she abused as 'a treacherous queer', gets her tenure. Fatima clashes with h...
7 links 11 Nov 2008
Helderziend E6. Helderziend
Stella's date, Ron, turns out to be a house-father, but won't give him up, yet the child's image haunts her. Fatima doesn't want to sell grandma's house and asks medium, who refuse...
7 links 18 Nov 2008
Squashen E7. Squashen
Stella insults Jurrian, intrudes the men's locker and dares him to a squash match. The cute kid she mistakes for his 'gay boy' puts her straight on more than one count. Fatima pret...
7 links 25 Nov 2008
Verwenweekend E8. Verwenweekend
Fatima invited the girls for a relaxing weekend. By the time she realizes the others meant girls only, it's too late to cancel the male guests. Barry only came to ask Nienke - as w...
7 links 02 Dec 2008
Familiebezoek E9. Familiebezoek
Stella's gay, even sloppier brother, Sep, surprises her with an early visit and his latest shamelessly naked conquest, Francisco. Nienke's sudden opportunity to try filling in nurs...
7 links 09 Dec 2008
Studenten E10. Studenten
Stella finds that her 15 years 'absent' father who is visiting didn't know about her brother Sep's problem; her boss, whose partner is terminal, spills the beans. Fatima is in a wh...
7 links 16 Dec 2008
Vrijgezellenfeest E11. Vrijgezellenfeest
Nienke decides to help Louise with planning Jolien's bachelor party. Stella tries to convince her father to leave her boat. Fatima has spent a drunken night with Jan Frederik and c...
7 links 23 Dec 2008
De bruiloft E12. De bruiloft
Sep offers a fancy dinner to Stella- and asks Jurriaan too, so she asks his brother Bastiaan, by way of 'penalty'. Actually the gay brothers match instantly. Fatima flaunts her ric...
7 links 30 Dec 2008
Staffel 2
Season 2
Nieuwe kansen E1. Nieuwe kansen
Madly in love with Jeroen again, Fatima wants to spend every single second with him, even at his office. Looking for a new vibrator in a feminist sex-shop, Stella bickers with the ...
7 links 07 Apr 2009
Audities E2. Audities
The hospital celebrations for its 50 years existence include founding a choir. Fatima is asked and starts dreaming of vocal stardom, but can't read music or strike a tone. Nienke's...
7 links 14 Apr 2009
Gezelschap E3. Gezelschap
Fatima was looking forward to spending three months in Paris, where Jeroen does an apprenticeship, but he's not allowed a partner at company's expense. Jurriaan worries when Stella...
7 links 21 Apr 2009
Verlatingsangst E4. Verlatingsangst
Koekie, the puppy Jeroen gave Fatima while he's on course in Paris, has abandonment anxiety, so she takes it to a 'main' dog trainer and her medium Hanny, who suggests finding a re...
7 links 28 Apr 2009
Een jaartje ouder E5. Een jaartje ouder
Fatima gets stuck with a hearing impaired elevator repairman on the hospital roof. Nienke is asked to babysit her neighbor neighbor's daughter Annemoon. Stella is extremely annoyed...
7 links 05 May 2009
Gehandicaptendag E6. Gehandicaptendag
Fatima is tickled pink to receive a visit from her equally girlish and posh high-school friend Danielle, a model-actress, from New York. Exchanging invented success stories, a reci...
7 links 12 May 2009
Het afspraakje E7. Het afspraakje
Stella rudely throws Jurriaan out straight after sex, when they fall asleep even refuses breakfast in bed. When that drives him to date his classy ex Esmée again, that makes her vi...
7 links 19 May 2009
Een verrassing E8. Een verrassing
When Jeroen admits during a visit he has had an innocent fling in Paris, Fatima shamelessly throws him out stat, knowing she did worse herself. The rowdy Nightingales rehearsals ar...
7 links 26 May 2009
Echte vriendinnen E9. Echte vriendinnen
Nienke takes Fatima and Stella on holiday to a surprise destination in Germany but 'Susie', her car, breaks down. A tow trucks takes Susie back to Amsterdam, with all of the girls'...
7 links 02 Jun 2009
Het concert E10. Het concert
Fatima has spent the night in Deventer in a brothel, Nienke with religious youngsters and Stella with some tramps. After reuniting they try to hook up with the Florence Nightingale...
7 links 09 Jun 2009
Staffel 3
Season 3
Een moeilijke keuze E1. Een moeilijke keuze
Fatima is looking for a bigger place to live separately from Jeroen. Nienke immediately gets along with Fatima's new neighbor, Melvin. Dr. Jurriaan is leaving the hospital for a jo...
6 links 23 Mar 2010
Hart onder de riem E2. Hart onder de riem
Nienke doesn't want to leave her work when Barry enters the hospital after a motor accident. Fatima crashes into shy Davis while out skating and she immediately starts planning the...
6 links 30 Mar 2010
Nieuwe wegen E3. Nieuwe wegen
Barry asks Nienke to join him and his wife in a relationship therapy session. Fatima is ordered to drive drunk Dr. Wesseldijk home. During her annual visit to a neighbor Hannie's g...
6 links 06 Apr 2010
Geen cent te makken E4. Geen cent te makken
Because Fatima has serious money problems she almost accepts a dinner date from Dr. Wesseldijk. Nienke decides to teach Fatima how to better handle her finances. Stella is more inf...
6 links 13 Apr 2010
Ongewenst bezoek E5. Ongewenst bezoek
Stella sees the football match at Barry's café as an opportunity for her and Nienke to score with men. Fatima prefers to stay home with a movie, but finds the disturbed former owne...
6 links 20 Apr 2010
Een wijze raad E6. Een wijze raad
Nienke convinces Fatima and Stella to spend their Sunday at a painting workshop and then gets tricked by Wilma Meerdink to look after Meerdick's ill wife Marja instead.
6 links 27 Apr 2010
Watervrees E7. Watervrees
Stella is not pleased with a surprise visit from her mother. Nienke has only half a day to spend with Vincent before he leaves for Australia. Fatima is invited to attend Melvin's w...
6 links 04 May 2010
Zelfvertrouwen E8. Zelfvertrouwen
Fatima bumps into Jeroen again. Stella is looking after he young half brother Wiendelt. Nienke becomes very suspicious when male nurse Thomas invites her to dinner.
6 links 11 May 2010
Op zoek naar de liefde E9. Op zoek naar de liefde
Convinced she'll meet the man of her life, Fatima takes Nienke and Stella to a Speed Meet for singles. Stella soon becomes the center of attention while Nienke feels completely out...
6 links 18 May 2010
Emoties E10. Emoties
Nienke is getting married, so Stella and Fatima organize one last girls night together.
6 links 25 May 2010
De grote dag E11. De grote dag
Fatima is organizing Nienke and Barry's wedding and is surprised to learn Barry's invited Jaroen as a witness. The entire proceedings are completely depressing Stella.
6 links 01 Jun 2010
Daar komt de bruid E12. Daar komt de bruid
Stella leaves the wedding after tearing Nienke's wedding dress. Barry and Nienke are having second thoughts about the ceremony as well. Jeroen admits his true feelings for Fatima.
6 links 08 Jun 2010
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