Saber Rider und die Star Sheriffs

Animeserie über ein Team von intergalaktischen Freiheitskämpfern, den "Star Sheriffs". Saber Rider, April, Colt und Fireball kämpfen gemeinsam mit ihrem Superraumschiff Ramrod gegen den fiesen Nemesis und seine Outrider Schergen, welche das Grenzland und d...

Jahr: 1987−1988

Dauer: 23 min

Genres: Action, Adventure, Animation

Stars: Pat Fraley, Pat Musick, Townsend Coleman

IMDb: TT0129712

Bewertung: 8.6/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Star Sheriff Round Up E1. Star Sheriff Round Up
Saber Rider narrates the story of how he first met his new teammates Fireball and Colt. Saber traveled to Planet Yuma searching for an Outrider named Vanquo. While at a hotel tryin...
3 links 14 Sep 1987
Cavalry Command E2. Cavalry Command
After the Star Sheriffs finish their latest mission, they think they are going to get some time off, but General Whitehawk summons them to Cavalry Command. While at Calvary Command...
3 links 15 Sep 1987
Jesse's Revenge E3. Jesse's Revenge
At a formal gathering, Jessie Blue makes a pass at April. She politely turns him down at first, but when he tries to force himself on her, she tosses him into a stack of barrels. G...
3 links 16 Sep 1987
Iguana Get to Know You E4. Iguana Get to Know You
Colt traps an iguana and takes it for a pet. As he's showing it to the other Star Sheriffs, they get word that the settlement of New Dallas has come under attack by the Outriders. ...
7 links 17 Sep 1987
Little Hombre E5. Little Hombre
While exploring Planet Pecos, the Star Sheriffs run into a little boy named Miguel that Colt dubs "Little Hombre." Fireball takes the boy back to his father, who doesn't seem to be...
3 links 18 Sep 1987
The Greatest Show on the New Frontier E6. The Greatest Show on the New Frontier
While Saber Rider and Fireball are making a final inspection on a new outpost, a strange vehicle approaches. The Cavalry Command unit prepares to take action, but before they open ...
7 links 21 Sep 1987
Little Pardner E7. Little Pardner
The Star Sheriffs get a distress call from Planet Dakota, and go to investigate. They get ambushed by the Outriders shortly after their arrival. While pursuing one of the Outriders...
7 links 22 Sep 1987
Brawling Is My Calling E8. Brawling Is My Calling
The Star Sheriffs are assigned to investigate a business tycoon named Maddox, who is believed to be working for the Outriders. Saber, Colt, and Fireball go undercover as a trio of ...
7 links 23 Sep 1987
Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away E9. Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away
When a herd of wild robot horses destroys a village, the Star Sheriffs are called upon for help. The Star Sheriffs meet Castor, a shaman, who plays a banjo to control the horses. W...
7 links 24 Sep 1987
The Castle of the Mountain Haze E10. The Castle of the Mountain Haze
After a series of volcanic eruptions, the Star Sheriffs head for the Castle of the Mountain Haze to warn its owner, the Baron, who is also known as the greatest sword fighter in th...
7 links 25 Sep 1987
Oh Boy! Dinosaurs! E11. Oh Boy! Dinosaurs!
The Outriders, led by Brune Hilda and Mohawk, have invaded Planet Tropicus. Tropicus is home to dinosaurs. George, the park ranger, discovers the Outriders, and tries to warn the S...
7 links 28 Sep 1987
Four Leaf Clover E12. Four Leaf Clover
An Outrider named Calibose steals the plans for RAMROD, and tries to get them to Nemesis. His ship is shot down, and he is taken into custody at Cavalry Command. As the Star Sherif...
7 links 29 Sep 1987
The Highlanders E13. The Highlanders
While the Star Sheriffs are guarding a planet, Saber Rider receives a distress call from his parents. He decides to go to them alone. April follows after him thinking that he may n...
7 links 30 Sep 1987
What Did You Do on Your Summer Vacation? E14. What Did You Do on Your Summer Vacation?
April's father, Commander Eagle, is missing. The Star Sheriffs fly RAMROD into space searching for him. They come across his ship, the Peacekeeper. Colt and Fireball search the shi...
2 links 01 Oct 1987
Jesse Blue E15. Jesse Blue
The Outriders have placed April's father, Commander Eagle, in a gold casing. Nemesis enlists the help of Jessie Blue to transport Eagle to the Vapor Zone. The Star Sheriffs pick up...
7 links 02 Oct 1987
Show Down at Cimarron Pass E16. Show Down at Cimarron Pass
Nemesis summons Gattler the Rattler to the Vapor Zone. He orders Gattler to attack the Fort Apache outpost at Cimmaron Pass on Planet Yuma. The Star Sheriffs are playing a card gam...
7 links 05 Oct 1987
The Saber and the Tomahawk E17. The Saber and the Tomahawk
A cowboy rides into a town claiming to have been attacked by Kawshone Indians. The other cowboys ride out to search and find two Kawshone, Spotted Calf and Sleek Elk. Spotted Calf ...
3 links 06 Oct 1987
All That Glitters E18. All That Glitters
A town has come down with a bad case of gold fever. It's so bad that they kicked their sheriff out of town, because they didn't want the law getting in their way. Saber Rider and A...
7 links 07 Oct 1987
Sole Survivor E19. Sole Survivor
The Star Sheriffs investigated the crash of a cargo ship. It was supposed to have no one on board, but they find a lady passenger, named Anna Belle injured. Colt takes an immediate...
7 links 08 Oct 1987
Legend of the Santa Fe Express E20. Legend of the Santa Fe Express
April's Uncle Wade has been working as a double agent and has obtained plans to an Outrider facility where they are building new Renegade units. Commander Eagle informs them that h...
7 links 09 Oct 1987
Snake Eyes E21. Snake Eyes
The Star Sheriffs are summoned to a military outpost where they meet a prisoner known only as Snake Eyes. Snake Eyes is a human being that has been working for the Outriders, who a...
6 links 12 Oct 1987
Famous Last Words E22. Famous Last Words
The Star Sheriffs are dispatched to Planet Jar on a goodwill mission. They are there to offer their king an alliance with Calvary Command. When they arrive, they discover the plane...
2 links 13 Oct 1987
Sharpshooter E23. Sharpshooter
Prince Roland wants to prove that their kingdom is ready to challenge the Outriders. He issues an open challenge to a sharpshooting contest, which Colt accepts and wins. King Jaray...
2 links 14 Oct 1987
The Monarch Supreme E24. The Monarch Supreme
King Jaray flies his new ship, the Monarch Supreme, into battle to save RAMROD from Gattler. However, Gattler's forces soon overpower the King's fleet, and he is forced to finally ...
6 links 15 Oct 1987
Gattler's Last Stand E25. Gattler's Last Stand
Gattler contacts Nemesis to let him know that he's found a supply of alkalyte on Planet Alamo. Nemesis decides to join him for this mission. With the alkalyte, it is believed Nemes...
6 links 16 Oct 1987
Dooley E26. Dooley
As Fireball and April are shopping in the city, someone takes a shot at them from a nearby rooftop. By the time they arrive, the sniper is reduced to vapor. Fireball finds a medal ...
3 links 19 Oct 1987
The Hole in the Wall Gang E27. The Hole in the Wall Gang
The Yuma Dam is under attack by Outriders. Commander Eagle orders an immediate evacuation. Everybody obeys, except for the chief engineer who happens to be an old schoolmate of Fir...
7 links 20 Oct 1987
The All Galaxy Grand Prix E28. The All Galaxy Grand Prix
Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs are at the All Galaxy Grand Prix to support Fireball who will compete in the race. His main rival is the famous racer, Marco Firenza. After the Al...
5 links 21 Oct 1987
Snow-Blind E29. Snow-Blind
The Star Sheriffs enjoy a ski vacation, unaware that are being stalked by an Outrider named Jean-Claude. Things become very complicated when Jean-Claude who holds a grudge against ...
7 links 26 Oct 1987
Tranquility E30. Tranquility
Colt saves a school teacher named Robin and falls hard for her. She takes him to see her hometown named Tranquility where violence and guns are forbidden. Colt hits it off with Rob...
7 links 27 Oct 1987
Bad Day at Dry Gulch E31. Bad Day at Dry Gulch
A young researcher named Lily meets Saber Rider. After a romantic dinner together, they find out they have a lot in common. Saber Rider falls in love only to get his heart broken b...
7 links 28 Oct 1987
Snowcone E32. Snowcone
The Star Sheriffs pay a visit to planet Laramie where humans and Outriders live together in tolerance. However the Star Sheriffs are quite suspicious of such way of life and decide...
7 links 02 Nov 1987
Sneaky Spies E33. Sneaky Spies
The director of the Control Tower on planet Abileen, named Gerald Wyeth is kidnapped by Outriders and a spy with his looks is set to pose instead of him. The Star Sheriffs get very...
3 links 03 Nov 1987
Stampede E34. Stampede
Wildebeests are being hunted down by Outriders on planet Durango. The Star Sheriffs accept the mission to protect the herds. Saber Rider jumps into the Outrider's dimension and fin...
3 links 04 Nov 1987
The Challenge, Part 1 E35. The Challenge, Part 1
The Star Sheriffs are in pursuit of an Outrider, named Razzle. Fireball gets surrounded by Outriders in Palamino Valley where shortly after he falls off a cliff with his car. When ...
7 links 09 Nov 1987
The Challenge, Part 2 E36. The Challenge, Part 2
In the hospital Fireball suffers from a terrible nightmare about his father. He is unable to remember anything about himself and now Fireball needs the Star Sheriffs' help more tha...
7 links 10 Nov 1987
Born on the Bayou E37. Born on the Bayou
The Star Sheriffs receive help from an old man who lives in the bayou of planet Yuma in recovering a steel blue box from a damaged Outrider ship.
7 links 11 Nov 1987
April Rides E38. April Rides
The Star Sheriffs are lured to the remote planetoid called Granite Flats by Jesse Blue. Jesse uses a synthesized voice of the captured Commander Eagle for his plan. The Star Sherif...
7 links 16 Nov 1987
The Walls of Red Wing E39. The Walls of Red Wing
The Star Sheriffs are assisted by a group of kids and an old lady to arrange an escape for Outrider prisoners from Red Wing Prison. The Star Sheriffs believe April's father, Comman...
6 links 17 Nov 1987
Jesse's Girl E40. Jesse's Girl
Trista, a young girl who has fallen in love with Jesse Blue does everything to assist him into building a facility in New Wichita. Following Jesse Blue's orders, the Outriders are ...
6 links 18 Nov 1987
Staffel 2
Season 2
The Amazing Lazardo E1. The Amazing Lazardo
A traveling magician by the name of the Amazing Lazardo made slaves from the people of a big western city. The magician has convinced them he is able to create earthquakes at will....
18 Aug 1988
I Forgot E2. I Forgot
Fogarty, a human expert in explosives is approached by an undercover Outrider agents sent by Nemesis to plant a bomb at the setting of the upcoming peace summit conference. Fogarty...
19 Aug 1988
Lend Me Your Ears E3. Lend Me Your Ears
The Outriders use their new technology to take over the Rainbow Planet by secretly planting devices in the ears of its citizens and controlling them.
22 Aug 1988
Born to Run E4. Born to Run
A female pilot named Mandarin has a huge crush on Fireball. Without knowing why, April doesn't trust Mandarin and doesn't let Fireball out of her sight. Mandarin helps the Star She...
23 Aug 1988
The Legend of the Lost World E5. The Legend of the Lost World
Commander Eagle learns from the old monk that the human race and the Outriders' aren't that different after all. Meanwhile Cavalry Command prepares to send a rescue mission for Com...
24 Aug 1988
The Rescue E6. The Rescue
The Star Sheriffs are off to rescue Commander Eagle from Jesse Blue.
25 Aug 1988
Eagle Has Landed E7. Eagle Has Landed
The rescued Commander Eagle resumes his functions and shares everything he has learned during his captivity, as well as the time he was with the old monk. Commander Eagle being a m...
26 Aug 1988
Cease Fire E8. Cease Fire
The peace treaty is signed between the Outriders and Cavalry Command.
29 Aug 1988
Alamo Moon E9. Alamo Moon
Saber Rider, April, Colt and Fireball are suspended permanently from duty. Ramrod has been destroyed and the former Star Sheriffs scatter and return to ordinary life. April and Fir...
30 Aug 1988
The Nth Degree E10. The Nth Degree
Jesse Blue gives 24 hours to Cavalry Command to surrender. Otherwise he will use his Cobalt Blue Blaster once more. Commander Eagle's Cavalry fleet attacks and surrounds Nemesis' b...
31 Aug 1988
Who is Nemesis? E11. Who is Nemesis?
The Star Sheriffs jump into the Outrider dimension. They are there to plant explosives on the Outriders' planet. Meanwhile Nemesis is finally revealed as a synthetic cyborg with fu...
01 Sep 1988
Happy Trails E12. Happy Trails
To end the war, Star Sheriffs must stop the computer that's still running the Outriders' orbital station and is about to launch a desperate final attack that will destroy Yuma. How...
02 Sep 1988
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