Sailor Moon

Der 14 jährigen Bunny Sukino, einer etwas schusseligen und weinerlichen Schülerin, läuft eines Tages die schwarze Katze Luna über den Weg und sagt ihr, sie sei auserwählt, von nun an gegen das Böse in der Welt zu kämpfen. Mit Hilfe von Lunas Zauberstein ve...

Jahr: 1995−2000

Dauer: 24 min

Genres: Action, Adventure, Animation

Stars: Susan Roman, Jill Frappier, Katie Griffin

IMDb: TT0114327

Bewertung: 7.7/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
A Moon Star Is Born E1. A Moon Star Is Born
An average girl becomes a super hero when she saves the life of a talking cat.
4 links 25 Feb 2009
Talk Radio E2. Talk Radio
Serena has a new show she loves, a late night radio show. Only, the flower pin prizes zap energy? What can she do to save her friend, Molly? Sailor Moon is going to have to make a ...
4 links 12 Sep 1995
Slim City E3. Slim City
Serena wants to lose weight. Rather than diet - which didn't work for her - she joins a gym. Only the gym is getting funky, it may be a Nega Verse scheme in the works.
4 links 30 Jun 2013
So You Want to Be a Superstar E4. So You Want to Be a Superstar
After seeing a poster of a singer, Serena and Molly decide they wanna be superstars too. Turns out the singer has been taken over by someone from the mega force, who leads all her ...
4 links 14 Sep 1995
Computer School Blues E5. Computer School Blues
Their is a new smart girl in school named Amy. Serena Befriends her, later suspecting she is an alien of the negaverse when she finds Amy has energy sucking computer program. Could...
4 links 15 Sep 1995
Time Bomb E6. Time Bomb
Serena and the town are effected by clocks making them anxious to do things quickly. Separated from Luna, Will sailor moon and mercury control them selves long enough to stop the n...
4 links 18 Sep 1995
An Uncharmed Life E7. An Uncharmed Life
Jed from the negaverse takes bus loads of people captive threw a black hole, sailor mercury and tuxedo mask work together to save them from being trapped forever. A new sailor join...
4 links 19 Sep 1995
Nightmare in Dreamland E8. Nightmare in Dreamland
Strange things are happening at the amusement park. Rei is suspicious of everything, is she paranoid? Bumping into Darian, Rei suggests to Serena that he looks like tuxedo mask. Co...
4 links 20 Sep 1995
Cruise Blues E9. Cruise Blues
What's supposed to be a dream vacation on a cool cruise ship, Turn into a bad trip when the evil servants of the Negaverse show up.
4 links 21 Sep 1995
Fight to the Finish E10. Fight to the Finish
Jadeite faces Sailor moon and her 2 scouts. Well Jadeite meet his match against Tuxedo mask?
4 links 22 Sep 1995
Match Point for Sailor Moon E11. Match Point for Sailor Moon
The Negaverse are at it again, this time trying to take Molly's good friend and tennis player, Katie's energy. Making Katie mean. Also Serena has a new crush Maxfeild a tennis trai...
4 links 25 Sep 1995
An Unnatural Phenomena E12. An Unnatural Phenomena
Raye and Darien go on a date, which Serena is not happy about. A beautiful park is being demolished, but not if Nephrite gets to it first. Nature attacks and it's up to the sailor ...
4 links 26 Sep 1995
Wedding Day Blues E13. Wedding Day Blues
A wedding dress contest is afoot in Tokyo. The winner gets a honeymoon paid for. Nephrite decides to infiltrate the contest through his black widow lackey and Serena has to enter t...
4 links 27 Sep 1995
Shutter Bugged E14. Shutter Bugged
Nephrite is at it again when a kid with a natural skill for using a camera catches his attention. Soon he has girls of all ages, including Serena and Molly, changing into their swi...
4 links 28 Sep 1995
Dangerous Dollies E15. Dangerous Dollies
Sammy needs Serena's help when he gets in a fight with a friend of his, named Mika. However, Mika is the next target for Nephrite (as she is very talented in doll making) and so Se...
4 links 29 Sep 1995
Who Is That Masked Man? E16. Who Is That Masked Man?
After learning that Tux Mask is Sailor Moon's weakness, Nephrite decides to dupe the scouts by sending love letters to all the girls, addressed as Tuxedo.
4 links 02 Oct 1995
An Animated Mess E17. An Animated Mess
An animator for Sailor V's new movie is Nephlites next target. Amy sees him leaving, however, and decides to check it out. Soon the energy is at it's highest and the scouts must fi...
4 links 03 Oct 1995
Worth a Princess's Ransom E18. Worth a Princess's Ransom
A princess from a foreign land comes to Tokyo to show off her kingdoms "imperial crystal". The negaverse as well as the sailor scouts hear about this and think it could be the silv...
4 links 04 Oct 1995
Molly's Folly E19. Molly's Folly
In this episode, Molly confesses her feelings to Serena about Maxfield Stanton (who unknown to her is actually Nephlite, the Negaversal general to Queen Beryl) and Serena is contem...
4 links 05 Oct 1995
A Friend in Wolf's Clothing E20. A Friend in Wolf's Clothing
Nephlite finds himself in hot water when his identity is revealed in front of Molly and now he needs to find a way to find the Silver Crystal or face extermination. He believes tha...
4 links 06 Oct 1995
Jupiter Comes Thundering In E21. Jupiter Comes Thundering In
Queen Beryl has been in contact with Queen Metalia, the dark power behind the Negaforce who has given foresight as to how Beryl can control the universe. In order to find the Silve...
4 links 09 Oct 1995
The Power of Friendship E22. The Power of Friendship
4 links 10 Oct 1995
Mercury's Mental Match E23. Mercury's Mental Match
4 links 11 Oct 1995
An Artful Attack E24. An Artful Attack
4 links 12 Oct 1995
Too Many Girlfriends E25. Too Many Girlfriends
4 links 13 Oct 1995
Grandpa's Follies E26. Grandpa's Follies
4 links 16 Oct 1995
Kitty Chaos E27. Kitty Chaos
4 links 17 Oct 1995
Tuxedo Melvin E28. Tuxedo Melvin
4 links 02 Jul 2008
Sailor V Makes the Scene E29. Sailor V Makes the Scene
4 links 19 Oct 1995
A Crystal Clear Destiny E30. A Crystal Clear Destiny
The new Sailor Scout, Sailor Venus, is also schoolgirl named Mina. Zoycite, forbidden by Queen Beryl to kill Tuxedo Mask... See full synopsis »
4 links 24 Feb 2008
A Reluctant Princess E31. A Reluctant Princess
Serena and Darien remember their former lives as Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion. The Negaverse kidnaps the injured Darien... See full synopsis »
4 links 23 Oct 1995
Bad Hair Day E32. Bad Hair Day
4 links 24 Oct 1995
Little Miss Manners E33. Little Miss Manners
4 links 25 Oct 1995
Ski Bunny Blues E34. Ski Bunny Blues
4 links 26 Oct 1995
Ice Princess E35. Ice Princess
4 links 27 Oct 1995
Last Resort E36. Last Resort
4 links 30 Oct 1995
Tuxedo Unmasked E37. Tuxedo Unmasked
4 links 31 Oct 1995
Fractious Friends E38. Fractious Friends
4 links 01 Nov 1995
The Past Returns E39. The Past Returns
4 links 02 Nov 1995
Day of Destiny E40. Day of Destiny
4 links 03 Nov 1995
Staffel 2
Season 2
The Return of Sailor Moon E1. The Return of Sailor Moon
Queen Beryl may be gone, but Sailor Moon will find herself facing a new kind of threat when two alien beings named Allan and Ann land on her home world with the Dune Tree, a plant-...
4 links 10 Nov 1995
So You Want to Be in Pictures E2. So You Want to Be in Pictures
Two hunters from the mega verse come to earth and try to absorb energy from the planet by using creatures from a deck of cards. The hunters high jack a movie audition which happen ...
4 links 13 Nov 1995
A Knight to Remember E3. A Knight to Remember
The sailor scouts deal with another creature from the deck of cards from the two hunters of the mega verse. Things don't go as planned so a mysterious man called the Moonlight knig...
4 links 14 Nov 1995
VR Madness E4. VR Madness
Serena's family is attacked at a virtual reality theatre.
4 links 15 Nov 1995
Cherry Blossom Time E5. Cherry Blossom Time
4 links 16 Nov 1995
Kindergarten Chaos E6. Kindergarten Chaos
4 links 17 Nov 1995
Much Ado About Baby Sitting E7. Much Ado About Baby Sitting
4 links 20 Nov 1995
Raye's Day in the Spotlight E8. Raye's Day in the Spotlight
4 links 21 Nov 1995
Food Fetish E9. Food Fetish
4 links 22 Nov 1995
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall E10. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
4 links 23 Nov 1995
Detention Doldrums E11. Detention Doldrums
4 links 24 Nov 1995
Secret Garden E12. Secret Garden
4 links 27 Nov 1995
Treed E13. Treed
4 links 28 Nov 1995
Serena Times Two E14. Serena Times Two
4 links 25 Oct 1995
The Cosmetics Caper E15. The Cosmetics Caper
4 links 07 Nov 1995
Sailor Mercury Moving On? E16. Sailor Mercury Moving On?
4 links 08 Nov 1995
Gramps in a Pickle E17. Gramps in a Pickle
4 links 09 Nov 1995
Trouble Comes Thundering Down E18. Trouble Comes Thundering Down
4 links 10 Nov 1995
A Charmed Life E19. A Charmed Life
4 links 13 Nov 1995
A Curried Favor E20. A Curried Favor
4 links 14 Nov 1995
Naughty N' Nice E21. Naughty N' Nice
4 links 15 Nov 1995
Prediction of Doom E22. Prediction of Doom
4 links 16 Nov 1995
Enemies No More E23. Enemies No More
4 links 17 Nov 1995
Checkmate E24. Checkmate
4 links 20 Nov 1995
Sibling Rivalry E25. Sibling Rivalry
4 links 21 Nov 1995
Rubeus Evens the Score E26. Rubeus Evens the Score
4 links 30 Nov 1998
Rubeus Strikes Out E27. Rubeus Strikes Out
4 links 01 Dec 1998
The Secret of the Luna Sphere E28. The Secret of the Luna Sphere
4 links 02 Dec 1998
Emerald Takes Over E29. Emerald Takes Over
4 links 03 Dec 1998
Promises Fulfilled E30. Promises Fulfilled
4 links 04 Dec 1998
No Thanks, Nurse Venus! E31. No Thanks, Nurse Venus!
4 links 07 Dec 1998
Dog Day for Artemis E32. Dog Day for Artemis
4 links 08 Dec 1998
Smart Pay Off E33. Smart Pay Off
4 links 09 Dec 1998
Child's Play E34. Child's Play
Emerald puts her servants Doom and Gloom in charge of two negative points. One of these points is the school that Rini goes to. When she goes to school and everyone is acting stran...
4 links 10 Dec 1998
Future Shocked E35. Future Shocked
The Sailor Scouts travel to the future to help Rini save her mother.
4 links 11 Dec 1998
Legend of the Negamoon E36. Legend of the Negamoon
Prince Diamond tries to corrupt Princess Serena
4 links 14 Dec 1998
Jealousy's Just Reward E37. Jealousy's Just Reward
4 links 15 Dec 1998
Birth of Wicked Lady E38. Birth of Wicked Lady
Rini is kidnapped by Wiseman. Who brainwashes her into thinking her parents don't love her and transforms her into a villain called Wicked Lady.
4 links 16 Dec 1998
Brotherly Love E39. Brotherly Love
4 links 17 Dec 1998
Diamond in the Rough E40. Diamond in the Rough
Tuxedo mask tries to find out how to get inside the dark crystal growing in Crystal Tokyo. Diamond stands up to wise man. Wise man tries to convert sailor moon. Wicked Lady prepare...
4 links 18 Dec 1998
Final Battle E41. Final Battle
The Scouts desperately struggle to vanquish the ultimate evil of Wiseman, as well as try to restore the brainwashed Rini back to her old self again.
4 links 21 Dec 1998
Follow the Leader E42. Follow the Leader
The scouts recap a couple things and also discuss and bicker who should be the new leader.
4 links 22 Dec 1998
Staffel 3
Season 3
Star Struck, Bad Luck E1. Star Struck, Bad Luck
4 links 12 Jun 2000
Crystal Clear Again E2. Crystal Clear Again
A young girl is attacked by a Daimon, but Serena is no longer able to transform into Sailor Moon, and the overpowered Sailor Team must one again rely on the mysterious new Sailor S...
4 links 13 Jun 2000
Driving Dangerously E3. Driving Dangerously
Serena and Mina become besotted with Amara Teno, an attractive and sophisticated boy they believe.
4 links 14 Jun 2000
Bad Harmony E4. Bad Harmony
Concerned that she is not intelligent enough for the sophisticated Darien, Serena seeks advice from Michelle.
4 links 15 Jun 2000
Swept Off Her Feet E5. Swept Off Her Feet
Serena's friend, Lizzy, is attacked by a Daimon and has her Pure Heart Crystal. After the crystal is dropped, Sailor Moon must race to find it and save Lizzy.
4 links 16 Jun 2000
Blinded by Love's Light E6. Blinded by Love's Light
Molly and Melvin enter an Affection Contest in order to prove their love for each other, but find themselves targeted by a Daimon.
4 links 19 Jun 2000
Lita Borrows Trouble E7. Lita Borrows Trouble
Lita is targeted by a Daimon, but manages to evade it. Can to analyze her Pure Heart Crystal, Amara befriends Lita in order to get close her.
4 links 20 Jun 2000
Damp Spirits E8. Damp Spirits
Amy's desire to avoid competition leads to her offending Michelle during a swimming race. Meanwhile, a Daimon selects Amy as her target.
21 Jun 2000
Friendly Foes E9. Friendly Foes
After Sailor Neptune is captured and possibly killed by Kaori Knight, Sailor Moon and Sailor Uranus find themselves shackled together and are forced to reassess their attitudes tow...
4 links 22 Jun 2000
Mixed Emotions E10. Mixed Emotions
Worried by Raye's increasingly intensive meditation, Chad becomes concerned that she has fallen for another man. When he sees with Amara, he is convinced that she is Raye's new sui...
4 links 23 Jun 2000
Individual Happiness E11. Individual Happiness
Mina becomes despondent about her life as a Sailor Scout. Meanwhile, an old friend of hers is attacked by a Daimon.
4 links 26 Jun 2000
Birthday Blues: Part 1 E12. Birthday Blues: Part 1
Serena is furious when Darien forgets her birthday. When Darien buys her an expensive pair of glass slippers to make up for it, he fails to realize that they have been implanted wi...
4 links 27 Jun 2000
Birthday Blues: Part 2 E13. Birthday Blues: Part 2
With her transformation brooch stolen and Tuxedo Mask kidnapped, Serena goes to face Kaori Knight in a showdown at Tokyo Tower.
4 links 28 Jun 2000
Hello, Sailor Mini Moon E14. Hello, Sailor Mini Moon
When a drummer is targeted at the Azabujuban Festival, Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars receive assistance from an unexpected source.
4 links 29 Jun 2000
Tainted Tea Party E15. Tainted Tea Party
Rini searches for friends in the twentieth century, and becomes intrigued by Tomasaburou, a young practitioner of the tea ceremony.
4 links 30 Jun 2000
People Who Need People E16. People Who Need People
Frustrated at her inability to fight enemies alone, Lita goes to train in the mountains with the help of a Buddhist monk.
4 links 03 Jul 2000
Related by Destiny E17. Related by Destiny
When and old acquaintance is targeted by the Death Busters, Amara recalls how she first met Michelle and awakened as Sailor Uranus.
4 links 04 Jul 2000
Art Appreciation E18. Art Appreciation
Rini develops a crush on Masanori, the young sculptor in her art class. However, Masanori seems more interested in Michelle.
4 links 05 Jul 2000
Everything's Coming Up Rosey E19. Everything's Coming Up Rosey
Serena and her friends are invited to a party for foreign university students, but her enthusiasm is tempered by the knowledge that most of the conversation will be in English.
4 links 06 Jul 2000
No Turning Back E20. No Turning Back
Mina realizes that she is the only one of the Sailor Team not to have been targeted for her Pure Heart Crystal, and takes increasingly absurd measures to prove her purity.
4 links 07 Jul 2000
Destiny's Arrival E21. Destiny's Arrival
Amara and Michelle are contacted by Eduial, who claims to have found the owner of a talisman.
4 links 10 Jul 2000
The Purity Chalice E22. The Purity Chalice
With Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune dying, Sailor Moon must race to get the talisman back from Eudial.
4 links 11 Jul 2000
Show Stoppers E23. Show Stoppers
Serena and her friends go to the park to watch a movie being filmed. While Rini befriends the mysterious Hortau, the filming is disrupted by Mimete.
4 links 12 Jul 2000
Rini's Risky Friendship E24. Rini's Risky Friendship
Serena accompanies Rini on a visit to her new friend Hotaru's house, while Mimete targets a famous manga artist.
4 links 13 Jul 2000
Mimet's Mess E25. Mimet's Mess
Mimet infiltrates an idol competition in order to get close to her target, Jonah Araki. But when she qualifies for the final round, she considers quitting the Death Busters.
4 links 14 Jul 2000
The Shadow of Silence E26. The Shadow of Silence
Hotaru over-exerts herself and is taken to hospital, while Mimet targets a television actor for his Pure Heart Crystal.
4 links 17 Jul 2000
Thorny Weather E27. Thorny Weather
Rini invites Hotaru on a picnic at a local botanical garden, not realizing that the resident botanist is the next target of the Death Busters.
4 links 18 Jul 2000
Heightened Hazard E28. Heightened Hazard
Serena and Rini accompany Hotaru to a sports stadium to deliver a fan letter to the famous athlete Shawn Hayes.
4 links 19 Jul 2000
It's in the Cards E29. It's in the Cards
When Mimet decides to help in the production of a Daimon, she accidentally creates an anomaly that fractures the dimensions inside the Tomoe residence, trapping Rini and Hotaru.
4 links 20 Jul 2000
Goodness Eclipsed E30. Goodness Eclipsed
Rini invites Hotaru to a show at the planetarium, while Mimete plans to steal the Pure Heart Crystal of the DJ Thomas Harris.
4 links 13 Sep 2000
Next in Line E31. Next in Line
After Hotaru and her father disappear from their house, the Sailor Scouts infiltrate Mugen Academy, suspicious that it is connected to the Death Busters.
4 links 21 Jul 2000
Fiendish Ferns E32. Fiendish Ferns
Telulu opens a store selling Telluns, plants designed to remove Pure Heart Crystals. Meanwhile, Hotaru wakes up, confused, in the Messiah of Silence's chamber.
4 links 24 Jul 2000
The Science of Love E33. The Science of Love
With the latest round of national Patrice exams being held at Mugen Academy, the Sailor Scouts infiltrate the school and Amy encounters her academic rival, Julie Bidou.
4 links 25 Jul 2000
Wake Up Call E34. Wake Up Call
Cyprine, the last of the Witches 5, summons Mugen Academy's students in order to remove their Pure Heart Crystal, while Kaorl Knight targets Rini.
4 links 26 Jul 2000
Who's Really Who? E35. Who's Really Who?
The Sailor Scouts approach Mugen Academy in order to save Rini and defeat the Death Busters, while Mistress 9 plans to steal the Holy Grail from Sailor Moon.
4 links 27 Jul 2000
Darkness, My Old Friend E36. Darkness, My Old Friend
Mistress 9 steals the Holy Grail, allowing Pharaoh 90 to pass through the portal to Earth. The fate of the world rests in the hands of the Scout of Ruin, Sailor Saturn.
4 links 28 Jul 2000
Second Chance E37. Second Chance
The Death Busters have been defeated, but Hotaru and Sailor Pluto's whereabouts are still unknown. Meanwhile, Amara and Michelle have one last mission before they leave Azabu-Juuba...
4 links 31 Jul 2000
Tough Kindness E38. Tough Kindness
While Rini prepares to return to the thirtieth century, a surviving Daimon Egg hatches in the ruins of Mugen Academy.
4 links 01 Aug 2000
Staffel 4
Season 4
Dreams Take Flight E1. Dreams Take Flight
During a solar eclipse, a mysterious floating circus tent appears in the sky over Tokyo. Meanwhile, Rini is fascinated by a Pegasus who appears to her in a dream.
4 links 26 Sep 2000
No Ordinary Horsepower E2. No Ordinary Horsepower
When Rita returns from Africa, Serena becomes concerned that she and Andrew are having relationship problems. Meanwhile, Tiger's Eye selects Rita as a target.
4 links 27 Sep 2000
Sweet Dreams E3. Sweet Dreams
When Serena's Mother is attacked by Hawk's Eye, Sailor Moon must once again rely on the mysterious Pegasus for assistance.
4 links 28 Sep 2000
Baiting the Trap E4. Baiting the Trap
When Hawk's Eye announces he has designed a system to trap Pegasus, Tiger's Eye approaches Molly with the intention of using her as bait.
4 links 29 Sep 2000
Perfect Couple E5. Perfect Couple
Rini worries that Saori, a friend of Darien's from college, is romantically interested in him.
4 links 02 Oct 2000
Much Ado About Kitten E6. Much Ado About Kitten
Rumors of Artemis' interest in other women spiral out of control after a small talking kitten appears, claiming that Artemis is her father.
4 links 03 Oct 2000
A Pegasus Pager Turner E7. A Pegasus Pager Turner
Serena and Rini are excited to discover that a best-selling book was written by an old friend of Lita's.
4 links 04 Oct 2000
A Teacher's Lesson E8. A Teacher's Lesson
Tiger's Eye targets Rini's art teacher in the hopes of attacking Pegasus and finding his host.
4 links 05 Oct 2000
The Trouble with Love E9. The Trouble with Love
Darien moves into the Cherry Hill Temple after his apartment is wrecked, so Usagi assumes the guise of a ninja to protect his honor.
4 links 06 Oct 2000
Phony Fairy E10. Phony Fairy
Rini befriends Kitakata, an artist obsessed with fairies. Meanwhile, Fisheye prepares to seduce Kitakata by disguising himself as a beautiful fairy.
4 links 09 Oct 2000
Driven Dreamer E11. Driven Dreamer
Amy befriends Darien's colleague Natsumi, a widow who is trying to restore a classic car.
4 links 10 Oct 2000
Cutting It Close E12. Cutting It Close
A young girl with dreams of being the strongest swordsman in Japan is targeted by Tiger's Eye.
4 links 11 Oct 2000
Clothes Call E13. Clothes Call
Fisheye targets the fashion designer Yoshiki Usui, while Serena hopes to persuade the designer to make her a wedding dress for free.
4 links 12 Oct 2000
Double Trouble E14. Double Trouble
Serena and the Sailor Scouts are shocked to find out that Mina is dating two boys at the same time, but little does anymore realize that her suitors are Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye.
4 links 13 Oct 2000
Recipe for Danger E15. Recipe for Danger
The Sailor Scouts become interested in an apparently antisocial old woman after she takes Diana into her home.
4 links 16 Oct 2000
Kickin' Into High Gear E16. Kickin' Into High Gear
Reports begin to flood in of a Pegasus wreaking havoc in the city. Meanwhile, a popular boy shows an interest in Rini.
4 links 17 Oct 2000
Beach Blanket Bungle E17. Beach Blanket Bungle
Sammy develops a crush on Amy during a trip to the beach, while Tiger's Eye plot to seduce her.
4 links 18 Oct 2000
Tutu Treachery E18. Tutu Treachery
Serena begins ballet lesson in the hope of becoming a prima. Fisheye enrolls in the same class, and soon catches the eye of the instructor.
4 links 19 Oct 2000
Duchess's Day Off E19. Duchess's Day Off
Serena and Rini are befriended by a mysterious foreign woman who accompanies them to the Azabu-Juuban summer festival. Unbeknownst to them, their acquaintance is a visiting princes...
4 links 20 Oct 2000
No Prince Charming E20. No Prince Charming
Tiger's Eye plans to seduce the Sailor Scouts at a university dance party, while Lita is immediately smitten with the charming stranger.
4 links 23 Oct 2000
A True Reflection E21. A True Reflection
While Fisheye targets Darien, Queen Nehellenia appears before the Amazon Trio and warns them that without the Golden Crystal, they will soon revert to their animal forms.
4 links 24 Oct 2000
Eternal Dreams E22. Eternal Dreams
Fisheye discovers Rini communicating with Pegasus, but refuses to cooperate with Zirconia's plans. As Hawk's Eye pursues Serena for her Dream Mirror, Zirconia decides that the Amaz...
4 links 25 Oct 2000
A New Nightmare E23. A New Nightmare
Zirconia sends the Amazoness Quartet in search of the Golden Mirror, and their first target is Rini's friend Melody.
4 links 26 Oct 2000
Heartfelt Melody E24. Heartfelt Melody
Amy becomes obsessed with a tune she found on the internet, and writes lyrics to it. Meanwhile, VesVes of the Amazoness Quartet targets the tune's composer.
4 links 27 Oct 2000
Dreams of Her Own E25. Dreams of Her Own
Raye becomes a celebrity after being featured in a magazine article, and gains a dedicated young fan called Nanako.
4 links 21 Dec 2000
Dental Dilemma E26. Dental Dilemma
PallaPalla targets children by inflicting a toothache upon Azabu-Juuban's young population, and establishing a fake dentist's office.
4 links 30 Oct 2000
Nightmare Garden E27. Nightmare Garden
Lita and Mina both fall for an attractive kindergarten teacher, but Mina's all-out attempts to ingratiate herself with him soon annoyed to Lita.
4 links 31 Oct 2000
Vaulting to Victory E28. Vaulting to Victory
On the eve of his school's athletic meet, Kelly worries about the box horse, the one obstacle he is unable to clear. JunJun approaches him with the intention of taking his Dream Mi...
4 links 01 Nov 2000
Reflections of Reality E29. Reflections of Reality
Serena and Rini befriend Kamoi, a starving young artist, who is later targeted by CereCere.
4 links 02 Nov 2000
Dream Believer E30. Dream Believer
While VesVes targets an eccentric acquaintance of Rini's who is trying to make a flying machine, Rini worries that Pegasus does not trust her.
4 links 03 Nov 2000
Pegasus Revealed E31. Pegasus Revealed
PallaPalla's magic causes Serena and Rini to switch ages, turning Serena into a child and Rini into a teenager. While Rini is thrilled with her new body, she is distressed to disco...
4 links 06 Nov 2000
Rini's Lovely Rhapsody E32. Rini's Lovely Rhapsody
As Rini becomes even more enamoured of Helios, Serena and her Sailor Scouts realise that she is in love, and are determined to discover the identity of her crush.
4 links 07 Nov 2000
Tomorrow's Big Dreams E33. Tomorrow's Big Dreams
Usagi and her Sailor Scouts, along with the Amazoness Quartet, assist in the organization of a coming-of-age ceremony.
4 links 08 Nov 2000
Day of Night E34. Day of Night
Intent on escaping her mirror, Queen Nehelenia causes spider webs to appear all over the city, casting it into darkness.
4 links 09 Nov 2000
Show Time Showdown E35. Show Time Showdown
The Sailor Scouts infiltrate the Dead Moon Circus and are confronted by Zirconia.
4 links 10 Nov 2000
The Dark Legend E36. The Dark Legend
After being captured by Queen Nehelenia, Sailor Mini Moon confronts the evil queen.
4 links 13 Nov 2000
One in the Hand E37. One in the Hand
Queen Nehellenia forces Helios to return to his body and give up the Golden Crystal, allowing the evil queen to break free from her mirror.
4 links 14 Nov 2000
Golden Revival E38. Golden Revival
Queen Nehellenia, free from her mirror at last, prepares to use the power of the Golden Crystal.
4 links 15 Nov 2000
The Sweetest Dream E39. The Sweetest Dream
4 links 16 Nov 2000
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