Samantha Brown: Passport to Great Weekends

Jahr: 2008

Dauer: 30 min

Genres: Documentary

Stars: Daniel Franzese, Samantha Brown, Michael Andretti

IMDb: TT1257900

Bewertung: 6.6/10

Staffel -1
Season -1
Cabo E-1. Cabo
Los Cabos, Mexico evokes images of spring breakers. But on Sam's first visit to Baja Sur, she chooses to spend a weekend off the beaten path. She's rented a villa outside San Jose ...
04 Jul 2010
Great Cruises E-1. Great Cruises
13 Jun 2009
Jamaica E-1. Jamaica
Sam is finding out what life is like in Puerto Rico, from the beats of bomba and salsa to natural wonders like gorgeous beaches, a spectacular rainforest and an extensive cave syst...
31 Aug 2010
Cabo San Lucas E-1. Cabo San Lucas
Carnival Reunion Cruise E-1. Carnival Reunion Cruise
Sam's taking a cruise through the Caribbean -- and she's not alone. She's bringing her mom and four of her best friends aboard the Carnival Freedom for a fun-filled week at sea.
06 Sep 2009
Colorado: Fire and Ice E-1. Colorado: Fire and Ice
Samantha Brown lands in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado ready to turn into a snow bunny. She experiences a weekend of fire and ice as she skips between the Rocky Mount...
18 Jul 2009
Smoky Mountains E-1. Smoky Mountains
Samantha faces the challenge of becoming a country music star, with only a weekend in Nashville, Tennessee, to do it. Join Sam as she looks for a break in Music City and along the ...
15 Aug 2009
Santa Barbara: American Riviera E-1. Santa Barbara: American Riviera
This weekend Samantha Brown is exploring the adventurous side of Santa Barbara. She tries the fastest-growing water sport on the planet and searches for Oprah Winfrey at the exclus...
04 Jul 2009
Savannah/Charleston E-1. Savannah/Charleston
Samantha Brown gets scared to death down South in Charleston and Savannah, where haunted jails, swarms of bees and creepy cemeteries await. Sam dares you to come along for the ride...
16 May 2009
Jersey Shore E-1. Jersey Shore
Samantha Brown discovers what makes the Jersey Shore a rocking good time.
13 May 2010
Maine E-1. Maine
Samantha Brown's taking to the seas, but it not for all-night buffets.
06 May 2010
Philadelphia: Philly on a Budget E-1. Philadelphia: Philly on a Budget
Samantha Brown heads to the City of Brotherly Love with a mission to keep costs down but with a fun-factor high. Whether she's getting a boxing lesson or smashing glass for a conti...
09 May 2009
Dude Ranch in Wyoming E-1. Dude Ranch in Wyoming
This weekend Samantha's spending time in Cody, Wyoming, the rodeo capital of the world. Working at a dude ranch, she's getting immersed in all things cowboy. Sam takes on the daily...
11 Jun 2010
Montreal: Cosmopolitan City E-1. Montreal: Cosmopolitan City
Samantha Brown is leaving the States to savor the international city of Montreal, Canada. Sam takes on the Canadian Oyster shucking champion, samples Quebecois-inspired poutine and...
25 Jul 2009
Dallas E-1. Dallas
Samantha is known for traveling the globe, but few people know where her life journey began. Samantha revisits the city where she was born -- Dallas -- otherwise known as the "Big ...
11 Jul 2009
Las Vegas E-1. Las Vegas
Samatha Brown's: Napa E-1. Samatha Brown's: Napa
Like the mythical Sirens beckoning visitors with their seductive songs, the Greek Isles are calling to Samantha.
30 Aug 2010
Florida Keys: Road Trip E-1. Florida Keys: Road Trip
Buckle up tight, because this weekend Samantha Brown's gettin' her kicks on Route 66!
01 Aug 2009
Miami E-1. Miami
This weekend Samantha Brown's rounded up two friends for a girl's getaway to South Beach. Sam's arranged for visits to the Delano Hotel, a trip to her favorite South Beach salon, d...
04 Jul 2010
Memphis: Making Music E-1. Memphis: Making Music
This weekend Samantha Brown's getting a backstage pass to the best music, food and entertainment Memphis has to offer. She cuts her own track at Sun Studios, goes inside Graceland ...
17 Jul 2009
Maui: The Eco Show E-1. Maui: The Eco Show
This weekend, Samantha Brown experiences a first. she soaks up all the excitement of Maui without leaving a carbon footprint in the process. Sam Brown is about to go Sam Green!
20 Jun 2009
Orlando E-1. Orlando
23 Jul 2010
London E-1. London
02 Jul 2010
Boston: Off the Beaten Path E-1. Boston: Off the Beaten Path
Samantha's skipping the history lessons and dives into Boston's great food and drink. Sam even stays active doing some sailing, swing dancing, a Dragon Dance, and an afternoon at t...
06 Jun 2009
Nantucket/Martha's Vineyard E-1. Nantucket/Martha's Vineyard
Samantha Brown travels to two lovely islands off the Cape Cod coast.
27 May 2010
Greek Islands E-1. Greek Islands
13 Jun 2013
New Hampshire E-1. New Hampshire
Staffel 1
Season 1
Austin E2. Austin
Paris E3. Paris
Tuscany E4. Tuscany
Washington DC E12. Washington DC
Wyoming E13. Wyoming
Myrtle Beach E14. Myrtle Beach
Santa Fe E15. Santa Fe
Brooklyn E16. Brooklyn
San Francisco E17. San Francisco
Los Angeles E18. Los Angeles
Cape Cod E19. Cape Cod
Staffel 2
Season 2
Chicago E1. Chicago
Atlanta E4. Atlanta
Santa Barbara E8. Santa Barbara
Big Island E10. Big Island
Breckenridge E14. Breckenridge
Sundance E15. Sundance
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