Sarah & Duck

Sarah ist sieben, hat große Augen, einen grünen Hut und eine leicht verrückte Ente. Zusammen erleben sie einfache aber aufregende Abenteuer und entdecken die Welt auf ihre ganz eigene Weise, wenn sie versuchen zum Regenbogen zu kommen, vorgeben Pinguine zu...

Jahr: 2013

Dauer: 7 min

Genres: Animation, Family

Stars: Roger Allam, Tasha Lawrence, Lesley Nicol

IMDb: TT3070014

Bewertung: 8.2/10

Staffel -1
Season -1
Decorating Donkey E-1. Decorating Donkey
10 Feb 2015
Staffel 1
Season 1
Lots of Shallots E1. Lots of Shallots
4 links
Sarah Duck and the Penguins E2. Sarah Duck and the Penguins
4 links
Cheer Up Donkey E3. Cheer Up Donkey
4 links
Cake Bake E4. Cake Bake
4 links
Scarf Lady's House E5. Scarf Lady's House
4 links
Robot Juice E6. Robot Juice
4 links
Bouncy Ball E7. Bouncy Ball
4 links
Rainbow Lemon E8. Rainbow Lemon
4 links
Sit Shop E9. Sit Shop
Kite Flight E10. Kite Flight
4 links
Umbrella and the Rain E11. Umbrella and the Rain
4 links
Big Shop E12. Big Shop
Sarah & Duck visit a large department store, looking for some new toys.
4 links 19 Mar 2013
Woolen Music E13. Woolen Music
4 links
Doubles E14. Doubles
4 links
Fairground E15. Fairground
Sarah Gets a Cold E16. Sarah Gets a Cold
4 links
Ribbon Sisters E17. Ribbon Sisters
Stargazing E18. Stargazing
Coloured Light E19. Coloured Light
Strawberry Souffle E20. Strawberry Souffle
Camera E21. Camera
4 links
Tapping Shoes E22. Tapping Shoes
Bobsleigh E23. Bobsleigh
4 links
Fireworks Dance E24. Fireworks Dance
Fancy Park E25. Fancy Park
Pipe Conductor E26. Pipe Conductor
4 links
Slow Quest E27. Slow Quest
4 links
World Bread Day E28. World Bread Day
Pond Princess E29. Pond Princess
4 links
Scared of Stairs E30. Scared of Stairs
Balloon Race E31. Balloon Race
Puncture Pump E32. Puncture Pump
Plate Fog E33. Plate Fog
4 links
Moon Paint E34. Moon Paint
4 links
The Play E35. The Play
Bread Bike E36. Bread Bike
When Bread Man needs help, Sarah and Duck come to the rescue with their tandem bike!
11 Nov 2013
Bug's Button Bank E37. Bug's Button Bank
No More Wool E38. No More Wool
Octagon Club E39. Octagon Club
4 links
Petal Light Picking E40. Petal Light Picking
Sarah wants some special lights for her Christmas tree and Bug knows where she might find them...
19 Dec 2013
Staffel 2
Season 2
Outside Outside E1. Outside Outside
The Shallots want to explore beyond the front garden, so Sarah comes up with a plan...
11 Aug 2014
Umbrella Bubbles E2. Umbrella Bubbles
After getting muddy, Umbrella has to brave his fear of getting wet and take his first bath.
12 Aug 2014
Cloud Tower E3. Cloud Tower
A search for shade on a hot day leads Sarah and Duck to discover a fascinating tower in the park.
13 Aug 2014
Sound Jumble E4. Sound Jumble
When Sarah hears some interesting music on the radio, she and Duck try to recreate it.
14 Aug 2014
The Mouse's Birthday E5. The Mouse's Birthday
Sarah is hoping for a nice, quiet birthday, but does not get her wish once her friends arrive.
15 Aug 2014
Tortoise Snooze E6. Tortoise Snooze
Sarah and Duck help Tortoise prepare to hibernate.
14 Oct 2014
Fast Slow Bungalow E7. Fast Slow Bungalow
21 Oct 2014
Bags of Bags E8. Bags of Bags
Scarf Lady has misplaced Bag in the Big Shop, so Sarah and Duck help with the search.
28 Oct 2014
Ribbon Fall E9. Ribbon Fall
04 Nov 2014
Garden Gaming E10. Garden Gaming
Duck is getting frustrated with his new computer game, so Sarah builds a version he can play.
11 Nov 2014
Seacow Snow Trail E11. Seacow Snow Trail
Sarah and Duck have received some Christmas Presents and are keen to find out who delivered them.
16 Dec 2014
Origami Overload E12. Origami Overload
John has a problem with the origami flamingos he has made and needs Sarah and Duck's help.
27 Jan 2015
Shallot Circus E13. Shallot Circus
The Shallots have discovered acrobatics and are inspired by the Ribbon Sisters to put on a show.
28 Jan 2015
Toy Tidy E14. Toy Tidy
Duck has been leaving his toys everywhere, so Sarah decides to assist him with tiding his bedroom...
29 Jan 2015
Plate Escape E15. Plate Escape
30 Jan 2015
The Big Sleepover E16. The Big Sleepover
03 Feb 2015
Paisley Sea E17. Paisley Sea
Sarah and Duck think they are headed to the zoo, but the bus takes a surprising diversion!
04 Feb 2015
Duck's Quack E18. Duck's Quack
Duck has lost his quack, so Sarah suggests visiting the spare sounds section of the Big Shop.
05 Feb 2015
Rainbow's Niece E19. Rainbow's Niece
Sarah's new color wheel reminds Rainbow that he has not seen his Niece for a while...
06 Feb 2015
Duck Hotel E20. Duck Hotel
Duck wins a trip for two to a rather exciting hotel and finds that he settles in much quicker than Sarah...
11 Feb 2015
Parasol Show E21. Parasol Show
Umbrella is nervous about meeting up with his pen pal at the Parasol Show, so Sarah and Duck accompany him.
12 May 2015
Extra Bounce E22. Extra Bounce
John's yellow bouncy ball is too bouncy, but Sarah thinks she knows where the solution can be found.
13 May 2015
Cake Relocate E23. Cake Relocate
14 May 2015
Lost Librarian E24. Lost Librarian
The Librarian has lost his big reference book and Sarah thinks her toy periscope might help with the search.
15 May 2015
Scooter Stand Still E25. Scooter Stand Still
Scooter Boy gets his confidence knocked after a small accident, so Sarah and Duck help him to get it back.
19 May 2015
Music Fixer E26. Music Fixer
Sarah's tuba is making some very peculiar sounds, so a trip to the Music Shop is in order.
20 May 2015
Wool on Wheels E27. Wool on Wheels
Scarf lady is holding a knitted treats sale in the park, but the weather is causing a problem.
21 May 2015
Lemon Café E28. Lemon Café
22 May 2015
Star Renovation E29. Star Renovation
Venus has attempted to redecorate the night sky, but now Sarah can't find any of her favorite constellations.
21 Aug 2015
Woolly Memories E30. Woolly Memories
Scarf Lady's old film reels get themselves in a tangle, so Sarah and Duck decide to recreate the footage.
28 Aug 2015
Beach Break E31. Beach Break
Sarah and Duck decide to spend a day at a the beach building sand animals.
30 Aug 2015
Bubble Bumbling E32. Bubble Bumbling
The Bubble Man is in town, so a visit to The Big Shop is in order for Sarah, Duck and Donkey.
04 Sep 2015
Toggle Tangle E33. Toggle Tangle
After Sarah helps Scarf Lady prepare the wool for her new roof, she settles down for a dreamy sleep.
11 Sep 2015
Tummy Talk E35. Tummy Talk
When Sarah forgets her sandwich, her rumbling tummy inadvertently starts a conversation with a Frog.
27 Nov 2015
Moon's Exhibition E36. Moon's Exhibition
A trip to the art gallery unexpectedly helps Duck with the hunt for his lost toy Rhino.
01 Dec 2015
Pond Prose E37. Pond Prose
02 Dec 2015
The Art of Pink E38. The Art of Pink
The art gallery is holding a celebration of the color pink and Sarah is keen to take part.
03 Dec 2015
Bug Pop E39. Bug Pop
Bug and his friends lead Sarah and Duck to their outdoor music concert.
04 Dec 2015
Duck Flies E40. Duck Flies
Duck sees some flying, migrating ducks in the sky and decides he would like to try it too.
15 Dec 2015
Umbrella Bubbles E41. Umbrella Bubbles
06 Nov 2013
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