Saved erzählt von einem Sanitäter in Portland, Oregon, der in Schwierigkeiten gerät. Die Serie wird als procedural drama beschrieben, was im Amerikanischen häufig als Oberbegriff für - im weitesten Sinne - Krimi- oder Gerichtsserien verwendet wird.

Jahr: 2006

Genres: Drama

Writers: David Manson

Stars: Tom Everett Scott, Omari Hardwick, Elizabeth Reaser

IMDb: TT0756591

Bewertung: 8/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
A Day in the Life E1. A Day in the Life
A paramedic med school drop out answers calls while dealing with family, romance, and gambling pressures.
2 links 12 Dec 2008
The Lady & the Tiger E2. The Lady & the Tiger
A call turns out to be Wyatt's old college roommate, Alice is pressured to make a decision by Daniel, and Sack's son spends time with him at work.
1 link 19 Dec 2008
Living Dead E3. Living Dead
Wyatt and Sack deal with strange calls on a night with a full moon, and Wyatt is forced to deal with his father when he covers a shift in the ER.
1 link 26 Dec 2008
Fog E4. Fog
Wyatt's attempts to teach Sack poker result in a bad bet, dense fog engulfs the city causing delays, Angela and Kroll's feud rises to a new level, and Wyatt goes behind Sack's back...
2 links 21 Feb 2009
Family E5. Family
Wyatt's brother steps into the gap left by Wyatt and plans their father's 60th birthday celebration. Sack interviews at a private school for his son, and Angela and Harper have to ...
2 links 09 Jan 2009
Cowboys & Independents E6. Cowboys & Independents
Wyatt deals with a new boss, while Ally deals with her boyfriend's daughter. Sack's son is accepted into private school.
2 links 16 Jan 2009
Who Do You Trust? E7. Who Do You Trust?
Wyatt tries an appeal to his father when Lexi's condition worsens, Kroll goes Big Brother in the rigs, and Sack worries about meeting his son's tuition.
2 links 23 Jan 2009
Secrets and Lies E8. Secrets and Lies
Things are still tense between Wyatt and Sack when they're called to a shooting, and a gang leader doesn't want the victim taken to the hospital. Alice's mother shows up unexpected...
2 links 30 Jan 2009
Triage E9. Triage
When a bomb destroys a health clinic, Cole comes in off-duty to help and encounters a pregnant victim.
2 links 06 Feb 2009
A Shock to the System E10. A Shock to the System
Repercussions from the bombing rescues are unexpected, Angela may have returned to work too soon, and a trauma counselor speaks with the LifeShield employees.
2 links 13 Feb 2009
Code Zero E11. Code Zero
Wyatt and Sack are held hostage by morphine addicts who hijack the ambulance. Angela becomes a dispatcher while her leg heals.
2 links 20 Feb 2009
Tango E12. Tango
As depositions loom, Sack picks fights with Wyatt and explores other jobs. In the meantime, Angela has issues at home, and Harper ponders continuing his education.
2 links 27 Feb 2009
Crossroads E13. Crossroads
The threat of sale becomes real for LifeShield, and everyone faces major decisions - both personally and professionally.
2 links 06 Mar 2009
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