Scrubs - Die Anfänger

J.D. (Zach Braff), Turk (Donald Faison) und Elliot (Sarah Chalke) sind die neuen Ärzte-Azubis am Sacred Heart Hospital. Unter der Führung des zynischen Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) stolpern sie durch allerhand amüsant-turbulente Szenen und müssen lernen, das...

Jahr: 2001−2010

Dauer: 22 min

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Writers: Bill Lawrence

Stars: Donald Faison, Sarah Chalke, Zach Braff

IMDb: TT0285403

Bewertung: 8.4/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
My First Day E1. My First Day
Three interns - two medical and one surgical - kick off their first day at Sacred Heart teaching hospital.
16 links 23 May 2006
My Mentor E2. My Mentor
Sardonic Dr. Cox gets to J.D., who's in desperate need of acceptance; tactless Elliot irks Carla, who's being wooed by slick Turk.
16 links 09 Sep 2003
My Best Friend's Mistake E3. My Best Friend's Mistake
J.D, convinced that one of his patients is sick as a result of misconduct on Turk's behalf, questions not only his (Turk's) abilities as a surgeon but their friendship also. Elliot...
16 links 16 Sep 2003
My Old Lady E4. My Old Lady
The whole crew learn their share about death when JD takes care of an old woman ready to die, Elliot and Carla watch over a woman who can't speak English, and Turk becomes too clos...
16 links 28 Jun 2006
My Two Dads E5. My Two Dads
While J.D. continues to misinterpret Dr. Cox, Elliot discovers parts of her body may have magical healing properties. Turk tries to woo Carla but she may not be as impressed with h...
16 links 30 Sep 2003
My Bad E6. My Bad
J.D. is assigned to look after a difficult, but beautiful, member of Sacred Heart's Board. Her ties to the hospital may not be the only thing that makes it difficult to treat her. ...
16 links 07 Oct 2003
My Super Ego E7. My Super Ego
J.D. has a nemesis, Dr. Murdoch. Turk lies to Carla about freezing in surgery.
16 links 14 Oct 2003
My Fifteen Minutes E8. My Fifteen Minutes
J.D. and Turk save local TV cameraman and become local heroes. J.D. embraces it, but Turk finds all the attention uncomfortable.
16 links 21 Oct 2003
My Day Off E9. My Day Off
It's Thanksgiving at Sacred Heart and J.D. is diagnosed with appendicitis. Dr. Cox tries to gain the attention of his former mentor, and former chief of medicine, Dr. Benson. Meanw...
16 links 28 Oct 2003
My Nickname E10. My Nickname
J.D. and Carla struggle as cracks appear in their friendship. Turk battles Kelso for a prime lunch spot and Cox and Elliot disagree over the discharging, or not, of a patient.
17 links 04 Nov 2003
My Own Personal Jesus E11. My Own Personal Jesus
It is Christmas time and no one except Turk feels like celebrating. Cox gets J.D. to video the birth of a friends baby, and once again, nothing seems to go right!
16 links 23 Dec 2003
My Blind Date E12. My Blind Date
J.D. is helping Cox reach a 24hour goal without losing one patient. Trouble is, a woman slipped in the hospital and Kelso demands J.D. give her personal attention so she won't sue....
16 links 11 Nov 2003
My Balancing Act E13. My Balancing Act
Between the ever increasing pages from the Hospital, J.D. and Alex can't seem to find a moment to be together, stifling their growing romance.
16 links 18 Nov 2003
My Drug Buddy E14. My Drug Buddy
Some pain killers have gone missing and Alex and Elliot argue over where they may have ended up. Turk discovers Cox may have inappropriate feelings for Carla.
15 links 24 Nov 2003
My Bed Banter & Beyond E15. My Bed Banter & Beyond
After spending a glorious day in bed together, J.D and Elliot expect to be able to keep their new romance a secret. But this is Sacred Heart and nothing is as it seems.
15 links 02 Dec 2003
My Heavy Meddle E16. My Heavy Meddle
Carla makes it her mission to give a coma patient his wishes. Turk tries to get J.D and Elliot back together while J.D. looks after Cox as he loses control.
15 links 09 Dec 2003
My Student E17. My Student
JD, Elliot, and Turk each get new students, and they each face difficulties.
15 links 23 Dec 2003
My Tuscaloosa Heart E18. My Tuscaloosa Heart
J.D. struggles to treat a horrible patient. Elliot tries to confirm her suspicions that Kelso might be a rock and roll star. Cox finds himself torn between 3 women.
15 links 13 Jan 2004
My Old Man E19. My Old Man
The parents of the interns descend on Sacred Heart. Elliot is embarrassed by hers and Turk worries over how well his Mom and Carla get on. J.D. wishes his father was more of a fath...
15 links 08 Nov 2008
My Way or the Highway E20. My Way or the Highway
Elliot falls for a patient who won't take the hint and ask her out. J.D. is frustrated by Turk's competitive nature.
15 links 20 Jan 2004
My Sacrificial Clam E21. My Sacrificial Clam
Elliot finally has a boyfriend, but her relationship starts to get in the way of her internship. J.D. gets stuck by a needle and worries he may have contracted Hepatitis B.
15 links 13 Feb 2006
My Occurrence E22. My Occurrence
When Jordan's Brother, Ben, comes in for a medical exam, Dr. Cox reveals his more compassionate side and J.D. must reluctantly deliver the bad news about Ben's health.
15 links 03 Feb 2004
My Hero E23. My Hero
Ben's diagnosis sends shock waves throughout the staff at Sacred Heart. Surprisingly Cox is the man keeping everyone afloat.
15 links 10 Feb 2004
My Last Day E24. My Last Day
It is the last day of J.D., Elliot and Turks intern year. Elliot makes a big decision while everyone else tried to get a patient without insurance a life-saving operation. Jordan t...
16 links 17 Jul 2009
Staffel 2
Season 2
My Overkill E1. My Overkill
As a result of Jordan's intervention, an enormous amount of tension is caused between characters at Sacred Heart. Will prolonged exposure to each other cause compromise?
15 links 28 Sep 2006
My Nightingale E2. My Nightingale
As Residents on their first solo night shift, J.D., Turk and Elliot must work together to treat a patient. Thankfully for the patient, Carla is there to lend a hand. Cox realizes h...
15 links 20 Apr 2013
My Case Study E3. My Case Study
Everybody in the hospital is struggling to find a case unique enough to be published in a medical journal for a chance to go to Reno.
15 links 16 Mar 2004
My Big Mouth E4. My Big Mouth
J.D. gets more than he bargained for after he convinces Carla to open up to him. Elliot still hasn't learned not to seek Cox's approval.
15 links 09 Mar 2004
My New Coat E5. My New Coat
A nice shiny new Doctor's Coat doesn't have the miraculous affect on his skills as J.D. hoped it would. Elliot gets a new nickname following her one night stand with an e.r. doc.
15 links 23 Mar 2004
My Big Brother E6. My Big Brother
JD's ne'er-do-well brother hits it off with Elliot.
15 links 30 Mar 2004
My First Step E7. My First Step
Dr. Cox rails against drug companies while falling for the wiles of a beautiful pharmaceutical saleswoman.
15 links 06 Apr 2004
My Fruit Cups E8. My Fruit Cups
Dr. Cox must choose between a sexy pharmaceutical representative and his ex-wife.
15 links 20 Apr 2013
My Lucky Day E9. My Lucky Day
J.D. inadvertently upstages Dr. Cox when he diagnoses a patient with a rare disease. Turk tells Carla that people don't always appreciate her advice. Meanwhile, a patient of Elliot...
15 links 28 Sep 2004
My Monster E10. My Monster
J.D.s mojo goes astray at the very worst time when he gets Gift Shop Girl to date him. Elliot is homeless and apparently friendless. And a pregnant Jordon takes more from Cox's off...
15 links 29 Oct 2011
My Sex Buddy E11. My Sex Buddy
J.D and Elliot agree to be 'Sex Buddies' - but J.D. may be falling into his own trap. Elliot becomes more and more frazzled and Turk has to bail her out.
15 links 12 Oct 2004
My New Old Friend E12. My New Old Friend
J.D. wants to tell Elliot about his feelings, but just can't seem to find a way. Cox has to deal with a man who comes to the hospital regularly, always thinking he has something ne...
15 links 01 Apr 2009
My Philosophy E13. My Philosophy
J.D. discusses the philosophy of death with a transplant patient. Elliot feels that having a unisex locker room at the hospital is unfair. Meanwhile, Turk proposes to Carla just be...
15 links 26 Oct 2004
My Brother, My Keeper E14. My Brother, My Keeper
Janitor and his colleagues are assigned the task of "taking care of" J.D. but not for long. Jordan comes in to the hospital for her Ultrasound to reveal the sex of the baby. Turk's...
15 links 10 Apr 2007
His Story E15. His Story
Where Perry talks to his psychiatrist about how Jordan wanted him to bond with her family but instead he preferred to stay home and invite some of the guys at the hospital to his p...
15 links 08 Feb 2006
My Karma E16. My Karma
J.D. and Turk play golf on the roof and apparently cause a car accident - could karma be to blame? Jordan reveals a life altering secret to J.D. on the day of the birth of her baby...
15 links 29 Aug 2005
My Own Private Practice Guy E17. My Own Private Practice Guy
JD meets a Dr. that used to be a residence under Cox and he takes his advice on how to deal with Dr. Cox and eventually finds out that the reason Cox hates that Dr. is because he s...
15 links 10 Apr 2007
My T.C.W. E18. My T.C.W.
Perry is jealous from the baby taking the attention of Jordan, Elliot tries to sabotage her relation with Paul, Turk and Carla are arguing more after they got engaged, in the middl...
15 links 31 Aug 2005
My Kingdom E19. My Kingdom
JD is to start his surgical practice and he would do anything to be in the group, and anything DOES include selling his best friend. Perry -frustrated by the crappy computers Kelso...
15 links 01 Sep 2005
My Interpretation E20. My Interpretation
T.C.W.'s husband finally dies, and J.D. struggles to decide if he should cease the opportunity to pursue her. Turk has dirty dreams about Elliot and Cox bonds with Jordon's son.
15 links 02 Sep 2005
My Drama Queen E21. My Drama Queen
JD is dating TCW but he finds out that she is a drama queen, just like Elliot told him. Refusing to admit to Elliot that she was right, he tries to keep the heat in his relation. C...
15 links 05 Sep 2005
My Dream Job E22. My Dream Job
It's the end of their 2nd year and everything starts to feel boring, but they have their college pal to cheer them up, and get them into trouble. Dr. Kelso is on his annual "pickin...
15 links 19 Aug 2016
Staffel 3
Season 3
My Own American Girl E1. My Own American Girl
Cox and Kelso still have some issues since Cox punched him a week earlier, and Kelso is still squeaking. Although JD is now starting with the third year; he still needs Dr. Cox's h...
15 links 19 Apr 2006
My Journey E2. My Journey
Turk and Carla set a date for the wedding, so JD wants to take Turk out for dinner to celebrate the end of an era, Turk has a problem with being straight with is feelings, until he...
15 links 16 Jul 2006
My White Whale E3. My White Whale
Finding difficulties on training his interns, J.D. calls out to Elliot for some help. She indicates Sean, who gave Elliot great tips based on his dolphin training that fit perfectl...
15 links 12 Sep 2005
My Lucky Night E4. My Lucky Night
Sean isn't happy to hear that Elliott & J.D. have been intimate. It does, however, make it easier for him to break some news to her. Cox applies for a promotion. Jordan hires a bab...
15 links 13 Sep 2005
My Brother, Where Art Thou? E5. My Brother, Where Art Thou?
Dan decides to stay with J.D. for a while after their mom's new fiancé kicks him out, but after spending some quality time with him at the hospital, Dan isn't sure if he likes the...
15 links 14 Sep 2005
My Advice to You E6. My Advice to You
Carla's brother who hates Turk comes for a visit. J.D. tries to get over Elliott when he meets Danni who *seems* nice. Cox asks J.D. to back him up in front of others. Kelso declar...
15 links 15 Sep 2005
My Fifteen Seconds E7. My Fifteen Seconds
JD is dating Danni -Jordan's sister- and that means spending more time with Cox outside the hospital, and Perry doesn't very much like it. Danni tells JD that she is falling in lov...
15 links 16 Sep 2005
My Friend the Doctor E8. My Friend the Doctor
The janitor has three personalities. No, actually four, or five. Cox and Carla get satisfied with their conditions. The first is getting old and Carla's marrying someone who goes t...
15 links 19 Sep 2005
My Dirty Secret E9. My Dirty Secret
After Elliot gives a patient an orgasm during a pelvic exam and refers to patients 'private areas' using non-medical terms Dr. Kelso taunts her. Carla tells Turk that she doesn't t...
14 links 09 Sep 2005
My Rule of Thumb E10. My Rule of Thumb
Danni will move in -temporarily- to JD's. Carla and Elliot find out that a dying patient is still a virgin, and she wants to have sex before she dies, so they go out to find a man-...
15 links 20 Sep 2005
My Clean Break E11. My Clean Break
JD tries to break up with Danni, but he never broke up with anybody. While Perry -for the first time in a long time- is happy, and that reflects on his behavior in the hospital. No...
15 links 21 Sep 2005
My Catalyst E12. My Catalyst
Dr. Kevin Casey the medical attendant AND surgeon comes to the hospital to impress them with his extraordinary medical skills, and his severe obsessive compulsive disorder case He ...
15 links 08 Jan 2007
My Porcelain God E13. My Porcelain God
JD and Kevin Casey find out about the roof toilet -aka- the epiphany toilet- Elliot needs help regaining her intubating skills, so she turns to KEVIN CASEY who helped everyone else...
15 links 23 Sep 2005
My Screwup E14. My Screwup
It's Jack's first birthday, so Jordan's siblings Dani and Ben are in town. Dr. Cox tells JD to leave a patient for 1/2 an hour and check-up on Ben's leukemia, but when a patient di...
15 links 09 Jul 2006
My Tormented Mentor E15. My Tormented Mentor
It's a battle of the sexes when new female surgeon Dr Miller accuses Turk of being a 'sly sexist' and causes Elliot to question where exactly she stands in the feministic world. Ca...
15 links 27 Sep 2005
My Butterfly E16. My Butterfly
An ever present butterfly prompts the question of what could have happened differently while Turk searches for his missing lucky do-rag and Elliot hunts for her patient's stuffed t...
15 links 21 Jan 2008
My Moment of Un-Truth E17. My Moment of Un-Truth
JD and Carla are becoming closer; furthermore, they are "bead friends". Dr. Ramirez, someone Carla used to like before he left the hospital, is back in town, and Carla goes out wit...
15 links 29 Sep 2005
His Story II E18. His Story II
JD dresses like a clown to fill into Elliot's shoes. Dr. Cox tries to have the hot Dr. Miller on his side in the war with Kelso. It's Turk's turn to take the narration -since JD is...
15 links 30 Sep 2005
My Choosiest Choice of All E19. My Choosiest Choice of All
Sean comes back and takes Elliot from JD. JD goes back to Danni. The janitor works now as a security guard. Cox finds out that he has a crush on Dr. Miller and is tormented between...
15 links 21 Oct 2006
My Fault E20. My Fault
Cox is furious with Kelso for launching a lucrative "body scan" service at the hospital. Carla is becoming increasingly frantic about her impending marriage to Turk. Elliot is abou...
15 links 21 Oct 2006
My Self-Examination E21. My Self-Examination
J.D. wakes next to Elliott, with the chilling realisation that he doesn't actually love her. At the dress rehearsal for the wedding, Turk is tricked into a humiliating gaffe by Car...
15 links 28 Mar 2006
My Best Friend's Wedding E22. My Best Friend's Wedding
Turk and Carla's wedding causes tension between guests, especially Elliot and J.D., whose relationship had taken a nose-dive the week before. Turk attempts to work a little later t...
15 links 28 Oct 2006
Staffel 4
Season 4
My Old Friend's New Friend E1. My Old Friend's New Friend
As Turk and Carla return from their honeymoon, J.D. prepares for his first day as a qualified doctor. Elliot is still infuriated with him over their break-up. The hospital has a ne...
15 links 04 Nov 2006
My Office E2. My Office
Dr. Clock tries to reconcile J.D. and Elliott, while waiting to see which one Dr. Cox will give the Chief Resident position.
14 links 04 Nov 2006
My New Game E3. My New Game
Dr. Cox and Jordan find out they are still technically married, due to a legal mishap; respect eludes J.D. in his new residency role that has him battling with Elliot.
15 links 11 Nov 2006
My First Kill E4. My First Kill
A risky procedure daunts J.D., intimidated by Cox's dire warning to residents that "sometimes you will screw up [and] kill a patient."
15 links 11 Nov 2006
Her Story E5. Her Story
Elliot, who thinks of Molly as her mentor, finds out that she isn't perfect. Carla gets tired of Turk waking her up when he enters the bedroom and enforces a bedtime on him. J.D. l...
15 links 18 Nov 2006
My Cake E6. My Cake
J.D.'s brother Dan comes back to tell J.D. their father died.
15 links 18 Nov 2006
My Common Enemy E7. My Common Enemy
J.D. catches his brother with Elliot. Apparently it has been going on for two weeks. Kelso and Cox form an unholy alliance to try to break Molly down. Carla turns a promotion down.
15 links 25 Nov 2006
My Last Chance E8. My Last Chance
J.D. makes-out with Molly at her going-away party. He then gets approval from Elliot to sleep with Molly before she moves away. Dr. Cox has to complete community service in an ambu...
15 links 25 Nov 2006
My Malpractical Decision E9. My Malpractical Decision
J.D. is approached by a malpractice attorney, asking him to do a risky procedure on her father. Meanwhile, Elliot guides Doug to a new career path and Turk struggles to avoid a hyp...
15 links 02 Dec 2006
My Female Trouble E10. My Female Trouble
JD is still involved with the lawyer who is suing Turk. Turk tells him to end things but she won't let him. Elliot gets to treat a VIP but the guy is a chauvinist and thinks she's ...
15 links 02 Dec 2006
My Unicorn E11. My Unicorn
J.D. takes matters into his own hands, when searching for a relative for his favorite patient. Meanwhile, Elliot is fed-up with co-workers not taking her seriously, and discovers s...
15 links 09 Dec 2006
My Best Moment E12. My Best Moment
When J.D. must address a bunch of pre-med students about what it's like to be a doctor, he strays off the beaten path and chooses to discuss his best moments as a doctor instead.
15 links 20 Apr 2013
My Ocardial Infarction E13. My Ocardial Infarction
J.D. tries to pawn off Elliot as his 'sidekick' but is shocked to find that she figures out something before he does. Turk has a realization and tries to come to terms with his Dia...
15 links 16 Dec 2006
My Lucky Charm E14. My Lucky Charm
A man injured in a bar fight teaches Turk and J.D. a lesson about living life to the fullest.
15 links 16 Dec 2006
My Hypocritical Oath E15. My Hypocritical Oath
While at a nightclub J.D. hits it off with the bartender who says she needs a doctor. She arrives at the hospital with her boyfriend who turns out to have gonorrhea. J.D. is bound ...
15 links 23 Dec 2006
My Quarantine E16. My Quarantine
JD's date with Kylie doesn't go as planned, and when JD makes a mention of SARS, a quarantine begins. Carla and others tell about their horrible first dates, and Turk finds out tha...
15 links 23 Dec 2006
My Life in Four Cameras E17. My Life in Four Cameras
The discovery that his latest patient is a comedy writer tips J.D. into a sitcom fantasy, complete with the dreaded laugh track. Turk and Carla worry that the romance has left thei...
15 links 30 Dec 2006
My Roommates E18. My Roommates
Carla and Turk decide to ask J.D. to move out of the apartment, leaving J.D. temporarily homeless, but it isn't long before they start to miss having him around...thus resulting in...
15 links 30 Dec 2006
My Best Laid Plans E19. My Best Laid Plans
JD blows off Kylie when Molly comes back to town.
15 links 06 Jan 2007
My Boss's Free Haircut E20. My Boss's Free Haircut
Kelso dons SCR to prove a point to Cox, only to watch it backfire when an obnoxious patient refuses to listen to him; J.D. and Turk party while Carla struggles to find solace in El...
15 links 06 Jan 2007
My Lips Are Sealed E21. My Lips Are Sealed
J.D. intervenes when Carla and Turk have relationship problems, suggesting they go for a few drinks...yet J.D.'s friendly gesture only makes things worse when he and Carla share a ...
15 links 13 Jan 2007
My Big Move E22. My Big Move
J.D. and Carla's secret is out and Turk isn't reacting as they thought he would. Jordon's brush with botox gives Cox ammunition and the Janitor is not a big fan of his new uniform!
15 links 13 Jan 2007
My Faith in Humanity E23. My Faith in Humanity
Rats! Sacred Heart is overrun! Meanwhile Carla and Turk are trying couple's therapy and Elliot finds herself attracted to a patient's neighbor.
16 links 20 Jan 2007
My Drive By E24. My Drive By
Turk claims that he does not desire attention like Cox. To prove him wrong, Cox takes the credit when Turk saves a man's life. Meanwhile, Elliot tries *not* to ruin her relationshi...
15 links 20 Jan 2007
My Changing Ways E25. My Changing Ways
J.D. is moving out. Kelso hiring Jordan makes Cox go nuts. Elliot realizes there is something wrong with her relationship. She also applies to another hospital, which upsets Carla,...
15 links 27 Jan 2007
Staffel 5
Season 5
My Intern's Eyes E1. My Intern's Eyes
Life has changed. J.D. is now an attending and has new interns to guide, but still lives in his old apartment, hiding from Carla. Elliot tries to project a confident image at her n...
15 links 27 Jan 2007
My Rite of Passage E2. My Rite of Passage
Elliot has an annoying new colleague. Cox needs a break from Jordan and orders her to find friends at work. Carla gets the impression that Elliot is ashamed of her "old" colleagues...
15 links 03 Feb 2007
My Day at the Races E3. My Day at the Races
Carla's still the only one who knows Elliot's fellowship was canceled. J.D. is turning 30 and gets the urge to achieve something. Turk is fighting for an attending's spot. Elliot w...
15 links 03 Feb 2007
My Jiggly Ball E4. My Jiggly Ball
J.D. has to introduce Kelso at an awards banquet--a job made more difficult when he rejects a patient for a drug trial in favor of a richer patient. Meanwhile, the guys want to try...
15 links 10 Feb 2007
My New God E5. My New God
Dr. Cox's sister arrives at the hospital. She's a born-again Christian who wants him to participate in his son's baptism. Perry, of course, wants nothing to do with it, and her for...
15 links 30 Jan 2010
My Missed Perception E6. My Missed Perception
J.D. mistakes an elderly woman's happiness as her wish to stop treatment for a fatal illness. Turk and Elliot struggle to find the cause of a patient's body pain and Carla tries to...
15 links 07 Jun 2006
My Way Home E7. My Way Home
One hundredth episode. As a tribute to "The Wizard of Oz", the four companions go on a similar journey. Turk needs a heart from a patient in order to be the first resident to assis...
15 links 16 Dec 2006
My Big Bird E8. My Big Bird
J.D., Turk, Elliot and Carla are accused of neglect and must face an interrogation by Cox and Kelso, when a patient unexpectedly dies during their their watch.
15 links 24 Feb 2007
My Half-Acre E9. My Half-Acre
When a potential new girlfriend enters J.D.'s life, Elliot offers J.D. relationship advice and tries to help break his bad habit of ruining romantic moments by uttering really inap...
15 links 24 Feb 2007
Her Story II E10. Her Story II
When Carla begins to feel old, she drags her friends to a college club and decides to take a fertility test, among other things. And while all of J.D.'s friends love Julie, they be...
15 links 03 Mar 2007
My Buddy's Booty E11. My Buddy's Booty
The Sacret Heart staffers each try different ways to take their minds off the fact that a favorite patient, Mrs. Wilk, has to undergo an extremely risky procedure. While J.D. and E...
15 links 03 Mar 2007
My Cabbage E12. My Cabbage
J.D.'s dislike for and resentment towards intern Keith increases to the point where J.D. tries to get him dismissed from Sacred Heart, but the plan backfires. Elsewhere, Elliot and...
15 links 03 Jan 2009
My Five Stages E13. My Five Stages
Grief counseling is offered to Mrs. Wilk, whose condition has worsened considerably. As she comes to accept her fate with help from a quirky therapist, J.D. and Dr. Cox surprisingl...
15 links 10 Mar 2007
My Own Personal Hell E14. My Own Personal Hell
Elliot gets upset with J.D. when he doesn't defend her after she's accused by the other interns of giving preferential treatment to Keith. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox is stuck caring for on...
15 links 17 Mar 2007
My Extra Mile E15. My Extra Mile
When Dr. Cox scoffs at reading lines with a patient preparing for a play, J.D. urges his fellow doctors to do special, unconventional things for their patients. But when J.D. score...
15 links 17 Mar 2007
My Bright Idea E16. My Bright Idea
Turk finds out that Carla is pregnant.
28 Mar 2006
My Chopped Liver E17. My Chopped Liver
When J.D. rearranges his schedule to allow himself more time with Turk, Turk secretly resents hanging out with J.D. because it interferes with his own "Turk Time." Meanwhile, Cox a...
15 links 24 Mar 2007
My New Suit E18. My New Suit
J.D. is forced to show his brother Dan some tough love when he shows up in town. Carla and Turk pick baby names. Dr. Cox realizes the consequences of making negative comments about...
15 links 24 Mar 2007
His Story III E19. His Story III
The hospital is seen from the perspective of The Janitor, who's out to prove he can make a difference after getting rid of J.D. for the day. Also, Turk sees his "blackness" called ...
15 links 10 Aug 2007
My Lunch E20. My Lunch
J.D. accidentally runs into Dr.Cox in a store, who both then run into annoying former suicidal patient Jill Tracy. Meanwhile Elliot and Carla do a little investigating and find out...
15 links 29 Dec 2006
My Fallen Idol E21. My Fallen Idol
Carla persuades all her coworkers to rally around a despondent Dr. Cox, after three of his patients die because of his mistake. Everyone participates except J.D., who thinks his se...
15 links 26 Sep 2007
My Deja Vu, My Deja Vu E22. My Deja Vu, My Deja Vu
Dr. Cox returns to the hospital, but Elliot quickly learns the hard way that he's still his same old obnoxious self. And Carla forces Turk to also give up the things she has to giv...
15 links 07 Apr 2007
My Urologist E23. My Urologist
J.D. challenges a urologist's assessment on a consult for a patient who might need a risky surgical procedure, feeling that she's playing it safe professionally and personally, sin...
15 links 07 Apr 2007
My Transition E24. My Transition
J.D. tries to plan the perfect date for Dr. Briggs, but Elliot keeps getting in the way. Elliot plans a baby shower for Carla while two other women also discover they're pregnant.
15 links 07 Apr 2007
Staffel 6
Season 6
My Mirror Image E1. My Mirror Image
In the sixth season opener, J.D. deals with the news that he's going to be a father, Dr. Cox worries about how his anger is going to affect his offspring, and The Janitor wonders w...
15 links 01 Dec 2006
My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby E2. My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby
J.D. and Kim start contemplating about their future and their baby's future.
15 links 06 Oct 2007
My Coffee E3. My Coffee
Carla is finding the decision to return to work after having the baby tough. Elliot treats another doctor, which is always tough going. JD and Kim try to figure out how much they h...
15 links 13 Oct 2007
My House E4. My House
J.D. is trying to keep his girlfriend from taking the job that would take her away from him for four months while Dr. Cox tries to solve a "medical mystery".
15 links 13 Oct 2007
My Friend with Money E5. My Friend with Money
Carla is still struggling with postpartum depression, Cox and janitor take advantage of the new hospital luxury suite, and Elliot has to deal with being called a private-practice "...
15 links 20 Oct 2007
My Musical E6. My Musical
A patient hears singing from everyone, turning Sacred Heart into a musical extravaganza. Meanwhile, Elliot determines whether or not J.D. should move in with her, and Carla determi...
15 links 02 Aug 2007
His Story IV E7. His Story IV
Dr. Kelso's thoughts narrate this episode in which he takes a special interest in a patient who is an Iraqi War veteran. The presence of the veteran brings about a political debate...
15 links 01 Feb 2007
My Road to Nowhere E8. My Road to Nowhere
Turk convinces J.D. that he needs to go to Tacoma for Kim's first ultra sound -- which results in an impromptu road trip for the Sacred Heart crew. After commandeering Dr. Kelso's ...
15 links 03 Nov 2007
My Perspective E9. My Perspective
When J.D. develops vasovagal syncope, a condition which results in fainting or blackouts, he finds himself not only having to deal with losing his girlfriend and his apartment, but...
16 links 30 Oct 2007
My Therapeutic Month E10. My Therapeutic Month
J.D. falls for a sexy new physical therapist but because of his unfortunate circumstances he finds it difficult to ask her out. Meanwhile, Turk breaks his arm and Dr. Kelso sends h...
16 links 30 Oct 2007
My Night to Remember E11. My Night to Remember
While helping a patient regain his memory, the staff at Sacred Heart stir up some memories of their own. J.D., Elliot, Turk, Carla, Dr. Cox, Dr. Kelso and Janitor take a trip down ...
16 links 07 Jul 2007
My Fishbowl E12. My Fishbowl
Private Dancer is being released from the hospital. But when he finds out he can't join the army, he tries to commit suicide.
16 links 15 Mar 2007
My Scrubs E13. My Scrubs
Dr. Kelso's friend is admitted in the hospital, but what he doesn't know is that she doesn't have any insurance. He also notices that the staff is stealing scrubs from the hospital...
16 links 17 Nov 2007
My No Good Reason E14. My No Good Reason
Dr. Cox and Nurse Roberts argue about whether there is a reason for things happening.
15 links 19 Jul 2007
My Long Goodbye E15. My Long Goodbye
Laverne was in a car accident and is in a coma. Everyone has a hard time dealing with it. Jordan is having her baby, but Dr. Cox doesn't want everybody knowing about it. J.D is the...
15 links 06 Apr 2008
My Words of Wisdom E16. My Words of Wisdom
After saying goodbye to Nurse Roberts, the Sacred Heart staff institutes some of her lessons into their lives. Though Carla thinks they've all forgotten, Dr. Cox takes time to refl...
15 links 02 Jul 2008
Their Story E17. Their Story
In a unique twist, J.D. turns his narrating duties over to Ted, Todd and Jordan -- as this episode focuses on the lives of the supporting players at Sacred Heart Hospital. Ted jugg...
15 links 08 Dec 2007
My Turf War E18. My Turf War
J.D. feels a little left out when Eliot's wild sorority sister, Melody comes to town. Not able to deal with being the third wheel he turns the girls against each other in the hopes...
15 links 08 Dec 2007
My Cold Shower E19. My Cold Shower
Elliot makes Keith re-propose to her so that everything will be exactly the way she imagined it, but how will JD take the news of their engagement?
15 links 31 Aug 2009
My Conventional Wisdom E20. My Conventional Wisdom
As Eliot begins to plan her wedding with Keith, J.D. continues to question his true feelings for her. In an attempt to ease his best friend's mind Turk takes him to a surgeon's con...
15 links 15 Dec 2007
My Rabbit E21. My Rabbit
Kim moves in with J.D. in order to raise their child together. J.D. learns from Turk and Dr. Cox that fatherhood changes the way of how to see things. Carla complains to Elliot abo...
15 links 22 Dec 2007
My Point of No Return E22. My Point of No Return
In the season finale, J.D. and Elliot start thinking about their future and if they both made a mistake in not being with each other. The Janitor activates the "Brain Trust" to com...
15 links 19 Jul 2007
Staffel 7
Season 7
My Own Worst Enemy E1. My Own Worst Enemy
In the aftermath of their near-indiscretion, Elliot realizes she doesn't want to be with Keith and J.D. resolves to stop sabotaging himself. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox and Turk find a pati...
15 links 03 Nov 2007
My Hard Labor E2. My Hard Labor
Kim and JD break up right before their baby is born because he doesn't love her. Turk can't be by JD's side until he finishes a video game, and Perry tries to find another doctor b...
15 links 10 Sep 2008
My Inconvenient Truth E3. My Inconvenient Truth
J.D's brother Dan returns and delivers a few home truths to his little brother.
15 links 17 Sep 2008
My Identity Crisis E4. My Identity Crisis
Turk tries to assure a worried Carla that their daughter will acknowledge her Latin heritage. The Janitor challenges J.D. to identify everyone in the hospital, when it is discovere...
15 links 24 Sep 2008
My Growing Pains E5. My Growing Pains
The Sacred Heart staff has to deal with their inner child, when J.D. and Turk remember their first prank, Dr. Cox has a ten year old Leukemia patient and Dr. Kelso celebrates his b...
15 links 01 Oct 2008
My Number One Doctor E6. My Number One Doctor
Though Elliot boasts that through private practice she gets to get to know her patients, nobody seems to care. Carla is amazed at how the Janitor was able to score such an attracti...
15 links 08 Oct 2008
My Bad Too E7. My Bad Too
J.D.'s teenage burn patient gives him a hard decision to make when he wants to go to his high school graduation.
15 links 28 Mar 2010
My Manhood E8. My Manhood
When Dr. Kelso tells the Janitor that nobody cares what he thinks, he starts a newspaper called "The Janitorial" to prove him wrong. J.D. and Turk fight over their manhood issues, ...
15 links 20 Apr 2008
My Dumb Luck E9. My Dumb Luck
Carla and Elliot try to round up support to fight against Dr. Kelso's forced retirement, but they aren't getting many takers. J.D. and Turk accidentally figure out one of Dr. Cox's...
15 links 05 Nov 2008
My Waste of Time E10. My Waste of Time
Elliot and J.D. discover a major change in their relationship, when they spend time together looking for a former patient.
15 links 12 Nov 2008
My Princess E11. My Princess
Dr. Cox tells his son the story about a typical day at Sacred Heart in the form of a bedtime fairy tale.
15 links 17 May 2008
Staffel 8
Season 8
My Jerks E1. My Jerks
The new chief of medicine turns out to be as callous as Dr. Kelso, J.D. gives up on his intern class after they let him down, and Eliot is too self-absorbed to realize that Keith i...
15 links 16 Mar 2010
My Last Words E2. My Last Words
J.D. and Turk skip "steak night" to hang out with a dying patient who has no next of kin.
15 links 02 Feb 2012
My Saving Grace E3. My Saving Grace
Dr. Cox grudgingly asks for Dr. Kelso's assistance in getting rid of Dr. Maddox, and Carla tries to get a troublesome intern in line.
15 links 23 Mar 2010
My Happy Place E4. My Happy Place
J.D. and Elliot begin contemplating whether they're back together, or whether they even want to consider going down that road. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox's mistrust of surgeons reaches the...
15 links 23 Mar 2010
E5. My ABC's
J.D., Eliot, and Dr. Cox all choose the intern that they will take under their wing for the year, only to be sorely disappointed by each of their choices.
15 links 30 Mar 2010
My Cookie Pants E6. My Cookie Pants
Dr. Cox is up for the Chief of Medicine position, but he's not sure if he wants it. Meanwhile, J.D. confronts his intern about her callousness toward patients, and Eliot asks for T...
15 links 30 Mar 2010
My New Role E7. My New Role
Dr. Cox has trouble adjusting to his new job as Chief of Medicine, and Carla gets in trouble with the other nurses because of her relationship with the doctors.
15 links 06 Apr 2010
My Lawyer's in Love E8. My Lawyer's in Love
Dr. Cox has trouble delegating authority in his new position, and Ted falls in love with a singer at the hospital.
15 links 06 Apr 2010
My Absence E9. My Absence
Eliot misses J.D. while he is away. Turk announces that he and Carla are having a second baby, but nobody seems to care. Dr. Cox begins to wonder if Carla's attitude toward her job...
15 links 13 Apr 2010
My Comedy Show E10. My Comedy Show
J.D. and Turk direct the intern comedy show, but are mortified to discover that the biggest joke of the night is at their expense. Meanwhile, Eliot tries to get Denise to hang out ...
15 links 06 Nov 2009
My Nah Nah Nah E11. My Nah Nah Nah
Turk is inspired to perform an experimental procedure on a paralyzed teen by a story on SportsCenter, Jordan is mad that Perry is wearing a wedding band, and the janitor thinks his...
15 links 27 Apr 2010
Their Story II E12. Their Story II
While Turk becomes jealous of J.D. because of his new position of power at Sacred Heart, some of the interns share their stories and experiences.
14 links 27 Apr 2010
My Full Moon E13. My Full Moon
Eliot and Turk are left with four cocky interns and a number of difficult patients on the night of a full moon.
15 links 15 Apr 2009
My Soul on Fire: Part 1 E14. My Soul on Fire: Part 1
Everybody goes to the Bahamas to surprise the Janitor and Lady and attend their wedding. While there, J.D., Turk, and Dr. Cox come to the realization that their relationships are i...
15 links 11 May 2010
My Soul on Fire: Part 2 E15. My Soul on Fire: Part 2
As Janitor and Lady's wedding approaches, J.D., Dr. Cox, and Turk try to address the issues that are hurting their relationships.
15 links 11 May 2010
My Cuz E16. My Cuz
JD and Eliot are disturbed when Kim and Sean begin dating, and JD's son appears to like Sean more than him. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox has reservations about promoting Turk to Chief of Sur...
15 links 18 May 2010
My Chief Concern E17. My Chief Concern
J.D. is mad at Turk when he overrules him on a medical decision in his new role as chief surgeon. But did he do it just because J.D. is moving away to be close to his son and takin...
15 links 12 Jan 2011
My Finale: Part 1 E18. My Finale: Part 1
It's JD's last day at Sacred Heart, but the day is not the special one that he had envisioned and hoped for.
15 links 24 May 2009
My Finale: Part 2 E19. My Finale: Part 2
J.D. continues his last day at Sacred Heart, and tries to hold out hope for a great sendoff.
15 links 21 Mar 2015
Staffel 9
Season 9
Our First Day of School E1. Our First Day of School
The doctors reunite to teach med school to a new set of students, but J.D. is not sure after his first day whether he can make a difference and connect with any of his students.
15 links 13 Jan 2010
Our Drunk Friend E2. Our Drunk Friend
Lucy ignores Dr. Cox's advice not to get emotionally invested in her patients, and learns her lesson the hard way. Meanwhile, Denise is hurt when she becomes emotionally involved w...
15 links 06 Dec 2009
Our Role Models E3. Our Role Models
When Drew lets Dr. Cox down, he is then forced to turn to JD for help. Meanwhile, Lucy asks Dr. Mahoney to be her mentor, but she is to preoccupied with her own issues as a doctor ...
15 links 08 Feb 2011
Our Histories E4. Our Histories
J.D. and Turk show up in costume at a med student's party. Meanwhile, Kelso bids a fond farewell to Ted and Gooch.
15 links 08 Feb 2011
Our Mysteries E5. Our Mysteries
JD spends his final day as a teacher trying to find out who gave him a negative review, Lucy looks for a "blood buddy," and Dr. Cox tries to convince Denise that Drew has taken cha...
14 links 15 Feb 2011
Our New Girl-Bro E6. Our New Girl-Bro
While Turk struggles to find a replacement best friend, Elliott offers some sound advice and guidance to an over-worked and exhausted Lucy.
15 links 15 Feb 2011
Our White Coats E7. Our White Coats
Cole reveals Drew's most embarrassing moment when Drew beats him out as the speaker at the white coat ceremony, while Denise turns to Turk and Eliot for more relationship advice.
15 links 09 Jan 2010
Our Couples E8. Our Couples
Lucy struggles to acknowledge that she likes Cole, Dr. Cox and Dr. Turk's rivalry is put aside for a gravely ill patient, and Denise plays a prank on the security guards at the hos...
15 links 22 Feb 2011
E9. Our Stuff Gets Real
J.D. and Elliot's sex life disappears as they get closer to the birth of their child, Dr. Cox refuses to sign his will after a patient dies, and Lucy is terrified of cutting a fami...
15 links 08 Mar 2011
Our True Lies E10. Our True Lies
Dr. Cox tries to find out which member of Lucy's study group cheated on a test, Drew gets in trouble when he tells Denise he loves her and then makes the situation worse, and a pat...
15 links 08 Mar 2011
Our Dear Leaders E11. Our Dear Leaders
Turk is jealous when he is upstaged by a talented visiting surgeon, and the study group falls apart when Dr. Cox removes Drew from the group so that Drew can shadow him.
15 links 15 Mar 2011
Our Driving Issues E12. Our Driving Issues
Cole is depressed when nobody but Lucy shows up for his melanoma procedure, Dr. Kelso loses some of personal independence after some tests, and Drew discovers that Dr. Mahoney has ...
15 links 15 Mar 2011
Our Thanks E13. Our Thanks
The med students are thankful when Cole identifies his true calling.
15 links 15 Mar 2011
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