Sea Patrol

Unter dem Kommando von Kapitän Mike Flynn kämpft die 24 Mann starke Crew der "HMAS Hammersley", einem Patrouillenboot der Royal Australian Navy (RAN), gegen Drogenschmuggler und Piraten.

Jahr: 2007−2011

Genres: Drama

Writers: Di McElroy, Hal McElroy

Stars: Lisa McCune, John Batchelor, Matthew Holmes

IMDb: TT0879688

Bewertung: 7.4/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Welcome Aboard E1. Welcome Aboard
Twenty-four sailors from every walk of life, of every age and temperament, living literally cheek-by-jowl for week after week, away from family and friends sometimes for months at ...
3 links 15 Jul 2007
What Lies Beneath E2. What Lies Beneath
Returning to Bright Island with two federal cops to investigate the biologist's suspicious poisoning, the Hammersley finds captain's flirt Ursula continues her research. Then they ...
4 links 06 Jul 2011
Ghosts of Things Past E3. Ghosts of Things Past
Even the HMS Hammersley is damaged by a major storm. Captain Flyn postpones wharf repairs to search for and find Rory Kinsella, the owner of a owner of a catamaran, which Spider, w...
3 links 13 Jul 2011
Irukandji E4. Irukandji
The crew must stop beach frolicking now Toby 'Chefo' Jones plans to propose, for a mayday. It seems a pirate boat, but carries only boat refugees. Alas some splashing water contain...
3 links 13 Jul 2011
Under the Radar E5. Under the Radar
The team arrests an illegal fishing boat. Their attempt to get to the mother-ship, Caroil Emperor, is thwarted as they have to save eco-terrorist leader David Thompson's life but i...
3 links 20 Jul 2011
Precious Cargo E6. Precious Cargo
Radio officer Robert J. Dixon's cold image culminates when he shows no emotion and refuses compassionate leave for his father's death and funeral, but later explains to captain Mik...
3 links 20 Jul 2011
Rescue Me E7. Rescue Me
The Hammersley responds to several distress calls, including one from the sailing yacht Claire de Lune. Most boys choose to believe owner Clair Watts's bizarre stories involving es...
3 links 27 Jul 2011
Through the Storm E8. Through the Storm
Despite a raging cyclone, the Hammersley puts to sea in search of two pre-teen school-boys feared lost in a missing dingy. Teacher's son Connor Bullen, who needs his diabetes medic...
3 links 27 Jul 2011
Under the Hammer E9. Under the Hammer
During Spider's night watch, a rival Navy ship's crew sneaked aboard to steal the Hammersley's mascot 'Thor'. Captain Mike Flynn makes chasing the Australian civilian cargo Pacific...
3 links 03 Aug 2011
Damage Control E10. Damage Control
The Hammersley stops to help Gavin Daley with car trouble and notices he has his kids and a gun but has no reason to stop him. Later inquiries indicate he 'kidnapped' his two young...
3 links 03 Aug 2011
Chinese Whispers E11. Chinese Whispers
The Hammersley stops to try and help Horst Wenders' team which tries to salvage the Pacific Investigator, but it's sinking and is beyond any help so the men are taken on board. Sud...
3 links 10 Aug 2011
Deep Water E12. Deep Water
The Hammersley responds to the Pretty Lady's distress call- it's just out of petrol and radio, but the speedboat was stolen by a high-pregnant couple. Flynn receives from his lover...
3 links 10 Aug 2011
Cometh the Hour E13. Cometh the Hour
The HMAS Hammersley's last mission before decommissioning promises it will go out with a bang. Federal Agent Greg Murphy reports Gallagher plans to take the crab poison aboard the ...
3 links 17 Aug 2011
Staffel 2
Season 2
The Dogs of War E1. The Dogs of War
After rescuing aid workers from the Samaru islands, the HMAS Hammersley engages a fishing vessel straying into Australian waters.
4 links 17 Aug 2011
Fortune Favours E2. Fortune Favours
Poor Spider is viciously abused verbally and even physically during a boarding exercise by new cook Rebecca 'Bomber' for an innocent tease about her apparent refusal to cook fries....
3 links 24 Aug 2011
Takedown E3. Takedown
The Hammersmith takes aboard a dozen of foreigners of various nationality who were stuck on a coral reef, apparently after a shipwreck while trying to immigrate illegally. Suddenly...
3 links 24 Aug 2011
Heaven Born Captains E4. Heaven Born Captains
To captain Flynn's anger, his efforts to arrest shark fin poachers are frustrated repeatedly and shore leaves abruptly canceled because NavCom gives absolute priority to transporti...
3 links 31 Aug 2011
Giving Up the Dead E5. Giving Up the Dead
After a nigh in Gove port, some men have hangover. Radio Officer (RO) Robert however has a black-out and is diagnosed drug-positive, a probable career breaker. He believes his drin...
3 links 31 Aug 2011
Birds E6. Birds
While the HMS Hammersly helps animal control officer Campbell Fulton inspect an Asian fishery boat, medic Swain discovers a dying man and a load of dead chickens aboard. As this ma...
3 links 07 Sep 2011
Hidden Agendas E7. Hidden Agendas
While the Hammersley crew helps disarm insurgents on the Samaru islands, local rascal Saka (13) accidentally fires a weapon he found and hoped to sell. island police commander serg...
3 links 07 Sep 2011
Heart of Glass E8. Heart of Glass
Rebecca 'Bomber' Brown's clumsy attempt to retrieve a dropped bracelet, ma's 21st birthday present after 3 years of silence, causes her and helpful Billy 'Spider' Webb to overboard...
3 links 14 Sep 2011
Shadow Line E9. Shadow Line
Answering a distress call from freighter Beltane, the Hammersley finds it sinking. The crew of nine was mostly shot in the head, as survivor Dwayne Pearson describes by professiona...
3 links 14 Sep 2011
Rules of Engagement E10. Rules of Engagement
The Hammersley returns to the Samaru islands for another peacekeeping mission, but the civil war now rages to full madness, the boys are even attacked just for building medical fac...
3 links 21 Sep 2011
A Brilliant Career E11. A Brilliant Career
LCDR Jack Freeman takes over as the Hammersley's new CO as Mike Flynn recovers in hospital. Freeman turns out to be very unpredictable and loses no opportunity to humiliate Kate at...
3 links 21 Sep 2011
Friends Close, Enemies Closer E12. Friends Close, Enemies Closer
With lieutenant commander Mike Flynn back in command, the HMAS Hammersley answers an attack call from Ray Walsman's yacht Enterprise and overcome the armed assailants. Ray's guest ...
3 links 28 Sep 2011
Soldiers of Fortune E13. Soldiers of Fortune
A boat carrying vote officials and ballot boxes from The Samaru Islands is blown up in front of the crew of the Hammersley, and it is determined that Ray Walsman is behind it. Mike...
3 links 23 Jun 2008
Staffel 3
Season 3
Catch and Release E1. Catch and Release
E.T. proposes to Nikki whilst on shore leave and then leaves to go diving with the Robsen Dive Boat at Red Reef. E.T. doesn't make it back on time when the Hammersley has been call...
4 links 05 Oct 2011
Monkey Business E2. Monkey Business
An animal and a stowaway both cause trouble aboard the HMAS Hammersley.
3 links 05 Oct 2011
China Dolls E3. China Dolls
Kate becomes concerned about a boat which pleads asylum but which contains only one man and several women and feels they are destined for the illegal sex trade. On board they find ...
3 links 12 Oct 2011
Guns E4. Guns
On the way to answering a mayday call the Hammersley rescue ex-Navy Lieutenant Geoff Kershaw who's boat had capsized. When they reach the location of the mayday call they only find...
3 links 12 Oct 2011
Ghost Net E5. Ghost Net
Whilst pursuing an illegal diving boat the crew retreat and leave behind a young diver in the water. The Hammersley crew rescue the young boy and the crew from the dive boat. Spide...
3 links 19 Oct 2011
Oh Danny Boy E6. Oh Danny Boy
The crew of the HMAS Hammersley are assigned the task of protecting a shipment of nuclear waste from a terrorist attack.
3 links 19 Oct 2011
Half Life E7. Half Life
A daring rescue at an abandoned nuclear test site causes the crew of the HMAS Hammersley to be exposed to toxic radiation.
3 links 26 Oct 2011
Red Sky Morning E8. Red Sky Morning
Kate McGregor is terrorised by a mysterious stalker aboard an abandoned cargo ship.
4 links 26 Oct 2011
Pearls Before Swine E9. Pearls Before Swine
2Dads neglected his duty in refueling the inflatable which causes them to lose two jet-ski thieves who had just robbed a pearl boat. To get back at what he believes is very harsh t...
4 links 02 Nov 2011
Safeguard E10. Safeguard
The Hammersley comes under attack from a heavily-armed boat of smugglers who discharge mines near the boat in order to get away. At the same time CMDR Steve Marshall orders a train...
3 links 02 Nov 2011
Secret Cargo E11. Secret Cargo
Bomber and the crew of the Hammersley rescue what appear to be two stranded tourists after their boat capsizes but when the male tourist dies suddenly on board an investigation ens...
3 links 09 Nov 2011
Black Gold E12. Black Gold
The Hammersley rescue an unconscious female, named Belinda Lloyd, adrift on a raft near the Red Reef Oil Fields. When Belinda recovers she tells Swain and Mike that she and her hus...
4 links 09 Nov 2011
Red Reef E13. Red Reef
The Hammersley and its crew monitor Penfold Island near the Red Reef Oil Fields where the oil smugglers have based their operation. When they cannot contact their Army lookout on t...
4 links 16 Nov 2011
Staffel 4
Season 4
Night of the Long Knives E1. Night of the Long Knives
The crew of the HMAS Hammersley uncover a terrorist plot to assassinate a senior United States official. Kate has some doubts about the Hammersley's new popular crew-mate, a war he...
3 links 16 Nov 2011
Crocodile Tears E2. Crocodile Tears
The new CO of the HMAS Hammersley goes to extreme lengths to capture a violent crocodile poaching gang. A serious conflict of interest threatens the romance between Mike and Kate. ...
4 links 23 Nov 2011
The Right Stuff E3. The Right Stuff
The crew of the HMAS Hammersley launch a daring raid to recover a cargo of stolen uranium from armed terrorists. When Dutchy injures Kate during a boarding party, she questions his...
4 links 23 Nov 2011
Ransom E4. Ransom
The crew of the HMAS Hammersley pursue a man accused of kidnapping his child during a custody dispute. While attempting to free the child, Kate is taken hostage, and she and Mike d...
3 links 30 Nov 2011
Paradise Lost E5. Paradise Lost
The HMAS Hammersley has to stop for repairs after its propeller is caught in a fishing net, which also contains the corpse of a man, later identified as never missing-declared Edwa...
4 links 30 Nov 2011
Big Fish E6. Big Fish
The crew's fishing fun is ruined by an abnormally low-flying Cessna owned by cattle rancher Jim Mathieson. Shortly after, they find wreckage of its crash and a single, badly wounde...
3 links 07 Dec 2011
Shoes of the Fisherman E7. Shoes of the Fisherman
Once more, the Hammersly boards incorrigible Asian fish poacher 'hannibal's trawler, but has to let him go for lack of proof. RO, who insisted to come along after a previous incide...
3 links 07 Dec 2011
Universal Donor E8. Universal Donor
The Hammersley picks up a floating cooler full with recently harvested human organs, next exhausted, confused illegal refugees on Asian smuggler Putra's boat. Unable to prove organ...
4 links 14 Dec 2011
Dutch Courage E9. Dutch Courage
A Hammersley boarding party finds a boat suspected of illegal fishing is actually Australian. Frustrated, the XO orders an illegal search which reveals a presumable smuggled Asian ...
3 links 14 Dec 2011
Rawhide E10. Rawhide
The crew's shore leave is cut short to help with floods in Carpentaria bay. On the way, the Hammersley responds to an SOS to rescue drowning passengers from cattle transport ship O...
2 links 21 Dec 2011
Brotherhood of the Sea E11. Brotherhood of the Sea
2dads goes missing while on a reef dive, charge doesn't believe the theory of a shark attack and when they find american dollars aboard a north korean ship in the search area suspi...
3 links 21 Dec 2011
Rumble in the Jungle E12. Rumble in the Jungle
The HMAS Hammersley is delivering medical supplies to minor islands off the New Guinea coast. After a live grenade explosion wounds local chief Suil's son Tiken, who risks being bl...
3 links 28 Dec 2011
Soft Target E13. Soft Target
Leo is delighted that his smarter, slicker cahoot in youthful mischief, Fraser, has joined the Navy, is assigned as trainee to RO, impresses everybody and gets painfully rough poke...
3 links 28 Dec 2011
Live Catch E14. Live Catch
The HMS Hammersley chases a fleet of boats from which the crew catch fish for live sale to aquarium lovers. Swain works out they must be using greatly diluted poison. Bomber messes...
3 links 04 Jan 2012
Flotsam and Jetsam E15. Flotsam and Jetsam
The Hammersley finds Lara Strauss, floating after her yacht was wrecked, and starts searching for her missing husband Martin, whose brother Karl turns up. It soon becomes clear the...
3 links 04 Jan 2012
In Too Deep E16. In Too Deep
The crew of the HMAS Hammersley race to save Mike's life after he has been taken prisoner by cocaine traffickers.
4 links 11 Jan 2012
Staffel 5
Season 5
The Third Man E1. The Third Man
A suicide bomb attack in a nightclub has a shocking impact on the crew of the HMAS Hammersley. Dutchy goes undercover with the SAS to catch a group of deadly extremists who are pla...
4 links 11 Jan 2012
Eye for an Eye E2. Eye for an Eye
Kate is hunted down by an obsessed criminal after she kills his accomplice during a boarding. When Bird is kidnapped, the crew of the HMAS Hammersley fear that she will be murdered...
4 links 18 Jan 2012
Crimes of Passion E3. Crimes of Passion
Dutchy rescues a beautiful young woman, then finds that he is the prime suspect in a cold-blooded murder. The crew of the HMAS Hammersley rush to save a professional diver who is t...
4 links 18 Jan 2012
Spoils of War E4. Spoils of War
When the Hammersley finds dead bodies at sea, they discover a boatload of Iraqi refugees has caught fire and sunk.
3 links 25 Jan 2012
Dead Zone E5. Dead Zone
When the Hammersley's crew visits remote Stokes Island to collect a prisoner for transport, Kate is appalled by the inhumane methods by which he is restrained.
4 links 25 Jan 2012
The Stinger E6. The Stinger
Dutchy makes up for a small mistake by putting his own life in danger, and on a personal level, Mike decides to let the past stay in the past - but will it?
3 links 01 Feb 2012
Black Flights E7. Black Flights
A drug running operation in the Gulf leads to several violent gun battles, and Charge's big heart seems to let him down.
3 links 01 Feb 2012
Lifeline E8. Lifeline
When 2Dads agrees to help try to fix a privately owned submarine at sea, it leads to a catastrophic accident.
5 links 08 Feb 2012
Dead Sea E9. Dead Sea
Hammersley is in foreign waters assisting Madelaine Cruise on another clandestine ASIO mission. In a daring and dangerous evacuation on foreign soil, the RHIB party seek to rescue ...
5 links 08 Feb 2012
The Hunted E10. The Hunted
A team building exercise for the junior Hammersley sailors turns into a deadly nightmare, meanwhile long kept secrets are reaching crisis point on board.
5 links 15 Feb 2012
The Morning After E11. The Morning After
After a wild night on the town in the port of Samjung, one member of the Hammersley crew wakes to find he has a crushing hangover, a beautiful woman by his side - and a wedding rin...
5 links 15 Feb 2012
Saving Ryan E12. Saving Ryan
Hammersley is deployed to intercept GD Security mercenary vessel, the MV Sassy and escort her back to port. Maxine asks for Mike's help in finding Ryan who went AWOL, having left b...
5 links 22 Feb 2012
One Perfect Day E13. One Perfect Day
The crew of the Hammersley race to disarm a dirty bomb. Meanwhile, Kate ponders a proposal from Jim.
5 links 06 Nov 2014
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