When a corporate lawyer's professional and personal lives crumble she leaves the city with her children to live in a small seaside town and becomes a local judge.

Jahr: 1998−2000

Dauer: 60 min

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Writers: Andrew Knight, Deborah Cox

Stars: John Howard, Jill Forster, Kevin Harrington

IMDb: TT0138785

Bewertung: 8.5/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Something Rich and Strange E1. Something Rich and Strange
Corporate lawyer Laura Gibson's life falls apart over one day: she loses out on a partnership, her son Rupert is expelled from school, her husband is jailed for corporate fraud, an...
10 May 1998
Full Fathom Five E2. Full Fathom Five
Laura struggles in her role as Pearl Bay magistrate, when she begins to realize that so much of the local law is reliant on decades of insider knowledge about the town's citizens. ...
17 May 1998
A Matter of Taste E3. A Matter of Taste
Meredith's pregnant niece Carmen - a free spirit - is arraigned in town for a recurring act of fraud: posing as a restaurant critic to gain free meals. Her lifestyle, however, insp...
24 May 1998
The Official Story E4. The Official Story
Jack breaks bail to visit Rupert for his birthday, only for Laura to have to hide him from the law, and she is stunned when all of Pearl Bay come to her rescue. Bob and his son Cra...
31 May 1998
The Fellowship of the Suit E5. The Fellowship of the Suit
Laura's sister Trudi arrives in Pearl Bay, hoping to heal the rift caused by her affair with Laura's husband. Sergeant Grey's teenage daughter is arrested, and his family - still d...
07 Jun 1998
One of the Gang E6. One of the Gang
When a car is driven off the condemned bridge, Sergeant Grey launches an all-out war to find the culprit, which forces Laura to finally choose between her role as the magistrate an...
14 Jun 1998
Stormy Weather E7. Stormy Weather
Dan's ex-wife Dorothy - a stunning blonde - arrives in town to sue Bob Jelly. As the case drags on, it becomes clear that Dan's reputation will suffer if the truth of the matter co...
21 Jun 1998
My Own Sweetheart E8. My Own Sweetheart
Laura invites Dan on a proper date, and is furious when he gets himself sentenced to jail for outstanding fines instead. Irate, Laura uses her power to force him to do community se...
28 Jun 1998
Balls and Friggin Good Luck E9. Balls and Friggin Good Luck
A local teenager dies, and the coronial inquest is a struggle for all: for Laura, who must bring together a town in mourning; for youth Rupert, who is now fearing death; for Bob, w...
05 Jul 1998
The Accidental Activist E10. The Accidental Activist
Bob supports a housing development on Brabey Point, a local make-out point. His own son Craig, however, decides to join the environmental opponents, earning him respect in Miranda'...
12 Jul 1998
Love Me or Leave Me E11. Love Me or Leave Me
Dan finds himself in a moral dilemma when an old friend is charged with assaulting his wife, and the truth about their marriage leads to Dan dealing with his own painful past, and ...
19 Jul 1998
Perchance to Dream E12. Perchance to Dream
The Gibsons return to the city for Jack's fraud trial, where they must consider their futures, and Jack makes a stand to return to Laura's life. In Pearl Bay, meanwhile, Heather de...
26 Jul 1998
Sex, Death and Bridges E13. Sex, Death and Bridges
Work is completed on the bridge connecting Pearl Bay to the outside world, and the residents soon find their feelings on this change to be conflicting ones. In the midst of this tu...
02 Aug 1998
Staffel 2
Season 2
If Fish Could Fly E1. If Fish Could Fly
Wild storms devastate Pearl Bay, wrecking the newly opened bridge. Kevin finds himself in legal trouble when a European novelist sues him for the loss of his manuscript during the ...
28 Jun 1999
Vaya Con Dios to All That E2. Vaya Con Dios to All That
Bob triumphantly returns to the Council, just as his tax indiscretions come back to haunt him. But the prosecutor - an attractive young redhead named Katrina Fennessy - has a priva...
04 Jul 1999
Broken Hearts and Crustaceans E3. Broken Hearts and Crustaceans
In the aftermath of Dan's departure from Pearl Bay, Laura finds herself a quivering wreck, reduced to adjourning trials so she can cry in the toilets. Bob and his new best friend -...
11 Jul 1999
Sink or Swim E4. Sink or Swim
The citizens of Pearl Bay become a lynch mob when word spreads that Bob's community bank was a con, and the con artist Katrina Fennessy has fled town with $300,000 of their money. ...
18 Jul 1999
Head for Water E5. Head for Water
In the aftermath of Elena's death, the town rally around Max, but he finds it hard to accept their sympathies. Sergeant Grey investigates the suspicious death of Bucket's dog, Alfo...
25 Jul 1999
The House That Jack Built E6. The House That Jack Built
Pearl Bay is inundated with giant crabs, while Sergeant Grey attempts to trace their suspicious provenance. Bob and Heather seek marriage counseling over their disappointing sex li...
01 Aug 1999
Looking Forward to the Past E7. Looking Forward to the Past
Max decides to leave town, only for a car accident to force him to remain. Meredith leads the citizens in uproar over corporate sponsorship of the annual Pork Festival, and Laura f...
08 Aug 1999
Manna from Heaven E8. Manna from Heaven
Tenzin Jetsunma, a former resident of Pearl Bay and now a Buddhist lecturer, returns to town to make amends with Meredith for a forty-year-old dispute. Her presence in town sets ev...
15 Aug 1999
Playing with Fire E9. Playing with Fire
The church hall is destroyed in an explosion, and Sergeant Grey goes up against a free-spirited fire twirler. The case comes at the same time as a heatwave hits the town, and turns...
22 Aug 1999
Not Such Great Expectations E10. Not Such Great Expectations
Laura despairs when she fears that neither Rupert nor Miranda have ambitions for once they leave school. Bob, meanwhile, forces Craig into the world of real estate but - dealing wi...
29 Aug 1999
Kitty Litter E11. Kitty Litter
An old reporter friend of Max's shows up in Pearl Bay, where he is surprised to learn how committed Max is to the local newspaper, and then invites Laura on a date, which exposes M...
05 Sep 1999
Other People's Opinions E12. Other People's Opinions
After Max passes out in Laura's bed, she attempts to sneak him out of her home discreetly... only to expose him to the whole town. As she attempts to clear her name, Laura is intri...
12 Sep 1999
Law and Order E13. Law and Order
The Pearl Bay courthouse is officially closed, leading Laura to plot a move back to the big city, despite the protests of her children and ex-husband, and Bob to make the opening g...
19 Sep 1999
Staffel 3
Season 3
Best Laid Plans E1. Best Laid Plans
The townspeople unite to fight corporate development that plans to demolish the boat-shed. While Meredith and Max lead the charge, Bob scrambles to cover up his role in the develop...
27 Aug 2000
How Much Greener Was My Neighbour's Valley E2. How Much Greener Was My Neighbour's Valley
The annual CFA Dance is looming, and the entire town are terrified as always. Sergeant Grey has called for reinforcements, the courtroom is deluged with a spate of crimes of passio...
03 Sep 2000
Hungi Jury E3. Hungi Jury
Laura decides to commit to the community by joining the Women's Auxiliary, but she couldn't have picked a worse time. Former President Heather is leading the charge against newly e...
10 Sep 2000
Bonfire of the VCRs E4. Bonfire of the VCRs
The news of Carmen and Max's affair spreads through Pearl Bay and, when Carmen leaves town suddenly, everyone turns against Max for his treatment of her. No-one is brave enough to ...
17 Sep 2000
Pipeline E5. Pipeline
Feeling abandoned by Max, and struggling without Angus as her clerk, Laura welcomes the return of handsome, down-to-earth Warwick Munro, who has appeared in town to evaluate her jo...
08 Oct 2000
Adversely Possessed E6. Adversely Possessed
All of Pearl Bay are in the thrall of Warwick Munro, but he only has eyes for Laura. As their dating life begins, however, Laura convinces herself that she'll fall for him eventual...
15 Oct 2000
Blowing in the Wind E7. Blowing in the Wind
Warwick is interesting in stepping his relationship with Laura up to the next level. Max is unceasingly jealous, but his pranks on Max soon spiral out of control. Heather, who has ...
22 Oct 2000
I Name Thee Bay of Pearls E8. I Name Thee Bay of Pearls
Laura's mother June arrives in town unexpectedly, stirring up old emotions in the Gibson household, and leading to the uncovering of a secret about Laura's parents. The senior citi...
05 Nov 2000
Eminent Persons E9. Eminent Persons
The Port Deakin council finally go on trial before Laura, and an old friend is heading the case for the defense. As the trial drags on, Max's impatience with the corrupt council de...
12 Nov 2000
Checks and Balances E10. Checks and Balances
Kevin's sister, Suzy, shows up in town, revealing to Phrani that Kevin's father has died. While Phrani struggles to deal with how many secrets Kevin has kept from her, Suzy goes up...
19 Nov 2000
Love in the Time of Coleridge E11. Love in the Time of Coleridge
Bob's campaign for mayor begins in earnest, with Morton Tregonning attempting to entirely revamp his image. As construction on the tunnel reaches its zenith, the "Oyster" begins a ...
26 Nov 2000
To Thine Own Self Be Relatively True E12. To Thine Own Self Be Relatively True
After spending the night with Max, Laura struggles to find a way to break off her engagement with Warwick. Meredith decides to run against Bob in the mayoral election, to oppose hi...
02 Dec 2000
Half Life E13. Half Life
The "Oyster" is shut down by Morton Tregonning and his cronies, to keep the truth about the new tunnel secret. In response, the townsfolk of Pearl Bay band together with Max to run...
09 Dec 2000
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