In the early 21st century, mankind has colonized the oceans. The United Earth Oceans Organization enlists Captain Nathan Bridger and the submarine seaQuest DSV to keep the peace and explore the last frontier on Earth.

Jahr: 1993−1996

Dauer: 60 min

Genres: Action, Adventure, Family

Writers: Rockne S. O'Bannon

Stars: Jonathan Brandis, Ted Raimi, Don Franklin

IMDb: TT0106126

Bewertung: 6.7/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
To Be or Not to Be E0. To Be or Not to Be
Captain Nathan Bridger is hauled out of retirement to command the new submarine SeaQuest, under the authority of the United Earth/Oceans Organization. His ship goes up against pira...
21 May 1999
The Devil's Window E1. The Devil's Window
Captain Bridger must decide whether to continue assisting Dr. Raleigh Young with his hydrothermal vent experiments or help the ailing Darwin.
15 links 19 Sep 1993
Treasure of the Mind E2. Treasure of the Mind
When a preserved annexe of the Great Library of Alexandria is discovered, many nations send their fleets to lay claim to its treasures. The UEO orders Bridger to mediate the disput...
14 links 26 Sep 1993
Games E3. Games
The crew of seaQuest rescue a warden and his only prisoner from beneath the ice cap. The prisoner escapes and reveals that he holds a deadly toxin which will be released unless the...
15 links 02 Aug 2009
Treasures of the Tonga Trench E4. Treasures of the Tonga Trench
Lt. Krieg, while out on a short reconnaissance mission, locates mysterious gems in a deep ocean trench guarded by a large sea creature.
14 links 09 Oct 1993
Brothers and Sisters E5. Brothers and Sisters
The Sea Quest crew is on its way to demolish an abandoned munitions plant. As they get closer they realize it isn't abandoned at all, there are six children trapped inside. One of ...
13 links 17 Oct 1993
Give Me Liberte E6. Give Me Liberte
The Captian and crew are at risk after being exposed to biological contamination that killed the crew of an underwater facility. Contamination came from a downed French space stati...
15 links 24 Oct 1993
Knight of Shadows E7. Knight of Shadows
When Bridger is hurled across his quarters by an unknown force, it leads the seaQuest to find a hundred-year-old sunken ship where the spirits of those who perished there haunt its...
14 links 31 Oct 1993
Bad Water E8. Bad Water
A French submarine with school children has been sucked into a fresh water hole, sea quest rushes to save them before their air runs out.
14 links 07 Nov 1993
The Regulator E9. The Regulator
The regulator (a traider) kidnaps Darwin after a visit to sea quest, the regulator wants to find the centre of the universe and tries to use Darwin to find it
14 links 21 Nov 1993
SeaWest E10. SeaWest
SeaQuest investigates an undersea mining facility after receiving a distress signal. Once they arrive, everything seems fine until they hear from one miner that it's not. The miner...
14 links 28 Nov 1993
Photon Bullet E11. Photon Bullet
Lucas, dissatisfied with his job, is invited to stay with a group of IT workers - who moonlight as hackers stealing money for humanitarian purposes - and their charismatic leader.
14 links 19 Dec 1993
Better Than Martians E12. Better Than Martians
When the first manned mission to Mars, led by a personal friend of Bridget's, crashes into the ocean near a southeast Asian confederation after returning to Earth, the seaQuest rac...
14 links 02 Jan 1994
Nothing But the Truth E13. Nothing But the Truth
While operating on a skeleton crew the Seaquest is taken over by terrorists who want to use the computer access to steal codes to polluters around the world.
11 links 09 Jan 1994
Greed for a Pirate's Dream E14. Greed for a Pirate's Dream
After gaining advance knowledge of volcanic attack, SeaQuest needs to convince treasure hunters to cease excavations, or die trying.
14 links 16 Jan 1994
Whale Song E15. Whale Song
Bridger is instructed to go after someone who sinking whaling ships. He refuses because he doesn't support whaling so he resigns. But he later finds out who is doing it; an old fri...
15 links 06 Feb 1994
The Stinger E16. The Stinger
Several companies compete to develop a single-seated submersible. Lucas, while testing "The Stinger", is injured during an accident and the submersible is stolen by a competitor.
14 links 20 Feb 1994
Hide and Seek E17. Hide and Seek
The crew dreams of Darwin including an evil dictator named Tezlof (Shatner). Tezlof comes aboard to get help for his son from Darwin.
14 links 27 Feb 1994
The Last Lap at Luxury E18. The Last Lap at Luxury
While attending a conference at an underwater resort, several leaders including Lucas are kidnapped. The kidnapping is used as an excuse for a coup d'état by the head of the UEO.
14 links 20 Mar 1994
Abalon E19. Abalon
While testing a new deep-sea dive suit, Commander Ford sees a mermaid.
14 links 14 Jan 2007
Such Great Patience E20. Such Great Patience
While exploring an underwater earthquake, the Seaquest discovers an alien spaceship that has been buried for close to 1 million years.
15 links 08 May 1994
The Good Death E21. The Good Death
The Seaquest inadvertently fires on a sub carrying children. During the rescue a few crew members end up in an evil dictator's country, on the run from the government which is tryi...
12 links 15 May 1994
Higher Power E22. Higher Power
An emotional time is at hand as the seaQuest's tour of duty comes to an end; Chief Crocker faces his retirement and the end of his marriage, Commanders Ford and Hitchcock are offer...
12 links 22 May 1994
Staffel 2
Season 2
Daggers E1. Daggers
The crew of the the newly rebuilt SeaQuest must deal with a hostage crisis at a UEO prison colony, where genetically engineered soldiers have risen up against their captors.
7 links 18 Sep 1994
The Fear That Follows E2. The Fear That Follows
A group of aliens accept Bridger's invitation to board SeaQuest and make their first contact with the human race.
6 links 25 Sep 1994
Sympathy for the Deep E3. Sympathy for the Deep
Seaquest gets called to a normally peaceful colony that is now experiencing mass hysteria and violence. Once Seaquest arrives, the same thing starts happening to the crew.
6 links 18 Apr 2010
Vapors E4. Vapors
A budding romance starts between the doctor and the captain, as well as O'Neill and Henderson. While on shore leave, Piccolo has some family troubles with his parents.
6 links 09 Oct 1994
Playtime E5. Playtime
Seaquest travels through an underwater black hole to 200 years in the future. Once there they discover a super computer who created the black hole to bring them to the future to he...
6 links 04 Aug 2014
The Sincerest Form of Flattery E6. The Sincerest Form of Flattery
A malfunctioning A.I. sub begins firing on civilian targets. Seaquest is sent to track it down and destroy it. During the fight it is determined that the sub is using Captain Bridg...
6 links 13 Nov 1994
By Any Other Name E7. By Any Other Name
Seaquest receives a mayday from an underwater agricultural station. Upon arrival they find the station empty of the crew. Once back on board the flowers Henderson picked suddenly g...
6 links 20 Nov 1994
When We Dead Awaken E8. When We Dead Awaken
Brody's Mom, who has been in cryofreeze for years, emerges and is targeted by someone trying to kill her for a crime she witnessed in the past.
6 links 27 Nov 1994
Special Delivery E9. Special Delivery
Dagwood is accused and convicted of murder, but it's a case of mistaken identity.
6 links 11 Dec 1994
Dead End E10. Dead End
One of the launches receives a distress call while returning to Seaquest. While responding to the call the launch is sucked into an underwater cave where they find another scientis...
7 links 18 Dec 1994
Meltdown E11. Meltdown
A massive prehistoric crocodile is released from its icy tomb when extensive undersea farming and mining cause the temperature of the South Atlantic to rise.
6 links 19 Apr 2010
Lostland E12. Lostland
The Seaquest finds an ancient helmet from the lost city of Atlantis. Once brought on board the helmet begins to have strange effects on the crew who come in contact with it.
7 links 15 Jan 1995
And Everything Nice E13. And Everything Nice
Lucas falls head over heals for a woman he meets at a bar, but it turns out she has nefarious plans to use Lucas. She is only using Lucas to help her father take control of the Sea...
6 links 22 Jan 1995
Dream Weaver E14. Dream Weaver
Seaquest tracks a comet that crashes into the ocean. The comet sinks but an alien life force emerges and begins to engulf Seaquest. Eventually the alien takes over one of the crew ...
6 links 06 Jun 2012
Alone E15. Alone
A rogue psychic with tremendous powers targets UEO officials. Eventually all psychics are rounded up and placed in concentration camps. Wendy who is the only hope of stopping the p...
6 links 26 Feb 1995
Watergate E16. Watergate
While en-route to a USO concert with a singer on board the crew encounters some strange mythological spirits. Once they arrive at the island, they discover it to be a very large py...
7 links 18 Apr 2010
Something in the Air E17. Something in the Air
The Seaquest is called to an underwater research station that has discovered an ancient mysterious ark. Once the ark is opened an evil spirit is released which begins to infect and...
6 links 19 Mar 1995
Dagger Redux E18. Dagger Redux
O'Neill, unhappy with his work decides to resign and devotes himself to painting. Mariah, the dagger who led the uprising, is approached by a man who wants her to do something. And...
6 links 02 Apr 1995
The Siamese Dream E19. The Siamese Dream
Dagwood and Piccolo have a strange shared dream, but the dream is only a means to an end for an evil psychic who wants to board Seaquest and steal some material.
6 links 30 Apr 1995
Splashdown E20. Splashdown
Seaquest is transported to another planet after responding to a message from Commander Scott Keller. Once there they get involved with a civil war and a possible fight to the finis...
6 links 21 May 1995
Blindsided E21. Blindsided
Piccolo's ex-cell-mate lures Tony into an escape plan. During the botched escape they crash into the jungle where an experimental cloaking warrior attacks them and the rescue crew ...
6 links 14 Jun 2012
Staffel 3
Season 3
Brave New World E1. Brave New World
Seaquest and its crew reappear on earth 10 years after disappearing. The crew has no memory of what happened to them, but their skills and boat are still needed to stop a power hun...
6 links 20 Sep 1995
In the Company of Ice and Profit E2. In the Company of Ice and Profit
The Seaquest gets involved in a businessman's scheme to use refugees and an iceberg to further his financial and political gains. Ben Krieg makes a return as one of the refugees an...
6 links 27 Sep 1995
Smoke on the Water E3. Smoke on the Water
Seaquest is called to investigate missing undersea haulers. Leading the investigation is the Captains ex-fiancé which causes some tension on-board. Dagwood meets other Daggers duri...
6 links 11 Oct 1995
Destination Terminal E4. Destination Terminal
Three members of the crew take a ride on the maiden voyage of an under water high speed train. During the trip a saboteur tries to discredit the new technology by causing an overlo...
6 links 18 Oct 1995
Chains of Command E5. Chains of Command
A rogue admiral launches an unprovoked attacked on a Macronesia colony. Seaquest is dispatched to the site of the launch which is commanded by the captains former commanding office...
6 links 01 Nov 1995
Spindrift E6. Spindrift
Henderson is captured and put on trial by Macronesia while rescuing children from a disabled vessel. Once found guilty and sentenced to death some members of Seaquest attempt an un...
6 links 08 Nov 1995
Equilibrium E7. Equilibrium
Seaquest goes up against Bridger over an ecological problem that Seaquest created 12 years ago. Bridger believes the problem with solve itself, but Lucas has a different opinion.
6 links 15 Nov 1995
Resurrection E8. Resurrection
Max Scully returns, this time as a leader of an underwater colony, but his intentions are far from noble. With the help of Elan Morse, Seaquest tries to stop Scully from detonating...
6 links 06 Dec 1995
Good Soldiers E9. Good Soldiers
Bridger returns to retrieve some experimental data from years ago that was done on GELFs. Once the data is retrieved he leaves it up to Dagwoood to decide the information's fate.
6 links 20 Dec 1995
Second Chance E10. Second Chance
A reactor accident sends seaQuest back in time to an alternate 1962, where the Cuban Missile Crisis turned to nuclear war. The only chance to put things right again is to travel fu...
6 links 27 Dec 1995
Brainlock E11. Brainlock
On the eve of the signing of the new UEO charter, President Alexander Bourne and Larry Deon conspire to gain control of Lieutenant Fredericks' psyche-implant in order to program he...
6 links 06 Oct 2011
Reunion E12. Reunion
On a diplomatic mission, Henderson discovers that her former love is now a prisoner and forced to work as slave labour. She also finds that Mason Freeman, Larry Deon's hired gun, i...
6 links 28 Jan 1996
Weapons of War E13. Weapons of War
As seaQuest patrols a free trade zone between the UEO and Macronesia, Lieutenant O'Neill's online romance turns out to be a defector from an elusive Asian power known as the Chaoda...
6 links 09 Jun 1996
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