SGU Stargate Universe

Der Wissenschaftler Dr. Nicholas Rush (Robert Carlyle) versucht seit Monaten vergeblich auf der Ikarus Basis das Rätsel des neunten Chevrons der Stargates zu lösen. Mit Hilfe des Mathegenies Eli Wallace (David Blue) erhofft er sich den entscheidenden Durch...

Jahr: 2009−2011

Dauer: 43 min

Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi

Writers: Robert C. Cooper, Brad Wright

Stars: Robert Carlyle, Louis Ferreira, Brian J. Smith

IMDb: TT1286039

Bewertung: 7.7/10

Staffel 1
Season 1
Air: Part 1 E1. Air: Part 1
Part 1: When Icarus Base is attacked, it's inhabitants are forced to flee through the Stargate. The base was created on a distant planet to take advantage of a powerful energy supp...
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Air: Part 2 E2. Air: Part 2
While they are stranded on-board the Destiny, the new reluctant crew discover that their life support system is worn out, and they have to repair it fast or they will all suffocate...
03 Oct 2012
Air: Part 3 E3. Air: Part 3
With the ship out of FTL for twelve hours, Lt. Scott, Sgt. Spencer, Ian, Dr. Rush and others travel down to the planet to find the minerals necessary for the scrubbers to provide t...
17 Oct 2009
Darkness E4. Darkness
Having resolved their situation and with an ample supply of breathable air, Dr. Rush turns his attention to their limited power supply. His short temper - not to mention his tantru...
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Light E5. Light
As destiny is flying directly into the sun, unable to change it course, the crew decides to abandon ship and attempt to survive on a nearby planet. However the shuttle they need to...
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Water E6. Water
The water reserves are mysteriously disappearing, in massive amounts, and members of the crew are quick to blame others. When Destiny drops out of FTL the only planet in range is a...
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Earth E7. Earth
The Ancient's communication's stones are used to allow certain crew members to return to Earth via compos mentis using volunteers on Earth. A risky plan is then hatched that might ...
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Time E8. Time
The travelers aboard the Destiny find a kino recording a visit they have made to a planet. The only problem is that haven't visited it yet. It seems that at some point in the near ...
10 links 26 Apr 2011
Life E9. Life
Exploring Destiny the team finds a chair similar to the one found in Antarctica by General Jack O'Neil. Young orders no one to sit in it, the neural interface can be very dangerous...
11 links 21 Nov 2009
Justice E10. Justice
When Sgt. Spencer is found shot in his quarters, Lt. Scott conducts a room to room search for any evidence. It looks bad for Col. Young when Scott and Eli find the murder weapon in...
10 links 03 Feb 2013
Space E11. Space
Col. Young returns to the Destiny having left Dr. Rush on the planet below. Some are dubious about his explanation and Camile puts Young on notice that her own report may cast doub...
13 links 03 Apr 2010
Divided E12. Divided
Now safely returned to the Destiny, both Chloe and Dr. Rush are having nightmares about their period of captivity. Rush believes that the aliens are only after one thing - the Dest...
9 links 16 Apr 2010
Faith E13. Faith
Now firmly in control again, Col. Young and the other military personnel try to find a way to live with the civilians who tried to take control of the ship. When the Destiny premat...
8 links 05 Oct 2012
Human E14. Human
Dr. Rush relives his past life by sitting in the alien chair in an attempt to download critical data. A university professor, his wife's cancer returns and he is recruited by Dr. D...
10 links 27 Apr 2010
Lost E15. Lost
Still trapped on the planet after the Destiny has jumped, Lt. Scott, Sgt. Greer, Chloe and Eli try to find a way out of the underground maze. After one is caught in another cave in...
9 links 01 May 2010
Sabotage E16. Sabotage
The Destiny has jumped into hyperspace and is now traveling through an inter-galactic void. They've also been unable to locate Eli, Chloe and Scott who have been left behind. Dr. R...
10 links 06 Oct 2012
Pain E17. Pain
Several members of the crew begin hallucinating and their desires and phobias come to the fore. Lt. James believes she's spent a passionate night with Matthew Scott. Chloe sees her...
9 links 15 May 2010
Subversion E18. Subversion
Col. Young investigates the possibility that Col. Telford is a traitor who may have given information to the enemy leading to the attack on the Icarus base. The initial report on T...
9 links 02 Jun 2010
Incursion: Part 1 E19. Incursion: Part 1
Having extracted a confession from Col. Telford, Col. Young and his troops prepare for the expected attack from the Lucian Alliance. Hotly pursued by Col. Samantha Carter, the Luci...
6 links 05 Jun 2010
Incursion: Part 2 E20. Incursion: Part 2
The battle between the Lucian Alliance and the crew of the Destiny continues with the Lucians seeming to gain the upper hand. Camillle Wray takes charge of the negotiations after t...
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Staffel 2
Season 2
Intervention E1. Intervention
The Lucian Alliance is still in control of the Destiny and Col. Young is determined to get it back under his control. Young and most of his personnel are prisoners, however, leavin...
8 links 03 Oct 2010
Aftermath E2. Aftermath
Col. Young and Dr. Rush are back in control of the Destiny and the remaining members of the Lucian Alliance are in custody. They're not proving to be very cooperative however and t...
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Awakening E3. Awakening
The crews comes across a ship that is virtually identical to the Destiny. The two ships automatically dock with each other and begin transferring data between systems. No one appea...
13 links 17 Feb 2011
Pathogen E4. Pathogen
Eli rushes back to Earth using the communication stones when he receives word that his mother is hospitalized and in declining health. She's stopped taking her medication and is cl...
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E5. Cloverdale
While on a planetary expedition, Lt. Scott is infected by a plant and he now has a fungus-like growth on his left arm. TJ has tried everything known to her but she cannot get the f...
10 links 24 Feb 2011
Trial and Error E6. Trial and Error
After returning from Earth (via the communication stones), Col. Young is somewhat depressed as his wife asked him for a divorce. He's drinking heavily and begins to have a recurrin...
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The Greater Good E7. The Greater Good
The Destiny comes out of hyperspace and the crew finds itself facing an abandoned space craft. Col. Young and Dr. Rush go aboard and manage to start basic systems but a sudden engi...
13 links 03 Mar 2011
E8. Malice
Simeon has killed a team member - whose body contained Dr. Amanda Perry's consciousness - and taken Lisa Park prisoner before using the gate to get to a nearby planet. An outraged ...
12 links 03 Mar 2011
Visitation E9. Visitation
The Destiny comes out of hyperspace only to find one of their own shuttles asking for permission to dock. Aboard is Dr. Caine and the others who had opted to re-settle on a planet ...
8 links 10 Mar 2011
Resurgence E10. Resurgence
After identifying an energy pattern that may signify the existence of intelligent life, the Destiny is rerouted to the site only to find the results of what must have been an epic ...
9 links 10 Mar 2011
Deliverance E11. Deliverance
The Destiny comes out of hyperspace and come under attack from the command ship. Chloe has escaped from the brig and sent a signal for help. Eli suggests jamming their communicatio...
10 links 14 Apr 2011
Twin Destinies E12. Twin Destinies
The Destiny is in poor shape following its recent battles and has virtually no back up systems remaining. As the ship approaches a star for refueling, Eli wants to test his theory ...
11 links 14 Apr 2011
Alliances E13. Alliances
When Camille and Sgt. Greer use the communications stones to return to Earth, they arrive to learn there is a high state of alert in anticipation of an attack from the Lucian Allia...
6 links 21 Apr 2011
Hope E14. Hope
Six days have now passed since the the Destiny has lost contact with Earth and they have no idea whether Washington D.C. was destroyed. They're running tests round the clock to try...
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Seizure E15. Seizure
Aboard the Destiny, Rush has strapped himself into the chair and entered a virtual reality world where he can spend time alone with Amanda Perry. They very much enjoy their time to...
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The Hunt E16. The Hunt
With the ship out of hyper space, a team goes to a nearby planet and are pleased to find that game may be available. They soon find themselves the hunted and the object of a predat...
7 links 14 Apr 2011
Common Descent E17. Common Descent
The Destiny once again comes under attack from the drones they previously encountered leading them to wonder just how the drones and their mother ship manage to find them so soon a...
8 links 01 May 2011
Epilogue E18. Epilogue
The shuttle lands on Novus and the recon team explores a bunker where they find an extensive library and archive that cataloged virtually all of the activities of the original colo...
8 links 05 Jun 2011
Blockade E19. Blockade
The Destiny needs to be refueled but every time they come out of FTL the drones seem to be waiting for them. It's not obvious how the drones know they're there but it doesn't matte...
8 links 12 May 2011
Gauntlet E20. Gauntlet
Eli and Rush have found a way to identify the location of drone mother ships using the Destiny's long range sensors. The bad news is that the Drones seems to be awaiting them at ev...
8 links 08 Aug 2014
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